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Vitamix 5200 Standard Blender Review

vitamix 5200 Blender

Vitamix 5200 Standard model is a baseline of Vita-Mix Corporation blender which was first released at the end of 2007. Its exceptional quality and durability were tested with time. Despite the fact that Vitamix introduced a number of new product lines and models since 2007, the Classic 5200 remains the most popular not only Vita-Mix blender today in 2020 but also the most popular high-end blender on a market.

Read the rest of the Vitamix 5200 review to understand the secret of the immense popularity of Vitamix 5200 blender.

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Vitamix 5200 Satndard Functionality and Versatility

Smoothie:  This machine easily makes the perfect quality fruits and vegetable drinks in only 15-20 seconds using a high speed. It disintegrates any hard ingredients, including leafy ones, cored pineapples, carrots, cored apples, and even able to pulverize the avocado seed without many efforts. So the blender is not only perfect for blending green smoothies but also easily pulverizes any nuts, flax seeds, strawberry, and blueberry seeds added in drinks without texture or residues left.

Ice crushing and Frozen treats: This machine is perfect for crushing ice or frozen fruits in smoothies. It easily shaves ice for producing Margaritas, Pina Coladas, and others. It handles nice and frozen ingredients even without any liquid added and makes the most delicious snow cones, fruit sorbet, frozen yogurt, or ice cream by switching on high-speed, blending it for less than 30 seconds and using a tamper to push down the frozen ingredients.

Juices: Vitamix 5200 Standard machine will not squeeze the textbook juice because it is a blender and does not include any juice squeezing attachments. However, it is so powerful that it will easily blend any ingredients into silkiest consistency smoothies aka “whole juice”.

Nut milk: People on a non-diary diet will greatly benefit from owning this machine as it can be used to make high-quality, dairy-free milk out of nuts or shredded coconut.

Pure and baby food: The blender makes fantastic velvet-like mashes, hummus, and other spreads and dips. It also perfect for making baby food.

Soup/ hot ingredients: This blender heats liquids via frictions to the steaming hot temperature from the room temperature in 5-6 minutes using high speed. People on a vegan raw diet may find this function very useful as it can warm any liquid, to the allowable 100 F (or 40 degrees Celsius), in just 3 minutes or less.

It is also more than capable to produce bulletproof coffee, syrups, fondues, and etc. There is no heating element inbuilt into the machine, the temperature of the blended liquid is determined ONLY by the length of blending time.

Chopping/food prep: This machine is equipped with an excellent range of speeds and very low RPMs low speed so it makes without any efforts guacamole, salsa, or any salad dressings. It is also capable of chopping and mincing cabbage, onions, and carrots for coleslaw and other recipes. For chopping tasks, you have to run the blender on the low speed and drop the veggies over the cap opening.

Nut butter: Vitamix 5200 Standard model makes silkiest quality nut butter with the help of a tamper, which pushes down the ingredients to ensure that the motor does not overheat.

Grinding/milling: It grinds without any efforts any herbs or coffee beans. It mills baking quality flours equally well from hard grains like rice or the tiny like amaranth.

Dough/batter:  This machine kneads dough even with wet blades container at low-speed. However, the dry blades container is also available to buy for those who will use the machine often for flour milling and dough kneading.

If you do a lot of food preparation or cooking at home – such as making baby food, preparing breakfast in the morning, baking with self-made flour, because you have gluten allergic members in your household – then you will benefit greatly from having such a powerful machine in your kitchen. If your children love ice-creams, then Vitamix will certainly make them happy, as you can experiment with different ingredients and recipes to create some lip-smacking ice creams.

Control Panel and Speeds

Vitamix 5200 control panel

The 5200 Standard model control panel has a very minimalistic design yet very functional. It has High/Variable speeds option switch on the left, 10 variable speeds dial in the center, and On/Off powering switch on a right. So, in total, this blender has 11 speeds – 10 on a variable dial and 1 high speed on the switch.

The 10 adjustable speeds dial is made of rubber and has a soft-touch rotation feel. The 10 variable speeds dial allows users a lot of flexibility on how finely the food needs to be blended.

The High-speed mode regulated by the switch is designed to handle heavy-duty jobs such as breaking the ice and making ice creams, liquidizing smoothies quickly, making nuts milk, or making hot soups.

This model does not have any Pre-Set Programs. However, Vitamix manufactures a very similar model with pre-set programs which is called Vitamix Standard Programs Blender. It does not have the Pulse mode either but can easily perform pulsing jobs with the use of the On/Off switch or the variable dial that can imitate the burst power.

Base Unit and Motor Power

The Vitamix 5200 base unit is made of durable and strong plastic. The base unit houses a powerful industrial grade motor that was designed and manufactured for Vitamix in Sweden (while the Vitamix blenders are still completely designed and assembled in the USA). The motor features 11.5 amp, 1380 Watts (advertised 2HP) at peak. The motor rotates the blades with 37,000 RPM (revolutions per minute), which corresponds to a rotational speed of 11-240 MPH (miles per hour).

The blender motor has a ball bearing design, which is probably much more important information than its wattage and RPM. This design lessens friction of all the construction parts, increasing the efficiency and service life of the motor. All the motor parts are made of metal and thus have very high durability.

The Vitamix 5200 motor also has an advanced cooling and automatic overload protection systems. The advance cooling system cools it during operation and automatic overload protection systems will automatically shut off the machine if the motor gets overheated to save it from burning. The machine is designed to cool for about 40 mins before the operation can be resumed.


vitamix 5200 pitcher

The blender comes with a high-profile 68 ounces, durable impact, and temperature resistant Tritan copolyester container which is produced by the USA-based Eastman Tritan Company. Tritan copolyester is a new and advanced bisphenol-A (BPA) and BPS free material that means it is free from oestrogenic (EA) or androgenic activity (AA). Copolyester is approved by the FDA for food and drink containers.

The container has a measuring of 68 oz. /8 ½ cups on one side and 2L/2000ml, it also has an indication of Max fill line. The total capacity of the jar is 80 oz. The container has a non-drip spout and ergonomic and soft-grip handle.

It is worthwhile to mention that all commercial-grade blenders are designed with polycarbonate or metal containers. The glass is not proofed for high-power loads to which the powerful blenders will be exposed to.

The container seats on a rubber pad and four rubber posts that help to reduce vibration and ensures the stability of the machine during operation.

Lid: The Vitamix 5200’s two parts lid is made of a molded-rubber with two tabs fastening for secure fitting. The lid has at its center a 2” in diameter hole which closes with the clear copolyester cap. The hole is designed for releasing the steam when processing hot ingredients or for adding extra food during blending.

Tamper: The tamper is made of plastic and designed for removing air pockets when blending thick ingredients. The tool is not needed for most of the general tasks but very useful when processing nut butter and other non-trivial blending tasks.

Suitable for Small and Large batches of Food: The high-profile container that comes with the Vitamix 5200 or Standard model features a narrow bottom that fits 3 inches blades. The narrow bottom high-profile containers will not fit under the standard kitchen cabinet but it is the most versatile Vitamix container type. This container handles well not only the large volumes of food but also processes equally well small batches minimum is ¾ cups for liquid blending minimum 2.5 cups for thicker mixing like nut butter.

The low-profile does not require to waste your money, buying a separate 32 oz. or 48 oz. container to process smaller batches of food.


vitamix wet blade

The Vitamix 5200 Standard blender comes with the inbuilt into container 3-inch and intersected 4-prongs “wet” type, hardened aircraft quality stainless steel blade. On the outer side of the container, the blade is fixed with a hardened plastic drive socket. The blade can only be removed with a special wrench (not included in the set) if it is needed. However, you do not need to remove it because the blade became blunt with use, the blade is dull as a butter knife by design and it does not require sharpening.

This “wet” blade is designed to accomplish both the wet and dry functions including the blending liquids, frozen ingredients, sauces, soups, purees, batters, wet chopping, dry grinding grain, and kneading the dough. However, you can buy a dry blade container if you do a lot of grinding/ milling or dough kneading.

Ease of Using and Cleaning

Operating: It is a very easy-to-use blender; you can just pop the container (with the built-in blades) onto the base, fill the ingredients, with the soft ingredients first finishing with the firm and frozen ones, fit the lid and switch it ON.

Using the control panel is easy too. As a rule, the blender should start blending with the switch toggled at the Variable speed position and dial knob on speed 1. After starting at a low speed, you can select with dial desired speed or after rotating to the highest 10 select push the High/Variable switch to High position. The High speed is designed for processing smoothies, soups, or whole juices.

There are removable plug seats on the lid of the container, making it hassle-free to add ingredients or liquid while the blender is running. This function works particularly well with the Vitamix 5200. Other latest models with low-profile containers tend to spill out the liquid if you try adding ingredients while the blender is on turbo speed.

Cleaning: Generally, this machine is very easy to clean if you blended liquids or nonsticky ingredients. You just have to add a few drops of soap into the half water-filled container, blend it on High-speed mode for 20-40 seconds, and rinse with hot water. The vortex it creates will clean the blades and the sides of the container. To keep the container clear and uncloudy, wipe it dry with a towel or cloth after rinsing. You can also hand wash the jar with the dishwashing brush and soap.

However, if you were processing thick ingredients like nut butter or hummus, the Vitamix 5200 narrow bottom high profile container is not easiest to clean. The narrow bottom does not allow you to wipe out the sticky remains under the blades. You would need to use the under blade scraper or soak the jug for 1-3 minutes in soapy water then run the blender a few times on the high speed until you get reed of all leftovers.

The container is not designed to be washed in the dishwasher.

Vitamix 5200 Standard Optional Accessories

The Vitamix manufactures a range of optional accessories which are compatible with the 5200 or Standard model:

Stainless Steel Container is a new 48 oz. container made of stainless steel and compatible with all full-size Vitamix blenders.

32 oz. or 48 oz. “WET” Blade Containers are designed to process small batches of foods. However, the 5200 or Standard model comes with a high-profile narrow bottom container that handles the same minimum food batches as 32 oz. and 48 oz. wet containers. So, the owner of 5200 models does not usually need to buy and extra 32 oz. or 48 oz. “wet” blade containers.

32 oz. “DRY” grains Blade Jar is designed for milling, grinding, and kneading tasks. The “dry” blade is designed to push the vortex up, thus preventing the caking of flour and making milling and kneading easier. So it is totally worth it to invest in the dry blades container if you are likely to do a lot of milling and kneading of dough.

Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter is a single-serve blender attachment for Classic 5200 or Standard Blender which was released in 2017. The set includes the 20-ounce cup and the adapter tool.

Aer Disc Container is designed for making and range of special tasks cocktails and other special tasks such as muddling, emulsifying, foaming, whipping, and making aquafaba.

Perfect Blend Smart Scale and Recipe App help to adjust the Vitamix recipes to the wanted number of servings, ounces, or calories. With a free app you can see nutritional information for every ingredient, you use in your recipe.

Under Blade Scraper allows you to reach the food stack in hardly accessible parts of your container.

Special Features

Color: This model comes in three (3) different colors – black, red, and white.

Certified Refurbished: There is a Certified Refurbished Vitamix 5200 Standard machines available for those who are looking for the cheapest Vitamix option. It will cost $100 -120 less than the new one and it comes with 5 years’ warranty. The certified refurbished blender has a brand-new container, blade, lid with plug, and tamper, and comes with a user base that has been tested by the manufacturer under strict standards.

Operation outside of USA/Canada: All Vitamix blenders sold via USA retailers are equipped with a 110-120 voltage system and could be operated only in with appropriate voltage. The machine could be for a limited period of time via the voltage transformer but extended use is not recommended as it can compromise the functionality of the gadgets and also void the warranty. Thus the consumers from regions with the 220-240 voltage system are advised to buy this machine through local retailers. However, the best prices and choice of Vitamix 5200 220-240 volts machines are available via UK distributors.  


The Vitamix 5200 Standard model has a noise level of 92-86 dB (decibels) according to information received from the Customer Service. To give you a better idea of how much noise that is, here’s a quick comparison: whispering produces noise of 15 decibels, a normal conversation – 60 decibels, and a lawnmower – 90 decibels. That means that the blender at its loudest performance will output noise just a little quieter than a lawnmower.

It is worth mentioning that the turbo speed usually produces more noise than processing at low speed.

Bonus tips: a rubber mat placed under the base of a machine will help cut down the noise.

Warranty and Customer Support

vitamix full warranty

It is a well-built machine and comes with 7 years’ FULL Warranty. The FULL Warranty means that the Company covers all issues (including shipping costs for repair) unless they are due to human misuse. The Vitamix warranty is transferrable and valid even on second-hand machines but starts from the time of purchase by the initial owner.

You can activate your warranty on the Vitamix website online or by ringing Vitamix’s Customer Support any time form the time of your purchase and providing the serial number located on the base of your machine.

I can vouch for Vitamix’s best in a business Customer Support, from my personal experience. They are quick to answer and are always helpful and very polite. If you have any problems, they troubleshoot it with you over the phone, and if the machine has to be sent in for repair, they provide free delivery to the service center and back. They even covered some of the issues that I faced due to my misuse, free of charge.

Vita-Mix Corporation has a 30 days money-back guarantee for all their products if you do not like them for some reason.

Vitamix 5200 Standard Blender, via Amazon

Vitamix 5200 Standard Blender, via Vitamix

Packages include

The Vitamix 5200 Standard model set includes:

  • Base unit with 2Hp motor;
  • 68 ounces soft-grip Tritan copolyester container
  • Rubber lid with removable cap;
  • Tamper;
  • Getting started guide;
  • Recipe book;
  • Warranty card.

The recipe book has folded format and sorted by color labeled dividers into the following groups – Beverages, Soups, Dips & Spreads, Sauces, Bread, Breakfast, Desserts, Dressings & Marinades, and Recipes for Kids.

Each recipe includes detailed instructions on how to follow the recipe, preparation and blender processing time, and a set of nutritional data.


The Vitamix 5200 Standard machine has a footprint of 8.75 inches x 7.25 inches and 20 inches is the height of the entire gadget with the pitcher and lid on top of the base. It weighs about 11 lbs. Be aware, that this machine does not fit under the traditional kitchen cabinet.

This gadget standard 3-pronged, 120 Volt power cord is 6 ft. in length and the unused section of it is conveniently stored under the base.

The base unit has four rubber feet that the unit stable and on the counter during processing.

Shipping weight is 16.1 pounds including all the accessories, user manuals, and cookbooks.

Pros and Cons


  • This machine is a very powerful blender and will break up anything that gets into the container.
  • It is very versatile and performs many functions such as blending, grinding, milling, making frozen dessert, chopping, kneading dough, and making hot soups, turning your food preparation and cooking to rival that of a master chef.
  • It is very easy to use and clean, with a 10-speed control dial and high speed, providing you with excellent control over your blending.
  • This blender is a very sturdy and durable machine, manufactured in the USA, and comes with excellent Customer Support.
  • This blender is not only powerful, capable of the heavy-duty loads’ machine but has a long service life. I know people who have owned the older model of Vitamix for 15 years, and it is still in perfect working condition.
  • The Vitamix 5200 model can process small and large batches of food better than the latest model of the Vitamix products line. Wherein other models, with low-profile containers, might spill out the contents, the Vitamix model allows you to add liquids to it while the machine’s still running.
  • There is a range of extra accessories available that are compatible with this model;
  • Exceptional 7-years Full Warranty (new models) and 5-years Full Warranty (for Certified Refurbished);


  • It is expensive when compared to other brands, but you can save some money if you opt for the refurbished version;
  • This machine does not fit under the standard kitchen cabinets;
  • This model does not have Pulse function;
  • This blender is not the newest model of Vita-Mix Corporation, but it costs $200-300 lesser than the latest model and performs to the same standard; with some additional benefits over the latest models.

Vitamix 5200 Standard Customer Reviews

It has over 2000 reviews only for this model with a very high rating of 4.7.

Amazon Rating: 4.7


The Vitamix 5200 Standard model is sold at $449.99 at a manufacturing website and other retailers. Sometimes it is available at a discount price. The Vitamix usually offers the FREE shipping for the majority of its products no matter from which retailer you order them. You do not need to buy extra Protection Plan because the Vitamix Full warranty is applied to all its genuine products no matter where you buy them from.

Find here the best Amazon deal for this gadget that is regularly updated. I also advise you to check the price of the Certified Refurbished Vitamix 5200 model which could be a good budget solution.

Check here the best today’s deal for the Vitamix 5200 Blender


The quality of this USA made brand is unparalleled. No doubt, the 5200 Standard machines are built to last and it could be easily your last blender if you do not decide to upgrade it for the new and fancy models. Even in such an event, you most likely to pass your old machine to your friends or family fully functional. The only difference of 5200 machines from the newly realized model the range of “bells and whistles”. The Vitamix 5200 is still up to date and performs all the functions of the new and fancy Vitamix model does.

This machine perfect for small and large households as it equally well handles the small and large batches of food. It well suits to people who do a lot of home cooking or have special diet requirements – gluten-free, allergies, or vegan raw diet. And it is a perfect option for those wish to buy a versatile and powerful commercial-type blender but is not keen splurging on the latest model of the Vitamix brand. So, the 5200 Standard model is worthy of every penny that you pay for it.

Finally, it should be mentioned, that there is a learning curve to master the Vitamix machine capabilities, you definitely will not be able to use it to full extent from scratch. The great recipe book that is included in the set will help you tremendously to familiarise yourself with all the “secrets” of this machine. It will give you an insight into how to understand the reediness of the combined ingredients by their look or what the different sound pitches of motors can tell you about the blending process.

Do you want to find out which Vitamix blender suits to you best? Go to our Vitamix Blender Guide article and reviews:

Vitamix 5200 Standard vs Vitamix Explorian E320 and E310 Blenders

The Explorian blenders were released in 2017 soon after the new and advanced Ascent product line, but Explorian E320 and E310 machines were marketed as the budget Vitamix models that had the lowest price across the all the model. At the same time in 2017, there was information that the 5200 Standard model is going to be discontinued soon. Now is 2020 and the 5200 is still on the market and still the Vitamix bestselling model. Nevertheless, the Explorian machine is also very popular.

The Explorian line comprises two models E310 and E320 that are identical but by containers only.

So, what is the difference between the 5200 and Explorian E310 and E320 models?

Functionality: both blenders are able to perform exactly the same tasks.

Base Unit and Motor: The Explorian E310 and E320 models base unit has an upgraded design and basically is a fusion between the older Classic models and new Ascent machines. The Explorian motor has 2.2HP while 5200 is 2HP, the difference is insignificant and does not influence performance.

The control Panel: the 5200 has 11 speeds, 10 variable and 1 high, and no Pulse functions. The Explorian has 10 variable speeds only and Pulse function.

Containers: The 5200 comes with high profile narrow bottom (3 inches blade) 68 oz. containers. While E310 Explorian has a 48 oz. low profile narrow bottom (3 inches blade) jar and E320 low profile wide bottom (4 inches blade) 68 oz. container.

Warranty: The 5200 machine comes with 7 years full warranty, the E320 has the same 7 years warranty while E310 features a shorter 5 years warranty.

Price: The main difference is the price the Explorian is priced at approximately $100 less than 5200 machines.



Vitamix 5200


Vitamix Explorian E310

Vitamix Explorian E320






10 variable speeds, high speed, Start/Stop

10 variable speeds, Pulse, Start/Stop

10 variable speeds, Pulse, Start/Stop


64 oz., soft-grip, high profile narrow bottom.

48 oz., narrow bottom

64oz., wide bottom.


3 inches inbuilt 

3 inches inbuilt

4 inches inbuilt


black, red, white,

black, slate, red

black, red


7 years

5 years 

7 years

Recipe Book





20.5″ x 8.75″ x 7.25″/cm

11 x 8 x 18 in. / 28 x 20 x 46 cm. 

11 x 8 x 18 in. / 28 x 20 x 46 cm. 



4.5 ft / 1.37 m

4.5 ft / 1.37 m

Summary: Basically, the Vitamix 5200 and Explorian E310 and E320 blenders are the budget machine. The 5200 comes with the high profile narrow bottom 64 oz. container, although, it does not fits under standard kitchen cabinet but handles equally well large and small batches of food. The E310 and E320 models both fit under standard kitchen cabinets, however, E320 does not handle small batches of food, and E310 does not have the capacity for large batches of food.

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    • lucy

      Hi Marion,
      The instruction for Vitamix container deep clean you can find in the user manual or on the Vitamix website, which says:

      “The minerals from fruits, produce, and leafy greens can cause a film on your container. We recommend pouring one cup of white vinegar into the container and filling it half-full with warm water. Let the container soak in an upright, standing position for several hours, then pour the contents out and use a soft pot scrubber to clean the inside of the container. Be careful while cleaning around the blade assembly as the blades are sharp”.

      For the everyday routine, you better to dry the container with the cloth just after you clen it, so the jar will not accumulate the scaling build ups over the time.

  1. Sudhir modi

    I need some help with the repair of the blender 5200 which I purchased from Costco where should I send it so it can be fixed and give the blending properties it needs to have

    • lucy

      Hi Sudhir,
      For customer support you should contact Vitamix Customer Service directly regardless where you bought it from, their contacts are or 800.848.2649
      +1.440.235.4840 (International) Mon – Fri 8am-8pm (EST) Sat 9am-5pm (EST). Make sure you have your machine’ serial number ready before you contact them which you can find on the back of the Vitamix base unit.

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