Jamba Appliances 58916 Quiet Shield Blender Review – Affordable Quiet Blender Solution

The disruptive level of noise the majority of household blender output is the common issue for the consumers with noise sensitivity or those who prepare their morning smoothie when most household dwellers and neighbors are still asleep. The quite enclosures are the common equipment only for commercial type blenders and they are very expensive for a usual household. The Jamba appliances resolved this problem when released recently the household type blender with quite shield enclosure. The Jamba Company is the partner of Hamilton Beech brand that is well known for manufacturing quality kitchen appliances. So this blender is promising to be not only quite but also of a good quality.

Read this review if you would like to find out all “good and bad” side of Jamba Appliances 58916 Quiet Shield Blender.

Functionality and Versatility

Jamba Appliances 58916 Quiet Shield Blender available in two packages – (1) with 32 oz. container and 20 oz. single serve cup and (2) with 32 oz. container only.

Smoothie: This blender is designed to blend soft and tough fruits vegetables like kale or pineapple into a very good quality smoothie. Carrot and apple may come out a bit textured but still of decent consistency. It pulverizes well blueberries and strawberries seeds but will leave some seed residues when blending blackberries and raspberries.

Juicing: Although the Jamba advertisement claims that this gadget makes juice, it will not remove the liquid from the fiber to produce the textbook classic juice, it is just a blender and the advertisers mean the “whole juice” aka smooth smoothie.

Frozen ingredients/desserts: This machine will crush ice cubes to the snow consistency or frozen fruit and vegetables in smoothies without many efforts. The custom tamper that comes with the blender will ease to process thick or frozen mixtures to make decent quality frozen yogurts, ice creams, and sorbets.

Soup/ hot ingredients: This blender will not heat food by friction, neither has it heating element to produce soup without precooking. But it is able to handle hot ingredients and will blend heated ingredients for soup without a need to cool it. It also suits to make bulletproof coffee. However, you should not fill the 32 oz. jar beyond the 2-cup (473-ml) level when handling hot liquids.

Pureeing: It will puree cooked and uncooked vegs into a good quality puree, but little liquid might be needed to achieve the best quality.

Chopping/food prep: The blender control panel equipped with variable speeds and pulse function that is perfect for preparing hummus, dips, salad dressing, and salsas. It also will chop onion, cabbage for coleslaw or minces garlic for a wide range of recipes.

Nut milk: This gadget has enough power to pulverized nuts to the consistency suitable to produce reasonably good nut milk after straining it through the nutbag.

Nut butter:  This machine is able with some efforts to make quite a good nut butter with the help of tamper. When making nut butter, the user must process it with 1-minute intervals to avoid motor overheating, otherwise, the blender will shut off and you have to wait 15 min to start it again.

Grinding/milling: It will grind well any herbs, chop nuts or flour the oats. However, it is not able to produce baking quality grain flour.

Dough/batter:  It is not designed to make a dough, but it capable of mixing batter.

Overall, this machine is able to produce a wide range of recipes but it comes with small capacity jars and is able to serve 1or 2 person household. For best performance, the minimum amount of liquid needed per recipe is one cup (8 ounces/237 ml) when using 32 oz. jar and 3/4 cup (6 ounces/177 ml) when blending in single serve cup. For processing protein powder drinks, blend less than 16 oz. (473 ml) since protein powders expand during blending.

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Speed Settings and Programs

jamba blender control panelThe Jamba Appliances 58916 Quiet Shield Blender control panel has only dial knob with 10 variable speeds, pulse function and O (start/stop) mode located around the knob. The 10 speeds, pulse function, and stop mode are regulated by turning the nob to appropriate function position. Low speeds usually applied for chopping and food prep tasks, while a high-speed pulse perfect for quick chopping or eliminating air pockets during blending. Such variety of speeds and pulse mode make this machine very versatile and allow the user to control the machine’s power for easy preparation of a wide range of recipes.

Ease of Using and Cleaning

Operating:  With the blade assembly permanently inbuilt into 32 oz. jar, this blender is very easy to use. To start operation, the user has to place the container on base, add ingredients, and it is ready to run, the user only has to rotate the dial knob to appropriate speed or pulse position. The blender can be used with or without quite enclosure but the enclosure has to be removed if the user wants to add extra ingredients during operation or use the tamper.

The single serve attachment is operated the same way as any other single serve blender. The user has to fill the cup with ingredients, connect the cup with the blade assembly and pop on the top of the blender. The single serve attachment is operated using also all 10 speeds and pulse mode options.

Cleaning: This machine is very easy to clean-up. The main pitcher with non-removable blade assembly is not dishwasher proofed but what could be easier than self-cleaning procedure, simply fill the pitcher with water, add few drops of dish soap, and blend it for 30 seconds, rinse and dry thoroughly. For cleaning extra stubborn ingredient, the user can apply vinegar, baking soda or dish detergents or use dish brush for cleaning.

All removable parts, such as single-serve cup, all lids, single serve blade assembly parts and the quite shield, are safe for dishwashing.

Base Unit and Motor Power

This machine comes with quite powerful 1.6 peak HP motor that corresponds to 1193 watts. The machine is well-built with all metal drive to blade system and strong motor. The unit base interior is wrapped in stainless steel with silicon trimming details that are also a nice feature and makes this machine strong and lasting. The bottom of the base unit also equipped with non-slip details that make it stable on the counter during the operation. The machine also has motor automatic shutoffs protection to prevent system overheating during the operation, the system can resume operation after 15 minutes if the shutoff was triggered.

This gadget is provided also with a 3-prong grounded plug to reduce the risk of electric shock. It comes with 36 inches long cord that are not retracted to the base but equipped with hook loop cable tie for easy storage.


Jamba Jar

This blender comes with 32 oz. containers and 20 oz. upside down single serve cup. Both containers are made from premium quality Tritan shatterproof BPA-free copolyester and able to handle the toughest jobs. Both containers have easy-to-read measurement marks. The 32 oz. pitcher comes with a lid and removable cap for adding ingredients and using it with the tamper. The lid made from hard plastic with and soft rubber insert to sits securely on the jar.

The single serve 20 oz. cup designed with two deep indentations on the sides for easy hand grip and comes with a quality flip-top lid for taking drinks outside.


The blender equipped with the permanently inbuilt into 32 oz. container blade and removable blade assembly for single serve cup. Both blades are made from high-quality single-piece hardened stainless steel. The 32 oz. the non-removable blade is popular construction type for high power blenders, this blender design prevents the pitcher-blade leaking problem and very convenient since requires minimum steps for assembling blenders for operation.

The single serve removable blade fixed to the cup with plastic collar, all the parts of this assembly are also very well made and securely sit in place without leaking issues.

Special Features

jamber blender special features

Quiet Shield: This is the main feature of this quite blender. The quiet shield muffles the noise output from Jamba blender when placed over the 32 oz. jar or single serve cup. The sound enclosure consists of clear hard plastic with a non-slip finish.

Tamper: A custom tamper helps to prevent air pockets when blending thick or frozen recipes and is a handy tool when making nut butter or frozen desserts.

Colors: This machine comes in one metal silver with gray silicone trim only.

Certified Refurbished: There is no certified refurbished model available for this blender.

Use in countries outside of USA/Canada: This blender come with the 110-120 voltage system for use in USA and Canada, however, it is possible to use this gadget with the special adapter in other countries.


The sound enclosure significantly minimizes noise while blending and with the shield fitted over container it reduces noise output by 40% approximately and produces around 60 decibels the same as the sound output from normal conversation. For example, most of the commercial blender in the juice bars operated with similar enclosures fitted over the jar but you will not hear much of noise coming from those blenders.

Warranty and Customer Service

Jamba Appliances 58916 Quiet Shield Blender comes with 5-year Limited Warranty. The Limited warranty assumes the extra charges for replacement parts and unit repair shipment. This blender is new and thus the durability is not tested by time but it is a well-built machine and most likely it will have a long lifespan.

The Jamba Appliances customer service has a good reputation with its Juicer product line and must supply the same good service to blender customers. The Jamba Appliances is also partnering company with well-known kitchen appliances Hamilton Beech manufacturer, so there is no doubt it will deliver reputable service also.

Optional Accessories and Attachments

The blender is new and there are not available yet any additional accessories and attachments for this blender even to buy as a spare part. However, you can always contact customer service if you need some parts to replace.

Set Includes

  • Unit base with 1.6HP motor;
  • Quite Shield/ Enclosure;
  • 32 oz. jar with blade inbuilt and lid with filler plug;
  • Single serve attachment – 20 oz. cup, removable blade assembly, blade collar (only packages with single serve attachment);
  • Custom tamper,
  • Recipe book.

The online Jamba resources are is also could be consulted for additional recipe ideas.


The height of this blender with 32 oz. pitcher and quite enclosure on the top of the base unit is 15.5 inches what allows this machine to fit comfortably under standard 18 inches kitchen cabinets. The footprint of the blender is quite compact and measures as 6.3 inches x 8.5 inches. The unit weight is 7.7 pounds.

The machine also equipped with 36 inches power cord that come with hook and velcro cable tie for convenient storage.

Pros and Cons


  • It is really quite a blender with noise output that allows to carry on a normal conversation when it running.
  • It is the well-made and durable machine with all metal drive and covered by 5-year limited warranty.
  • This machine is versatile and allows to make a wide range of recipes from smoothies to frozen desserts.
  • This powerful machine is able to produce good quality green smoothies and crushed ice to snow cone consistency.


  • This is a small household blender that will serve one or two people only since it comes with a maximum pitcher capacity of 32 ounces and those who intends to blend more in one go are better to look at larger models.

Consumer Reviews

The Jamba Appliances 58916 Quiet Shield Blender Jar is a new product on the market but already has a high 4.8 ratings with many retailers’ consumer reviews.

Jamba Appliances Quiet Blender Price

Jamba Appliances 58916 Quiet Shield Blender price fluctuate around $150 with different retailers for the set with single serve jar and $10 cheaper if you choose the gadget with 32 oz. only. The price is very reasonable for the unit with a quite enclosure and if you want to buy the only enclosure (without the blender) that are available for buy separately for some blender brands it will cost you around $200.

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Jamba Appliances 58916 Quiet Shield Blender is a well-made and versatile machine that outputs excellent quality blending for many tasks. It has a metal coupling gear, strong motor and promises to last for many years. The plastic shield does a great job of reducing noise output and very important it has an affordable price compares to commercial blenders with quite shields which are crazy priced for over $800. Therefore, Jamba Appliances 58916 Quiet Shield Blender is truly the excellent quite blender solution for anyone who wants to prepare their morning smoothies in peace and tranquillity.

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