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Which is the Best Vitamix Blender to Buy? — All Models Comparison Guide 2021

Since the intro­duc­tion of the most pop­u­lar Vita­mix 5200 mod­el in Octo­ber 2007, the Vita-Mix com­pa­ny released var­i­ous blender mod­els. Between 2007 and 2017, the man­u­fac­tur­er used to offer more than 30 dif­fer­ent mod­els simul­ta­ne­ous­ly. Today it has 19 dif­fer­ent blender mod­els plus a few exclu­sive pack­ages pro­duced for select­ed retail­ers (Cost­co, Ama­zon, and oth­ers). No won­der this caus­es con­fu­sion, and cus­tomers are often puz­zled about which Vita­mix blender is the best and which one is worth buying.

Differences and Similarities of Vitamix Models

Luck­i­ly, the fun­da­men­tal dif­fer­ences between these numer­ous mod­els are not so sig­nif­i­cant and, in many cas­es, even non-exis­tent. The most impor­tant fact is that all mod­els can accom­plish the iden­ti­cal stan­dard Vita­mix func­tions with no dif­fer­ence in the qual­i­ty of per­for­mance. Hence, the choice is not as dif­fi­cult as it may seem at first.

The most dis­tin­guish­ing char­ac­ter­is­tic of Vita­mix mod­els is the motor wattage. There are two motors mod­els that Vita-Mix uses in all its blenders — 2HP and 2.2HP. The 2HP motor has been pro­duced many years since the intro­duc­tion of the Vita­mix 5000 mod­el in the ear­ly 1990s, and the 2.2HP was first released in 2012 only. How­ev­er, the dif­fer­ence in the per­for­mance of these two motors is very negligible.

The oth­er dis­tin­guish­ing fea­tures are the dif­fer­ences in the con­trol pan­el set­tings, capac­i­ty and design of the con­tain­ers, blade assem­blies, extra acces­sories, and smart tech­nol­o­gy fea­tures, which became avail­able with the intro­duc­tion of the Ascent mod­els at the end of 2016.

Besides, Vita­mix divides all their blenders into four (4) Prod­uct Lines:

  • The Explo­ri­an Series is a new bud­get Prod­uct Line;
  • The Lega­cy Series which the old­est one and includes all blenders from the for­mer C‑series and G‑series (Next Gen­er­a­tion) Prod­uct Line;
  • The Ascent Series is the lat­est Prod­uct Line with an array of new smart tech­nol­o­gy features;
  • The Space Sav­ing S‑series per­son­al blender prod­uct line, which was released as the answer to the mas­sive pop­u­lar­i­ty of sin­gle-serve gad­gets, is now dis­con­tin­ued; how­ev­er, it is still avail­able from some retailers.

This arti­cle will clar­i­fy the dif­fer­ences between the Vita­mix mod­el to make it an eas­i­er task for you to decide which Vita­mix blender to buy and which mod­el will serve your require­ments in the best way.

Dis­clo­sure: As an Ama­zon Asso­ciate, we may earn an affil­i­ate com­mis­sion for pur­chas­es you make when using the links on this page.

Vitamix Explorian Series Blenders

vitamix e320 blender

The Explo­ri­an is the bud­get Vita­mix Series that was intro­duced in mid-2017 and is avail­able in 2 mod­els – the E310 and E320. These are the most afford­able Vita­mix blenders that have sim­i­lar func­tion­al­i­ty as any oth­er Lega­cy blender but are offered at a $100-$200 low­er price tag.

The E320 and E310 blenders share the fol­low­ing stan­dard parameters:

  • 2HP motor that enclosed in the orig­i­nal base unit, which bears the design ele­ments of 5200 and Ascent Series base unit;
  • Min­i­mal­is­tic con­trol pan­el which has a 10-speed dial knob, Pulse, and Start/Stop lever but no On/Off switch­er on the back or side of the blender;
  • East­man Tri­tan copoly­ester, clear as glass, shat­ter and tem­per­a­ture resis­tant con­tain­er with tamper;
  • Long Full war­ran­ty;
  • The 11″ x 8″ x 18″ size dimen­sions and 4.5 ft. pow­er cord;
  • With the blenders pro­file of 18 inch­es, it will fit under the stan­dard kitchen cab­i­net;
  • Cook­book and user manual.

How­ev­er, there are some dis­tinc­tions between these two mod­els — the E310 comes with 48 oz. nar­row bot­tom (3 inch­es blades) jar while E320 is equipped with 64 oz. wide bot­tom (4 inch­es blades) jar. The 48 oz. the nar­row bot­tom con­tain­er is designed for pro­cess­ing small­er vol­umes of food, while the 64 oz. the wide bot­tom con­tain­er han­dles bet­ter the larg­er food batch­es. The min­i­mum pro­cess­ing vol­ume for the 48 ounces con­tain­er is 1–3 cups. Where­as the 64 oz. jar han­dles a min­i­mum of 3–4 cups of pre­loaded food depend­ing on the thick­ness of the food you are processing.

The Vita­mix E310 blender comes with a 5‑year Full war­ran­ty, the E320 mod­el has a 7‑year Full war­ran­ty, and a cer­ti­fied recon­di­tioned mod­el has only a 3‑year Full warranty.

The low price of E310 and E320 refur­bished machines are reflect­ed in the short­er war­ran­ty and the absence of an on-off switch on the side.

Accessories and Attachments

There is a range of extra acces­sories and con­tain­ers that are com­pat­i­ble with the Vita­mix Explo­ri­an E310 and E320 blenders:

Vitamix E320 vs. E310 Blenders

Vita­mix Explo­ri­an E310 Vita­mix Explo­ri­an E320
Motor 2.0HP 2.0HP
Con­trols 10 vari­able speeds, Pulse, Start/Stop 10 vari­able speeds, Pulse, Start/Stop
Con­tain­er 48 oz. 64oz.
Blades 3″ inbuilt 4″ inbuilt
Col­or black, slate, red black, red
War­ran­ty 5 years 7 years
Recipe Book yes yes
Dimen­sion  11 x 8 x 18 in. / 28 x 20 x 46 cm. 11 x 8 x 18 in. / 28 x 20 x 46 cm.
Cord 4.5 ft / 1.37 m 4.5 ft / 1.37 m
Price Best Vita­mix Explo­ri­an E310 Price, via Amazon Best Vita­mix Explo­ri­an E320 Price, via Amazon

How to Choose Between Vitamix Explorian E310 and E320 Models

The con­sumer who is look­ing for the cheap­est Vita­mix blender should go for one of the Explo­ri­an mod­els. The Vita­mix web­site offers both mod­els under $350; how­ev­er, they are often avail­able at a dis­count­ed price. The cer­ti­fied refur­bished mod­el is usu­al­ly avail­able at the Vita­mix web­site for a bar­gain price of under $300.

Besides, the E310 can process the small­er min­i­mum vol­ume of foods, and with a small­er total capac­i­ty jar, it will bet­ter serve small­er house­holds (4 peo­ple and less). At the same time, the E320 han­dles 3–4 cups min­i­mum vol­ume and with a total jar capac­i­ty of 64 oz. it is more suit­able for larg­er house­holds (4 and more people).

Both Explo­ri­an E320 and E310 blenders will fit under the stan­dard kitchen cabinet.

Vitamix Legacy Product Line

Vita­mix Clas­sic series Prod­uct Line includes:

  • The for­mer C‑series mod­els – Vita­mix 5200 Stan­dard, Stan­dard Pro­grams, Tur­boBlend Two Speed, Vita­mix Three-Speed Tur­bo Blender, 5300, and 6500; 
  • The for­mer G‑series — Vita­mix 7500, Pro­fes­sion­al series 300, Cre­ation Elite, Pro­fes­sion­al Series 750, and Vita­mix 780.

Vitamix Former C‑Series Blenders

C‑series is the old­est Vita­mix prod­uct line that includes 6 based mod­els – Stan­dard 5200, Stan­dard pro­grams, Tur­boBlend Two Speed, Three-Speed Tur­bo Blender, 5300, and 6500 — the dif­fer­ences between them are straightforward.

The blenders are divid­ed into 2 main categories:

  • With 2HP motor and high pro­file container;
  • With a new­er design 2.2HP motor and low pro­file container.

Besides, the mod­els inside of each cat­e­go­ry dif­fer with the design and func­tion­al­i­ty of the con­trol panel.

Blenders with 2.0HP Motor

vitamix 5200 blender

The 2HP motor blenders are avail­able in 4 based mod­els – Vita­mix 5200 Stan­dard  (could also be sold under the Pro­fes­sion­al Series 200 or 6300 names), Stan­dard pro­grams (also known under Pro­fes­sion­al series 500 and 6300 names), Three-Speed Tur­bo Blender, and Tur­boBlend Two Speed. These mod­els share the fol­low­ing stan­dard features:
  • 2HP motor with an auto­mat­ic shut-off sys­tem to stop the machine when over­heat­ed what pre­vents the motor breakdown;
  • The motor is enclosed in the clas­si­cal C‑series design base unit;
  • The high pro­file nar­row bot­tom 64 oz. jar made from East­man Tri­tan copoly­ester, the stress and tem­per­a­ture resis­tant type of polycarbonate;
  • A non-remov­able blade assem­bly with 3 inch­es (in diam­e­ter) dull by design blades;
  • The 64 oz. con­tain­er is 13.4 inch­es tall;
  • The 64 oz. con­tain­er on the top of the base unit and lid will have a total height of 20.5 inch­es. So, the machine with 64 oz. the con­tain­er will not fit under a stan­dard kitchen cabinet;
  • 5 or 7 years Full war­ran­ty depend­ing on the model.

The blenders equipped with a 2HP motor dif­fer by only con­trol pan­el design and func­tion­al­i­ty. The Vita­mix 5200 (Pro­fes­sion­al Series 200 blender) con­trol pan­el has 10 vari­able speed dials and two switch­ers – High/Variable speeds and Start/Stop lever.

Where­as the Stan­dard pro­gram (Pro­fes­sion­al Series 500 or 6300) machines con­trol pan­el is equipped with 10 vari­able speeds, Pulse and Start/Stop lever, and 3 pre-set pro­grams (Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, and Smooth­ies). The Stan­dard Pro­gram mod­el in Cana­da is known under the TNC 3 name.

The Tur­boBlend Two Speed mod­el con­trol pan­el fea­tures High/Low speeds and On/Off switch­es. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the Tur­boBlend Two Speed machine has no vari­able speed dial. Still, this seems suf­fi­cient for many users because it makes these machines very easy to use and equipped with the same pow­er as any oth­er Vita­mix machine.

The Three-Speed Tur­bo Blender con­trol pan­el is equipped with Start/Stop and Pulse switch­es and a dial-up knob with Low, Mid, and High speeds.

Blenders with 2.2HP Motor

vitamix 5300 blender

Blenders with 2.2HP Motor include two (2) mod­els — Vita­mix 5300 and 6500. These mod­els share the selec­tion of for­mer C‑series and for­mer G‑series typ­i­cal features:
  • The new­er updat­ed 2.2HP motor the typ­i­cal for the G‑series but has a clas­si­cal base unit design that is sim­i­lar to C‑series machines;
  • Low pro­file wider bot­tom 64 oz. con­tain­ers which made of high qual­i­ty shat­ter proofed and tol­er­ant to high tem­per­a­tures Tri­tan copoly­ester material;
  • The con­tain­er is 10.1 inch­es tall and, when placed on the base unit with a closed lid are a total of 17.5 inch­es; this will fit under the stan­dard 18 inched cabinets;
  • With per­ma­nent­ly inbuilt into con­tain­er 4 inch­es (in diam­e­ter) blades;
  • 7 years Full war­ran­ty but do not include recipe books.

The 5300 and 6500 blenders dif­fer only by con­trol pan­el func­tions; the Vita­mix 5300 comes with the 10 vari­able speed dial and two switch­ers – Pulse and Start/Stop switch­es. While the 6500 mod­el is equipped with an addi­tion­al 3 pre-sets pro­grams — Smooth­ie, Hot Soup, and Frozen Dessert.

The 6500 was pri­mar­i­ly released for sell­ing at Cost­co but is now avail­able from oth­er retail­ers. How­ev­er, the most pop­u­lar is the Vita­mix 5300 mod­el because it sells at a beau­ti­ful price that recon­di­tioned mod­el is avail­able at the piece sim­i­lar to the Vita­mix Explo­ri­an blenders.

Acces­sories and Attachments

There are fol­low­ing acces­sories are avail­able to buy for the for­mer C‑series Clas­sic blenders:

Vitamix 5200 vs 5300 vs 6500 vs TurboBlend Two Speed Blenders

Vita­mix 5200/

Pro­fes­sion­al series 200

Programs/ Pro­fes­sion­al Series 500/

Vita­mix 6300

Tur­boBlend Two/Three Speed Vita­mix 5300 Vita­mix 6500
Motor 2HP 2HP 2HP 2.2HP 2.2HP
Con­trols 10 vari­able speeds, high speed 10 vari­able speeds, high speed 2 speeds/3 speed, low and high 10 speeds, pulse, Start/Stop 10 speeds, pulse, Start/Stop
Pre-sets Hot Soups,

Frozen Desserts,



Hot Soup,

Frozen Dessert

Con­tain­er 64 oz., soft grip 64oz. 64 oz., no soft grip 64oz. 64oz.
Blades 3″ inbuilt 3″ inbuilt 3″ inbuilt 4″ inbuilt 4″ inbuilt
Col­or black, red, white, plat­inum, brushed stainless black, red, white, plat­inum, brushed stainless black, red, slate, cobalt black, red black, red
War­ran­ty 7 years 7 years 5 years 7 years 7 years
Recipe Book yes yes yes no no
Dimen­sion  20.5″ x 8.75″ x 7.25″/cm 20.5″ x 8.75″ x 7.25″/cm 20.5″ x 8.75″ x 7.25″/cm 17.25″ x 8.75″ x 7.25″/cm 17.25″ x 8.75″ x 7.25″/cm
Cord 6ft 6ft 6ft 6ft 6ft
Price Vita­mix 5200 Price, via Amazon

Vita­mix 5200 Blender, via Vitamix

Pro Series 500 Price, via Amazon Vita­mix Two/Three Speed, via Amazon Vita­mix 5300 Price, via Amazon Best Vita­mix 6500 Price

How to Choose Between Vitamix C‑Series Blenders

Any C‑series Vita­mix mod­el can pro­duce excel­lent qual­i­ty of blend­ing and out­put a sim­i­lar final result. So, which cri­te­ria should be tak­en into con­sid­er­a­tion by the con­sumer while select­ing the par­tic­u­lar model?

Sup­pose you intend to use the Vita­mix blender for blend­ing small batch­es and large batch­es of food. In that case, you should go for any blender with the 2.0HP motor that is equipped with the clas­si­cal high pro­file nar­row bot­tom con­tain­er — 5200, Stan­dard pro­grams, Tur­boBlend Two Speed,  5300, and 6300 mod­els. The high-pro­file con­tain­er is designed to process small and large batch­es of food with the same degree of qual­i­ty. For exam­ple, this con­tain­er will equal­ly well process from 1 cup to 8 cups of smooth­ies ingre­di­ents with no vis­i­ble qual­i­ty dif­fer­ence. How­ev­er, these mod­els have a pro­file of 20.5 inch­es and will not fit under the stan­dard kitchen cabinet.

The pre-set pro­grams are not designed to per­form any­thing unusu­al what stan­dard mod­els can­not out­put. And the expe­ri­enced and cre­ative cook­er is most like­ly to ignore them because they do not exper­i­ment with food prepa­ra­tion. While those who will use the blender for quick morn­ing smooth­ies and will enjoy the func­tion that allows push­ing a but­ton and walk­ing away (the blender stopped auto­mat­i­cal­ly when the pro­gram fin­ished) will be hap­py with the pre-set pro­grams option.

The Vita­mix 5300 and 6500 low pro­file con­tain­er mod­els will effec­tive­ly process 2–3 cups of food min­i­mum; these machines will suit a larg­er house­hold that needs to serve 4 and more peo­ple. In addi­tion, the Vita­mix 5300 and 6500 mod­els will eas­i­ly fit into the stan­dard kitchen cabinet.

They are also designed with a slight­ly more effec­tive noise damp­en­ing sys­tem and will suit noise-sen­si­tive customers.

The con­sumer who is look­ing for a bar­gain must con­sid­er cer­ti­fied refur­bished mod­els. Those who still want to buy the non-refur­bished mod­el shell look to the clas­sic 5200 or 5300 mod­el that is often offered at the bar­gain price.

Vitamix Former G‑Series Blenders

vitamix 7500 blender

The for­mer Next Gen­er­a­tion Prod­uct Line includes only five (5) Vita­mix 7500, Pro­fes­sion­al series 300, Cre­ation Elite, Pro­fes­sion­al Series 750, and Vita­mix 780. Vita­mix G‑Series prod­uct blenders share the fol­low­ing stan­dard features:
  • The base unit enclos­es the new 2.2 HP motor with an enhanced air­flow man­age­ment sys­tem that lacks in Clas­sic models;
  • Improved noise reduc­ing sys­tem that makes G‑Series machines 40% less noisy com­pared to C‑Series;
  • Low pro­file wider bot­tom 64 oz. pitch­er with an inbuilt 4 inch­es blade. The con­tain­ers are made of East­man Tri­tan copoly­ester pre­mi­um qual­i­ty BPA-free copoly­ester mate­r­i­al and only 10.1 inch­es tall;
  • The Base unit foot­print is 9.4 x 7.7 inch­es;
  • The assem­bled blender’s height with the pitch­er on the top of the base unit and lid is 17.5 inch­es only, which allows these blenders to fit eas­i­ly under stan­dard kitchen cabinets.

The dif­fer­ences between these machines are quite clear and should not con­fuse the cus­tomers. They dif­fered by the con­trol pan­el design and capac­i­ty of containers.

The 7500, Pro­fes­sion­al series 300, Cre­ation Elite blenders fea­ture the con­trol pan­el equipped with 10 vari­able speeds, Pulse, and Start/Stop switch­es. These three pack­ages are iden­ti­cal, except they come with dif­fer­ent cook­books, and the Cre­ation Elite has 48 oz. nar­row bot­tom pitch­er instead of 64 oz. It comes with 5 years of war­ran­ty instead of the typ­i­cal Vita­mix 7‑year Warranty.

The Pro­fes­sion­al Series 750 blender con­trol pan­el is equipped with 10 vari­able speed dial, Pulse and Start/Stop switch­es, and 5 pre-set pro­grams — Smooth­ies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Purées, and Self-Clean­ing. The pre-sets are just the timed pro­grams that auto­mat­i­cal­ly stop the blender after the pre-set time. In addi­tion, the Vita­mix Pro­fes­sion­al Series 750 blender comes with a cook­book, user man­u­al, and sev­en (7) years full warranty.

The Vita­mix 780 mod­el comes with the same tech­ni­cal para­me­ters and fea­tures as the Vita­mix Pro 750 mod­el, includ­ing five (5) pre-set pro­grams, but it has a dig­i­tal sen­si­tive touch con­trol pan­el. So, it has a very sleek mod­ern look and tap but­tons that are acti­vat­ed by the touch. The Vita­mix 780 blender set includes the cook­book and a 7‑year Full warranty.

Acces­sories and Attachments

The Vita­mix man­u­fac­ture offers the fol­low­ing addi­tion­al acces­sories and attach­ments that are com­pat­i­ble with the Vita­mix 7500, Pro­fes­sion­al series 300, Cre­ation Elite, Pro­fes­sion­al Series 750, and Vita­mix 780 models:

Vitamix 7500 vs. Pro 750 vs. 780 Blenders

Vita­mix 7500/

Pro­fes­sion­al Series 300

Cre­ation Elite Pro­fes­sion­al Series 750 Vita­mix 780
Motor 2.2HP 2.2HP 2.2HP 2.2HP
Con­trols 10 speeds, pulse, Start/Stop 10 speeds, pulse, Start/Stop 10 speeds, pulse, Start/Stop dig­i­tal 10 speeds, pulse, Start/Stop
Pre-sets Smooth­ies,

Hot Soups,

Frozen Desserts,




Hot Soups,

Frozen Desserts,



Con­tain­er 64 oz, wide bottom 48 oz. nar­row bottom 64 oz, wide bottom 64 oz, wide bottom
Blades 4″ inbuilt 3″ inbuilt 4″ inbuilt 5″ inbuilt
Col­or black, red, white black, red, white black, stain­less, copper black, red
War­ran­ty 7 years 5 years 7 years 7 years
Recipe Book yes yes yes yes
Dimen­sion 17.5 x 9.4 x 7.7 in 17.5 x 9.4 x 7.7 in 17.5 x 9.4 x 7.7 in 17.5 x 9.4 x 7.7 in
Cord 6 ft 6 ft 6 ft 6 ft
Price Vita­mix 7500, via Amazon

Vita­mix 7500 Machine, via Vitamix

Best Vita­mix Cre­ation Elite Price Vita­mix Pro Series 750, via Amazon


Vita­mix 780, via Amazon

How to Choose Between Classic former G‑Series Models

It is not dif­fi­cult decid­ing between Clas­sic (for­mer Next Gen­er­a­tion) blenders. Although these machines are avail­able at one of the high­est price tags, they are very pop­u­lar among con­sumers because of the enhanced ven­ti­la­tion sys­tems and less noise release when com­pared to the Clas­sic Explo­ri­an and for­mer C‑series machines.

The Vita­mix 7500, Pro­fes­sion­al series 300, Pro­fes­sion­al Series 750, and Vita­mix 780 blenders will suit best the larg­er house­hold that will serve four (4) and more peo­ple since they han­dle a min­i­mum of 3–4 cups of ini­tial­ly loaded ingre­di­ents (com­pared to the min­i­mum 1–2 cups han­dled by the 5200 mod­els and E310 blenders).

Those who pre­fer the ben­e­fits of a qui­eter for­mer G‑series design while need­ing a nar­row bot­tom 48 ounces jar that han­dles small­er batch­es of food (1–2 cups min­i­mum) should go for the Cre­ation Elite model.

Those who are look­ing for a bar­gain should con­sid­er a cer­ti­fied recon­di­tioned Next Gen­er­a­tion mod­el. Cus­tomers who are fas­ci­nat­ed to have the blender with pre-set pro­grams will go for Vita­mix 750. The con­sumers who will enjoy the respon­sive touch­screen con­trol pan­el buy the Vita­mix 780 mod­el. The only prob­lem with the Vita­mix 780 mod­el is that it is prob­a­bly the most expen­sive Vita­mix mod­el. Still, you can go for the cer­ti­fied refur­bished mod­el, which is often avail­able at a bar­gain price. All G‑series mod­els share a slight­ly short­er pro­file than Explo­ri­an ones and will fit under the typ­i­cal kitchen cabinet.

Vitamix Space Saving or S‑Series Product Line

vitamix s-50 blender

Warn­ing. Man­u­fac­tur­ers dis­count­ed the Space Sav­ing S‑series Vita­mix blenders in 2019; how­ev­er, still avail­able to buy from some retailers.

The first Vita­mix S‑Series blender S30 was released in 2014, with the fol­low­ing S50 and S55 mod­els in 2015. These machines are the per­son­al type of blender’s prod­uct line of Vita­mix Com­pa­ny. The sig­na­ture fea­ture of these blenders is the com­pact base unit and to-go con­tain­ers, which are suit­able for blend­ing smooth­ies right in this con­tain­er, then flip it over, replace the blade assem­bly with the to-go lid, and it is ready to be tak­en out. The s30, s50, and s55 machines present:

  • Sleek design base unit with enclosed 840 watts-at-peak motor;
  • Con­trol pan­el equipped with 10 vari­able speeds, pulse mode;
  • The S50 and S55 are equipped with two or four pre-set pro­grams, respectively;
  • The com­pact size of the base unit mea­sures 6 inch­es wide, 9 inch­es long, and 8 inch­es tall;
  • Remov­able blade assem­bly with 2.5 inch­es (7.6 cm) in diam­e­ter blade;
  • Two Tri­tan copoly­ester con­tain­ers — 20 oz. the dou­ble-walled take-out cup with a height of 14.55 inch­es and 40 oz. vent­ed con­tain­er with a height of 15.66 inch­es when they placed on the top of the base;
  • One flip-top lid to fit a to-go container;
  • The cus­tom tam­per to be used with 40 oz. container.

The only dif­fer­ence between S30, S50, and S55 mod­els is the pre-pro­grammed set­ting for the S50 machine (Smooth­ies and Pow­er Blends) and S55 machine (Smooth­ies, Pow­er Blends, Dips and Spreads, and Frozen Desserts). These three pack­ages also come with dif­fer­ent cook­books. All Vita­mix S‑series mod­els come with 5 years Full warranty.

Vita­mix S30, S50, and S55 blenders have iden­ti­cal dimen­sions — foot­print 8.34″ x 5.9″ and pro­file 14.55″ with 20 oz. cup and 15.66″ jug on the top of the base unit. So they eas­i­ly fit under any kitchen cab­i­net. All come with a sim­i­lar weight of 12 lb 6‑ounce.

Vitamix S30 vs. S50 vs. S55 Blenders

S30 S50 S55
Motor 840 watts/1.12HP 840 watts/1.12HP 840 watts/1.12HP
Con­trols 10 speeds, Pulse 10 speeds, Pulse 10 speeds, Pulse
Pre-sets Smooth­ies,

Pow­er Blends


Pow­er Blends,


Spreads, Frozen Desserts

Con­tain­er 40 oz.
20 oz.
40 oz.
20 oz.
40 oz.
20 oz.
Blades 2.5″ remov­able 2.5″ remov­able 2.5″ remov­able
Col­or black, red black, red brushed stain­less
War­ran­ty 5 years 5 years 5 years
Recipe Book yes yes yes
Dimen­sion  8.3″ x 5.9″ x 14.6″(20 oz. cup)

8.3″ x 5.9″ x 15.7″(40 oz. jar)

8.3″ x 5.9″ x 14.6″(20 oz. cup)

8.3″ x 5.9″ x 15.7″(40 oz. jar)

8.3″ x 5.9″ x 14.6″(20 oz. cup)

8.3″ x 5.9″ x 15.7″(40 oz. jar)

Cord 4ft 4ft 4ft
Price Vita­mix S30, via Amazon Vita­mix S50, via Amazon Vita­mix S55, via Amazon

How to Choose Between Space Saving S‑Series Models

It is very easy to choose between the S30, S50, and S55 machines. They are absolute­ly iden­ti­cal and dif­fer only by pre-set pro­grams avail­able. Those who enjoy this pre-set should select S50 or S55 machines, while those who are not inter­est­ed in pre-set would be bet­ter off with the S30 blender because it is sim­ply cheaper.

Vitamix Ascent Series Blenders

Ascent Series Blenders belong to the most recent Vita­mix Prod­uct Line that was released on 26 Decem­ber 2016 and rep­re­sent­ed the lat­est engi­neer­ing and tech­nol­o­gy design. These blenders inher­it­ed from typ­i­cal Vita­mix machines an ener­gy-sav­ing pow­er­ful motor and effi­cient blend­ing abil­i­ty. Still, they added many new tech­nol­o­gy fea­tures that promise to make the Ascent Blenders the most advanced for many years ahead.

The Smart Sys­tem Blenders prod­uct line includes Vita­mix Ascent A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500 and the bud­get Ven­tur­ist V1200 mod­el that is designed for Cost­co. The Ascent Series blenders share the fol­low­ing com­mon features:

  • New base unit design (11″ x 8″ x 17″ in size) with stan­dard 2.2HP motor and stan­dard Vita­mix cool­ing and auto­mat­ic shut-off sys­tems that make the machine long-last­ing and safe;
  • Smart self-detect con­tain­er sys­tem, which allows rec­og­niz­ing the con­tain­er type (64 oz., 48 oz., 20 oz. or 8 oz.) placed on the base unit and auto­mat­i­cal­ly adjust­ed the time and pro­grams to the appro­pri­ate jar;
  • Wire­less Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­i­ty is designed to con­nect your Ascent Vita­mix blender with smart­phone best blend app and smart scale that allows unleash­ing the 500+ recipes and many more;
  • Dig­i­tal or touch­screen pro­gram­ma­ble con­trol pan­el, depend­ing on the model;
  • 10 vari­able speeds, Pulse func­tions, pre-set pro­grams, and pro­gram­ma­ble timer func­tions (depend­ing on the model);
  • 64 oz. high qual­i­ty, impact-resis­tant, low pro­file, and wide bot­tom copoly­ester Self Detect con­tain­ers with 4‑inch blades;
  • New trans­par­ent lid;
  • Incred­i­ble 10 years Full war­ran­ty;
  • Ful­ly dish­wash­er safe that means all part could be washed in the dish­wash­er exclud­ing the base unit;
  • An array of new com­pat­i­ble smart sys­tem prod­uct lines such as 48 oz., con­tain­er, 20 oz. cup, and 8 oz. bowl, Aer Disc Con­tain­er, smart scales that go with the best app;
  • All Vita­mix Ascent mod­els — A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500 — will fit under the stan­dard kitchen cab­i­net.

Ven­tur­ist V1200 mod­els do not share all the com­mon fea­tures with the A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500 mod­els, and their para­me­ters will be out­lined separately.

Vitamix Ascent A2500 vs. A2300 

vitamix a2500 blender

The Vita­mix Ascent A2300 and A2500 (full review) are the basic Ascent Vita­mix mod­els. Although they come with all smart tech­nol­o­gy Ascent line fea­tures, these mod­els have sim­pli­fied con­trol pan­el designs and functionality.

The A2300 and A2500 blenders con­trol pan­els have sim­i­lar for both models:

  • The phys­i­cal vari­able speed dial knob,
  • The Pulse, Start/Stop switch­es,
  • The dig­i­tal timer counts up/downtime while the blender runs vari­able-speed or pre-set pro­gram cycles.

The A2500 blender’s con­trol pan­el is equipped with addi­tion­al 3 pre-set pro­gram cycles (Smooth­ies, Frozen Dessert, Hot Soup) that A2300 does not have. These three (3) pre-sets are the only dif­fer­ence between the Vita­mix A2300 and A2500 mod­els. Though the same pre-set pro­grams (and more) could be sent to the A2300 blender using Blue­tooth and the best app smart tech­nol­o­gy, hence this fea­ture makes the dif­fer­ence between these two mod­els almost negligible.

Vitamix Ascent A3500 vs. A3300 

vitamix a3500 blender

The Vita­mix Ascent A3300 and A3500 mod­els (full review) are cur­rent­ly the most pre­mi­um Vita­mix blenders. They are equipped with the lat­est new tech­nol­o­gy fea­tures com­mon for all Ascent Series Vita­mix mod­els and addi­tion­al inno­v­a­tive touch­screen con­trol pan­el design.

Hence, the A3300 and A3500 blenders come with:

  • The dig­i­tal vari­able 10-speed dial knob,
  • The touch­able Pulse, Start/Stop but­tons,
  • The dig­i­tal dis­play that counts up/down blend­ing time,
  • The pro­gram­ma­ble timer allows man­u­al­ly set blend­ing time for your spe­cif­ic recipes.

Unlike the A3300 blender, the A3500 mod­el con­trol pan­el includes an addi­tion­al 5 pre-set pro­grams such as Smooth­ies, Frozen Desserts, Hot Soups, Dips/Spreads, and Self-Clean­ing. How­ev­er, you can send exact­ly the same 5 pre-set pro­grams to your A3300 blenders via the best app facilities.

Vitamix Venturist V1200 Blender

vitamix venturist v1200 blender

Vita­mix Ven­tur­ist V1200 is the bud­get Ascent Series blender that is designed for Cost­co. Like the Vita­mix A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500 mod­els, it has all smart tech­nol­o­gy fea­tures such as self–detect con­tain­ers and wire­less con­nec­tiv­i­ty; how­ev­er, it comes with a dif­fer­ent base unit con­trol pan­el design.

The Ven­turis V1200 base unit fea­tures a com­bi­na­tion of Ascent and Lega­cy mod­els exte­ri­or design elements.

The con­trol pan­el has sim­i­lar to A2300 and A2500:

  • The phys­i­cal vari­able 10 speeds dial knob,
  • The Start/Stop and Pulse switch­es,
  • The Dig­i­tal count up/down the dis­play,
  • The Pro­gram­ma­ble timer (sim­i­lar to A3300 and A3500 models).

Basi­cal­ly, the Ven­tur­ist V1200 has a speed dial knob more resem­bling the A2300 and A2500 mod­els. The pro­gram­ma­ble timer capac­i­tive touch is sim­i­lar to A3500 and A3330 machines, but they pro­trude and must be pressed to acti­vate them.

The Ven­tur­ist V1200 blender, sim­i­lar to the A2300 and A3300, does not come with pre-set pro­grams, but these pro­grams could be sent to the machine via the best app.

Accessories and Attachments

A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500, and the Ven­tur­ist V1200 are com­pat­i­ble with the fol­low­ing acces­sories and attachments:

 Vitamix Ascent A2300 vs A2500 vs A3300 vs A3500 vs Venturist V1200 Blenders

A2300 A2500 A3300 A3500 Ven­tur­ist V1200
Motor 2.2HP 2.2HP 2.2HP 2.2HP 2.2HP
Con­trols 10 speeds, Pulse, Start/Stop 10 speeds, Pulse, Start/Stop 10 speeds, pulse, Start/Stop 10 speeds, pulse, Start/Stop 10 speeds, pulse, Start/Stop
Pre-sets Hot Soups,

Frozen Desserts,


pro­gram­ma­ble timer pro­gram­ma­ble timer,


Hot Soups,

Dips & Spreads,

Frozen Desserts,


pro­gram­ma­ble timer
Con­tain­er 64 oz., wide bot­tom, clear lid 64 oz., wide bot­tom, clear lid 64 oz., wide bot­tom, clear lid 64 oz., wide bot­tom, clear lid 64 oz., wide bot­tom, clear lid
Blades 4″ inbuilt 4″ inbuilt 4″ inbuilt 4″ inbuilt 4″ inbuilt
Col­or black, red, slate, white, black, red, slate, white black, gray brushed stain­less met­al fin­ish, black stain­less met­al fin­ish, red, cop­per met­al fin­ish, graphite met­al fin­ish, white black, red, slate, white
War­ran­ty 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years
Recipe Book yes yes yes no yes
Dimen­sion  11 x 8 x 17 in 11 x 8 x 17 in 11 x 8 x 17 in 11 x 8 x 17 in 10.5 x 8 x 17 in
Cord 4ft 4ft 4ft 4ft 4ft
Price Vita­mix A2300, via Amazon Vita­mix A2500, via Amazon Vita­mix A3300, via Amazon

Vita­mix Ascent Blenders, via Vitamix

Vita­mix A3500, via Amazon

Vita­mix Ascent Blenders, via Vitamix

Ven­tur­ist Price, via Amazon

Best Ven­tur­ist V1200 Price, via Vitamix

How to Choose Between Ascent Machines

Vita­mix Ascent A2300/2500 vs. A3300/3500 mod­els have iden­ti­cal motors and jars but dif­fer only by con­trol pan­el design and func­tion­al­i­ty. If you are attract­ed by the self-detect and wire­less con­nec­tiv­i­ty fea­ture but pre­fer the bud­get mod­el, go for A2300 or 2500. If you wish to buy the flag­ship and best blender on the mar­ket with the pro­gram­ma­ble fea­ture, you should select A3300 or A3500 blender. How­ev­er, if you want a blender with all-new Ascent fea­tures and a pro­gram­ma­ble timer but have a tight bud­get, then the Ven­tur­ist V1200 blender will be a per­fect option for you.

Despite being the newest prod­uct line, the Ascent blenders’ prices do not go beyond the usu­al price range for Vita­mix blenders. For exam­ple, the Ascent A2300 and A2500 blenders fall in the same price range as Vita­mix Clas­sic for­mer C‑series machines (5200 Stan­dard, Stan­dard Pro­grams, and 5300), while the most advanced 3300 and 3500 mod­els have the price in the same price range as the for­mer G‑Series Clas­sic mod­els (7500 and Pro 750). How­ev­er, the Vita­mix web­site or Ama­zon often offers a good dis­count for these machines. In addi­tion, the Cer­ti­fied Refur­bished Ascent mod­els are avail­able even at a con­sid­er­ably low­er price.

Any of Vita­mix blenders, from the eldest Vita­mix 5200 Clas­sic C‑Series blender to the lat­est Vita­mix Ascent A3500 machine, are able to out­put a fan­tas­tic job. The final blend­ing results from any of these mod­els would be almost impos­si­ble to dis­tin­guish. The dif­fer­ence between all Vita­mix mod­els is main­ly in exte­ri­or appear­ance and con­trol pan­el char­ac­ter­is­tics, which do not sig­nif­i­cant­ly affect per­for­mance abil­i­ty. These fea­tures con­duct a pre­cise val­ue for dif­fer­ent cus­tomers. So the cus­tomer may select the machine the most appeal­ing in aes­thet­ic terms or usabil­i­ty features.

Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Blender

Vita­mix offers renewed blenders for most of the mod­els, includ­ing Lega­cy, Explo­ri­an, and Ascent Prod­uct Lines. These renewed or Cer­ti­fied Recon­di­tioned mod­els come with new acces­sories such as con­tain­ers and tam­per and may have slight­ly used body units with­out vis­i­ble wear and tear signs. The blenders that are sold as renewed come from over­stock, returned machines, or those that were used for live demon­stra­tions in the past. All these machines go through a rig­or­ous cer­ti­fi­ca­tion process before they are sold as cer­ti­fied recon­di­tioned models.

Over­all, the renewed or Cer­ti­fied Refur­bished mod­els are a great option for buy­ing this high-end blender for peo­ple on a bud­get. For more details on the renewed Vita­mix machines, check our arti­cle Vita­mix Cer­ti­fied Refur­bished Blenders — Are They Worth to Consider?

How to Choose Between the Vitamix Explorian, Legacy, Smart System Machines

Explorian Blenders

If you are look­ing for a bar­gain Vita­mix, your obvi­ous choice is the cheap­est among all Vita­mix blenders Explo­ri­an E310 and E320. They have a sim­ple design, no elec­tron­ics to break down, leg­endary Vita­mix dura­bil­i­ty and war­ran­ty, a very pow­er­ful motor like Clas­sic G‑series and Ascent machines, and per­form all the func­tions any oth­er Vita­mix machine does.

Addi­tion­al­ly, you can select between the E310 mod­el with the 48 oz. the jar han­dles small vol­umes of food (min­i­mum 1–5.5 cups) and is designed for small house­holds (4 peo­ple and less) and E320 with 64 oz. jar designed for larg­er batch­es of food (min­i­mum 2–7.5 cups) and larg­er house­holds (4 and more members).

Legacy Blenders

The Lega­cy Prod­uct Line includes the most exten­sive vari­ety of mod­els, serv­ing any cus­tomer pref­er­ences, exclud­ing the high-tech wire­less con­nec­tiv­i­ty fea­tures, which the Ascent Vita­mix mod­els represent.

The major­i­ty of Vita­mix vet­er­ans trust that the clas­sic 5200 mod­el is the most ver­sa­tile blender that does any task per­fect­ly, and they stay loy­al to this machine. The blender comes with the clas­sic 64 oz. jar and nar­row bot­tom with 3 inch­es blades, so it allows exper­i­ment­ing with very small batch­es of ingre­di­ents with­out the need to buy the small­er extra con­tain­er for this pur­pose. The clas­sic high pro­file pitch­er can process start­ing from 6 ounces (1 cup) or less for liq­uids and 3 cups for nut but­ter recipes. In con­trast, the low pro­file con­tain­er will han­dle only start­ing from 2 cups min­i­mum for liq­uids and 3.5–4 cups for nut but­ter recipes. If you intend to exper­i­ment with small and large vol­umes of food and want the per­fect result for any of your recipes, then the 5200 is the best choice for you.

Vita­mix 5200 Blender, via Vitamix

There is also avail­able the Stan­dard pro­grams mod­el that is very sim­i­lar to 5200 machines but comes with extra three (3) pre-set pro­grams to slight­ly expand the uni­ver­sal func­tion­al­i­ty of the machine.

Those who still want clas­sic blender con­trols that nev­er break but pre­fer qui­eter Vita­mix machines must go for the 7500, Pro­fes­sion­al series 300, or cre­ation Elite mod­els. If you would like to have the pre-set pro­grams, then pro­fes­sion­al series 750 with a pre-set pro­gram option is the best choice for you. The Pro750 mod­el is avail­able with a pre­mi­um met­al fin­ish for the base unit option.

Anoth­er impor­tant fac­tor that may con­cern the cus­tomer is the noise that the blender out­puts. The Vita­mix 7500, Pro­fes­sion­al series 300, Cre­ation Elite, Pro­fes­sion­al Series 750, and Vita­mix 780 blenders are about 40% qui­eter than the 5200 machines. There­fore, the noise-sen­si­tive cus­tomer should splash extra bucks to buy one of the for­mer G‑series machines.

It should be men­tioned that the 7500 and Pro 750 come with a wide bot­tom 64 oz. con­tain­er that han­dles the larg­er batch­es of food and splash­ing more than the nar­row bot­tom 5200 or Stan­dard Pro­grams mod­el. While the wide bot­tom con­tain­er needs less tam­per help when pro­cess­ing smooth­ies. So, those who pre­fer the quit­ter for­mer G‑series blenders but want to go the nar­row bot­tom con­tain­er can choose the Cre­ation Elite machine, which is avail­able with 48 oz. jar.

Vita­mix 7500 Machine, via Vita­mix spe­cial offer for a lim­it­ed time

Vita­mix 7500 Blender, via Amazon

Cus­tomers who love sen­si­tive con­trols tech­nol­o­gy will choose Vita­mix Next Gen­er­a­tion 780 mod­el with a trendy sen­si­tive touch­screen design. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this is the most expen­sive mod­el (even more cost­ly than the Ascent mod­els). How­ev­er, you can go for the refur­bished Vita­mix 780 machine since it is offered at a friend­lier price.

Space Saving S‑Series Machines

Con­sumers who are look­ing for a per­son­al blender machine should go for S‑Series gad­gets. No doubt, there is no per­son­al blender on the mar­ket with the com­bi­na­tion of qual­i­ty, func­tion­al­i­ty, and dura­bil­i­ty para­me­ters com­pa­ra­ble to Vita­mix S30, S50, or S55 machines. In addi­tion, the Vita­mix per­son­al size machines can per­form almost all func­tions the coun­ter­top/­full-size Vita­mix does.

The only draw­back is that they are very expen­sive, but bear­ing in mind the dura­bil­i­ty and qual­i­ty of these machines, these blenders will undoubt­ed­ly serve you five (5) years and much longer and out­live any oth­er cheap­er price and per­son­al blenders’ brands with indeed poor­er qual­i­ty performance.

Ascent Blenders

If you are keen to have the lat­est tech­nol­o­gy blender with all breath-tak­ing fea­tures, then the Smart Sys­tem Ascent blenders are beyond doubt what you are look­ing for. These mod­els are avail­able to use with sev­er­al acces­sories specif­i­cal­ly designed for the smart sys­tem blenders, such as dif­fer­ent capac­i­ty and func­tion­al­i­ty jars. In addi­tion, the wire­less con­nec­tiv­i­ty tech­nol­o­gy allows you to send 17 pro­grams to the machine to use them sim­i­lar to pre-set pro­grams, paired with a smart scale, and the Best app lets you try over 5000 recipes.

The A3300 and A3500 also come with a pro­gram­ma­ble timer func­tion so that you can exper­i­ment with new and cus­tom-made recipes. The Vita­mix con­firms it will con­tin­ue to intro­duce new high-tech fea­tures in the future, so you sure­ly will be up-to-date for many years ahead with the blenders.

Apart from all these fan­cy “bells and whis­tles,” the Ascent mod­els pledged to be the qui­etest Vita­mix prod­uct line. The A3500 mod­el with the met­al fin­ished base unit is 2–3 deci­bels more silent than the Ascent models.

Vita­mix Ascent Blenders, via Vita­mix on spe­cial offer for a lim­it­ed time

Best Ven­tur­ist V1200 Price, via Vita­mix on spe­cial offer for a lim­it­ed time

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