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Best Vitamix Knockoff Blenders Under $100

The US and the world market are currently overpopulated with Vitamix (Blendtec, Waring) knockoff blenders, as a result of booming Chinese cloned products manufacturing. Now, when the price for some of them dropped below $100 the opportunity to buy one of these cloned devices for a small fraction of the original’s price is particularly tempting.

Here we are going to help you select the best machine among this multitude of options and for this purpose, we have to define parameters that characterize the high performance/high-end blenders first.

What Defines the High-Performance Blender?

The typical high-end blender has a powerful motor that ensures versatility and high quality blending results. The powerful means:

  • at least 2 HP or 1500 watts;
  • a quality all-metal ball bearing blade system with rotation speed about 25,000 RPM;
  • the shatter and temperature resistant container.

The distinctive feature of versatility is the ability of the blender to heat the liquid with friction to boiling temperature and be able to make frozen desserts (ice cream and frozen yogurt) with the same container and the same set of blades. Additionally, they usually able to make perfectly smooth nut butter, able to mill the baking quality flours from grains, nuts, and legumes, and often to make even bread dough. All the functions mentioned above will perform without efforts any Vitamix and Blendtec model, they are are the hallmark of high-end blenders.

How We Selected Blenders for Our List?

It is not easy to select for buying the best Vitamix clone blender and there are reasons for it.

The clone blenders’ Chinese manufacturers simply are not able to design the outstanding product because they are usually half amateurish and will not spend money on the R&D like the well-known and established brands Vitamix, Blendtec and other do. Instead, they do well in the cloning already successful products.

The cloned blenders’ brands usually register their company, trademark, and/or brand in the US and Europe, outsources a generic blender from the multitude of Chinese manufacture, and market these blenders under the particular label. As a result, you can see a few identical models but under different brands.

And to reduce the production cost, they use the cheapest material available on the market. So, when, for example, they claim that their product has the most efficient blades, etc., it is simply false. They clone the blades of the best blenders in the market with some modifications to avoid patent infringement lawsuits. The same story with the jar shapes, material, and the motors for the cloned blenders.

Most of the cloned blenders advertise that their containers made from Tritan material, probably pretend it is the Eastman Tritan copolyester material produced by US Eastman Company. This claim is very questionable. The Eastman Tritan containers are not cheap and they supply the container for Vitamix, Blendtec, and all other commercial type blenders on the market. Thus, most likely these Chinese manufacturers simply clone this Eastham Tritan copolyester too. No wonder, these cloned blenders made out of the cheapest materials will not be durable and simply break easy. As a result, they usually come with the 1 to a maximum of 3 years’ warranty and there is a chance that the warranty will hardly be served by most of the brands.

So the important criteria for selecting the best blender among this multitude is as follow:

  • the brand has to be on the market at least one year to date;
  • it must have a website with at the product it sold (the more products the more guarantee it may stay on the market for longer);
  • it must come with the warranty and customer service in the US and maybe Europe;
  • it has to have some reputation with customers and have some reviews on Amazon, Walmart, or other reputable retailers.

Another criterion is the price. Of cause, we were looking for the best values for money. Just recently most of the cloned blenders were sold around $200-$250 just slightly lower than Vitamix. Nowadays, the price dropped and you can find a reasonable knock off for under $100.

Here is our list of the best Vitamix Clones under $100 we selected for your attention.

#1 Cosori High-Speed Blender/Kenwell Blender

cosori blendworks blenderKenwell High-Speed blender, Cosori blender (C700-PRO model), and BlendWorks are identical machines but come under the different brands. Both brands were registered in the USA in 2016. The Cosori head office is based in Anaheim, CA while BlendWorks in NYC.


Cosori/Kenwell/Blendworks blender is equipped with the 1500-watt motor system. The motor claims are UL-certified and equipped with automatic overload and overheat that ensure safe operation. The motor base does not have the Vitamix design but copies its ball-bearing blade technology and retainer nut which ensures a quality built and efficient blending. The blender should not be operated continuously for longer than 6 min.

The motor base also has the pitcher sensor that prevents the motor from running if the pitcher is not properly fitted on the base. 

The blender is equipped with 4 ft. 3 in the cord that is conveniently stored under the machine.


The control panel imitates the basic Vitamix 5200 model control panel. It is equipped with the 8 variable speed dial knob and On/Off and Soup/Pulse switches.

The lowest Kenweell/Cosori speed is 10,000rpm that is rather high compared to Vitamix which has the lowest speed of 1400-1600rpm (depending on the model). The highest speed is 23,000rpms that allows to heat liquids via frictions. Nevertheless, despite the very similar motor and blade system to Vitamix, Kenwell/Cosori/BlendWork model is designed to run continuously for no longer than 6 min (you have to cool the blender for 10 min before running it again), while the average continues Vitamix span is 10 min. So it is to enough to heat soup liquid to boiling temperature and the user manual indicated that it is designed to heat liquid only up to 142F on the Soup setting and 158F on the High setting.

The ‘SOUP’ function will set the blender to run on low speed for 15 seconds, then continue to run on high speed. The blender will automatically turn off after 6 minutes. The Pulse function will run at high speed until the switch is released.

Containers, blades

The blender comes with a very similar shape to the Vitamix BPA free plastic container with a capacity of 70 oz. The container has clear markings in ml and ounces on the sides. It comes with a plastic lid and a vented cap. The lid has an air-tight silicone seal for snugly fit.

The container comes with the blades system permanently inbuilt into the container. The 2 layers and 6 prongs blades are razor-sharp and of made hardened stainless steel. The 4 prong layer of blades mimics the Vitamix shape with two downward-facing blades beneath the cross blades.

The blender comes with a tamper to assist processing thick and/or frozen mixtures and prevents forming air pockets.

The model is equipped with extra accessories – a handy silicone spatula to better empty the jug after blending and 20 oz. travel cup with To-Go Lid.


  • Makes smooth smoothies including green ones from hard, leafy and fibrous ingredients like kale and celery;
  • Completely process chia and berry seeds in smoothies, does not handle blackberry seeds;
  • Produce frozen treats such as ice cream, sorbets, snow cones and frozen drinks from ice cubes, frozen fruits, and berries;
  • Heats liquids and soup from room temperature for up to 158 F in 6 min;
  • Makes cauliflower rice, chops veggies for salsas, dips and salad dressings;
  • Customize your baby food;
  • Purees raw and cooked veggies;
  • Grind only cooked meat (raw meat may damage the blender); 
  • Crush coffee, spices, nuts, and grains into a fine powder and grinds baking quality flour;
  • Can prepare dough and batter;

Using, cleaning

The blender comes with the blades inbuilt into the container and thus it is very easy to assemble. It has a very simple control panel and thus very easy to use. You just have to place the pitcher onto the base and press down on the pitcher sensor. Place all ingredients into the container with the ingredients not exceeding the MAX level mark. Place the lid onto the pitcher. Set the On/Off switch to the On position. Turn the Variable Speed Control dial to the first level and allow the mixture to blend for 10 seconds, then slowly move the dial to your desired level. Turn the speed dial knob to Stop to finish blending.

You can also use the Soup/ Pulse switch to blend your ingredients.

When making nut butter or oil-based foods, do not process for more than one minute after the mixture starts circulating. Over-processing can cause the blender to overheat and possibly malfunction.

Clean up is a breeze. Both the 64-ounce pitcher and 20-ounce container are crafted from BPA-free materials and are dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. You can also clean in a self-cleaning way running the blender with some warm water and dish soap. Just rinsed, added more water, a drop of liquid detergent, and blend for 30-45 sec. A bonus cleaning brush is included for cleaning stubborn ingredients under the blades.


Cosori/Kenwell Blender comes with the 1-year limited warranty with the option of applying for an additional bonus 1 year within 14 days of purchase for free. If you are not satisfied with this purchase, you can return the blender within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. 

BlendWorks also covered with a 1-year warranty and the option to extend it for another 2-year warranty for free and a 30-day return option if you do not like the machine.

The responsive and friendly customer services team for both brands are located in the USA and replace the blender if it breaks.


Cosori/Kenwell/BlendWorks model is pretty much-copied design features from the Vitamix. The model is powerful and simple to use and seems very solid, including all-metal gears. The package comes with the recipe book to give you that creative spark when using your new blender.

The blender has a quite a large footprint 91/4 x 9 ¾” and with the profile of 19.5inches, it is too tall to fit under the standard kitchen cabinet.

The machine is not very noisy and emits a maximum of 90 decibels.

Weak points

No replacement parts or accessories are sold. The price fluctuates often, so it may raise over $100.

Amazon rating – 3.9/4.0

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#2 Homgeek Professional Blender

vanaheim blenderThe Homgeek brand was registered in 2018, while it sells a range of other home appliances.


The blender features the motor base almost identical in design to the Vitamix 5200 and robust 1450W/2.25HP off-peak motor. Steel-Reinforced Coupler and all-metal drive must ensure blade assembly long life expectancy.

The motor is designed with dual protection circuits, a thermal switch automatically stops the machine in event of overheating and overloading.

The blender is designed to be operated continuously for longer than 5 min and must be cooled 10 min before the new operation.


The Homgeek model control panel is almost identical to the oldest and classic Vitamix 5200 but has an additional 4 pre-sets and time display. It is equipped with:

  • 9 variable speeds dial knob;
  • 2 High/Variable speeds switch and On/Off switch;
  • 4 pre-set program buttons (Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, Ice Crush, and Soup);
  • LED display with count up/down timer at the bottom of the base.

The Homegeek Professional Blender controls seem overcrowded and complicated to learn how to use it. However, it seems very advanced and may be attractive to some users.

Leaving aside all “bells and whistles” of the Homegeek control panels, it should be mentioned, that machine is very functional. It has a really low lowest speed of 1,500 RPM and a very high highest speed of 28,000 that allows you to perform many functions and prepare a variety of recipes. The speed of 28,000 RPM is enough to heat liquids to the boiling temperature via frictions. However, manufacturers do not recommend running the machine continuously for longer than 5 minutes and the highest temperature it can achieve is 192F. Many consumers also enjoy pre-programmed settings which allow the push button and go away, the blender will stop automatically at the end of the program.

Containers, blades

Both models Homgeek comes with 64 oz. BPA-free Tritan copolyester container. The container has a soft-grip handle and clear marking on the sides in ounces, milliliters, and cups. The Homgeek has the jar which closely resembles classic Vitamix blenders’ container. The containers are made of impact and temperature resistant plastic.

The blender has soft and pliable silicon vented lid, the plastic cap allows also to add extra ingredients during processing. Although the lid has a side tight clips it still requires some effort to securely fit around the rim.

The blender has the blades permanently inbuilt into the jar. The very sharp 3 layers and 8 prongs are made of stainless steel. The central 4 prong layer of blades copy the Vitamix design which also has 4 prongs.

The blender also comes with the tamper which helps to remove air pockets while processing stubborn ingredients.


  • Makes smooth smoothies from soft and hard ingredients including leafy kale, stringy celery, and hard carrots;
  • suitable for green smoothies, can pulverize berry seeds;
  • Blast ice cubes and iced fruits and veggies into snow in seconds for preparing snow cones, ice cream, sherbets, and frozen drinks;  
  • Homogenize any nut to prepare nut milk;
  • Heats liquid to approx. 190 degrees via frictions, suitable to prepare hot soup from warm ingredients;
  • Chops vegetables to make delicious sauces, dips, salsas and salad dressing;
  • Makes nut butter;
  • Purees cooked and raw vegetables and meat;
  • Make hummus or pesto.
  • Grinds coffee beans, spices and grains to make flour for baking;
  • Makes the batter for pancakes and cookies;
  • Does not make dough for bread and pizza.

Using, cleaning

The blender is very easy assembled for blending, it just requires to load container with ingredients in the right order described in the user manual, close the lid, places the jar on the base unit, the blender does not have any locking system like Vitamix and secured with four poles around the drive socket.

The Homegeek model has a simple control panel and is quite easy to use, just requires to select needed pre-set of the variable speed and push the On/Off lever to start processing.

Cleaning. The blender is not dishwasher safe and has to be cleaned in a self-cleaning way since it has permanently inbuilt blades, you have to fill the jar halfway with the water and few drops of soap and run pre-set Clean programs or on the high variable speed for 30-60 seconds depending on the ingredients you used, then rinse and dry. You can clean it with a kitchen brush, just remember that the blades are very sharp and you should avoid touching it.


It comes with 1 year limited. However, the brand owner runs a campaign for extending the warranty for 2 or 3 years.  You have to contact the manufacturer to register an extended 2-3 year warranty for free. You can contact the customer service only via email, it does not have any telephone or other contacts.


The Homgeek model is comparable in functionality to high-end blenders, however, some tasks are not performed as perfect as Vitamix or Blendtec. The Homegeek package includes a recipes book, user manual, the gadget is very well packed.

It has an overheat and overload system that ensures it from an unwanted accident. The footprint size is comparable to the classic Vitamix 5200 with a profile of 21.2 cm (8.3 inches) tall.

Weak points

  • The lid is made from soft silicone material and does not fit smoothly, takes efforts to fit.
  • There is not a great safety feature. When the blender’s cycle ends, the blender stops blending but if you remove and then replace the container, it will automatically start blending right away.

 Amazon rating – 4.5/4.7

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#3 Homgeek Blender/Decen Blender

decen blenderThe blender is available under 3 brands Homegeek, Decen, and Alphawise. All brands registered their trademarks in the USA in 2018. However, the most popular of these three Homegeek sales the NY8188MJB model while Decen and Alphawise both offer identical NY8188MJA gadget models.


The machine comes with a solid and strong base that houses the 1450W power motor. The motor features overloading and overheating the protection system which shuts the motor automatically if overloaded. It is also equipped with all-metal bearing and gears.

The blender is designed to operate only for no longer than 3 min continuously and requires 10 min cooling before another operation cycle.


Although, Homegek and Decen blender almost identical but they come with slightly different control panels.

The Homgeek machine has 8 speed galvanized dial knob with the Start/Stop button at the center of the knob, 4 buttons with the 3 pre-set programs (Ice Crush, Smoothies, Grind,) and Pulse function, and a digital timer above the dial knob.

The Decen/Althawise machine is equipped with On/Off and Pulse levers, 9 speed, and 3 pre-set programs located around the galvanized dial knob. 

The lowest speed is not specified in the user manual but it seems fairly high (must be around 10,000rpm) that is much higher than the Vitamix 1400-1600rpms lowest speed. The highest speed reaches 25,000 rpm that is enough to heat liquids via frictions. However, the blender is only designed to run continuously no longer than 3 min that is not enough to bring the liquid to the boiling hot temperature.

Containers, blades

 All 2 models come with an identical container. The jar rather combines the Vitamix and Blendtec design. It has a square external shape with a rounded internal bottom. The manufacturer claims that the jar is made of Tritan plastic material which is 5 mm thick and BPA-free, shatter, and temperature resistant (-68F – 228F (-20C -108C)). The blender has 70oz. /2000ml capacity with the marking only in ml.

The machine has the blades permanently inbuilt into the jar. The shape and design of the blades also the combination of Vitamix and Blendtec. The blades have 3 layers and have 8 prongs in total. They were made of hardened stainless steel and claimed to be made and designed in Germany.

The machine is equipped with a plastic lid and cap for venting while processing hot food or adding ingredients during blending. The lid has silicon isolation for the snugly fit. Besides, the lid is equipped with the safety device which ensures that the blender will run only if the lid and cap are properly closed.

Both models come with a tamper which is designed to help to process stubborn ingredients and prevent air pockets during blending.


  • Blends smooth cocktails, smoothies including those made from fibrous ingredients;
  • Crushes ice to process frozen desserts, smoothies and drinks such as margaritas, daiquiris, and others;
  • Makes whole juice from fruit and veggies;
  • Process nut milk from a variety of nuts;
  • Purees raw and cooked veggies and fruits for side dishes, baby food and other recipe’s;
  • Chops veggies for sauces, salsas, salad dressing and dips including hummus and others;
  • Has enough the power to process your favorite nuts into delicious nut butter;
  • Heat liquids and food via friction and lets you bring soup to serving temperature, right in the container; however, will not heat up to boiling temperature;
  • Turn coffee beans into ground coffee, grinds spices into powder;
  • Process any grains into flour perfect for baking;
  • Does not knead the dough but mix batter;
  • It is not designed to process raw or cooked meat.

Using, cleaning

 The blender is very easy to assemble, use, and clean. You just have to place the pitcher on the base unit aligning it with the special slot on the base, the same align the lid with the slot on the pitcher, the blender will beep, and the control panel will be illuminated with light. Now it is ready to run.

The Homgeek machine. The user can use manual mode by setting the dial to the desired position speed and press the Start/Stop button. To finish the cycle just press Start/Stop button again.

To use the pre-set program just press the appropriate button and the blender will stop automatically at the end of the program. To stop the blender before it stops automatically just press the Start/Stop button.

The Decen/Althawise machine. The operation is easy too, users select press the On/Off switch and select with the dial desired pre-set or speed, the blender starts operating in 2 seconds. It shuts off at the end of the program or the user should press the Stop button to stop the blender when running on the manual speed mode or if requires to stop pre-set earlier.

The Timer counts up while the user process using the manual mode and count down when pre-set programs are used.

The Pulse programs are activated while the user holds the button (Homegeek) or the lever (Decen/Alphawise).

Cleaning. The blender is simple to clean, its part are all dishwasher safe. Alternatively, like any other blender with irremovable blades, you can self-clean it by filling with dishwashing liquid and halfway of warm water and just run it on the highest speed or Pulse mode for 30-45 seconds.


Both brands come with the 2-year Limited Warranty and responsive and friendly customer service which will replace your blender if faulty only within the 30 days since the purchase.


Overall it is a sleek and reliable blender that performs most of the function Vitamix and Blendtec do. However, it is designed to run continuously only 3 min that is not enough to heat soup to the boiling hot temperature. The model looks nice and solid but has fairly large dimensions 7.48” x 7.48” x 18.11” (19.00cm x 19.00cm x 46.00 cm), so it will occupy a substantial place of your kitchen counter. The machine comes with a tamper, user manual, and recipe book. The blender is not very loud and emits 75-85 dB as indicated on the blender package box.

Weak points

It can have a problem with attaching the jar on the base unit, and as a result, may refuse to run. It also may beep without obvious reason.

Amazon rating – 3.9/4.0

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The Kenwell/Cosori/BlendWorks model is the best Vitamix knockoff blender in our view. It has a simple design that operates manually with two switches and the speed dial knob. So, it has fewer chances for failure as opposed to a machine with multiple pre-sets and a digital control panel. The machine is designed to run continuously for up to 6 min which the longest time among the most popular clones and able to heat the liquid/soup to the 152F (67C). It performs all functions the Vitamix does with comparable quality including the kneading bread dough (not like other knockoffs in our list). The distributing companies for Kenwell, Cosori, and BlendWorls have very responsive customer service and 1-year warranty plus 1 or 2 years additional warranty (2 or 3 in total) if you register it within the 14 days of purchase. So, it has not only the most functional blender but also the most reliable one on our list.

The second best we consider the Homegeek Professional Blender. It has very fancy looking and these models try to clone the top-notch Vitamix 5200 model with a few pre-set programs, a programmable timer, and a digital LED display. The blender can run continuously up to 5 min (while Vitamix maximum non-stop operation is up to 10 min) and able to heat liquid’s up to 190F(88C) via frictions. It has also comparable to high-performance blender quality blending and functionality but a bit less reliability than Cosori/BlendWorks because the electronic parts are more likely to break. However, if you enjoy pre-set programs, programmable timer, and digital control panel than Homgeek blender will be your obvious choice.  The brand has very good customer service and comes with a 1-year limited warranty plus an additional 1 o 2 years warranty extension.

The Homegeek/Decen/Alphawise model the also a very good blender but we assign the third portion to it in our list. Although it seems a very solid blender with a very thick and strong container it is designed to run only 3 min continuously, so it is not able to heat liquids to the boiling hot temperature (the distinguishing feature of the high performing blenders). It is not surprising because the motor has only 1200Watts even it is advertised 1450 watts. However, it still performs most of the function the high-end machine do with the almost similar quality.  The blender control panel is equipped with the speed of the dial-up knob and few pre-set programs and may appeal to consumers who enjoy these features. It is equipped with the 2 years limited warranty and helpful customer service.

Is the Vitamix Knockoff Blender Worth to Buy?

You get what you pay for. If you are tight with the budget and wish to buy a high-end blender then go for clones, at least they show very close to Vitamix performance but not the durability. Just remember, in the long term the Vitamix will cost much less than Chinese knockoff and is friendlier to the environment as you will no need to utilized broken machines every 1-2 years.

Once you are ready to splash on the blender $150-170, I would go for more reliable clones with a truly BPA certified containers, better quality parts, longer warranty, and reputable customer service blenders for under $200.

If you can stretch your budget to at least $230-$270, I would no longer consider a Clone and go for budget Vitamix Explorian, Blendtec Total models, or refurbished Vitamix or Blendtec. They are just the best quality durable blenders, have outstanding warranties and customer service, and will last for many years.

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    I just got my BlendWorks yesterday. I’ve already used it 4 times. Works like a champ. Noticed it was identical to Cosori. I make a good purchase!! Thanks for your review!!

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