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Best Vitamix Knockoff Blenders Under $100

decen blender

The US and the world market are currently overpopulated with Vitamix (Blendtec, Waring) knockoff blenders, as a result of booming Chinese cloned products manufacturing. Now, when the price for some of them dropped below $100 the opportunity to buy one…

Best Powerful Blenders under $50


The under $50 blenders do not come with all those fancy bells-and-whistles that are typical for high-end machines. They will not cook soup or similar but do a great job with blending for those who only make fruit smoothies and…

Dash Chef Series Digital Blender Review


Dash Chef Series Digital is a relatively new (released at the end of 2012) blender on a market with an ambition to compete with high-end machines like Vitamix and Blendtec. It is equipped with a high power motor and designed…