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5 Best Travel Personal Smoothie Blender | KitchenGearPro

The per­son­al or bul­let blenders are designed for the con­ve­nience of mak­ing smooth­ies or pro­tein shakes and with a lit­tle manip­u­la­tion to be able to take it out in the same bot­tle. This gad­get is also use­ful for those who want to have a small blender at a work­place or be able to put it in the lan­guage while on trav­el. There is a large vari­ety of per­son­al machines cur­rent­ly avail­able on the mar­ket, but many of them are not as com­pact as some peo­ple need.

Here we select­ed the small­est and light­est blender avail­able to buy that has good reviews and a rep­u­ta­tion with the customers.

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Table of Contents

#1 Hamilton Beach Go Sport 51140)

Hamilton Beach Go Sport Blender (51140)Weight: 2.5 pounds

Base foot­print: 4.65 x 5.63 inches

Height with the cup on the top of the base: 15.6 inches

Con­tain­er capac­i­ty: 20 oz.

Pow­er: 600 watts

Sum­ma­ry: With the 600 watts pow­er motor, it is prob­a­bly the most pow­er­ful com­pact gad­get on the mar­ket. Apart from this, it is real­ly well made with the shat­ter-resis­tant Tri­tan copoly­ester dou­ble-walled cup and stain­less steel blades. With this pow­er, it can crush ice and frozen fruits and process even tough or leafy ingre­di­ents into smooth, con­sis­tent drinks. It is also capa­ble of pro­duc­ing excel­lent qual­i­ty green smooth­ies. Besides, it is a durable machine that is man­u­fac­tured in the USA and comes with very good for per­son­al type machine with 3 years lim­it­ed warranty.


#2 BLACK+DECKER PB1002R FusionBlade

BLACK+DECKER Personal BlenderWeight: 1.5 pounds

Base foot­print: 5.5 in diameter

Height with the cup on the top of the base: 17 inch­es

Con­tain­er capac­i­ty: 20 oz.

Pow­er: 275 watts

Sum­ma­ry: This machine comes with only 275 watts motor but is quite enough for such a com­pact gad­get that weighs only 1.5 pounds. It is a well-designed machine with a sin­gle twist lock­ing mech­a­nism, two stress-resis­tant cups, and qual­i­ty stain­less steel blades. This gad­get is capa­ble of blend­ing rea­son­able qual­i­ty drinks if you do not use it with too many frozen fruits or ice. The man­u­fac­tur­er backs this machine with 2 years lim­it­ed warranty.


#3 Brentwood Appliances JB-196 Blend-To-Go

Brentwood To-Go BlenderWeight: 2.75 pounds

Base foot­print: 4.75 X 5 inches

Height with the cup on the top of the base: 15 inch­es

Con­tain­er capac­i­ty: 20 oz.

Pow­er: 300 watts

Sum­ma­ry: This gad­get comes with a fair­ly pow­er­ful com­pact machine with 300 watts motor, shat­ter-resis­tant pre­mi­um qual­i­ty Tri­tan copoly­ester con­tain­er, and stain­less steel blades. It is not only a blender with excel­lent qual­i­ty smooth­ies but is even capa­ble of crush­ing ice rea­son­ably well if you cut it into small­er pieces. Besides, it comes with an excel­lent sin­gle-serve gad­get with 3 years lim­it­ed warranty.


#4 Epica Personal Blender

Epica Personal BlenderWeight: 3.4 pounds

Base foot­print: 5.25 x 5.25 inches

Height with the cup on the top of the base: 15 inches

Con­tain­er capac­i­ty: 20 oz.

Pow­er: 250 watts

Sum­ma­ry: This is the not most pow­er­ful and small­est gad­get in our selec­tion; how­ev­er, it does its job well and pro­duces excel­lent qual­i­ty smooth­ies, includ­ing green ones. But it has a hard time blend­ing ice and frozen fruits. It comes with a good qual­i­ty cold, heat, and break-resis­tant jar and stain­less steel blade. Also, it is backed with 2 years lim­it­ed warranty.


# 5 Hamilton Beach 51108 Stainless Single Serve 

Hamilton Beach 51108Weight: 2.2 pounds

Foot­print base: 4.8 x 4.8 inches

Height with the cup on the top of the base: 10.3 inches

Con­tain­er capac­i­ty: 14 oz. with the choice of stain­less steel or poly­car­bon­ate cup

Pow­er: 175 watts

Sum­ma­ry: Although it is the less pow­er­ful machine in our selec­tion, it has the most com­pact size, with a foot­print of 4.8 inch­es in diam­e­ter and with a height of only 10.3 inch­es. It comes with a selec­tion of poly­car­bon­ate or stain­less steel cup. It might look like a cheap gad­get, but it takes very lit­tle space and is very light, so it is an excel­lent choice gad­get for those who want to take it on trav­el. This lit­tle machine comes with a 1‑year war­ran­ty only.


How to Choose Between Gadgets

All bul­let blenders list­ed above are small and light enough to take them on trav­el. How­ev­er, if you are look­ing for the most pow­er­ful sin­gle-serve gad­get, then Hamil­ton Beach Go Sport with 600 watts motor is the best option for you. If you are in search of the light­est machine, then BLACK+DECKER PB1002R Fusion­Blade is what you need, but it has not a very pow­er­ful motor. If you are inter­est­ed in the most com­pact in size, then Hamil­ton Beach 51108 Stain­less with very com­pact dimen­sions of 4.8 x 4.8 x 10.3 inch­es must be your evi­dent choice; it also has a light­weight of only 2.2 pounds but not a pow­er­ful motor of only 175 watts.

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