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Vitamix Aer Disc Container Review

air disc containerThe Vitamix Air Disc Container comes with the standard 48 ounces capacity Vitamix Ascent-Series container. However, instead of blades, it has an inbuilt spinning disc with holes which is supposed to pull ingredients down through the holes for aerating and emulsifying them while the harder ingredients like fruits, herbs, and ice are not pureed. The container is designed for Whipping, Emulsifying, Muddling, and Foaming tasks with your Vitamix blender. 

Compatibility: The Air Disc Container is compatible with Smart System (A2300, A2500, A3300, A3500, and Venturist) and Classic Series (5200 Standard, Standard programs, Explorian E320 and Explorian E320, 5300, 6300, 6500, Next Generation models – 750, 7500, and 780).

Warning for the Ascent series blenders: Although the Air Disc container looks like a Self-Detect Vitamix Ascent-series jug and compatible with Ascent machines and works with the Ascent blenders, it is not a self-detect container, so the Ascent programs (such as self-cleaning and others) will not work with this container.

Vitamix Aer Disc Container Performance

Here is the Vitamix Air Disc performance for each task:

Whipping: The standard Vitamix Wetblade container is also able to make decent whipped cream but the Air Disc Container makes it quicker and appears thicker. You should select 4-6 Vitamix speed for this task. The Air Disc container can make hot and cold whipped cream equally well.

I tried to make the Peruvian cocktail called Pisco Sours with the whipped egg white from the Air Disc recipe booklet and it was amazing.

Foaming and frothing: The Air Disc excels at making foam. The standard Vitamix container makes decent foam too. But the Air Disc jar produce 30-60% more foam for the same time cycle, it can create both hot and cold foams(try excellent booklet recipe cold-brewed coffee and ice), and it makes excellent foam with skim milk and non-dairy milk (I tried the almond and coconut and it came out fabulous). So you can enjoy your delicious foamy hot chocolate or cappuccino with fewer calories.

To use the container for making foam you must run your blender using 2-4 Vitamix speed.

Emulsifying: You can make most of the mayonnaise, dressings, and marinades recipes in the ordinary Vitamix wet container. However, the Hollandaise and Aioli are not always turned perfect in my experience. The Air Disc container solves the problem.

I also made a great for bulletproof coffee in the Air Disc container, which requires emulsifying and foaming.

Muddling: A muddling is a bar mixology technic to smash and mix cocktail ingredients to incorporate fresh fruits and herbs into your drinks. The muddling is used to make such popular cocktails like the mojito, mint julep, or caipirinha.

You will not be able to use a muddling technic using your standard Vitamix container. And this area where the Air Disc is excelled. The Air Disc is designed to extract the flavor, pulp, and incense from the ingredients like mint, lemon, orange, and other fruits and herbs leaving the rind and fiber aside and it does better than manual muddling technics. With Air Disc it is so straightforward, you just slice your fruits, citrus, and herb ingredients, add them to the container with water, ice, and sweeteners, and the machine makes all muddling for you. It must be mentioned because the air disc will not crus but a bit agitates it you have the ice pieces in the final cocktails.

Aquafaba: The Air Disc recipe booklet is the source where I first time come across the Aquafaba term and out of curiosity researched about it.

Aquafaba (AF) is the water left after cooking some legume seeds like chickpeas which mimic the appearance and nutritional properties of egg white (comprises of proteins, carbohydrates, and another plant soluble). The Aquafaba can be used as a direct replacement for the egg white in many vegan recipes including meringues and marshmallows. The standard Vitamix container cannot foam the Aquafaba to make meringues and marshmallows while the Air disc container makes it easier.

A made a delicious Vitamix Aquafaba Fluff recipe and was surprised to the quality and test, it was worth to try.

Using and cleaning

The Air Disc blade like any other standard Vitamix blades is permanently inbuilt into the container and not removable for the cleaning. You have to clean it in a self-cleaning way, manually with kitchen utensils or in the dishwasher (it is dishwasher safe).

The Vitamix AER Disc Container comes with an Aer Disc Container Recipe Booklet, Low-Profile Tamper, and 3 years Full warranty. Vitamix website has 28 recipes specifically designed for the Aer Disc. 

Unfortunately, the app does not has any recipes for this container yet, but the Vitamix promise to correct this in the future.

Check the best price for the Vitamix Aer Disc Container 


The Air Disc container, certainly, is not the most versatile Vitamix accessory. The Vitamix blender can do many of Whipping, Emulsifying, Muddling, and Foaming tasks with standard Wet blades container (mind the volumes, though) but Air Disc containers are designed to make these jobs even better. So for some category of users, it could be a very worthwhile addition to the kitchen gears.

It is whipping dairy full-fat milk nearly as good as the standard wet container. However, it is much better performs whipping tasks with non-dairy milk and show the outstanding result with whipping Aquafaba that may bring cooking experience for Vegans to a different level.

If you make a lot the muddling type of cocktails, mocktails, and lemonades, then these containers are worthy of your attention. It is excellent at extracting flavor from the fruits and herbs incorporating them into your favorite drinks even the professional bar attendees’ manual muddling technics cannot achieve the comparable result at this task with the Vitamix Air Disc container.

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  1. Sylvia Villanueva

    Is this aer disk compatible with vitamix VMO100 from 2010 if not do you gave any assesories that can be used with my vitaix that does the same. I am looking for a none blade that will only mix. Thank you

    • lucy

      Hi Sylvia,
      Yes, the Vitamix Air Disc Container is compatible with the Vitamix VMO100 Blender. The VMO100 model is a commercial version of the 5000 models with the same container shape blades and motor blade connection design.

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