Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx Blender Review

nutribullet-rxThe NutriBuller Rx infomercials are so professional and convincing that consumers simply rave about this machine. Their main selling point is the versatility – it makes nut butter, grinds things, makes frozen desserts and even makes soup. The infomercial also emphasizes that it is extremely easy to use and clean. Is it just too good to be true for the very new product on the market of which engineering and manufacturing  China outsourced? Read our honest review to answer this question.

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Functionality and Versatility

Smoothie: This blender has enough power to make smooth smoothies from soft and tough ingredients including leafy greens. However, hard food like carrot and beetroot must be cut into smaller pieces. It also disintegrates reasonably well blueberry and raspberry seeds in the drinks. This gadget suits well for making green smoothies.

Frozen ingredients: Despite being very powerful this machine as all NutriBullet models is not designed to handle frozen ingredients without liquid added. It blends well the frozen fruits and ice cubes with a considerable amount of liquid added (as clearly stated in the user manual). But it is not able to crush ice to produce snow cones, frozen desserts or ice cream.

Juicing: Although infomercials promote this blender as the juice extractor, it is a not. It is just a blender that does not separate pulp and fiber from liquid to extract juice. However, this machine quite capable making smooth smoothie aka “whole juice”.
Soup: This blender designed to produce hot soup from cold ingredients and heat it via friction up to the 150 F. There is a special G button on the base unit that activates 7-minute Soup-Making Mode. However, the blender is too loud and most consumers do not find this function useful because it will be quicker to heat blended ingredients in a pan.

Nut milk: The blender is powerful enough to make nut milk by blending nut with water and straining mixture through the nut bag.

Nut butter: Although, the NutriBullet Rx recipe book includes the nut butter recipes but in fact, this machine can produce only mess instead of proper nut butter which usually requires the help of tamper. However, the blender is not designed to be used with a tamper.

Pureeing: This machine is able to process very thick mixture so it can make puree but only the runny ones with a lot of liquid added.

Chopping: It is not designed to chop food because it has one pre-set programs that run at very high speed. The machine is not even equipped with the pulse function which very useful for food chopping and other food prep recipes. So this blender will not make any salsas, salad dressing or marinades.

Grinding: The gadget can grind the herbs or coffee beans but the pre-programmed cycle is too long for it and the user will be required to stop it manually. However, the machine hardly will grind the baking quality flour.

Dough: This machine is not able to knead dough or mix cookies batter.

Basically, this NutriBullet Rx is not much more functional than the NutriBullet Pro 900 watts. It only makes good drinks including green smoothies and adds the soup function which not very practical also. As all Nutribullet machine, it does not crush ice without liquids.

Speed Settings and Programs

NutriBullet Rx has a very primitive speed control design. It comes without on/off button, speed settings or pulse function. The blender turns on by dropping the cup with blade assembly on the base unit and starts running automatically 1-minute cycle. This cycle during the 1 minute pre-set slows down and speeds back up until stops automatically. But mostly it runs at a very high speed of 25,000 – 30,000 rpm. According to the instruction, the user can stop the blender any time during the cycle for adding extra ingredients, food or shaking for helping vortex by simply lifting the cup of the blender. The absence of on/off button is a real drawback of this machine as this strange way to stop blender leads to the gear early wearing out and even could be not very safe for the user.

To be precise, this blender has one more pre-set for soup blending. Which can be activated within the 1-minute cycle by pressing the Green Button for 2 sec, once it turns red the 7 minutes soup cycle starts (called SOUPERBLAST). The machine will stop automatically at the end of this cycle.

Although, this machine has a powerful motor but does not give any control to the user over the blending process and allows to prepare the only limited range of recipes.

Ease of Using and Cleaning

Operating: The NutriBullet RX is very easy to assemble and operate. Fill the cup with all the ingredients including liquid, screw on the blade assembly tight enough to avoid leaking (usual problem with the blender) and drop it on the base. The machine starts running automatically, initiating a one minute program. It also shuts off automatically at the end of the cycle. The user can repeat the program if not satisfied with the result. It is also possible to stop the cycle in the middle of the program by lifting the cup from the motor base. When filling the container the user also has to remember not to exceed the Max line, otherwise, the liquid inside the cup expands during liquefying and as a result may leak out.

After blending, the user has to disassemble the unit that could be often a challenging task requiring some efforts because the machine builds up pressure inside of cup during the operation.

Cleaning: Customers believe that all bullet type blenders are very easy to clean it is not true with the NutriBullet. Although, the gadget is top shelf dishwasher safe (according to the user manual) but it often causes damages in cups and blade assembly. Thus the hand washing is highly recommended for this machine.

In addition, the blade assembly tends to accumulate mold under the gasket, so separate gasket cleaning is also recommended each time. The containers also are quite hard to clean since it has plastic vertical protrusions which often traps food.

Base Unit and Motor Power

NutriBullet Rx comes with very powerful 1700 watts motor and very fast blade rotation speed of 25,000-30,000 rpm but it is poorly built and has few design flaws.

This blender has the plastic motor drive to blade coupling and main shaft that goes into the friction gear what substantially reduce the durability of the motor.

The gadget has one more design problem, it does not protect the motor from the spilled liquids. The motor has few ventilation holes that are placed at the top of the base unit while with the good construction they should be located at the bottom or sides and derange the leaked liquid away from the electronic part. Now all spilled liquids go directly to the motor that causes its premature failure and the average lifespan around 1-1.5 years.


nutribullet-rx-containersNutriBullet Rx comes with 3 containers – 34 oz. (1L) SouperBlast pitcher, the short 32 oz. cups and the oversized 45 oz. cup. The SouperBlast pitcher equipped with two-piece vented lid which supposed to release steam during soup blending. All the containers are made from very cheap non-durable plastic which scratches up and cracks easily. On average they last around 6-9 months if used every day and hand cleaned (with dishwasher the will last much less).

The 32. Oz and 45 oz. cups requires a lot of efforts to tight them up properly when screwing to the blades assembly, otherwise, containers have a chance to leak. It also quite difficult to unscrew them due to the pressure build-up inside of the cups during blending. The machine comes with a special wrench which supposed to help remove the blade assembly ones it becomes very tight on the containers due to the accumulated pressure inside of cup during the blending process.

In addition, both cups have quite serious design flaws, they spill out easily even when filled below the MAX line.  The 32 and 45 oz. cups are supposed to be taken out and come with to-go lids but they have the handle on the sides what make them impossible to fit into the car holders


NutriBullet Rx comes with one blade assembly system that interchangeable between all the containers. The 4-prongs blades and shaft are made of stainless steel while the rest of the assembly is made of plastic.

It turns out that the blade assembly has a major design flaw. The rubber gasket or o-ring that goes between the blades assembly base and the cup has a tendency to come off, wrapped around the blade, chopped up and even can end up in the drinks. Insecure gasket often results in the contents leaking and spewing all over the place. The user, of course, can buy replacement o-rings but the opportunity to have the smoothie with pulverized rubber gasket is not very pleasant experience.

In addition, the Magic Bullet Company recommends replacing the blade assembly every six months that cost about $22.00 including tax what add up to the initial cost of this machine.

Special Features

Color: NutriBullet Rx is available in metal black color only.

Certified Refurbished: This machine has the certified refurbished model available and they sold at the considerably lower price than the original model.

Operation outside of USA/Canada: NutriBullet Rx sold in USA and Canada come with 110-120 wattage system. The customers outside the region are recommended to buy the unit locally. The blender is available in many countries around the world. However, for those who travel with the machine, it may be used via wattage transformer.

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Nutribullet Rx is an extremely noisy machine and it also shakes and travels over the counter when running. What is not surprising because the even less powerful NutriBullet models are also very noisy.

Warranty and Customer Service

Nutribullet Rx comes with the only 1-year LIMITED warranty that covers only faults in machine and repair and not covers machine wear and tear and shipping for repair and replacement. The warranty is not transferable and valid only to the original consumer. The unit comes with 30 days trial period but the company charges $30 restocking plus applicable shipping fees.

The Magic Bullet customer service has a very bad reputation for their clueless employees and being reluctant to replace or repair faulty products.

Optional Accessories and Attachments

There are not any additional attachments available for NutriBullet Rx machine. The model containers and blades are also not interchangeable with Nutribullet 600 watts and 900 watts models. The Rx has much larger cup opening and the blade assembly than other NutriBullet models. However, it is possible to buy replacement containers and blade assembly for this machine from manufacturers and many online retailers.

Set Includes

  • 1700 watts Power Base;
  • One blade assembly;
  • 1-liter SouperBlast pitcher and 2-Piece Lid (max. fill 35 oz.);
  • Short Cup and Comfort Lip Ring 32-oz.;
  • Oversized Cup 45-oz;
  • Resealable Lid;
  • Blade remover wrench;
  • User Guide
  • 150 page Natures Prescription Recipe Book

The user guide and recipe books also include a lot of health related information and hype material.


NutriBullet Rx is much bigger unit than other Nutribullet models. The base unit has a footprint of 5 1/2 inches in diameter, 10 1/2 inches height and weighs about 14.7 pounds.

It very tall blender that has the height of 17 3/8 inches with the 45 oz. cups and 18 ¾ inches with the soup pitcher on the top of the base unit. The machine will occupy significant space on the counter, it hardly fits under typical kitchen cabinet but needs a lot of room to store all its multiple accessories.

NutriBullet Rx Pros and Cons


NutriBullet Rx has so enticing commercials that are able to persuade a few people to start on a healthy lifestyle;

The blender is very easy to use and could suite complete smoothies’ beginner.

It is a powerful machine and makes quite smooth drinks including green smoothies;


  • NutriBullet Rx has primitive design without any speed control and even pulse function, thus has very limited functionality;
  • It is a huge machine that requires a lot of space for storage;
  • The blender come with very bad quality containers that easily crack, leak and must be replaced often;
  • The blade assembly has the design fault thus requires efforts to screw it to the cup, may leak if not connected tight enough and blades sealing gasket often ends ups pulverized in the drinks;
  • The manufacturer recommends replacing the blade assembly every 6 months that will result in extra cost to customer;
  • The machine is not easy to clean because of many cavities in blade assembly and in cups;
  • The blender come with only 1-year limited warranty and bad reputation customer service;
  • This blender is cheaply made and not durable with average life expectancy of about 1-1.5 years.

NutriBullet Rx Consumer Reviews

Despite multiple design flaws, this blender has quite a many very favorable reviews. This fact could be only explained by the power of very professional and appealing commercials for this machine.

Amazon rating – 4.3


The price for this machine dropped over the last year from about $200 to $160 with a majority of retailers. The amazon often has a special offer for this machine where it could be grabbed sometimes for around $125.

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Nutribullet Rx has a powerful motor and makes good smoothies but much less functional than advertised. It hardly handles ice and not able crush it without liquid. The blender comes with only one speed and has very limited control over the blending process, so not suitable for preparing a large variety of recipes. Even, the heavily promoted soup making function turns out to be very unpractical. It also has multiple cups and blade design flaws what make this machine non-durable. Simply, this product is way over-priced and its powerful motor only turns out to consume a lot of energy without adding any functionality to this machine.

Bottom line, as the alternative to the NutriBullet Rx the customer will be better off if consider the less expensive blenders, they do the same job. Those who look for very powerful and functional personal type blender should look at the Vitamix s30, S50 or S55 models.

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