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Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker DM3500 Review

margaritaville Bali concoction makerBali Frozen Concoction Maker is the advanced version of the Margaritaville machine for preparing restaurant-quality frozen drinks. The Bali comes with 4 pre-set programs drinks, capacity to make up to 6-7 drinks in one cycle, and a self-dispensing tool for serving drinks straight into your glass.

Read our review to find out all pros and cons of this fancy gadget which can help you to decide if this machine worth buying for you.


The Bali Frozen Concoction Maker comes with 4 pre-set programs to make Margaritas, Daiquiris, and Smoothies. However, the capabilities of the machine are more than just 4 drinks, apart from the preset program cycles it has manual ice shaving and blending mode which allow substantially expand the variety of drinks you can prepare with this machine.

  • Makes perfect Margaritas, Coladas, Daiquiris and frozen Smoothies with pre-set programs which are designed to deliver perfect result for every drink;
  • Daiquiris pre-set is the most functional one, it allows to add frozen fruit into the blending jar, the Smoothies program allows to add fresh fruits into blending jug, the Colada and Margarita pre-set use only liquid ingredients in the blending process; the manual Shave and Blend the only function allows the user to achieve thinner or thicker consistency of any drink; so the options are endless you have to be creative;
  • Other types of Alcoholic slushes or cocktails including Mudslides, Mojitos are also easily made with the machine; for example, testing the Margarita pre-set for Mojitos and Colada program for Mudslides could deliver the excellent drinks, you just need to be creative experiment a little with them;
  • Non-alcoholic frozen drinks, including the mocktails, iced tea or coffee drinks and lemonades, to create a variety of mocktails you can use pre-set options and Shave and Blend only options following alcoholic cocktails recipes but just leaving the alcohol part out; the Smoothies option is perfect for making the iced tea and coffee;
  • To make Snow cones you better use manual Shaving only function, the machine is perfect for his purpose since it makes very light and fluffy shaved iced what makes your snow cones are delicious; for snow cones, you have to dispense shaved ice without the pitcher in place and use some other convenient vessel such as a bowl; the blending jug is not easy to remove from the base unit and designed to dispense the liquid drink with self-dispenser directly into your glass;
  • You can even make carbonated frozen drinks like Icee and Slurpee with the Bali machine, however, you should add the low proportion of the carbonated liquid in the final drink since it could make the overflow the liquid from the blending jar.

It will take some trial and error while you experiment with the proper proportions for the perfect result but the options are endless. It can be used for any concoctions you can imagine from classics to a fruity and spicy variety of frozen treats.

The machine design and how it works?

Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker comprises of three key functional parts:

  1. Base Unit with control panel and dual-motor system for the shaving and blending functions;
  2. Ice Shaving part with ice reservoir and ice shaving blade system, and
  3. Blending part with the blending jar and dedicated blade assembly.

The machine operation process is also divided into two or rather three stages if we include here the self-dispense process:

  1. The first stage comprises the ice shaving process in the ice reservoir and sending the processed snow product via a special chute to the blending jar. The dedicated ice shaving blades allow processing the fine quality snow without the ice chunks to make the true restaurant-quality frozen drinks.
  2. The second stage includes the processing the drink ingredients in the blending jar and mixing/combining them with the snow to create a finished concoction.
  3. The final stage includes the self-dispensing the final drinks into the glass. When you dispense drink the blended mix will swirl for remixing in the remix channel of the jars, then go directly into your glass. The self-dispensing process makes this Margaretville model is true a self-serve party machine.

It should be mentioned, the machine is not equipped with any cooling or insulation system, so the mixture may melt if it stays for the long in the hot weather. However, it is equipped with an ice-melting container at the rear of the base unit where the melting ice emptied right from the ice reservoir. That guarantees the slushes will not get watery and remain the ideal texture for a longer time. Yet, you can always add some more crushed ice into your drink using the manual shave only mode into before dispensing the new portion of the drink. 

Base Unit

Margaritaville Bali control panelAlthough, the base unit is made of plastic it has a premium look with brushed metallic parts and polished stainless steel trimming. The base unit is very big, sturdy, and remains stable during the entire drink making the process. The base houses a dual 650 watts motor, one motor drives the ice shaving process and another motor administers the drinks blending and mixing tasks.

The base unit also includes the control panel, ice chute, ice melting reservoir, and cord chamber.

Control Panel. It is located vertically on the right side of the machine and includes two Dial Knobs Start/Stop button, Blend /Shave Switch, and Power Light:

  • Drink Selector Dial Knob selects from 4 different pre-set programs – Ritas (process liquid ingredients only), Daiquiris (designed for liquid ingredients and frozen fruit), Coladas (mixes also liquid ingredients only), Smoothies (process liquid ingredients and fresh fruits);
  • The Drink Level Dial Knob is used to choose processing Half (30 oz.) or Full (60 oz.) container of ingredients;
  • Start/Stop button is used to start automatic Shave’n Blend cycle, Green button light indicates the machine is ready to start, red light means it is not ready for operation and you have to set up machine properly;
  • Blend/Shave switch is used to manually operate the ice shaving only or blending the only process;
  • The power light blinks when the unit is plugged in to indicate power.

Ice Chute. The ice chute directs processed snow from Ice Reservoir into the blender jar. The ice chute is an integral part of the base unit and not removable, but it slides to the side to extract and put in the blender container when the chute in the center position it is ready for operation.

Ice Melt Reservoir. It is a clever machine feature, the ice melting reservoir is located at the rear of the base unit and captures the water from the melting ice in the ice reservoir ice and prevents to go it into the blending container, so your drinks never get watery and always has a perfect consistency.

Power Cord. The machine also has the cord storage slot that hides the cord tidy at the back of the unit. The machine operates via 110—120 volts electrical supply power cord. However, you can operate the Margaretville Bali machine via a cigarette lighter adapter for tailgating.

Ice Shaving System

The ice shaving system is a dedicated Margaritaville Bali functional part with its dedicated motor and blades system. It is designed for shaving the ice cubes into the fine quality snow which afterward will be mixed with the other frozen drinks ingredients.

The ice shaving functional part includes:

  • The extra-large Ice Reservoir that holds about 60 ounces of ice for 6-7 ounces drinks, and Ice Reservoir Lid:
  • Ice Shaving Paddle;
  • Ice Deflector Blade Assembly which consists of (1) Ice Hopper, (2) Ice Deflector, (3) Shaving Blade, and (4) Shaving Blade Ring.

The shaving blades are made from high-quality stainless steel and very sharp by design.

Blending System

margaritaville bali containerThe blending unit is a functional part of the machine with the dedicated motor which mixes and dispenses the final frozen drinks for the user. The unit includes the blender Jar with the Lid, the blending Blade with the Sealing Ring, drink Self-Dispenser, and Auto Remix Blades Assembly.

Container. The jar/chamber has a 60 oz. capacity which is enough to make up to 6-7 drinks per pitcher. It is made from a very heavy, double-walled (to hold a frozen drink for an extended time), and shatterproof 1/4 inch thick plastic-type material. The blending jar has the measuring in ounces and ml, does not have the handle and pouring spout.

The blender jar is not designed to hold the hot liquids or will not tolerate sudden changes in food temperature (the jar may crack). 

The blender comes with the plastic lid with a large convenient opening which is covered by the ice chute in assembled condition. If you turn the chute you can add ingredients through this opening without removing the jar from the base. The lid closed with the pair of latches.

margaritaville bladesBlades. The Margaritaville Bali blending container is equipped with the removable high-quality blades assembly. The container blade assembly consists of very sharp stainless steel blades and a sealing ring that connects the blade assembly with the blending jar. The blade assembly has a plastic drive to blade connection system.

Remixer/Dispenser. The jar has the main vessel and the smaller one (remix channel) for remixing the drinks before they are dispensed to the glass. The removable dispenser lever with a spout is connected directly to the remix channel and responsible for the drink self-dispensing.

The remix channel comes with the remix auger blades which reblends the drinks each time before it is self-dispensed to the user glass.

However, it should be mentioned the self-dispenser will not discharge the drinks when it left about 4-5 oz. of liquids in the blending jar, so any drinks leftovers you should remove it manually.


Although the machine looks huge and professional it is very intuitive to use. To make your first drink, you load up the ice reservoir with ice cubes, then fill the blending jar with appropriate for the ingredients of your drink, you do not need to extract the jar from the base for this purpose, just slide the ice chute to the side and the opening in the lid will allow to do it. If you set up your machine properly the green button will light up to indicate the machine is ready to run (otherwise it will go red to show you to look if you set up properly).

Now, select the drink type – Ritas, Daiquiris, Coladas, and Smoothies- and the desired drink amount – half jar 30 oz. for 2-3 drinks or full jar 60 oz. for up to 6 drinks- with corresponding dial knobs, push the Start/Stop button and your drinks are ready in about one minute. When you press the start button, it will shave the ice to make fluffy snow which will go to the blending jug. The machine automatically will start blending with different speeds, will stop, and kick pulse mode in between depending on the pre-set option deliver you the restaurant-quality drinks. The machine will stop automatically at the ends of the cycle giving a short beep to let you know it is finished.

Now, if you like you can adjust the thickness of your drinks to your desired consistency by manual use of the Shave or Blend options. Just push the Shave toggle up to add some more snow into the drink or push the Blend toggle down to blend the drink for longer and make it thinner. The Shave and Blend manual functions will operate while you hold the toggle and stop ones you release it.

To serve the drink just press the glass against disposing of the lever, the drink will remix quickly and travel directly to your glass.

You can experiment with pre-set programs and manual Save/Blend only modes to make your recipes, the options are endless with this machine. To make snow cones, for example, you better dispense the shaved ice into some other vessel than your blending jar as it will be not straightforward to extract it from there. If you make your recipe drinks, the Daiquiris and smoothies pre-set are the most versatile options because the Daiquiris allows adding frozen fruits while the smoothies allow adding fresh fruits in the blending jug. The Ritas and Coladas options are designed only for liquids processing.

Assembling/Dissembling and Cleaning

Assembling/Disassembling: It is a huge gadget with multiple parts but it is not complicated to disassemble and set up. First, disassemble the shaving functional components:

  • To remove Ice reservoir you have to empty it first, you can do it two ways, first, leave it for some time for ice to melt and drawn to the ice melting tank or second, shave it using the manual Shave toggle and forward it via the ice chute to the blending jar.
  • Now remove the ice reservoir lid first and then ice reservoir itself by simply twisting them to unlock and then removing them one after another;
  • Then remove shaving paddle by twisting until it loses the white knob in the center of the paddle and detaches it;
  • And finally, remove the shaving blades assembly, just lightly pressing the two ice hopper release tabs and lift out the entire assembly.

Now disassemble the blending functional parts:

  • Slide the shaving chute to the side and extract the jug;
  • Flip the jug lid latches down on both sides to remove the lid;
  • Remove the drink dispenser by pushing upwards two ledges on the side of the dispenser, it will pop out with some tension;
  • Remove the blending blade assembly, unscrew collar by turning counterclockwise;
  • Extract the remix channel auger blades from the remix channel, the blade stays attached to the collar, you have to remove as an entire unit.

Just remember that ice shaving and blending jar blades are very sharp and you must handle them with the care.

Cleaning: When you disassembled all parts you can clean it manually or in the dishwasher.

The pitcher and remix channel can be washed in a self-cleaning way before you disassemble the machine. Just fill the jug with approx. 30 oz. of water and few drops of washing liquid, run it for 10-20 seconds, empty the water through the drink dispenser, fill it with three half pitchers of clean water and run it again.

Alternatively, you can wash it on the top rack of the dishwasher, all removable parts of the machine are dishwasher safe.

Special Features

Colors: This model is available only in the brushed metallic base, polished stainless steel, and white trimmings. 

Certified Refurbished: No Certified Reconditioned versions are sold for this machine.

Use in countries outside of USA/Canada: It is designed only for use with a 110-120 voltage system, no 220-240 V versions available for this machine. Although, you can operate it via the voltage transformer manufacture reminds us that it may compromise the functionality of the machine.

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Set Includes

  • The base unit which includes the control panel, on/off switch, ice chute and cord storage door;
  • Ice Reservoir and Ice Reservoir Lid;
  • Shaving Paddle;
  • Ice Deflector Blade Assembly (includes ice Hopper, ice deflector, ice shaving blade assembly ring, and blade);
  • Blending jar with mix channel and jar lid;
  • Blending Blade with Sealing Ring;
  • Drink Dispenser with Spout and Lever;
  • Auger Drink Blade and Auger Blade Sealing Ring;
  • Melt Reservoir.

Warranty and Customer Service

The Margaritaville Bali has a 1-year limited non-transferable warranty. The customer service is well-mannered and helpful and will replace or repair the unit or parts free of charge within one year of purchase. However, the machine is of good quality in general and easily lasts over 3-4 years.

After the warranty period, you will pay the full price for the machine service and any repairs. The good news that the replacement parts are not expensive compared to the original price of the machine, for example, the jar is priced within the $50 while blades assembly does not exceed $15. If you need to contact Customer Service for repair or replacement parts that are not available via the usual retailers, you should contact Margaritaville Customer Service directly


The machine is very loud, no wonder it processes the ice that makes a lot of noise. It emits well over 100 decibels when shaving ice, the blending tasks are much quieter (about 80db). But the ice shaving process is not long and lasts under 1 minute.

Optional Accessories and Attachments

There are extra accessories available for this model:


Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker is a very big gadget, it is 12.7” x 18.7” x 22” when fully assembled. This machine is not for everyday use to sit on your counter thus you have to find special ample space for storing this machine, because its components are not nestled together neatly.

Pros and Cons


  • The Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker is the best restaurant quality frozen concoction maker for home use on the market;
  • Remixer and dispenser allows to dispense drink straight into the glass;
  • Makes drinks for up to 6-7 people in one cycle but has an option to make drinks for 3 people also;
  • It comes with 4 pre-set programs but its capability is much wider, it will make almost any frozen drinks and desert-like Slurpee, ice and snow cones ;
  • Makes perfect frozen drinks quickly what is very important if you host a party;
  • The machine will not start unless it is assembled properly that prevents damage against this expensive gadget; 
  • The gadget is durable and easily will last for over 4 years.


  • It is very huge, not easy to find the storage space in an average kitchen cupboard or cabinet;
  • Not very straightforward to put it together or take it apart for cleaning, the user manual is not a great help for it;
  • The drink does not dispense the leftovers in the jar (approx. half of the glass) and you have to empty it manually;
  • Melting easily, do not have freezing equipment.
  • Made in China and come with only a 1-year warranty.

Consumer Reviews

The machine is designed to make restaurant-quality frozen drinks and will be used for hosting parties for most of the households. But some people love it so much that leave it on the counter and use it for all possible purposes, not only making alcoholic treats but process smoothies, shakes, and frozen desserts for kids and others.

Amazon rating – 3.8 


The Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker is an expensive machine and it is sold for about $500 on the manufacture website. However, Amazon often has this unit for as much as $400.

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Bali Frozen Concoction Maker simplifies the process of making Margarita’s, Pina Coladas, Daiquiris, and other frozen drinks really to the automated level and does all the work for you.  The machine shows impressive functionality with a perfect result for every drink. It is a true professional restaurant-quality frozen drink machine for home use and an attention grabber at parties that can make plenty of glasses for your guests (up to 7 in one cycle). It will reblend the drinks mix each time you fill up a glass, so it stays cold and frozen while in the pitcher and you can always add more ice or ingredients when needed.

Is the Margaritaville Bali Maker worth to buy it for the average household if you are not hosting parties too often? Why not, it could be used for non-alcoholic drinks for the whole family or please two people looking to have a good time with alcoholic treats. Just remember, it is designed to make at least 2-3 drinks at one cycle if you will go for 12- drinks often you better consider the basic Bahama Margaritaville model.


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