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About Us

KitchenGearPro Upgrades Your Kitchen Game!

The kitchen is an ulti­mate bless­ing for house­wives; it’s a place where they spend most of their day prepar­ing deli­cious meals. It’s an age of tech­nol­o­gy, and over time, the cook­ing meth­ods and the shapes of appli­ances have changed. About Us…

Nowa­days, every­one expects absolute con­ve­nience, in what­ev­er shape it can be deliv­ered. Peo­ple always look for­ward to the lat­est tech­nol­o­gy, mak­ing their hec­tic, day-to-day tasks man­age­able. Yes, the kitchen appli­ances such as Food Proces­sors, Blenders, Food Dehy­dra­tors, Stand Mix­ers, and Juicers have been assist­ing us in the kitchens for years. They serve us to pre­pare deli­cious meals and healthy drinks.

Undoubt­ed­ly, with the advance­ment in tech­nol­o­gy, options are dou­ble fold­ed, espe­cial­ly when pick­ing use­ful gad­gets. We under­stand how much it could be tough to choose between two choices.

But why wor­ry? KitchenGearPro is here to make this easy for you.

Kitchen Gear Pro Is At Rescue 

We have cre­at­ed this plat­form to help thou­sands of cus­tomers choose the right prod­uct. Here we review mul­ti­ple lat­est kitchen appli­ances such as blenders, food dehy­dra­tors, juice extrac­tors and oth­ers avail­able on the mar­ket. We have been exper­i­ment­ing with the most pop­u­lar and lat­est gad­gets to bet­ter under­stand what fac­tors count while buy­ing the right one. We keep our­selves updat­ed with what’s com­ing new in the mar­ket and inform our val­ued users.

Here you will find many 100% authen­tic, test­ed and research-based reviews, prod­uct com­par­i­son, best prod­ucts arti­cles, and sug­ges­tions about the right type of appli­ance for your kitchen.

Our Team

Kitchen Gear Pro is not an overnight dream, but it’s the ulti­mate result of our con­tin­u­ous hard work. There’s a hard­work­ing team of experts that research for the best prod­ucts, curate accu­rate infor­ma­tion (unbi­ased), and make it super-pre­sentable for you to help you buy the top-qual­i­ty product.

We believe excel­lent work always pays off, which is why we remain true to our work, and so with our respect­ed users.

Lucy Young

Meet the own­er— a pro kitchen gad­get dig­ger who has gone the extra mile to cre­ate some­thing that helps us choose the right gad­gets. Back in 2016, when she found it chal­leng­ing to find the best-fit kitchen equip­ment, she searched inde­pen­dent­ly. This quest for the best prod­ucts got firm when she became a veg­an raw, and by then, she had been work­ing hard to help oth­ers. Kitchen Gear Pro is the result of all that hard work.

Till now, she has test­ed 100’s of prod­ucts, some got her approval, and some got reject­ed; from return­ing them to buy­ing new ones again, Lucy has gained exten­sive expe­ri­ence. She is now an expert in kitchen appli­ances as she knows where to find the right answers to ques­tions while look­ing for top-notch qual­i­ty gadgets.

A beau­ti­ful moth­er of two lit­tle girls, Lucy Young is a pas­sion­ate veg­an raw and extreme­ly moti­vat­ed about the eco-lifestyle. She is out-and-out to not only adopt a healthy lifestyle but help oth­ers doing so. She keeps her­self updat­ed with the lat­est health trends and kitchen gad­gets. The best qual­i­ty is that she is curi­ous about every­thing that can help achieve ulti­mate health goals.

Max Don­ahue

He is very enthu­si­as­tic about dis­cov­er­ing the best bud­get top-qual­i­ty kitchen gad­gets. Max Don­ahue is the strong back­bone of Kitchen Gear Pro, as he tests the gad­gets first. He explores all the fea­tures, eval­u­ates per­for­mance, notes pros and cons, and every­thing that counts in hav­ing the best prod­uct. He then writes the most detailed, 100% authen­tic guides for you.

Kara Hick­man

Anoth­er hard­work­ing team mem­ber — Kara Hick­man, is an all-rounder. She is a strong moth­er of 3 who loves to cook deli­cious and cre­ative. She is the best when it comes to cook­ing heav­en­ly food. She is always test­ing new kitchen gad­gets when­ev­er she finds new tech­nol­o­gy. Kara nev­er stops her­self from shar­ing expe­ri­ences by writ­ing about them.

Mission Statement

To make your buy­ing expe­ri­ence wor­thy and budget-friendly. 

This plat­form is pure­ly based on gen­uine reviews. We thor­ough­ly review each prod­uct mod­el or make avail­able and pro­vide only fair and hon­est infor­ma­tion and real reviews to help you make the right pur­chase decision.

Vision Statement

To keep thriv­ing for success. 

You will find hun­dreds of authen­tic reviews of the best prod­ucts that will let you make a valu­able pur­chase. We want to make Kitchen Gear Pro one of the most trust­ed plat­forms for deliv­er­ing the right infor­ma­tion and valu­able content.

Why Choose Us?

Reviews Are Authentic

What makes us dif­fer­ent is the ulti­mate authen­tic­i­ty of our buy­ing guides and reviews. We fair­ly review each prod­uct, as it’s the user’s right to know about all the fea­tures, pros, and cons of a cer­tain prod­uct before buy­ing it.

It nev­er mat­ters what par­tic­u­lar brand we review; we are unbi­ased and want our val­ued users to know about qual­i­ty, ease of use, dura­bil­i­ty, val­ue, and more.

Expert Team

Our qual­i­fied team ded­i­cates enough time to pro­vide you with the lat­est infor­ma­tion. They use hands-on test­ing, detailed research, short­list prod­ucts, and get you a list of the best kitchen gad­gets, which are durable and afford­able. They help you make the bests buy­ing deci­sion. Why trust us? We are 100% unbi­ased, true to users, and inde­pen­dent. We don’t pro­mote spe­cif­ic brands but real products.

Val­ue Your Feedback

Our reviews can con­tain an error; we are all human. It is pos­si­ble that the com­pa­ny has improved the prod­uct or that the qual­i­ty has declined after our review. Thus, we want to know about any updates you have about a par­tic­u­lar prod­uct. We strive to keep all con­tent fresh, cur­rent, and informative.

You can trust us; we work for you!

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