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Best Sugar Cane Machine Juicer – Is There an Affordable Option?

best sugar cane press juicer1Sug­ar cane stalks are very hard to juice because they have very tough skin and fibrous inside parts. And only expen­sive com­mer­cial-strength metal­lic machines can crush it prop­er­ly to squeeze the juice. No stan­dard domes­tic mas­ti­cat­ing or cen­trifu­gal juicers are designed to per­form this task with­out labo­ri­ous sug­ar cane stalk disintegration/preparation.

The sug­ar cane machines do not have a very com­pli­cat­ed con­struc­tion, and most of them have very sim­i­lar designs. Most of these machines are man­u­fac­tured in Chi­na, but some in India, Viet­nam, the Philip­pines, and oth­er coun­tries. Thus, there is a com­mon prob­lem with the goods pro­duced in Chi­na. They are made by unknown local com­pa­nies and dis­trib­uted by many small dis­trib­u­tors, often short-lived and under a large num­ber of dif­fer­ent names.

There are two major types of ded­i­cat­ed sug­ar cane juicers avail­able on the mar­ket – the Man­u­al or Mechan­i­cal and Elec­tric or Motor­ized – and both are designed to do a decent job extract­ing sug­ar cane juice.

These sug­ar cane machines are com­mer­cial type, and the major prob­lem with the com­mer­cial sug­ar cane ded­i­cat­ed machine is their price tag; most of them usu­al­ly cost more than $1000. How­ev­er, you can still find decent ded­i­cat­ed sug­ar cane machines for an afford­able price, and this arti­cle will help you do it.

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Table of Contents

Manual Sugar Cane Juicer Press

The sug­ar cane man­u­al machines are very effi­cient and squeeze to the last drop. They are cranked by hand by rotat­ing the han­dle con­nect­ed to the wheel on the side of the machine.

The user feeds the sug­ar canes shute into the feed­ing throat of the machine. The feed­ing process may require some effort from the user to push the cane into the throat. The machine rollers press the cane shoot, and the dry fiber is eject­ed via an ejec­tion notch while the juice pass­es through the juice out­let. The mechan­i­cal sug­ar cane juicer is designed to process about 50kg of juice in an hour.

INTSUPERMAI/SmarketBuy Manual Sugarcane Juicer Press

sugar cane manual juicerINTSUPERMAI is one of the Man­u­al Sug­ar­cane Juicer fam­i­ly — Smar­ket­Buy, INTBUYING, Samger Sug­ar Cane Juicer, TECHTONGDA Sug­ar Cane Press Juicer, HQHAOTWU Man­u­al Sug­ar Cane Juicer, ZX Man­u­al Stain­less Steel Sug­ar­cane Juicer – where all the machines share absolute­ly the same para­me­ters but are sold at dif­fer­ent prices and dis­trib­uted by dif­fer­ent brands. How­ev­er, the INTSUPERMAI Man­u­al Sug­ar­cane Juicer Press is the cheap­est among them.

Parts: The INTSUPERMAI Man­u­al Sug­ar­cane Juicer Press and most oth­er man­u­al sug­ar cane machines are con­struct­ed with the fol­low­ing parts:

  • Met­al Body,
  • Hand Wheel,
  • Stain­less steel tray with filter,
  • Juice out­let,
  • Feed inlet,
  • Cin­der notch (pulp ejector),
  • 3 rollers/gears,
  • Pres­sure adjust­ing knobs.

Machine Body: The machine’s gears/rollers and remov­able shell are made of food-grade 304 stain­less steel due to expo­sure to high-pres­sure expo­sure. The base and han­dle wheels are made of paint­ed cast iron.

The roller’s con­struc­tion comes with a gear reduc­er and shock­proof fea­tures to ensure good torque and shock­proof attributes.


  • Sug­ar Cane,
  • Gin­ger,
  • Sorghum bar,
  • Corn­stalk.

sugar cane pulleyHand Wheel: The machine fea­tures a cast iron crank pul­ley with a wood­en han­dle on the side of the body, which is attached to the gears. The pul­ley con­struc­tion is well made, so you can apply a rea­son­able force to rotate the machine handle.

Juic­ing con­tain­er: The machine fea­tures a stain­less steel tray with stain­less steel fil­ter and a juic­ing out­let with a tap. The fil­ter strains the juices before they can be released with the juic­ing tap.

Feed inlet: The machine fea­tures a round feed inlet that fits a whole of up to 2″ thick sug­ar canes, while split­ting them makes feed­ing eas­i­er. How­ev­er, the canes under 1.18”/30mm in diam­e­ter are the best to feed; oth­er­wise, they may cause over­load­ing, and the machine may stop press­ing and will require reverse action. So the canes larg­er than 1.12” in diam­e­ter are the best to break in half.

Cin­der Notch/Pulp Ejec­tor: The rear of the machine is equipped with a cin­der notch, which ejects the flat and dries the cane stalks.

Gears/Rollers: The juicer comes with three (3) heavy-duty rollers, which are 4.25”/108mm long, 2.95”/75mm in diam­e­ter wide, and have 0.2” teeth. The roller’s core part is made of stain­less steel to with­stand high-stress expo­sure, while the coat­ing is made of iron cast.

The Gears rotat­ed with a slow 25 RPM speed and deliv­ered the high­est qual­i­ty cold-pressed juice.

Many peo­ple argue that the rollers’ coat­ing is not stain­less steel tend; they are pre­dis­posed to rust. How­ev­er, if you clean your machine imme­di­ate­ly after use and dry it with a cloth, it will not be the case.

sugar cane pulp ejectorPres­sure Adjusters: This cane sug­ar man­u­al machine is equipped with two (2) pres­sure adjust­ment knobs that adjust the spring pres­sure of the top gear and allow the juice to effi­cient­ly thick and thin cane stalks. You should tight­en them for the thin­ners canes stalks and lose the pres­sure thick­er ones.

Using and Clean­ing: The assem­bly is not dif­fi­cult. It requires first slid­ing the wheel onto the shaft and the small key on the side of the machine body. And to tight­en an adjustable span­ner to the shaft nut. Then, attach the juic­ing tap to the juic­ing tray, and it is ready to operate.

The cane stalks do not need a lot of prepa­ra­tion before juic­ing them with a man­u­al sug­ar cane machine. You do not need to cut or peel them off but have to wash and scrap them a lit­tle to remove mold and bugs.

The man­u­al juicer machine works just by man­u­al­ly oper­at­ing with a hand crank pul­ley on the wheel on the side of the body machine. This makes the rollers/gears move and squeeze out the juices from sug­ar cane stalks. If the machine stopped work­ing due to the jam­ming, then reverse just swings directly.

And if you use the thin­ner canes, it is bet­ter to remove the met­al cov­er­ing as it restricts the stalk move­ments. The stalks must be fresh; oth­er­wise, the yield will be low. A thick­er canes machine will strug­gle for juic­ing, and you need to have them.

To keep your machine in good order and pre­vent rust­ing, pit­ting, or mois­ture build-up, spray it with food-grade silicon.

Dimen­sions: 14” X 14.5” x 9”, weighs 72 pounds.

Yield: One cane 5–6 feet long and 1–1.2” in diam­e­ter will make 1–1.5 cups of juice. If you pass each piece twice through the juicer, it will take up to 3 cups of juice.

Sum­ma­ry: These machines are great for extract­ing the sug­ar can juice, and they deliv­er a great yield, nev­er mind it is a mechan­i­cal machine. The price is more than rea­son­able, and you can buy it for around $200, usu­al­ly the Chi­nese ver­sion. How­ev­er, you have to use mus­cles to hand-crank the machine. It is ok to do 1 to 5 stalks at a time; how­ev­er, you bet­ter get the belt and the motor and make it motor­ized for more volume.



Electrical Sugar Cane Machine Juicer

Elec­tric and Mechan­i­cal Sug­ar Cane machines have pret­ty sim­i­lar con­struc­tion. Though, an elec­tri­cal­ly Juicer extracts juice from the canes shoots the same way as mechan­i­cal ones.

The cane stalk is fed into the feed­ing hole, and it is almost self-fed because it does not require any mus­cle strength from the user. The sug­ar can stalk passed through the rollers (usu­al­ly from 3 to 6 rollers), and the machine auto­mat­i­cal­ly dis­charges the pulp and juice.

The elec­tri­cal sug­ar cane press­es are designed to process approx­i­mate­ly 280kg of cane shoots in one hour.

INTBUYING/Shiksha Electric Sugar Cane Juicer 110V Commercial Sugar Cane Ginger

electrical sugar cane juicer pressThis is one of the gener­ic Chi­nese elec­tric sug­ar cane machines that oper­ate at the but­ton’s touch. How­ev­er, this par­tic­u­lar brand stands out because it is avail­able to buy at the most afford­able price tag.

You can also come across the same sug­ar cane machine design but mar­ket­ed under the fol­low­ing names — VEVOR, VBENLEM, PROMOTOR, Tech­tong­da Com­mer­cial Sug­ar Cane Juicer, INTBUYING Com­mer­cial Sug­ar Cane Juicer, and others.

Parts: This type of machine is usu­al­ly con­struct­ed with the fol­low­ing parts:

  • Met­al Body,
  • Stain­less steel tray with strain­er and juice outlet,
  • Feed inlet,
  • Cin­der notch (pulp ejector),
  • 3 rollers/gears,
  • 2 roller pres­sure adjusters.
  • User Man­u­al

Machine Body: The sug­ar­cane press extrac­tor’s entire unit body is made of anti-cor­ro­sion and anti-rust stain­less steel.

It is an in-house, 110 V, 370 Watts 100% cop­per motor that rotates the gears with a slow 25 rpm that allows 280 kg/h.

This juicer is designed for 1–2 hours of con­tin­u­ous oper­a­tion before it should be stopped for rest.

This sug­ar cane machine fea­tures a feed­ing inlet, pulp out­let, and a place for insert­ing a juic­ing tray with a filter.


  • Sug­ar Cane,
  • Gin­ger,
  • Sorghum,
  • Corn­stalk.

Juic­ing con­tain­er: The juicer is equipped with a stain­less steel con­tain­er that comes with a stain­less steel strain­er to sieve the juicer from the excess pulp. The con­tain­er also has an inbuilt juice out­let; this could open and close and release the juice when­ev­er you decide to do it. The con­tain­er slides inside the juic­ing body.

Feed inlet: The machine fea­tures a cir­cle-shaped 1.97”/50mm sug­ar cane feed­ing inlet, which allows feed­ing the entire stalk with­out pre-cut­ting. The machine is also equipped with a reverse func­tion, so if it’s a jam, you use it for an unclog­ging machine. How­ev­er, it is not usu­al­ly the case, espe­cial­ly if you cut the cane edge in a wedge shape.

514B8xj9SJL. AC SL1000Cin­der Notch/Pulp Ejec­tor: The rear of the machine has a pulp ejec­tion notch; the pressed cane stalk is affect­ed and done automatically.

Gears/Rollers: The machine is equipped with three (3) durable food-grade stain­less steel gears/rollers. The cane shoot is pressed between these rollers for juice extraction.

Pres­sure Adjusters: The machine comes with two (2) pres­sure adjust­ment knobs, which are by press­ing or releas­ing the four (4) inter­nal springs that will adjust the rollers’ gaps. One clock­wise turn will the rollers gap by 0.06″/1.5 mm to accom­mo­date the thin­ner cane shoots, while the counter-clock­wise turn will release the spring and increase the roller’s gap for fit­ting the thick­er canes.

Using and Clean­ing: The machine is self-feed­ing; you do not need any effort to feed the shoot. Just cut the cane end in wedges for easy feed­ing before fit­ting it into the machine feed­ing shaft.

Oper­a­tion: The machine oper­ates with three but­tons with On, Off, and reverse func­tions. The reverse func­tion will change the direc­tion of the roller rota­tion if it jams.

Clean­ing: this machine is easy to clean; hose off it with water to clean all the stick­i­ness out of the machine, dry it with a cloth, and it is done.

Dimen­sions: 23.6” X 16.5” x 14.2”/60 X36 X42 cm, weighs 115 lbs/52 kg.

Yield: On aver­age, the machine will press 2–4 cups of cane juice from 2–3 cane shoots.

Sum­ma­ry: It is very worth con­sid­er­ing if you are look­ing for an elec­tric sug­ar cane machine. It is the cheap­est among the array of sim­i­lar sug­ar cane juicers and comes with pres­sure adjust­ment knobs that effi­cient­ly process cane shoots of var­i­ous sizes. There is no oth­er way to buy a ded­i­cat­ed machine to do your sug­ar cane quick­ly and easily.



How to Choose Between Manual and Electrical Sugar Cane Press

Select­ing between mechan­i­cal and elec­tric sug­ar cane machines is not rock­et sci­ence. The man­u­al sug­ar cane machine is cheap­er and more suit­able for peo­ple with mus­cle strength and some handy-per­son skills. How­ev­er, assem­bling the machine is intu­itive and will take only a few min­utes for the right per­son, a night­mare for those who are not used to it. More­over, a few man­u­al cane sug­ar juicer users end up con­nect­ing the machine with the motor for eas­i­er operation.

How­ev­er, if you can afford the elec­tric machine, no doubt, buy­ing it is the only way to make your sug­ar cane juice quick and easy.

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  1. Evelyn Ahlo

    I am from Hawaii look­ing to pur­chase a elec­tric sug­ar cane juicer for our Sug­ar Cane Muse­um. I would like to have the cost of the machine and where in Cal­i­for­nia would you be able to ship to. I under­stand that from Cal­i­for­nia, I will have to make arrange­ment to ship to Hawaii.
    Also, do you accept busi­ness checks — we are a non prof­it organization.
    Please let me know.

    • lucy

      Hi Eve­lyn,

      I am sure, it is not a prob­lem to nego­ti­ate the sug­ar cane deliv­ery to the Hawaii. Few sell­er will hap­py to do it for you, not nec­es­sary form Cal­i­for­nia. You just select the machine on ama­zon, for exam­ple, and con­tact the ama­zon sell­er to find out T&C of deliv­ery. You have to select sell­er under the Add to Car and buy now but­tons in the tight side and find the sell­er con­tacts under the return and refund menu option.

      Alter­na­tive­ly, you can con­tact direct­ly this sell­ers of these pre­mi­um machines or

  2. Professor Dr.Alay Ahmad ,MA(Alig), PhD(Pesh), Postdoctorate (Carolina ,USA)

    What is price of man­u­al sug­ar cane juicer machine for home ”

    • lucy

      Dear Dr. Alay Ahmad, The prices for man­u­al Sug­ar Cane machines are rang­ing between $215–270 depend­ing on retail­er and sea­son. If you click on the buy but­ton, you can check the best prices avail­able at the moment. Hope it helps.

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