Best Juicer for Carrots, Beets, Ginger and Other Roots

All type of juicers currently present on the market – centrifugal, masticating and Champion – can perfectly handle juicing carrots, beets, ginger and other roots and deliver high yield with only a marginal difference. So, it is not easy to select the best machine for juicing these ingredients from all the available multitude of juice extractors relying only on such an important parameter as juice yield.

Hence, we will look at each type of juicer

  • Centrifugal;
  • Twin gear masticating slow cold press juicers;
  • Single auger horizontal slow cold press juicers;
  • Vertical single auger slow cold press juicers;
  • Champion Juicer.

and a list of parameters for each of them such as easiness to use and clean, functionality, speed of processing ingredients, warranty, price and others in order to select the best juicing machine for extraction of beets, carrots, ginger and roots veggies juice.

P.S. We will consider only reputable brands (majority of them from South Korea and USA) machine which are present on the market for the number of years and disregard the Chinese knockoff machines which are flooded the juicers market in great numbers often produced by generic manufactures and distributed under various brands by short-live companies.

Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal are a very popular entry level juicers. They are fast, can feed the whole beets and carrots without pre-cutting, easy to use, and available usually at a cheaper price than slow masticating machines. 

Centrifugal juicers use a filter basket (with shredding disc on a bottom and mesh basket at the perimeter) to grate the produce with the shredding disc and then spin them against the mesh screen to extract the juice. The basket is usually rotated with high speed of 1500-15000 rpms.

Centrifugal juicers are very efficient at extracting juice form beets, carrots, ginger and most of the roots, producing a very good yield. However, this type of machines have some drawbacks. First, the juicer fast processing speed tends to oxidise juice quickly (juice become brownie and loose its nutritional value) and second, the extracted juice is usually comes out watery and splits into a pulpy low and the watery top ones. Thus the juice extracted with centrifugal machines has rather a short shelf life and must be consumed immediately after extracting.

This all makes the juice extracted with centrifugal juicers the lower quality than extracted with slow type masticating juicers.

The centrifugal juicers are also have limitation, they are not as multifunctional as slow juicers and will not handle well a wide range of produce such are as leafy greens, wheat grass, firm fruits and veggies, and will not perform any food processing tasks.

Pro for juicing roots:

  • Fast and easy process even large volumes of juice;
  • Deliver one of the highest yield form beets, carrots and other firm veggies;
  • Generally cheaper than slow masticating juicers (from $40 to $350);

Cons for juicing roots:

  • Produce lowest quality of juice compare to slow juicers;
  • More difficult to clean than masticating juicers;
  • Produce a lot of foam from almost all ingredients;
  • Louder than masticating juicers.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

best beets carrots juicer

Breville is a well-known manufacturer for producing a good quality centrifugal juicers. It covers a wide range of centrifugal juice extracting machines for all budgets and needs. The JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Juice Extractor is the non-expensive Breville juicer and marketed as an entry-level centrifugal machine.

 Set includes:

  • Motor base with an integrated pulp container;
  • Filter bowl;
  • Juicing filter basket;
  • Juicer cover and feed chute;
  • juice container;
  • Pusher;
  • Cleaning brush;
  • Use manual that also includes some recipes.


The centrifugal juicers are not versatile machines and designed for limited range of functions:

  • Firm veggies such as beets, carrots, ginger and other roots;
  • Firm fruits like apples and pears;
  • Celery.

Although, it can juice softer produce such as peeled orange and grapefruits, cucumber, pineapple, grape, melon and tomatoes, but will produce much lower yield than the slow juicers. It is almost useless for juicing leafy greens.

Yield: from 2 lb of carrots the JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus extracts on average 15.2 oz./450 ml of juice.

Motor unit: The JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus silver finish polymer motor unit houses powerful 850 watts motor that spins the basket with fast speed of 6,500 – 12,000 rpm. The Motor comes with plastic coupling system (not very durable).

The Juicers equipped with few safety features. The Safely Locking Arm that prevents the juicer from operating if the cover does not lock properly into place. And Overload Protection System that does not allow to machine overheat and automatically will shut off the if it is overloaded.

Chute and Produce Feeding: The most centrifugal juicer come with the wide feeding chute and JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus machine is not an exclusion. It has 3” chute opening that allows to feed the whole carrots and small to medium size beets without need of pre-cutting them. It also will fit the small to medium apple size for juicing it without pre-cutting.

The wide chute allows to feed ingredients very fast and save lot of time usually spent for juicing.

Juicing Basket/Filter Basket: The Breville JE98XL Juicer has the typical for majority of centrifugal juicer juicing filter basket. It has the titanium reinforced stainless steel razor blades at the center of the shredding disc and stainless steel micro mesh filter basket.

The shredding disc cuts and chops the whole veggies, then the small shredded parts are centrifuged against a screen where the juice strained via the screen while the pulp is “ejected” into a pulp collection container. The entire juicing process is fast and effortless, it does not jam even the firmest produces, you almost do not need to use a pusher.

Juicing Bowl: The Breville juicing bowl is made of clear plastic and does not have any measuring marks that indicates the capacity of the juicing bowl.

Containers: The Juicer features a 34 fl. oz./1000ml juice container with black gradations in ounces and ml and froth separator.

The machine has a unique for the centrifugal juicers an integrated into the filter bowl pulp collection container with the capacity of 100 oz./2850 ml.

Cleaning and assembling/disassembling: Assembling a centrifugal juicer is usually quite easy. First, place the filter bowl on the base unit, then fit the juicing filter basket on the motor coupling, fit the juicer cover on top of the pulp container and lift up the safety locking arm to a vertical locked position. Now it is ready to operate.

All the centrifugal juicers are quite laborious to clean compare to other juicers type, because they produce a lot of mess during the operation and usually leave a lot of residues on the juice cover and juicing bowl. In addition, this type of juicers have a large juicing screen which is not easy to clean. The usually takes about 5 min to clean with the special brush which is included in the set.

Control Panel and Operation: The JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus is straight forward to operate. The juicer coms with the switch that has a Low Speed/Off/High functions.

The low speed is operated at 6500rpm and designed for processing softer fruits and veggies while the high speed operates at 12,000 rpm and used for firmer fruits and veggies.  

Warranty: The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus comes with only the 1–year limited warranty.

The customer service is polite and quick to respond, however, is not the best in the industry. The warranty card that comes with the set includes a list of online contact details, toll free phone number, and physical address for contacting Breville USA and Canada.

Dimensions: 13.2 x 16.5 x 18.2 inches, weighs 9.92 pounds.

Summary: The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus juicer is no doubt a reasonable option if you plan to juice most common firm fruits, veggies and celery and wish to do it quickly and without much efforts. This machine will not handle well soft fruit and veggies and almost useless for the juicing leafy greens or wheatgrass.

Just remember, the juice it processes is highly oxidises and has a short shelf life, thus must be consumed immediately. In addition, It is very noisy similar to the blenders, very messy, produce rather wet pulp and leaves a lot of residuals inside of the machine. It also has very shot 1 year warranty, plastic motor coupling and obviously is not very durable as slow juicers that have much longer warranties.

Nevertheless, it has very appealing price and usually available at the price just above the $100 and outputs a very high yield from beets, carrots and other roots ingredients (the second best following the twin gear juicers).

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Champion Masticating Juicers

The Champion Juicer is 100% manufactured by US based Plastaket Manufacturing, Inc since 50s. The first Champion juicer was produced in 1955 and for its time was the first and only household masticating juicer in the entire country.

The Champion juicer technology is a fusion between modern masticating and centrifugal juicers. First, its horizontally rotating auger has additional metal teeth that the similar to centrifugal juicers. The second, its augers rotates at the fast for masticating juicers 1750 rpms speed that is closer to the centrifugal juicer. Because it uses very fast speed it tends to oxidise the juice and thus it must consumed immediately.

The Campion juicer masticating process involve grating and masticates or chewing the produce first and then squeezing it against the meshed screen to extract the juice.

Currently the Champion juicer is manufacturing 5 models – 2000 classic, 2000 Commercial, 3000, 4000 and 5000.

The classic Champion machines are perfect for juicing root vegetables and celery but could not handle the leafy greens, soft fruits and vegetables. In 2011 the manufacture released the attachment for the Champion 2000 model to process wheatgrass and leafy greens. The later models sets – 3000, 4000 and 5000 – also included the additional wheatgrass and leafy greens green auger.

Pros for juicing roots:

  • Produce the high juice yield from carrots, beets, ginger and other firm veggies and fruits;
  • Process easily beets, carrots and firm roots;
  • Easily feeds the whole carrot and pre-cut beets (due to the feeding chute sizes) and does not jam;
  • Very fast to make large amount of juice;
  • Quite easy to clean;
  • Durable;
  • Makes the best frozen dessert;

Cons for juicing roots:

  • Does not handle leafy greens, wheatgrass and soft produce without extra auger;
  • Oxidises juice.

Champion Classic 2000 vs Classic Commercial 2000 vs Legacy 3000 vs Elite 4000 vs Professional 5000 

best beets carrots juicer

The Champion juicer is available in 5 models:

  • Champion Classic 2000 (G5-NG-853S),
  • Champion Classic Commercial 2000 (G5- PG710),
  • Legacy 3000, Elite 4000
  • Champion Professional 5000.

All five models have identical motors but different exterior, interior parts design and attachment available.

The Champion Classic 2000 and Commercial 2000 are almost identical juicers. Both models have exterior bodies made from painted stainless steel that makes this machine incredibly durable. The only difference between them – the Commercial 2000 model comes with the same power but a bit stronger motor that is designed to run longer without stopping and provides a higher starting torque.

The Legacy 3000 model has a very similar to the Classic 2000 constructional parts design but only slightly redesigned screen holder. The 3000 machine comes with completely redesigned exteriors and smaller footprint. It has plastic body and handle, a clear drum and chute opening. 

The Elite 4000 model has a very similar to the 3000 model exterior but upgraded clear drum. It also has completely new auger and screen design. It also has new pulp outlet reflector. It comes with two auger – the grinding auger for firm fruits and veggies and the green one for the leafy greens, wheatgrass and soft produce.

The Professional 5000 has a very similar to 4000 an exterior and interior design. However, the Professional 5000 model comes with and absolutely unique feature – 11 variable speeds which start from low 350 to high 1750 rpms.

Champion Juicer Set Includes:

  • Motor and O-rings(all models);
  • Juicing Drum/motor body with funnel(all models);
  • Juicing Screens and blank screen(4000 and 5000 models) or screen with screen holder (2000 and 3000 models);
  • Grinding and green auger(4000 and 5000 model) or cutter (2000 and 3000 models) ;
  • 2 X Pulp Adjustment knobs/restrictors (4000 and 5000 models);
  • Deflector (4000 and 5000 models);
  • Tamper (all models);
  • Body seal;
  • Juice bowl with sieve (all models);
  • Cleaning brush (4000 and 5000 models);
  • User manual.

Motor and Body Unit: All 5 Champion juicer models come with similar powerful 540 Watts motor. While, the Classic Commercial 2000 machine has the same 540 Watts but a bit stronger motor that means it has a better torque and designed to run without stopping for cooling for longer than domestic models.

The Champion Classic 2000 (G5-NG-853S), Champion Classic Commercial 2000 (G5- PG710), Legacy 3000, and Elite 4000 models come with similar 1750 rpm speed.

While the latest Professional 5000 model equipped with the 11 speed ranging 350 – 1750 rpms. So, Professional 5000 models is the only machine that can produce low oxidation cold press juice.

The Champion Classic 2000 and Classic Commercial 2000 model body is made from painted stainless steel while all other models are made from very strong and durable plastic.

Drum, Chute and Produce Feeding: The Champion juicers comes with a fairly large for horizontal juicer feeding chute opening – 1.75” in 2000 and 3000 models and  2.25” in 4000 and 500 models. The large chute could be fed with a whole carrot and quartered beets.

Cutter/Auger: Champion 2000 and 3000 models comes with auger that is called cutter in Champion terminology. Not surprising, as it has very different design comparing to common single auger masticating juicers. The cutter has a sharper edges with 8 rows of sharp tiny metal teeth.

Although, the 4000 and 5000 Champion machines auger more resembles the modern design augers but still comes with the few rows of sharp teeth that grating the produce before it goes for mastication process.

Juicing Screen: The Champion 2000 and 3000 models juicing screens have a completely different design comparing to modern traditional single auger juicers. It consist of two part – the meshed stainless steel screen and the slider that connects the screen to the drum.

The Champion 4000 and 5000 models have an upgraded juicing screen design that is very similar to modern singer auger juicers conical design.

Nozzles, End Cap and Adjustment Knobs: The 2000 and 3000 models designed without pulp regulation adjusting knobs.

The Champion 4000 and 5000 machines comes with the 2 (open and juicing) pulp adjusting knobs named restrictors in Champion terminology.

Containers: The Champion juicers models do not come with pulp container, the sets include only plastic 34 oz. juice container with the strainer.


The Champion Juicers are designed to juice following ingredients:

  • Very efficient at juicing carrots, beets, ginger and other root veggies;
  • Celery;
  • Frim fruits such as apples and pears;
  • Nut milks;
  • Makes the silkiest nut butter better quality than all other juicers;
  • Baby food;
  • Makes the best quality frozen treats;
  • Grating tasks and even mincing meat;
  • Shaves ice;
  • Other food homogenizing tasks.

The Champion juicers are not very good at juicing leafy greens and soft fruits and veggies, however the 4000 and 500 models comes with the second green auger that is specifically design for the leafy greens.

The 2000 and 3000 models do not include leafy green auger in the set but it is available to buy from different Champion juicer part suppliers.

Cleaning and assembling/disassembling, operating: Although, the Champion juicer models have slightly different design but they are similar to other single auger juicers and are easiest among the masticating machines to assemble and clean. However, the Champion auger must be handled with care while cleaning as it has the sharp teeth that may cut your skin.

Operating: The 2000, 3000 and 4000 models control panel comprise with only single swither with On/Off function and thus very easy to operate.

The 5000 juicer comes with the 11 speed dial knob that range from allow 350 rpm to high 1750 rpm speeds. The low speed is designed for processing leafy greens while the high speed works efficiently for juicing root produce like beets and carrots.

The 4000 and 5000 model also have a pulp ejection restrictors that regulate the pressure the pulp is expelled, so the firmer produce needs more pressure to apply for better yield while the softer ones require release the pressure.

Warranty: All the Champion juicer models come with non-transferable 10-years warranty and 1 year on auger, blade and screen warranty.

The juicer also could be returned only within 30 days with 15% restocking fee applied.

Dimensions: The Champion juicer is a massive well-built unit. The 2000 models have rather a large footprint 9 x 12 x 12 inches and weighs 27 pounds. While the 3000, 4000 and 5000 model have more moderate footprint 20.7 x 10.9 x 8.2 inches and a slightly lower weigh of 23 pounds.

Yield: from 2 lbs of carrots and beets it extracts on average 450 ml of juice.

Summary: The Champion juicers are ultimate carrot, beets, and other firm veggies and fruit juicers. They will produce decent yield comparable with twin auger machines and very rich in test and color juice. Since the juicers operates at high speed of 1750 rpm its juice will have a short shelf life due to high oxidation and must be consumed immediately.

Although, the 2000 model do not handles leafy greens without extra attachment but it is very good at food processing task and make most delicious nut butter and frozen treat. The 4000 model lack of the problem with leafy greens and comes with second green auger.

In addition, it is non expensive very durable and well-made masticating juicer that will serve your for many years. And if you decide to go for the Champion 5000 model it could avoid the oxidising problem when operated on the low speed.

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Twin Gear Juicers

Twin Gears Cold Press Slow Masticating juicers employ two closely aligned rotating stainless steel gears that chew the produce and then squeeze it against the meshed juicing screen to extract juice. The two gears usually rotate with slow 80-160 RPM speed so technically use the slow cold press process to extract juice.

Twin gear masticating juicers deliver the highest quality and highest (up to 20%) beets, carrots, and roots juice yield compare to other types of juicers. However, they are most expansive machine, laborious to use and clean and thus usually appeal to true juicing enthusiasts.

Pro for juicing roots:

  • Highest juice yield;
  • Best juice quality;
  • Longest juicers shelf life;
  • Handles a wide range of produce;

Cons for juicing roots:

  • Laborious to clean;
  • Needs some efforts to feed the juicer with produce;
  • Most expensive type of juicers.

Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer

best beets carrots juicerGreen Power KPE-1304 Juicer is available in two models the KPE-1304 (black and white colors) and the same model with the optional kit available under the name KPE1304HG or KPE1305. The juicers are manufactured in South Korea by USA based company and used be known under Samson name. The first twin gear juicer was introduced in 1997 by Samson Company and later revolutionised into the current Green Power KPE-1304 Juicer.

Set includes:

  • KPE1304 Body and Motor;
  • 1 Pair of stainless steel twin gears;
  • Three screens – standard, fruit and blank;
  • Two Juicing Knobs – standard and fruit;
  • Two Tampers – plastic and wooden;
  • Juice and pulp containers;
  • Cleaning brush;
  • User Manual and DVD.

Main Body and Motor Unit: Green Power KPE Juice Extractor comes with the plastic body and 150W, 11Volt; 60 Hz; 1.4 AMP motor that rotates the auger with the slow 160 RPM speed. The well-made motor is also equipped with automatic thermostat that prevents it from overheating.

The juicer is very quiet during the operation producing only 60 DB that is comparable with normal conversation in the office or restaurant.

Yield: from 2 lbs/0.9 kg of carrots Green Power KPE Juicer extracts approx. 480-530 ml of juice depending on the freshness and thickness of the carrot.

Gears/Auger: The juicer has compact twin gears that are only 4 1/2″ long and comprise of two parts – the stainless steel and acetyl resin. The twin gears also equipped with bio ceramic magnetic system installed inside of gears (producing a magnetic field of 4,200 gauss) that allows to maximize nutritional value of juice and store it for longer (up to 72 hours).

The two closely aligned gears are do not touch each other, so they will not produce any craps from metal friction. They also have recessed cutting teeth between them which eliminate the need for produce pre-cut and prevent clogging of stringy ingredients.

Juicing screen: The juicer comes with tree juicing screens:

  • Standard screen for processing firm produce and leafy greens;
  • Fruit screen for pulpy fruit;
  • Blank screen for nut butters and frozen treats. 

The standard and fruit screens made of plastic part with stainless steel meshes, the blank screen is all plastic.

Chute and Produce Feeding: It comes with 1.6”/40.6mm chute opening, so will easily eat the whole carrots while beets will need pre-cutting.

Containers: The juicer comes with juicing cup and pulp containers, the both are quite unique.

The juicing cup is made of the BPA-free plastic 35oz. (with measuring up to 21 oz.)/1L container and has inbuilt bio ceramic magnets that allow the extracted juice to store for longer.

The pulp container made of stainless steel.

Pressure Adjustment Juicing Knob: The juicer comes with two juicing knobs – vegetables and fruits. The vegetable goes with standard screen and designed for juice extraction from firm fruits and vegetables, leafy greens and wheatgrass.

The fruit knobs is designed for soft fruits processing and goes with large mesh fruit juicing screen. The two screens allow to extract maximum juice from the large variety of ingredients.

Functionality: The twin gear juicer are usually handle all type of produce and excel on most of them. The KPE is not an exclusion. So it is designed to process following ingredients:

  • Firm vegetables like carrots, beets, ginger and other roots;
  • Firm fruits like apple and pears;
  • Celery;
  • Leafy greens;
  • Wheatgrass and sprouts;
  • Soft fruits and veggies like cucumber, tomatoes and grape;
  • Citruses;
  • Nut butter, frozen treats, purees veggies fruits and even meat;
  • Mincing meat;
  • Grind coffee beans and spices.

In addition, there is a Multipurpose Kit available to buy separately that provides addition flexibility and increase yield for some of the produce. The multi-purpose kit comprises of:

  • Smaller gears that make less foam when juicing wheatgrass;
  • Attachments to extrude pasta.

Cleaning and assembling/disassembling: The twin gear juicers are usually quite elaborate to assemble/dissemble, use and clean. However, the Green Power KPE-1304 is not the most difficult among them. It comprises of few parts but they are very intuitive to assemble and disassemble.

The clean-up is not as scary as it may seem and takes around 5 minutes from start to end. The enclosed in the set brush is very useful.

Warranty: Green Power KPE-1304 has 10 -year Warranty on Motor, 5-year Warranty on Operational Parts, and 30 Day Warranty on Non-Operational Parts such as (tampers).

Dimensions: 16″ x 8″ x 12″, Weight – 14.2 lbs.

Summary: Although, Green Power KPE-1304 will require a little more time than other juicers to assemble and clean it, but it delivers the highest yield and the highest quality beets and carrots juice with the longest shelf life (up to 72 hours) thanks to the unique magnetic technology inbuilt into the gears. It will also output on average 10-20% of firm veggies juices than any other slow or centrifugal juicers. In addition the Green Power KPE-1304 does not cost a fortune and comes out to be very affordable twin gear juicers.

The Green Power KPE-1304 is also excellent option for juicing, leafy greens, wheatgrass, celery, cucumber and a wide range of other fruits and vegetables.

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Single Auger Vertical Masticating Slow Juicers

Vertical Single Auger Juicers are the true multi-purpose machines that juice all types of ingredients well with high juice yield. The vertical masticating juicers use the vertical produce feeding concept (similar to centrifugal juicers) what make them easy to use and quick to process ingredients. But they use slow single auger technology where the auger is rotating vertically and runs the cold press masticating juicing process delivering the high quality juice with long shelf life.

The single vertical auger juicers are not the ultimate root juicers but they are quite a good at processing carrots, beets and other firm ingredients delivering high yield, easy feeding and quick processing. However, this type of juicer do not always have a good torque to process whole roots without jamming, so beets, carrots and other firm produce need to be pre-cut before feeding.

Pro for juicing roots:

  • Easy to feed;
  • Quick to process ingredients;
  • Delivers good yield;
  • Multi-functional and handles not only root ingredients well;

Cons for root juicing:

  • Ingredients must to be pre-cut otherwise could jam;
  • Not easiest to clean.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000 

best carrots juicerThe Kuvings C7000 Juicer (known as C9500 in Europe and other countries) was released in 2016 and upgraded in 2018 (with a new generation drum) and belongs to the 3rd generation vertical slow masticating juicers.

It is manufactured by the Kuvings – a reputable company in South Korean company which produces juicers and blenders and operates since 1978. It actually was an inventor of first wide chute vertical single auger masticating juicer and later the technology was copied by other manufactures.

Set includes:

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Motor Base C7000 with 3″ Wide Feed Chute and Funnel Attachment;

  • Juicing Bowl;
  • Juicing Screw (Auger);
  • Rotation Wiper/spinning brush;
  • Juicing Screen and Blank Screen;
  • Juice cup with Sieve attachment and pulp container;
  • Food Pusher;
  • 3 types of cleaning brushes – large cleaning brush, spout brush, screen cleaning tool;
  • Instruction manual;
  • Recipe Book (Full Color).

Optional smoothie screen and citrus attachment are available to buy directly from Kuvings.

Yield: from 2.2lbs/1 kg of carrots the Kuvings C7000 Juicer extracts approx. 430-470 ml of juice depending on the freshness and texture of the ingredients.

Motor and Body Unit: Kuvings C7000 Juicer features the compact and sleek body unit that in-houses powerful 240 Watts brushless motor. The motor rotates the auger with the slow 60 rpm speed.

The juicer comes with the safety-lock system that allows it to run only if the gadget is assembled properly and prevents the machine from wobbling. The motor also equipped with the cooling motor technology that extends the life expectancy of the machine.

The C7000 designed with a duty cycle of 30 minutes, after 30 minutes it should be allowed to rest before resuming operation.

Juicing Bowl, Hopper and Feeding Chute: The 13.5 oz./400ml juicing bowl is made of BPA-free clear plastic  which has at the bottom 4 interlock points ensuring a more secure fit. The upgraded in 2018 juicing bowls comes without the silicon ring that makes it easier to clean easier and also prevents leaking when not assembled properly.

The machine also features smart looking juice outlet cap with metal top.

The Kuvings 7000/C9500 has a 3”/77mm feed chute that allowing less preparation for not very firm ingredients (for example, it will take small apples whole). While it still needs cutting beets in half or quarters and carrots in half vertically and feed them more gradually, otherwise, the bigger firm roots may strain the machine.

Gears/Auger: The Kuvings C7000 Juicer auger is made from BPA-free heavy duty plastic and has the new compare to the previous 6000 model design featuring the hollow bottom which collect the excess of pulp produce during juicing and prevents it from disturbing juicing process. The new auger design is also designed to produce the less pulpy juice.

Juicing Screen: The Kuvings C7000/C9500 comes with standard juicing screen with stainless steel meshes for processing all type of ingredients for juicing and plastic blank screen for making frozen treats and pureeing food.

It also comes with typical for vertical juicer BPA free plastic cleaning brush with silicon brushes.

Containers: The juicer features the BPA-free Tritan copolyester juicing and pulp containers. The 32 oz. capacity (without measuring marks) juicing container comes with BPA-free 5 Screen plastic strainer for sieving the juice from excessive pulp.


Kuvings C7000 is a versatile machine and performs following functions:

  • Roots like beets, carrots or ginger;
  • Soft fruit and veggies such as pineapple or cucumber;
  • Celery juice;
  • Citrus juice;
  • Leafy greens such as kale and others and including wheatgrass juice;
  • Frozen desserts;
  • Food processing tasks such as smoothies, nut butter, and nut milk, baby food, purees and sauce.

When processing beets and carrots it is advised to cut them into smaller pieces like half or quarters for roots, it also require to cut strongly veggies like celery into 1-2 inches bits otherwise it may jam.

The set comes with blank screen (not typical for vertical juicers) which is designed for the frozen desserts, nut butter and baby food.

You can also buy separately the smoothies screen for processing smoothies, softer fruits and veggies.

Cleaning and assembling/disassembling: The juicer is assembled the standard way for vertical slow juicer. First, you set the juicing bowl then juicing screen with the scrapper, following by the auger and chute with cover.

The machine is not easiest but also not very difficult to clean, what is typical for the vertical slow juicer. The juicing screen is the most labours part to clean. However, the set comes with the set of 3 brushes that do a great job.

Although, some of the machine parts are top rack dishwasher, but to extend the juicers life expectancy it better to clean all the part by hands.

Controls: The machine come with one switch which has the OFF (neutral)/ On/Reverse functions.

Warranty: The Kuvings C7000 juicer comes with 10 years limited warranty and very helpful customer service. The USA Kuvings support is located in Chicago, Illinois and must be contacted directly when needed: Tel 1-888-682-5559, email:

Dimensions: 9″ x 8.25″ x 17.5″, weights 16 lbs/6.9kg.

Summary: The Kuvings C7000 is a premium juicer with wide chute that takes less time for food preparation. It does deliver the 3rd best yield result for carrots and beets but it is very easy to use, very quick to process ingredients (the vertical juicer are fastest among slow juicers) and handles the widest range of ingredients.

Although, it is not an ultimate beets, carrots and root juicers and need some preparation/pre-cut for juicing root veggies and if you plan to juice not only roots but also a variety of other ingredients and want to process the high quality cold press juice with a long shelf life, than this machine is worth to consider.

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Single Auger Slow Cold Press Masticating Juicers

The single auger horizontal juicers system is designed to grind the produce in the tight chamber and then presses it against the meshed juicing screen to squeeze juice out.

It is the most versatile juicer type. They are not only able to juice a wide variety of ingredients but also can perform the widest range of tasks additional to the juice making. The horizontal juicers extract a high quality and nutritional value juice with the 24-48 hours fridge shelf-life. The only problem, they show the lowest juice yield across all juicer types, although not significantly.

On the other hand, a horizontal juicers are the easiest to use and clean. They do not require to pre-cut firm produce and feed them slowly as with vertical juicer. The horizontal single auger juicers have a good torque that will process the firmest carrot or beet without jamming.


  • Easiest to use and clean;
  • Feed whole carrot without cutting;
  • Handle firm ingredients without jamming;
  • Produce high quality juice with long shelf life;


  • Deliver the lowest yield from carrots and beets across all type of juicers.

Omega NC1000HDS Juicer

best beets carrots juicerThe Omega NC1000HDS is a premium single auger cold press slow masticating Omega juicer that was released in January 2020. It is the latest Omega single auger model is an update for most popular Omega flagship single auger CN800/900 models that ware released in 2012 and were not updated since.

Set Includes:

  • Motor Base Unit;
  • Juicing chamber with chute and funnel;
  • Single user;
  • Plastic juice bowl with strainer and pulp container;
  • Juicing screen and homogenizing cone;
  • 6 nozzles;
  • User manual.

Average yield from 2 lbs of carrots and beets: 1kg = 420 ml of juice.

Motor and Body Unit: The juicer features the new body design with ergonomic built in handy handle. The motor unit houses the upgraded more powerful commercial type 200 Watts motor with gear reduction equivalent of 2 HP motor and with better toque to process firm ingredients like beets and carrots more efficiently. The motor rotates the juicer auger with slow 80 rpm speed.

Drum, Chute and Produce Feeding: The Omega NC1000HDS juicer comes with the drum, chute and irremovable hopper part made of clear Tritan copolyester plastic that is new feature for this model. The NC800/NC900 models have non-clear hopper and chute parts but clear drum. The chute opening has a crescent shape and good size of 2” X 1.5” (51mm X 38mm), so ensures easy feeding for larger ingredients.

Gears/Auger: The Omega NC1000HDS model features slightly redesigned auger, which is made from an extra strong and solvent resistant GE ULTEM plastic which is widely used in medical and chemical instrumentation.

Juicing Screen: The machine features 2 stage juicing screen where the frame of the screen made from extra strong Tritan copolyster with stainless steel meshed part. The 2 stage screen means that initially it sieves the juice that comes from the smashed ingredients and the second stage squeezes last drops of juice from the pulp before it is ejected.

The Juicer also comes with additional blank screen for performing food processing tasks.

Nozzles, End Cap and Adjustment Knobs: The Omega NC1000HDS gadget comes with adjustable end cap the smaller in diameter and longer in size than previous NC800/NC900 models.

The tight cap setting  is used for firm produce like carrots, beets, celery and leafy greens, while the looser settings is best suited for softer produce such as citrus, pineapple, cucumber and other, the mid setting  is designed for combination of firm and soft ingredients.

Containers: It comes with plastic 32 oz. juicing and pulp containers.

Omega NC1000HDS Functionality:

  • Beetroot, carrot, ginger and other roots juice,
  • Apple juice,
  • Leafy greens juice
  • Celery juice,
  • wheatgrass juice
  • Firm and soft fruits,
  • Citrus juice
  • Baby food
  • Nut butters and nut milks,
  • Pasta,
  • Grinds spices and coffee,
  • Frozen desserts.

The juicer comes with the blank screen that is designed for making the frozen treats and performing pureeing tasks. The set also includes 5 pasta nozzles that allows to make the delicious homemade pasta.

Cleaning and assembling/disassembling, operating: The machine has the small number of part – Drum, auger, juicing screen, blank and adjustable end cap – and thus it is very easy to assemble/disassemble and clean. It is actually easiest juicer to clean.

Warranty: The juicer comes with 15 years USA/Canada Warranty on parts and performance and 1-year Commercial and International Warranty.

Dimensions: 6.1” W × 18.5” D × 12.3” H (154mm × 470mm × 312mm), Weight: 20.0 lb/ 9kg

Summary: Omega NC1000HDS is very versatile machine that also does not produce the highest carrots and beets juice yield but shows a number of other positive sides. First, the machine comes with few extra attachment designed to perform a range of non-juicing functions such as making sauces, nut butter frozen desserts, baby food and extrude pasta. Second, it is almost self-feed the firm produce like beets and carrots, and does not require any efforts to push them. It handle very well a wide range of ingredients from the firm fruits and veggies to leafy greens. The last it is the easiest machine to clean.

Check here today’s best price for the Omega NC1000HDS Juicer

P.S. Although, the NC1000 model has some exterior and minor constructional parts redesign, it still very similar to the older Omega NC800/NC900. The new model do not show significant increase in juice yield for most of the ingredients. However, some Omega NC1000 constructional part are made from higher quality and stronger material, major improve is the stainless steel juicing screen.

So if would like a slightly budget Omega model you can consider the NC800 model – a perfect substitute for NC1000.

Check here today’s best price for the Omega NC800HDS Juicer


Centrifugal JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Juice Extractor is less versatile machine among all juicer styles and handles limited variety of produce – firm veggies and fruits, celery and citruses – and useless at leafy greens and most of other ingredients. This type of machine will also produce the lowest juice quality which must be consumed immediately. However, the centrifugal are the cheapest and quickest machines and and will be an excellent entry juicer option. Our recommendation the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor is non-expensive machine and comes from the well-known and popular brand.

Champion juicer is a good machine with very long life expectancy, 100% made in USA by USA Company. However, it is not very versatile gadget even it handles very well root veggies, makes excellent frozen desserts and baby food. Nevertheless, it is an awsome machine for those who love reliable old school gadget.

Now doubt, that the twin gear juicer will produce the highest yield and best quality juice with the longest shelf life (up to 72 hours) but it is the most expansive type of juicing machine available in the market. While the Green Power KPE-1304 machine is one of the cheapest twin gear juicers and handles very well the firm veggie such as beets and carrots but it has it cons also. This machine is quite elaborate to assemble and clean, it requires some pre-cutting larger ingredients like beet as it will not fit into the narrow chute (while carrots will be fed whole without problem) and it is rather slow.  Nevertheless, if you want to become a real juicing enthusiast than it is your choice. In addition the twin gear juicer will handle wide range of produce including leafy greens and wheatgrass.

Vertical, centrifugal and Champion juicers will be expected to yield approximately similar yield of carrots or beets juice. All three juicers are quick to process root produce and will take similar time and effort to clean the juicer after use. However, these three types machine differ by the quality extracted juice.

The Vertical masticating extractor is the most versatile across all types of juicers which handles the widest range of produce from leafy greens to soft fruits and deliver the high quality juice similar to other masticating machines. However, this type juicer will need some produce preparation that include pre-cutting the beets and carrots into smaller pieces, otherwise, they may jam the machine. So, if you are looking for the most versatile machine which deliver high quality juice and decent yield for majority of the produce but do not mind some ingredients preparation than Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000 is the best option.

Finally, the Single Auger Juicer produce the lowest yield for carrots and beets across all type of juicers. Nonetheless, it is very versatile machine, specifically what concern the food processing tasks. It is excellent for leafy greens and wheatgrass. Most important it is easiest to clean and the cheapest among the masticating juicers. So, if you want to buy the versatile machine that extracts not only quality carrots and beets juice but also leafy green juice than the Omega CN1000/CN800/CN900 will be the best choice considering the longest in the industry 15 years warranty from very reputable company.


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