Which Vitamix to Buy? – Vitamix Models Explained

Vitamix released a numerous variety of blenders in the past 10 years since their flagship model 5200 became available to the consumers. Today it is about 26 models plus the exclusive packages produced for selected retailers. No wonder that this cause a lot of confusion and customers often puzzled which Vitamix to choose.

Luckily, the real differences between these numerous models are not so significant and in many cases even non-existent. And most important fact that all models (C-series and G-series) are able to accomplish the same function with no difference in the quality of performance. Thus, the choice is not as difficult as it may seem at first and the primary goal for any consumer is to choose the best model for her or his particular needs.

In fact, the most distinguishing characteristic of a Vitamix models is the 2 different motor featuring 2HP and 2.2HP. The 2HP motors were produced over many years since the introduction of Vitamix flagship 5000 and the 2.2HP was first released in 2012 only. However, the difference in performance of this two motors is also very negligible. The other distinguishing features are the differences in the design and capacity of the containers, blade assemblies, the control panel, extra accessories and cookbook included in the packages.

In addition, the Vitamix divide all their products into 3 product lines the C-series which the oldest one and includes flagship 5200 model, the G-series the newer product line which is called the new generation because it introduced new feature and modern new look models and the S-series which is the personal blender product line and was released as the answer to huge popularity of single serve gadgets.

In this article we will clarify the differences between Vitamix model in order to make it an easier task for you to decide which Vitamix blender to buy and which model will serve your requirements in the best way.

C-Series Product Line

vitamix 1891C-series is the most confusing product line not only for the reason that it includes 19 blenders but also because the differences between them are quite muddled up. The only similar feature the C-series Vitamix blenders share is the exterior design and cooling system of base unit, while they differ not only by control panel functions or selection of cookbook and extra accessories included but also by the motor, the pitcher and blade design what is not common for G-Series and S-Series.

So, the all C-series line could be divided into 4 categories.

C-Series Standard Control Panel Blenders

The Standard Control Panel Models available in 11 packages – Vitamix 5200, 5200/Compact Container, 5200 Super Healthy Lifestyle, 5200 Deluxe Complete Kitchen, Professional Series 200, Professional Series 200/Compact Container, Professional Series 200 Deluxe,  CIA Professional Series, CIA Professional Series/Compact Container, Creations II and TurboBlend VS – which share following common features:

  • 2HP motor and cooling system that works only on high speed, it has automatic shut-off system to stop machine when overheated what prevents the motor breakdown;
  • The base unit footprint is 8.75 inches x 7.25 inches with the height of 7 inches (8.2 inches with centering pad fitted);
  • High profile narrow bottom 64 oz. and 48 oz. containers with non-removable blade assembly and 3 inches (in diameter) dull by design blade;
  • The containers made from premium quality BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester the stress and temperature resistant type of polycarbonate that looks more like glass than plastic.
  • The 64 oz. container is 13.4 inches tall and 48 oz. containers is 10.25 inches tall;
  • The 64 oz. container on the top of the base unit and lid will total 20.5 inches and 48.oz. container – 17.4 inches. So, the machine with 64 oz. container will not fit under standard kitchen cabinet while 48 oz. will easily fit;
  • The control panel equipped with 10 variable speed dial and two switchers – low/ high and on/off.

However, the Standard Control Panel Models differ by color available, cookbooks, extra dry blade 32 oz. container included and other accessories included. But all of them have Vitamix 5200 classic look and virtually indistinguishable from this model unless you identify the name on the box or on the control panel.

The 5200 model comes in 4 packages – 5200, 5200 with Compact 48 oz. Container with, 5200 Super Healthy Lifestyle with extra dry blade pitcher and 5200 Deluxe Complete Kitchen with extra dry blade pitcher blade and the selection extra accessories. All 5200 models come with the similar Whole Food cookbook.


Model/FeaturesVitamix 52005200/Compact Container5200 Super Healthy Lifestyle5200 Deluxe Complete Kitchen
Colorsblack, red white, platinum, brushed stainlessblack, red, brushed stainlessblack, red, white, brushed stainlessblack, red, brushed stainless
Containers64 oz., soft grip48 oz.64 oz. soft grip, 32 oz. dry blade

64 oz. soft grip, 32 oz. dry blade,

32 oz. wet blade

Tamperclassic tampermini tamperclassic tamper, mini tamperclassic tamper, mini tamper
Getting Started Guideyesyesyesyes
Recipe BookWhole Food RecipesWhole Food RecipesWhole Food, Whole GrainsWhole Food, Whole Grains

4 Flexible Cutting Boards,

3-Piece Spatula Set

Warranty7 years7 years7 years7 years


The Professional series 200 models come in 5 packages – Professional Series 200, Professional Series 200 with Compact 48 oz. Container, Professional Series 200 Deluxe with extra accessories, CIA Professional Series, CIA Professional Series with Compact Container. These models feature absolutely with the same parameters as 5200 but their packages do not include Getting Started Guide and come with different cookbook Create.

Model/FeaturesProfessional Series 200Professional Series 200 /Compact ContainerProfessional Series 200 DeluxeCIA Professional SeriesCIA Professional Series /Compact Container
Colorsblackrubyblackblack, ruby, brushed stainless, platinumbrushed stainless
Containers64 oz. soft grip48 oz.64 oz. soft grip,

64 oz. soft grip


48 oz.
Tamperclassic tampermini tamperclassic tamperclassic tampermini tamper
Getting Started Guidenonononono
Recipe BookCreateCreateCreateCreate + section with CIA chef recipesCreate + section with CIA chef recipes
Accessoriesnono22-oz. flip-top beverage bottle



Warranty7 years7 years7 years7 years7 years


Another 2 packages – Creations II and TurboBlend VS – also come with different cookbooks each and shorter 5 years warranty instead of standard for Vitamix 7-years. The TurboBlend VS is intended for vegan and raw faddists and includes the relevant cookbook and some extra accessories for raw food eaters.

Model/FeaturesCreations IITurboBlend VS
Colorsblack, whiteblack
Containers48 oz. no soft grip64 oz. no soft grip
TamperMini tamperclassic tamper
Getting Started Guidenono
Recipe BookCreations (3-ring, easel-style) includes 300-recipesLive Fresh Recipes (3-ring, easel-style, emphasis on raw/vegan/vegetarian recipes)
AccessoriesnoFiltration Bag (nut bag)
Warranty5 years5 years


C-Series Pre-set Programs Blenders

This blenders category Include 2 packages Professional Series 500 and Vitamix 6300 that features the same technical parameters as the Standard Control Panel Models:

  • 2HP motor and the cooling system that is operated only on high speed and 8.75 inches x 7.25 inches unit base footprint;
  • High profile and narrow bottom 64 oz. container with inbuilt 3 inches blade system;
  • The control panel has 10 variable speed, on/off switcher.

And different to Standard Control Panel Machines parameters:

  • Control panel equipped with 3 pre-set programs (Hot Soups, Frozen Deserts and Smoothies) and pulse switcher instead of the high/low switcher.

Professional Series 500 and 6300 models differ only by cookbook and available in different colors. There is a third model with absolutely the same parameters comes under the name of TNC 3 but sold exclusively only in Canada.

Model/FeaturesProfessional Series 500Vitamix 6300
Colorsblackblack, cream, platinum, white
Pre-Set ProgramsHot Soups, Frozen Deserts and SmoothiesHot Soups, Frozen Deserts and Smoothies
Containers64 oz. soft grip64 oz. soft grip
Tamperclassic tamperclassic tamper
Getting Started Guidenono
Recipe BookCreate (3-ring, easel-style)Savor (spiral)
Warranty7 years7 years


C-Series 2-Speed Blenders

These categories include 4 models – TurboBlend Two Speed, Creations Turbo, CIA Creations and 6000. Vitamix 2-Speed Models feature the following same as flagship Vitamix 5200 technical parameters:

  • 2HP motor enclosed in housing with 8.75 inches x 7.25 inches dimensions and cooling system that operates only when high speed is applied;
  • High profile and narrow bottom 64 oz. and 48 oz. container with inbuilt 3 inches blade.

However, these models differ by design of control panel that is equipped:

  • Only with 2 speeds high/low speed and pulse switchers.

TurboBlend Two Speed, Creations Turbo, CIA Creations have no any variable speed dial but for many users, this seems sufficient because it makes these machines very easy to use and equipped with the same power as any other Vitamix machines. TurboBlend Two Speed, Creations Turbo, CIA Creations are the almost identical model and differ only by capacity and selection of containers included in the package and selection of recipe books.

There is another model Vitamix 6000 in this category that was released in October 2013 comes with very unusual for Vitamix control panel. It has the dial that pre-programs one-speed operation for 6 different time settings – 20, 30 seconds and 1:00, 1:30, 4:30 and 6:30 minutes. It basically operated only with one speed but include pulse function switcher for some extra control over blending. This model does not allow a lot of creativity for the user but will perfectly suit someone who intends to prepare recipes exclusively according to cookbook instruction. Anyway, this model is quite rare and available from limited retailers during the limited time.

Model/FeaturesTurboBlend Two SpeedCreations TurboCIA Creations6000
Speedshigh, low, pulsehigh, low, pulsehigh, low, pulse6 timed settings – 00:20, 00:30, 1:00, 1:30, 4:30 and 6:30 min
Containers64 oz., no soft grip64 oz. soft grip, 32 oz. dry blade

48 oz.,

32 oz. dry blade

64 oz. soft grip


Tamperclassic tamperclassic tamper, mini tampermini tamperclassic tamper
Getting Started Guidenononono
Recipe BookRecipes For The TurboBlend (spiral)101 Blender Drinks, Whole GrainsBaking Made Simple,  2 CIA Master Chefs Recipes BooksCreations (spiral)
AccessoriesnononoFlip-Top Beverage Bottle
Warranty5 years5 years5 years5 years

Blenders with 2.2HP Motor

Blenders with 2.2HP Motor include 4 models – Vitamix 5300, 6500, Creations GC and Creations GC with the compact container. This is the most confusing C-Series product line category because the models included come with the selection of features typical for C-series model and for G-series models and could be easily called a hybrid model of C and G series.

The Creations GC and Creations GC with compact container are the model that although come with 2.2HP motor typical for G-series models but enclosed in typical for C-series base unit housing and all other features that are common for C-series such as:

  • Classical high profile narrow bottom 64 oz. and 48 oz. containers with inbuilt 3 inches blade;
  • Control panel that includes 10 variable speed dial and 2 switchers – on/off and high/low speeds.

Creations GC and Creations GC with compact container come with Creation cookbook and 5 years full warranty instead of typical for Vitamix 7 year’s warranty.

While 5300 and 6500 models also come with the 2.2Hp motor and classical base unit design but pitcher and control panel also typical for G-series models:

  • Low profile wider bottom 64 oz. containers with inbuilt 4 inches blade system;
  • Vitamix 5300 comes with the control panel that includes 10 variable speed dial, and two switchers – Pulse switcher and on/off switcher. The 6500 model control panel is also equipped with additional 3 pre-set Smoothie, Hot Soup, and Frozen Dessert programs.

The 5300 and 6500 models come with 7 years warranty but do not include recipe books. The 6500 is was primarily released for selling at Costco but now available from other retailers. The most popular however is the 5300 model it comes without cookbook but it sold at a very attractive price.

Model/Features53006500Creations GCCreations GC/Compact container
Colorsblack, red, white, platinumblack, red, white, platinumblack with silverblack with silver
Pre-Set ProgramsnoSmoothie, Hot Soup, Frozen Dessertnono
Containers64 oz. low profile soft grip64 oz. low profile soft grip64 oz. classic high profile soft grip

48 oz. no soft grip


Tamperclassic tampermini tampermini tampermini tamper
Getting Started Guideyesyesyesyes
Recipe BooknonoCreations (3-ring, easel-style), 300-recipesCreations (3-ring, easel-style), 300-recipes
Warranty7 years7 years5 years5 years

How to Choose Between C-Series Blenders

Any C-series Vitamix models are able to produce excellent quality of blending and will output the similar final result. So, which criteria should be taken into consideration by the consumer while selecting the particular model?

Size of consumer household and the volume of processed food

If you intend to use the Vitamix blender for blending often small batches of food for one or two people household than any blender with classical high profile narrow bottom container will perfectly suit. The high profile container is designed to process small and large batches of food with the same degree of quality. This container will equally well process from 1 cup to 8 cups ingredients for smoothies with no visible quality difference.

The scarcity of the counter space and need to fit it under the kitchen cabinet

If consumer that will blend small batches of food but need to fit the blender under the kitchen cabinets than 48 oz. container model. The low profile container models are also will easily fit under the standard kitchen cabinet but it will effectively process only 2 cups of food minimum.

Who will be benefitted from the pre-set programs?

The pre-set programs are not designed to perform anything unusual what standard models cannot output. And the experienced and creative cooker most likely to ignore them because they do not allow to experiment with food preparation. While those who will use the blender for quick morning smoothies and will enjoy the function that allows to push a button and walk away (blender stops automatically when the program finished) will be absolutely happy with pre-set programs option.

Modern look gadgets

Consumers who enjoy modern look gadgets will like the 5300 and 6500 machines. They combine the tested by time Vitamix C-series guarantee of durability and next generation modern look with low profile container. They also equipped with slightly quieter motor noise dampening system and will suite to noise sensitive customer also.

Full kitchen equipment accessories

People who love to have all arsenal of accessories for their blender like 32 oz. wet or/and dry 32 oz. containers, extra recipe books, and other accessories may go for 5200 Super Healthy Lifestyle, 5200 Deluxe Complete Kitchen, Professional Series 200 Deluxe models which are although more expensive but include all this attachment and accessories.


The consumer who are looking for bargain probably must consider certified refurbished models. Those who still want to buy original model shell look to classic 5200 or 5300 model that are probably are the cheapest on the market. There is also new package Professional Series 200 Deluxe that is available on a quite a low price currently.

G-Series or Next Generation Product Line

vitamix pro 750

Next Generation product line includes only 5 models and 2 extra packages – Vitamix 7500, Professional series 300, Creation Elite, Professional Series 750 (with extra packages Professional Series 750 Heritage, 750 Professional Artisan Baker Premium Set) and Vitamix 780. The differences between these machines are quite straightforward and should not confuse the customers.

Vitamix G-Series product blenders features:

  • The new design sleek silhouette base unit that enclosed the new upgraded 2.2 HP motor and enhanced airflow management system thus able to work harder before overheating;
  • Base unit footprint is 9.4 x 7.7 inches;
  • improved noise reducing system that makes G-Series machines are output 40% less noise compare to C-Series;
  • Low profile wider bottom 64 oz. pitcher with inbuilt 4 inches blade. The containers made of Eastman Tritan copolyster premium quality BPA-free copolyster material and only 10.1 inches tall;
  • The height of the assembled blender with pitcher on the top the base unit and lid is 17.5 inches only what allow these blenders to fit easily under standard kitchen cabinets.

And differed only by the control panel, capacity of containers, cookbooks and extra containers included in the package. The Vitamix Next Generation Product Line could be divided into 3 categories Next Generation Standard, Next Generation with Programs and Touchscreen Blender.

Next Generation Standard

Next Generation Standard category includes 7500, Professional series 300, Creation Elite blenders and distinguished by the control panel equipped with 10 variable speeds, Pulse and on/off switchers. These three packages are absolutely identical except they come with different cookbooks and the Creation Elite has 48 oz. pitcher instead of 64 oz. two other have and 5 years warranty instead of typical for Vitamix 7 years.

Model/FeaturesVitamix 7500Professional Series 300Creations Elite
Colorsblack, red, whiteblack, redblack, red, white
Pre-Set Programsnonono
Containers64 oz. low profile soft grip64 oz. low profile soft grip48 oz. no soft grip
Tampermini tampermini tampermini tamper
Getting Started Guideyesyesyes
Recipe BookSimply Fresh-Whole Food recipeCreateCreations (3-ring, easel-style), 300-recipes
Warranty7 years7 years5 years

Next Generation with Programs

This category includes Professional Series 750, Vitamix 750 Heritage, 750 Professional Artisan Baker Premium Set that feature control panel equipped with not only Pulse, on/off switchers and 10 variable speed dial in the center but also with 5 pre-set programs – Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Purées, and Self-Cleaning. These pre-sets are just the timed programs that automatically stops blender after the set period of time. All three packages are equipped with absolutely identical accessories except the cookbooks and in addition, 750 Professional Artisan Baker Premium Set includes an extra 32 oz. dry blade containers and Whole Grain Cookbook.

Model/FeaturesProfessional Series 750750 Heritage (metal housing)750 Professional Artisan Baker Premium Set
Colorsblack, stainless, coperstainless, coperstainless
Pre-Set ProgramsSmoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Purées, and Self-CleaningSmoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Purées, and Self-CleaningSmoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Purées, and Self-Cleaning
Containers64 oz. low profile soft grip64 oz. low profile soft grip

64 oz. no soft grip,

32 oz. dry blade

Tampermini tampermini tampermini tamper
Getting Started Guideyesyesyes
Recipe BookCreateIntroduction to High-Performance Blending Recipe Cookbook

Whole Food Recipes,

Whole Grains

Warranty7 years7 years7 years

Next Generation Touchscreen Blender

The 780 model is the Vitamix’s newest top of the line blender. It comes with all the Next Generation technical parameters such as upgraded motor, base unit and airflow system, low profile container and 750 model 10 variable speed and 5 pre-set programs. And only one feature that distinguishes it from 750 model, it is equipped with latest sensitive modern touch control panel. So it has a very sleek modern look and the tap buttons that are activated by the touch. It comes also with the newest The Introduction to High-Performance Blending Cookbook.

How to Choose Between G-Series Models

It is not difficult deciding between Next Generation blenders. The customers who are keen to buy the latest Vitamix blenders but are not interested in pre-set programs are likely to choose among 7500, Professional series 300, Creation Elite models. Those who are looking for a bargain should consider Certified reconditioned Next Generation model. Those who still fascinated to have the blender with pre-set programs will go for one of the Vitamix 750 packages. The consumers who love the latest gadget and will enjoy the responsive touchscreen control panel should not mind splashing extra bucks and buy Vitamix 780 model.

How to Choose Between C-Series and Next Generation Blenders

Any of C-Series or Next Generation Vitamix blenders are able to output a fantastic job so that the final blending results from any of these machine from 5200 to 780 models would be almost impossible to distinguish. The difference between all these models are mostly specific to exterior appearance and usability features and do not affect significantly performance ability. But these features, no doubts, conduct certain value to different customers. So the customer may select the machine the most appealing in aesthetic terms or usability features.


The budget-sensitive customers most likely will choose the machine that is available on special offer or the refurbished one and they will not lose anything because any blender will produce the perfect result and able to make any recipes the other model do.

Latest models fans

Customers who love to have on their kitchen latest gadget will definitely choose Vitamix Next Generation newest 780 model with trendy sensitive touchscreen design and thus most expensive one. Those who do not rely on touchscreen technology will go for one of the 7500 if they not interested in the pre-set programs or professional series 750 if the pre-program option is something they find useful. The same category of customers who buy the blender for the small household must be benefited from Next Generation Creation Elite machine which comes with 48 oz. container.

Noise sensitivity

Another important factor that may concern customer is the noise that the blender outputs. The G-Series blenders are about 40% quieter than C-Series machines. The noise sensitive customer should splash extra bucks to buy one of the Next Generation machines.

Avid cookers

Those who are not so keen on new gadget but like to experiment in their kitchen with different recipes perhaps will be better off with one of the 5200 package or Professional Series 200. Because only high profile classic blenders allow experimenting with very small batches of ingredients without the need to buy the smaller extra container for this purpose. The classic high profile pitcher is able to process starting from 6 ounces (1 cup) or less for liquids and 3 cups for nut butter recipes while the low profile container will handle only starting from 2 cups minimum for liquids and 4 cups for nut butter recipes.


Another argument for the C-Series blender that they are present on the market for longer and their quality and durability are tested by time.

Vitamix S-Series Product Line

vitamix s50 blenderThe first Vitamix S-Series blender S30 was released in 2014 with following S50 and S55 models in 2015. These machines are the personal type blender’s product line of Vitamix Company. The signature feature of these blenders the compact base unit and to-go containers which suitable for blending smoothies right in this container, then flip it over, replace the blade assembly with the to-go lid and it is ready to be taken out. The s30, s50 and s55 machines feature:

  • Sleek design base unit with enclosed 840 watts-at-peak motor;
  • Control panel equipped with 10 variable speeds, pulse mode;
  • The S50 and S55 are equipped with two or four pre-set programs respectively;
  • Compact size of base unit measures 6 inches wide, 9 inches and 8 inches tall;
  • Removable blade assembly with 2.5 inches (diameter) blade;
  • Two Tritan copolyester containers – 20 oz. the double walled take out cup with the total height of 14.55 inches and 40 oz. container with the height of 15.66 inches;
  • One flip-top lid to fit to-go container;
  • The custom tamper to be used with 40 oz. container.

The only difference between S30, S50 and S55 models are the pre-programmed setting available for S50 machine (Smoothies and Power Blends) and S55 machine (Smoothies, Power Blends, Dips and Spreads and Frozen Desserts). These three packages also come with different cookbooks.

Motor840 watts840 watts840 watts
Colorsblack, redblack, redBrushed stainless
Pre-Set ProgramsnoSmoothies, Power BlendsSmoothies, Power Blends, Dips and Spreads, Frozen Desserts

40 oz.

20 oz.

40 oz.

20 oz.

40 oz.

20 oz.

Blade2.5 inches removable and interchangeable2.5 inches removable and interchangeable2.5 inches removable and interchangeable
Tampermini tampermini tampermini tamper
Getting Started Guideyesyesyes
Recipe BookSimply Fresh-Whole FoodCreateCreations
Accessoriesto-go lidto-go lidto-go lid
Warranty5 years5 years5 years


How to Choose Between S-Series Models

It is very easy to choose between the S30, S50 and S55 machines. They are absolutely identical and differ only by pre-set programs available. Those who enjoy this pre-set should select S50 or S55 machines, while those who are not interested in pre-set would be better off with S30 blender because it is simply cheaper.

How to Choose Between the C-Series/Next Generation and S-Series Machines

The consumer who interested in personal blender machine would go for S-Series gadget. And the primary choice for customers if they are looking for the countertop or personal type machine. Although, Vitamix personal size machines are expensive but they perform almost all function the countertop Vitamix does. And there is no personal blender on the market with the combination of quality/functionality/durability parameters comparable to Vitamix S30, S50 or S55 machines. The only drawback of these gadgets that they are very expensive but considering the durability and quality of these machines, no doubts, that this blender will serve its user 5 years and much longer. Vitamix S-series gadgets will outlive other personal blenders’ brands with cheaper price but much shorter life expectancy and the much poorer performance.

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