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Vitamix Stainless Steel Container Review

vitamix stainless steel containerMany years since the vin­tage VITAMIX-MIX 3600 blender used to have the stain­less steel jar was dis­con­tin­ued, the con­sumers are wait­ing that Vita­mix will release a new mod­el with the met­al con­tain­er to replace it.

This is not sur­pris­ing; the Vita­mix is a top-rat­ed blender among Amer­i­cans and peo­ple world­wide for its excep­tion­al qual­i­ty, dura­bil­i­ty, and excel­lent cus­tomer sup­port. While the health-aware con­sumer, who is intol­er­ant to the fact that food is con­tact­ing plas­tic, was in a long search for a high-end blender with stain­less steel or glass jar. Since the glass can­not with­stand high stress, the high-end blender exposed to the stain­less steel con­tain­er is the only option for this cat­e­go­ry of consumers.

Final­ly, this hap­pened, the most await­ed Vita­mix stain­less steel con­tain­er was just released (July 8, 2020), and you can buy it now for your blender.

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The good news, this con­tain­er is com­pat­i­ble with all Vita­mix full-size mod­els, includ­ing the Clas­sic Series5000, 5200 Stan­dard, Stan­dard pro­grams, Tur­boBlend VS, Cre­ation GC, Cre­ation II, Pro 2000, CIA Pro, 6300, 5000, 5300 — the lat­est Clas­sic mod­elsExplo­ri­an E310 and E320, the for­mer Next Gen­er­a­tion Series 750, 7500, and 780, Cre­ation Elite, Pro 300 — and the newest Ascent Series blendersA2300, A2500, A3300, A3500, and Ven­tur­ist V1200.

The Container

vitamix stainless steel inside containerThe new Vita­mix Stain­less steel con­tain­er is 100% made of mold­ed bent 304-grade stain­less steel, also known as “18/8” stain­less steel (includes 18% chromi­um, 8% nick­el, and 0.08% car­bon). The inside of this jar is also 100% stain­less steel, includ­ing the bolt that con­nects the con­tain­er and blade assem­bly, so your food will not come into con­tact with plas­tic ele­ments dur­ing the blend­ing. It has a 48 ounces capac­i­ty and is very sim­i­lar in size and shape to low pro­file nar­row bot­tom Vita­mix Tri­tan copoly­ester 48 oz. WET blade option­al con­tain­er. The stain­less steel jar has the same large no-drip pour spout as 48 oz. con­tain­er and rather sharp edges, how­ev­er, not so sharp that it can cut you.


It comes with an ergonom­i­cal­ly designed and com­fort­able stain­less steel han­dle. In addi­tion, there is a grey plas­tic guard under the hand­grip that is designed to pro­tect your hand from hot or cold liq­uids. When you blend hot or cold ingre­di­ents, the con­tain­er body becomes respec­tive­ly very hot or cold due to the high ther­mal con­duc­tiv­i­ty of the stain­less steel mate­r­i­al. At the same time, the plas­tic guard ensures the han­dle stays at a com­fort­able temperature.

Volume Markings

The con­tain­er has vol­ume mark­ings up to 48 ounces/6 cups/1400 ml on the jar’s inside walls that are coat­ed in black material.


vitamix transparent lidThis stain­less steel con­tain­er is equipped with the trans­par­ent leak-proof seal BPA-free East­man Tri­tan copoly­ester lid. It comes in two parts the top itself and the cap for vent­ing while blend­ing hot food or remov­able for adding extra ingre­di­ents dur­ing the blend­ing process. And it is iden­ti­cal in shape and mate­r­i­al to the stan­dard Vita­mix ascent con­tain­er lids.

The trans­par­ent Tri­tan copoly­ester lid allows you to observe the blend­ing process, which you can­not see through the opaque con­tain­er walls.

Although the trans­par­ent lid makes life eas­i­er for many con­sumers, it could be a ply for the healthy-aware ones. While the lid does not direct­ly con­tact the food, it could be reached by a few splash droplets that may fall back into the liq­uid and make the food into plas­tic con­tact (though negligible).

Ide­al­ly, Vita­mix should come out with two options – the East­man Tri­tan copoly­ester lid and the stain­less steel one that would sat­is­fy most health-aware con­sumers’ requirements.


vitamix wet bladeThe Stain­less Steel Vita­mix con­tain­er comes with the semi-per­ma­nent­ly inbuilt 3 inch­es WET blade that is typ­i­cal for any oth­er East­man Tri­tan copolyster 48 oz. nar­row-body con­tain­er. It also has a durable all-met­al retain­er nut and gears. Semi ‑per­ma­nent­ly blade assem­bly is not sup­posed to be removed for clean­ing or oth­er pur­pos­es. At the same time, it is still pos­si­ble to detach them for replace­ment or oth­er needs with a spe­cial Vita­mix wrench.


This con­tain­er is designed to per­form all stan­dard Vita­mix Wet Blade Con­tain­er tasks. Nev­er­the­less, it han­dles a broad­er range of liq­uid tem­per­a­tures. Addi­tion­al­ly, it pre­serves hot or cold tem­per­a­tures slight­ly longer than a plas­tic container.

Wet vs. Dry Blade Container

The Vita­mix 48 oz. stain­less steel con­tain­er comes with the WET blade only, and as of now, Vita­mix does not plan to pro­duce stain­less steel con­tain­ers with the DRY blade.

How­ev­er, the WET blade con­tain­er per­fect­ly per­forms dry tasks such as grind­ing bak­ing qual­i­ty pow­der and mix­ing dough. The WET blade is con­struct­ed slight­ly dif­fer­ent­ly from the DRY blade. The Dry Blade is designed to push ingre­di­ents up, while the wet blade pulls food down. As a result, the copoly­ester WET blade con­tain­er will devel­op scratch­es on the jar’s bot­tom part, while the stain­less steel con­tain­er will not have this problem.

Small Batches vs. Large Batches Recipes

48 oz., nar­row bot­tom 3 inch­es blade con­tain­er is bet­ter for mak­ing small­er food recipes than stan­dard wide bot­tom con­tain­ers that come with most Vita­mix machines (exclud­ing 5200 and Explo­ri­an 310 devices). So, the extra 48 oz. the con­tain­er is an excel­lent option to buy if the machine own­er with a wide bot­tom con­tain­er often plans to pre­pare small batch recipes such as pesto, nut but­ter, and oth­ers. This stain­less steel con­tain­er is per­fect for an extra con­tain­er that per­forms small batch­es tasks and can be dou­bled for mak­ing flours with­out scratch­ing your container.


This con­tain­er comes with the cus­tom-made S2 Low pro­file plas­tic tam­per. Its size is sim­i­lar to the mini tam­per that is com­pat­i­ble with Vita­mix 48 oz. East­man Tri­tan copoly­ester con­tain­er and only slight­ly dif­fers in shape. No doubt, the S2 low pro­file tam­per and mini tam­per are interchangeable.

The plas­tic tam­per is anoth­er issue that health-aware con­sumers who are very sen­si­tive to food con­tact with plas­tic will pay atten­tion to. There­fore, it would prob­a­bly be a good solu­tion if Vita­mix could sup­ply this stain­less steel con­tain­er with stain­less steel tam­per to sat­is­fy the most demand­ing cus­tomer for whom the con­tain­er was basi­cal­ly designed.


While the Vita­mix Tri­tan copoly­ester con­tain­ers usu­al­ly do not have the prob­lem with devel­op­ing stains and odor, over time, they still accu­mu­late some scratch­es, and smell and stains can become a prob­lem for old­er jugs. Stain­less steel con­tain­ers cer­tain­ly will not devel­op any odor, scratch­es, or stains over time. The stain­less steel con­tain­er is also eas­i­er to clean after blend­ing the thick recipes like nut but­ter or pesto that usu­al­ly stack at the copoly­ester con­tain­er’s bottom.

Gen­er­al­ly, all Vita­mix con­tain­ers are eas­i­er to self-clean. The good news is that this stain­less steel con­tain­er is also top-rack dish­wash­er safe.


This stain­less steel 48 oz con­tain­er has an iden­ti­cal 6.5 x 8 x 10 inch­es size to the Tri­tan copoly­ester con­tain­er. At the same time, it is heav­ier, the 48 oz. stain­less steel con­tain­er weighs 3.75 lbs com­pared to the 2.63 lbs weight of the 48 Tri­tan copoly­ester container.


The stain­less steel con­tain­er releas­es the same noise lev­el as a plas­tic con­tain­er. How­ev­er, the Vita­mix mod­el and the blend ingre­di­ents can vary from 92 to 104 dB.


vitamix warrantyThis con­tain­er (includ­ing tam­per and lid) is equipped with three years Full war­ran­ty, sim­i­lar to any oth­er option­al Vita­mix con­tain­er. How­ev­er, while the con­tain­er that comes with the Vita­mix machine is cov­ered with the same full war­ran­ty length as the entire machine, 5200 mod­els have a sev­en-year full war­ran­ty. In con­trast, Ascent mod­els come with a 10-year full warranty.

Country of Production

The Stain­less Steel 48 oz. Vita­mix con­tain­er is man­u­fac­tured in the Vita­mix Ohio, USA Fac­to­ry. All Vita­mix blenders are con­struct­ed with over 70% USA-made parts. No Chi­nese parts are used for any Vita­mix machine.

Container Pros and Cons


  • 100% stain­less steel inside and out­side of the container;
  • Has clear vol­ume marking;
  • Trans­par­ent lid to see thru the blend­ing process;
  • The long-await­ed con­tain­er by many health-aware consumers;


  • Expen­sive;
  • It will not 100% sat­is­fy the most demand­ing health-aware con­sumer because of the plas­tic lid and tamper.

Set Includes

  • Stain­less Steel 48 oz. Container;
  • East­man Tri­tan Copoly­ester Lid with remov­able cap;
  • Cus­tom made tamper;
  • A Wel­come Guide;
  • A Get­ting Start­ed Booklet;
  • Owner’s Man­u­al.


Although this stain­less steel con­tain­er seems expen­sive, it is only 30–40% more expen­sive than the stan­dard Vita­mix option­al and replace­ment copoly­ester jars. There­fore, the bud­get or refur­bished mod­el plus buy­ing a stain­less steel con­tain­er may cost less than a pre­mi­um mod­el with a plas­tic jug. At the same time, the cus­tomers who intend to own a high-end blender with stain­less con­tain­ers only quick­ly can sell the new copoly­ester con­tain­er on eBay to recov­er some cost.





Is this stain­less steel expen­sive Vita­mix con­tain­er worth buy­ing? Cer­tain­ly, yes. The con­sumers who were look­ing to buy an addi­tion­al 48 oz. con­tain­er for pro­cess­ing small recipes can get the stain­less steel instead. It is not only a more durable jar that will per­form all func­tions of 48 oz. In addi­tion, the copoly­ester con­tain­er may dou­ble the dry con­tain­er as it will not devel­op scratch­es and odor over­time after fre­quent use.

Is it also an excel­lent option for health-aware con­sumers seek­ing a high–end blender with stain­less steel that may elim­i­nate the food to plas­tic con­tacts. Although it comes with a plas­tic lid and tam­per, it has min­i­mum con­tact with food, while a tam­per is almost unneed­ed for most Vita­mix tasks and used chiefly for nut but­ter and oth­er thick mix­tures. Besides, this is the best stain­less steel con­tain­er that is avail­able with a pow­er­ful high-end blender.



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    Thanks for a great and infor­ma­tive article.
    I came across here try­ing to learn what a dry con­tain­er can do — was plan­ning to get one for occa­sion­al flour grind­ing and almond but­ter mak­ing as I was con­cerned that the hard par­ti­cles of dry ingre­di­ents would cloud dam­age my wet con­tain­er inte­ri­or wall.
    Just think­ing per­haps it might be bet­ter to invest in the stain­less steel con­tain­er instead of a dry con­tain­er as there’s no wor­ry about dam­ag­ing the con­tain­er with the stain­less steel. also I could dou­ble the use for when blend­ing hot food.
    Your thoughts?

    • lucy

      It is a great question….
      It depends on the Vita­mix mod­el you have. If your blender comes with the 64 wide bot­tom con­tain­er the Stain­less steel nar­row bot­tom 48 oz con­tain­er prob­a­bly the best option. The flour grind­ing will cer­tain­ly scratch the wet type con­tain­ers. While the almond but­ter will hard­ly cause any scratch­ing in a high­er degree than smooth­ie mak­ing. How­ev­er, the nar­row bot­tom con­tain­ers are bet­ter at mak­ing almond but­ter (it can han­dle small and large batch­es of ingredients).

      If you have a Vita­mix 5200 or Explo­ri­an E310 mod­el with a nar­row bot­tom con­tain­er then I would buy the dry con­tain­er only. The dry con­tain­er is designed for grind­ing and it does the job bet­ter. And the nar­row bot­tom con­tain­er is per­fect for mak­ing small and large batch­es of almond but­ter per­fect­ly. And the dry con­tain­er will cost about $60 less than Stain­less steel container.

  2. Wendy

    Thanks for this infor­ma­tive review. I own a stain­less steel con­tain­er for about 4 months now. The con­tain­er start­ed leak­ing a lit­tle at the bot­tom. It’s not real­ly obvi­ous.. maybe just some tiny droplets, but it is annoy­ing espe­cial­ly when I have thick­er blends. Any advice on how I could tight­en the retain­er nut? It looks dif­fer­ent from the usu­al con­tain­er bot­tom. I pur­chased this on Ama­zon from out­side of the US so send­ing back to Vita­mix would prob­a­bly not be an option. Thanks

    • lucy

      Hi Wendy,

      I have to con­tact Vita­mix cus­tomer ser­vice and ask them for the retain­er nut wrench for the stain­less steel con­tain­er. You can also ask the cus­tomer ser­vice about the prob­lem and how to fix it. Most like­ly they will help. If it will not work the first time try again, it depends on the rep­re­sen­ta­tive, You bet­ter explain to them that you are not in the USA and can­not send the con­tain­er for replace­ment or repair.

  3. Dale

    Infor­ma­tive article!

    Unfor­tu­nate­ly the con­tain­er is made in Chi­na and that’s a deal break­er for me. 🙁

    From Vita­mix cus­tomer service:

    “Vita­mix sources prod­ucts from around the world for our prod­ucts. The stain­less steel con­tain­er is man­u­fac­tured in Chi­na. The blades and blade assem­bly are man­u­fac­tured in the USA.”

    • lucy

      Dear Leif,

      Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the new 48 oz stain­less steel con­tain­er is not com­pat­i­ble with Vita­mix 3600 blender. The Vita­mix 3600 mod­el has the sock­et locat­ed on the con­tain­er instead of the motor base, so the con­tain­er will not fit onto the base.

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