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Vitamix Classic Containers – Guide 2020

vitamix 5200 pitcher
64 oz. High Profile Narrow Bottom
vitamix 64 oz jar
64 oz. Low Profile Wide Bottom

The Vitamix Classic Product Line includes former C-Series, G-Series, and current Explorian Series blenders. The classification for the C-series and G-series changed from 1991 until now.

Here are the Classic Series models that are currently manufactured by Vitamix: Explorian E310, Explorian E320, 780, Professional Series 750, 7500, 6500, 5300, 5200, Standard Programs, TurboBlend Three Speed, TurboBlend Two Speed.

There are the models that were discontinued but still owned by many households: 5000,  6000, 6300, Aspire, Aspire GC, CIA Creations, CIA Professional Series, Creations Elite, Creations Gallery, Creations GC, Creations II, Professional Series 200, Professional Series 300, Total Nutrition Center, Total Nutrition Center 3, TurboBlend VS.

All the Vitamix Classic blenders that are still produced and discontinued come in a package with 3 types of containers:

  • 64 oz. high profile narrow bottom with 3” Wet blades;
  • 64 oz. low profile wide bottom with 4” Wet blades;
  • 48 oz. narrow bottom with 3” Wet blades;

There are three other optional containers that are available to buy for these blenders but they do not come with the standard package (however, some package may include few jars but those packages are not standard):

All blender packages are equipped with wet blade containers. The 5200 Standard and Standard Program models come with 64 oz. tall narrow body 3 inches Wet blade containers, the Explorian E310 with the 48 oz. narrow-body Wet 3 inches blade container and the rest of the currently manufactured models come with the 64 oz. low profile wide-body Wet containers.

All Vitamix Classic series containers are made from the stress and temperature resistant clear as glass and lightweight Eastman Tritan copolyester material, have measuring marks in ounces, cups, and milliliters are clearly marked and nice pour spot. The containers also come with black/gray rubber lids with clear plastic plug cap and tamper which are differing by size and design for different containers.

All Vitamix Classic containers come with an irremovable semi-blunt stainless steel blade system.

The Vitamix containers differ by tasks or blade design (Wet vs Dry blades) and by their capacity and shape (64 oz. high profile, 64 oz. low profile, 48 oz., and 32 oz.). Different size containers differ by the ability to process large vs small batches of food.

Compatibility of Vitamix Classic Containers and Base Units

All Classic containers (64 oz. high profile, 64 oz. low profile, 48 oz., 32 oz. Wet blades and 32 oz. Dry blades) in fact compatible with any Classic machine.

However, Vitamix used to say that the 64-oz low profile wide bottom container is not compatible with 5000, 5200, Standard Programs machines that come with 2 PH/1380 Watts base units because the low profile 4 inches blades container are designed for the 2.2HP base units. And vice versa that high profile narrow body container does not fit the Vitamix 7500, Pro 750, and 780 base units with 2.2HP motor.

After this statement, the Vitamix released 5300 and 6300 models that match the 2HP base unit and low profile 4” containers. At the same time, the narrow-body 3” blades 48 oz. and 32 oz. containers that are the same in design as 64 oz. high profile narrow body containers are compatible with the 2.2HP base units.

So, I assume the Vitamix changes its vision and all Classic containers are all compatible with the Classic Series machines.

What concern Smart System 48-oz and 64-oz containers with SELF DETECT containers, could be run on Classic units, but the self-detect system will not work with them.

The same way, the Air Disc Container is officially compatible with any Classic machine but it originally comes without a self-detect system.

The Vitamix also produces a Personal Cup Adapter – a single-serve Blender attachment that compatibles with all classic machines.

Vitamix Classic Tampers Compatibility

Every Vitamix Blender package includes the custom-made tamper tool that comes in three (3) different models and compatible ONLY with a particular type of container:

  • Classic Tamper for 64 oz. high profile narrow bottom container ONLY with an approximate length of 12½ inches;
  • Low Profile Tamper for 64 oz. low profile wide bottom container ONLY that is approximately 9¾ inches long;
  • And Mini Tamper that suits both 32 oz. and 48 oz. containers and it is approximately 11 inches long.

Vitamix Classic Wide Bottom (64 oz.) vs Narrow Bottom (64 oz., 48, oz., 32 oz., and 48 oz. stainless steel) Containers

The main difference – between the 64 oz. low profile wide bottom container and 64 oz. high profile, 48 oz., and 32 oz. narrow bottom containers – is that 64 oz. low profile jug comes with 4 inches diameter blades while the narrow 64 oz., 48, oz., and 32 oz. jugs come with smaller 3 inches in diameter blades.  

This difference has its usability impact because during the processing tasks the blades must be covered with liquid completely in order to achieve the best blending result. Obviously, the wide bottom and larger blades require more ingredients and liquid to cover it in full rather than the narrow bottom and smaller blades. As a result, the wide bottom container handles the larger minimum food batches compare to narrow bottom containers.

Vitamix 64 oz. low profile wide bottom container is more suitable for:

  • Processing large batches of food, the minimum batch is 2 cups/16 ounces/480 ml;
  • Good for veggies chopping as wide bottom allows it;
  • Requires minimum 4-4.5 cups of nuts for nut butter;
  • Good for kneading dough;

On another hand

  • It tends to splash around when processing the volumes less than 4 cups;
  • It does not suit for preparing small recipes like sauces, marinades, pesto and etc.;

While, Vitamix Narrow Bottom 64 oz., 48, oz., and 32 oz. Containers excel at:

  • Small recipes like marinades, mayonnaise, nut butter, require only a minimum ¾ cup of ingredients for efficient processing;
  • Requires minimum 2.5 cups of nuts for nut butter;
  • Good for making thick recipes like ice cream, hummus, nut butter;
  • Do not splash with 1-2 cups volumes;


  • Not able to chop large batches of veggies.

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Why you may want to buy extra Vitamix Classic Wet Container?

If you buy the blender with low profile wide bottom container but you are the small household or intend to use your blender for making small recipes than it is definitely worth to buy one of the narrow bottom wet container either the tall one that handles not only small recipes but also large ones or the smaller 48 oz. or 32 oz. one if you want to use it predominately for single portions.

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Vitamix Classic Dry Vs Wet Blade Containers


All Vitamix machines standard packages come with the wet blade containers – 64 oz. low profile,  64 oz. high profile, 48, oz., and 32 oz. – that is used for most of your recipes.

All “WET” BLADES that inbuilt in 64 oz high profile, 64 oz. low profile, 48 oz, and 32 oz containers are absolutely identical in shape and design and differ ONLY by the proportional size of blades. Wet blades are designed to push ingredients down to the blades for better processing. They are made to process liquid and thick recipes for making smoothies, whole juices, frozen mixtures, sauces, hot soups, hot fondues, purees, nut butter, batters, dry and wet chopping veggies, and can also do the dry tasks like grinding and milling grain, coffee, spices, cheese, chocolate and knead the dough.

However, when the wet blade container performs dry tasks, it tends to:

  • Scratch the container wall near the bottom, that over time can result accumulate smell from garlic and other food;
  • Press milled flour or spices powder toward the corners of the container that could result in imperfectly milled powder and may be difficult to get the milled flour or powder out of the jug;
  • Heats the flour during the milling.

The “DRY” BLADE has a different to “WET” Blade design. It is constructed to push ingredients up and away, the heavy unbroken pieces fall down to the blades for further processing while the processed flour/powder circulates at the top of the container. So, the processed flour/powder is not packed to the corners of the container and stays cooler because it is kept away from the blade that tends to heat ingredients.

The Dry Blade Container is built especially for milling grains, cereal into baking quality flour, grinding coffee beans, spices, beans, nuts, seeds, crumble chocolate, dry cheeses, and also used for kneading bread dough and dry chopping veggies.

Although the dry blades container still able to blend liquids, it is not as efficient in these tasks as a wet blade container. Liquid blends will never be as smooth as in the wet blade container.

Why you may want to buy extra Vitamix Classic Dry Container?

So, if you grind herbs, mill flour, and knead the dough on a regular basis, you will certainly benefit from the purchase of a separate dry blade container. You will not only get the extra container and will save your main wet jar from scratching but also will be able to process perfect quality flours and other dry blades recipes.

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