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Best Sugar Cane Machine Juicer – Is There an Affordable Option?

best sugar cane press juicer1Sugar cane stalks are very hard to juice because they have very tough skin and fibrous inside parts. And only expensive commercial strength metallic machines can crush it properly to squeeze the juice. No standard domestic masticating or centrifugal juicers are designed to perform this task without laborious sugar cane stalk disintegration/preparation.

The sugar cane machines do not have a very complicated construction and most of them have a very similar design. Most of these machines are manufactured in China but some in India, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other countries. Thus, there is a common problem with the goods produced in China. They are made by unknown local companies and distributed by many small distributors often short-lived and under a large number of different names.

There is two major type of dedicated sugar cane juicers are available on the market – the Manual or Mechanical and Electric or Motorized – and both of them are designed to do a decent job to extract a sugar cane juice.

These sugar cane machines are commercial type and the major problem with the commercial sugar cane dedicated machine is their price tag, most of them cost usually more than $1000. Still, you can find a decent dedicated sugar cane machines for an affordable price and this article will help you to do it.


Manual Sugar Cane Juicer Press

The sugar cane manual machines are very efficient and squeeze to the last drop. They are cranked by hand with rotating the handle connected to the wheel on the side of the machine.

The user feeds the sugar canes shoots into the feeding throat of the machine. The feeding process may require some effort from the user to push the cane into the throat. The cane shoot pressed by the machine rollers and the dry fiber is ejected via ejection notch while the juice passes through the juice outlet. The mechanical sugar cane juicer is designed to process about 50kg juice in an hour.

TryE Manual Sugarcane Juicer Press

sugar cane manual juicerTryE is one of the Manual Sugarcane Juicer family – VEVOR, VBENLEM Sugar Cane Juicer, TECHTONGDA Sugar Cane Press Juicer, Ridgeyard Manual Sugar Cane Juicer, ZX Manual Stainless Steel Sugarcane Juicer – where all the machines share absolutely the same parameters but sold at different prices and distributed by different brands. The TryE Manual Sugarcane Juicer Press, however, is the cheapest among them.

Parts: The TryE Manual Sugarcane Juicer Press and most of other manual sugar cane machines constructed with the following parts:

  • Metal Body,
  • Hand Wheel,
  • Stainless steel tray with filter,
  • Juice outlet,
  • Feed inlet,
  • Cinder notch (pulp ejector),
  • 3 rollers/gears,
  • Pressure adjusting knobs.

Machine Body: The gears/rollers and removable shell of the machine are made of food-grade 304 stainless steel due to exposure to the high-pressure exposure. The base and handle wheels are made of painted cast iron.

The roller’s construction comes with gear reducer and shockproof features to ensure good torque and shockproof attributes.


  • Sugar Cane
  • Ginger
  • Apples,
  • Sorghum bar,
  • Cornstalk

sugar cane pulleyHand Wheel: The machine features a cast iron crank pulley with a wooden handle on the side of the body which is attached to the gears. The pulley construction is well made, so you apply a reasonable amount of force to rotate the machine handle.

Juicing container: The machine features a stainless steel tray with stainless steel filter and a juicing outlet with a tap. The filter strains the juices before it can be released with the juicing tap.

Feed inlet: The machine features the round feed inlet that fits a whole up to 2″ thick sugar canes while splitting them allows to feed them easier. However, the canes under 1.18”/30mm in diameter are the best to feed, otherwise, they may cause overloading, and the machine may stop pressing and will require reverse action. So the canes larger than 1.12” in diameters is the best to break in half.

Cinder Notch/Pulp Ejector: The rear of the machine is equipped with a cinder notch which ejects the flat and dry the cane stalks.

Gears/Rollers: The juicer comes with three (3) heavy-duty rollers which are 4.25”/108mm long, 2.95”/75mm in diameter wide, and have the 0.2” teeth. The roller’s core part is made of stainless steel to withstand the high-stress exposure while the coating is made of iron cast.

The Gears rotated with a slow 25 RPM speed and deliver the highest quality cold-pressed juice.

Many people argue that the rollers coating is not stainless steel tend they are predisposed to rust. However, if you clean your machine immediately after use and dry it with a cloth it will not be the case.

Pressure Adjusters: This cane sugar manual machine is equipped with two (2) pressure adjustment knobs that adjust the spring pressure of the top gear and allow juice efficiently thick and thin cane stalks. You should tighten them for the thinners canes stalks and lose the pressures thicker ones.

Using and Cleaning: The assembly is not difficult. It requires first, to slide the wheel onto the shaft and the small key of the side of the machine body. And to tighten an adjustable spanner to shaft nut. Attach the juicing tap to the juicing tray and it is ready to operate.

The cane stalks do not need a lot of preparation before juicing them with a manual sugar cane machine. You do not need to cut up or peel them off but have to wash and scrap them a little to get mold and bugs off.

The manual juicers machine works just by manually operating with a hand crank pulley the wheel on the side of the body machine. This makes the rollers/gears move and squeeze out the juices from sugar cane stalks. If the machine stopped working due to the jamming than reverse just swings directly.

And if you use the thinner canes it is better to remove the metal covering as it restricts the stalk movements. The stalks must be fresh otherwise the yield will be low. For juicing a thicker canes machine will struggle and you need to have them.

To keep your machine in good order and prevent rusting, pitting or moisture build-up just spray it with food-grade silicon.

Dimensions: 14” X 14.5” x 9”, weighs 72 pounds.

Yield: One cane of 5-6 foot long and 1-1.2” in diameter will make 1-1.5 cup of juice. If you pass each piece twice through the juicer it will take up to 3 cups of juice.

Summary: These machines are great for extracting the sugar can juice and they deliver the grate yield, never mind it is a mechanical machine. The price is more than reasonable and you can buy it for around $200 usually the Chinese version. However, you have to use muscle to hand crank the machine. It is ok if you do 1 to 5 stalks at the time, however for more volume, you better get the belt and the motor and made motorized.

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Electrical Sugar Cane Machine Juicer

Electric and Mechanical Sugar Cane machines have pretty similar construction. Though, an electrically Juicer extracts juice from the canes shoots the same way as mechanical ones.

The cane stalk is fed into the feeding hole and it almost self-fed because it does not require any muscle strength from the user. The sugar can stalk is passed through the rollers (usually from 3 to 6 rollers) and the pulp and juice are automatically discharged by the machine.

The electrical sugar cane presses are designed to process approximately 280kg of cane shoots in one hour.

Taishi Electric Sugar Cane Juicer 110V Commercial Sugar Cane Ginger

electrical sugar cane juicer pressThis is one of the generic Chinese electric sugar cane machines which operate at the touch of the button. However, this particular brand stands out because it is available to buy at the most affordable price tag.

You can also come across the same sugar cane machine design but marketed under the following names – PROMOTOR, Techtongda Commercial Sugar Cane Juicer, INTBUYING Commercial Sugar Cane Juicer, and other.

Parts: This type of machine usually constructed with the following parts:

  • Metal Body,
  • Stainless steel tray with strainer and juice outlet,
  • Feed inlet,
  • Cinder notch (pulp ejector),
  • 3 rollers/gears,
  • 2 roller pressure adjusters.
  • User Manual

Machine Body: The sugarcane press extractor’s entire unit body is made of anti-corrosion and anti-rust stainless steel.

It in-houses, 110 V, 370 Watts 100% copper motor that rotates the gears with slow 25vrpm that allow to process 280kg/h.   

This juicer is designed for 1-2 hours of continuous operation before it should be stopped for rest.

This sugar cane machine features a feeding inlet, pulp outlet, and a place for inserting a juicing tray with filter.


  • Sugar Cane
  • Ginger
  • Apples,
  • Sorghum,
  • Cornstalk.

Juicing container: The juicer equipped with stainless steel container that comes with the stainless steel strainer, to sieve the juicer form excess of pulp. The container also has an inbuilt juice outlet, this could open and closed and release the juice whenever you decide to do it. The container slides inside of the juicing body.

Feed inlet: The machine features a circle-shaped 1.97”/50mm sugar cane feeding inlet which allows feeding the entire stalk without pre-cutting. The machine is also equipped with a reverse function, so if its jam you use it for an unclogging machine. However, it is not usually cased especially if you cut the cane edge in a wedge shape.

Cinder Notch/Pulp Ejector: At the rear of the machine it has a pulp ejection notch it is pressed cane stalk affected and it is done automatically.

Gears/Rollers: The machine equipped with three (3) durable food-grade stainless steel gears/rollers. The cane shoot is pressed between these rollers for juice extraction.

Pressure Adjusters: The machine comes with two (2) pressure adjustment knobs, which is by pressing or releasing the four (4) internal springs that will adjust the gaps between the rollers. One clockwise turn will the rollers gap by 0.06″/1.5 mm to accommodate the thinner cane shoots while the counter-clockwise turn will release the spring and increase the rollers gap for fitting the thicker canes.

Using and Cleaning: The machine is self-feeding, you do not need any efforts to feed the shoot. For easy feeding just cut the cane end in wedges before fitting into the machine feeding shaft.

Operation: The machine operates with three buttons with On, Off, and reverse functions. The reverse function will change the direction of roller rotation if it jams.

Cleaning: this machine is easy to clean, just hose off it with water to clean all the stickiness out of the machine, dry it with a cloth and it is done.

Dimensions: 23.6” X 16.5” x 14.2”/60 X36 X42 cm, weighs 115 lbs/52 kg.

Yield: The machine will press 2-4 cups of cane juice from 2-3 cane shoots on average.

Summary: It is every worth considering if you are looking for an electric sugar cane machine. It is not only the cheapest among the array of similar sugar cane juicers but also comes with pressure adjustment knobs that allow processing efficiently the cane shoots of various sizes. There is no other way to buy a dedicated machine to do your sugar cane quick and easy.

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How to Choose Between Manual and Electrical Sugar Cane Press

It is not rocket science to select between the mechanical and electric sugar cane machine. The manual sugar cane machine is cheaper and more suitable for people with some muscle strength and some handy person skills. Although, the assembling of the machine is intuitive and will take only a few minutes for the right person a nightmare to those who are not used to it. Moreover, a few manual cane sugar juicer users end up connecting the machine with the motor for easier operation.

However, if you can afford the electric machine, no doubts, buying it is the only way to make your sugar cane juice quick and easy.

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