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Dash Chef Series Digital Blender Review

dash-blendersDash Chef Series Digital is a relatively new (released at the end of 2012) blender on a market with an ambition to compete with high-end machines like Vitamix and Blendtec. It is equipped with a high power motor and is designed to perform the blending tasks that are typical of the commercial type blenders.

Could the Dash Chef Series become a true budget competitor of well-known but expensive high power machines? Read our review below to answer this question.

Functionality and Versatility

Smoothie:  Dash Chef Series Digital makes fairly smooth drinks from soft and tough ingredients like carrot, spinach, kale, and other. The added in a drinking nut, chia, or flax seeds will be also effortlessly homogenized. So the blender is suitable for making decent green smoothies or protein shakes. It blends strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry seeds quite well but with a small number of unprocessed seeds left in residues. This powerful machine is also able to pulverize avocado seed if it is cut in half before blending.

Juices: This machine is not designed to squeeze the textbook juice that requires separating a liquid from a fiber. But it is perfectly capable of blending very smooth smoothies aka “whole juice”.

Ice Crushing and Frozen Desserts: The machine has enough power to blend ice with and without liquid added. It perfectly processes frozen ingredients and ice cubes in smoothies and also designed to crush ice to produce flawless snow cones, sorbets, ice cream, or alcoholic frozen drinks like margaritas and others.

Nut milk: The blender has enough power to pulverize nut in liquids to produce decent quality nut milk.

Pureeing: The gadget is equipped with good speed range and pulse function and thus is perfect for making meshes, various spreads, sauces, and deeps. The machine is also excellent for producing various baby food recipes.

Soup/ hot ingredients: This gadget is designed to heat liquids via friction and thus capable of making hot soup from cold ingredients. It heats liquids up to 170 F using the soup pre-set program that runs for 8 minutes. The pitcher is also equipped with a vented lid that will release the access to the pressure during the blending. The machine is also suitable for making bulletproof coffee.

Chopping/food prep: The blender can make a variety of salsa, marinades, salad dressing recipes using the pulse function or low speeds settings. It also chops well vegetables for coleslaw, grated cheese, and even grinds the meat.

Nut butter: This machine can process nut butter. However, for the smoother texture, it requires adding some oil to the recipe. It also comes with the tamper which is a great help for processing thick mixtures.

Grinding/milling: The Dash is perfectly capable of grinding herbs, coffee beans, and also mill baking quality flour from hard and tiny grains.

Dough/batter: This machine is not designed to knead the dough but able to mix a batter.

Dash Chef Series Digital is a truly versatile machine which has a horsepower motor, comes with a good selection of speeds and pulse function to perform a large variety of tasks with a 75-85% of Vitamix quality. It addition, it comes with a tamper that is a great help for performing the challenging job of making nut butter or preparing spreads.

Speed Settings and Programs

dash-blender-control-panelDash Blender control panel equipped with a digital interface, 6-presets, pulse function, and 10 speeds. It contains:

  • The dial knob that sets the pre-set programs (Rinse, Puree, Soup, Smoothie, Crush, Frozen) by rotating the knob to appropriate program position;
  • The speed (+) and speed (-) buttons that set the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and H (high) speeds;
  • The time (+) and time (-) buttons that set the time from 1 to 10 minutes;
  • Pulse button that runs the gadget at the high (H) speed for short intervals, the pulse mode operates until the user holds the button;
  • The START/STOP button activates the blender, starts blending, and stops when the user needs it.

The START/STOP button will flash red immediately after the machine is plugged in with the container placed on the top of the base unit (one’s jar is removed it stops flashing). Hit the START/STOP button and it lights up the display with all buttons. Then select the pre-set program by rotating a dial knob to the required position or set the time and/or speed manually. Press START/STOP again for running the machine. The time and speed could be regulated also anytime during the blending process. The pre-set programs will stop automatically at the end of the cycle. While the manually set speed and time stopped by pressing the START/STOP button again ones the desired consistency is achieved.

The Dash Blender control panel is a bit cluttered and requires some learning to use. The user manual contains all the necessary instructions for using this machine.

Ease of Using and Cleaning

Operating: This blender is very easy to use as all machines with the inbuilt blade assembly. It just requires placing the jar on the base unit, there is will be a beep that indicates the pitcher was fitted the right way. Then the jar must be filled with ingredients and the rubber lid securely fitted in place. And it is ready to run after pressing the START/STOP button. The machine could operate using pre-set programs or manual settings.

Tamper: The package comes with tamper very similar in design to Vitamix for processing thick mixtures and removing air pockets.

Cleaning: The blender is not dishwasher safe. But this type of machines with irremovable blades are very easy to clean using the self-cleaning procedure. The jar must be filled halfway with warm water and few drops of soap and run on a rinse pre-set program or manually set for 40-60 seconds cycle at a high speed. Then pitcher must be rinsed thoroughly and dried with a cloth.

Base Unit and Motor Power

The machine has a very big and heavy base unit which contains a powerful 1400 watts motor. It rotates the blade with a speed of 240MPH or 35,000 RPM. The motor is well built with a durable all-metal drive socket.

The base unit contains the auto shut off system that stops the machine when it is overloaded for the safety of the motor. It is also equipped with very convenient cord storage underneath of the base unit.


This machine comes with premium quality Tritan co-polyester 64 oz. 2-liter (8.5-cup) jar. The shape design of the Dash container is a very close copycat of the Vitamix jar. There is the only small difference in the lip/rim at the top of the jar that is present in the Vitamix and absent in Dash. They even could fit and run on each other motor base. The Dash blender container also has a rubber grip for comfortable handling. Although, the container is a copy of Vitamix and made from the same material it has some problems. It is thinner than Vitamix’s one and the faulty retainer nut at the bottom that connect the blade assembly to the jar often may cause a crack in it.

The container is also equipped with a rubber vented 2-parts lid with a close cap located in the center of the lid. This design allows to release pressure from hot blended liquids and to use the tamper during processing without stopping the machine. The cap doubles as a measuring cap also. The lid securely sits on the container even when the hot liquids are blended. However, it may have trouble to remove after use.


dash-bladeThis machine is equipped with 6-prong stainless steel blade construction that is permanently built into the container. The gears shaft that meshes with the motor drive socket at the bottom of the pitcher and retainer nuts are also all metal. Although this design seems very solid in fact, it has a major design fault. As a result, the retainer nut tends to become loose and accumulates the black grease that comes from the container content. The pitcher also quite often develops the cracks at the place of connections with the retainer nut.

Special Features

Colors: This stylish blender is available in four different colors – black, green, red, and white.

Certified Refurbished: There are no certified refurbished units available for this model.

Use in countries outside of USA/Canada: The Dash Chef Series machine comes with a 110-120 voltage system for use in USA/Canada only. It could be operated via the transformer in countries with 220-240 voltage but it will void the machine warranty.

Set Includes

  • Base unit with 1400 watts motor
  • 64 oz. Tritan copolyester container;
  • 2 parts vented rubber lid;
  • Custom tamper;
  • User manual with few recipes.

The package does not include a separate cookbook.

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Warranty and Customer Service

The Dash Chef Series Blender comes with a 1-year limited warranty on all parts and a 7-year warranty on a motor. However, if a user registers the product with the manufacturer through their website then the warranty on all parts is doubled to a 2-year.

The manufacturer provides very good and easily reachable customer service. They tend to solve all the issues with the machine and without problem replaces the faulty parts and units.


The machine is not very noisy considering the high power motor it has. The Dash blender outputs about 90dB at 10 ft. away when blends fruit and vegetable smoothies. Of course, ice processing will be slightly louder. The standard advice to dampen the noise output from the blender is to place a rubber mat under the base unit.

Optional Accessories and Attachments

There is no additional accessories and attachment available for this machine but the replacement jar is sold on the manufacturer website for $70.


It has a very massive base unit about 10 inches high and a footprint of 8.75-inches in diameter. This machine is also very tall with a height of 21.5 inches with 64 oz. container on the top of the 10 inches base unit. It will not fit under the standard kitchen cabinet. The unit weight is about 11 pounds. 

Pros and Cons


  • Dash Chef Series is a very powerful and versatile machine which can produce good quality smooth drinks including the green smoothies;
  • The blender comes with tamper what makes it easy to process thick mixture and remove air pockets without stopping machine;
  • It has a very strong and solid motor that can pulverize even very tough food;
  • The machine is very easy to assemble for running and clean after using;
  • This gadget comes with a decent warranty and very helpful customer service.


  • This machine has a retainer nut design major fault which results in early wear out of pitcher and blade assembly shaft;
  • The gadget has not very straightforward to operate the control panel and requires good study of instructions before using it;
  • The container lid fits very tightly with the jar and could be quite difficult to remove after use. 

Dash Chef Series Digital Consumer Reviews

The machine has a good number of very favorable reviews with consumers that praise its power and blending comparable (but not equal) to high-end gadgets.

Amazon rating – 4.1 


The price fluctuates with different retailers in the range of $189 to $229. The Amazon offers are usually on the lowest side. 

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Is the Dash Chef Series Digital Blender the true competitor of Vitamix? No, it is just a copycat, fairly good copycat with quality performance close to Vitamix but still with some significant faults. This machine has a good motor, very similar to Vitamix container and blade assembly but the retainer nut with bearings design is a great problem. If the manufacturers will resolve this issue then the blender could become a decent cheaper alternative to high-end expensive machines. But with currently present faults, it has a rather short life expectancy.

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  1. Leroy Cunningham

    I recently received a Dash blender as a gift. The lid is missing. Model #PFB001BB. I can’t return the gift. How do I get a replacement lid?

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