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Vitamix Classic Containers — Guide 2020

vitamix 5200 pitcher
64 oz. High Pro­file Nar­row Bot­tom
vitamix 64 oz jar
64 oz. Low Pro­file Wide Bot­tom

The Vita­mix Clas­sic Prod­uct Line includes for­mer C‑Series, G‑Series, and cur­rent Explo­ri­an Series blenders. The clas­si­fi­ca­tion for the C‑series and G‑series changed from 1991 until now.

Here are the Clas­sic Series mod­els that are cur­rent­ly man­u­fac­tured by Vita­mix: Explo­ri­an E310, Explo­ri­an E320, 780, Pro­fes­sion­al Series 750, 7500, 6500, 5300, 5200, Stan­dard Pro­grams, Tur­boBlend Three Speed, Tur­boBlend Two Speed.

There are the mod­els that were dis­con­tin­ued but still owned by many house­holds: 5000,  6000, 6300, Aspire, Aspire GC, CIA Cre­ations, CIA Pro­fes­sion­al Series, Cre­ations Elite, Cre­ations Gallery, Cre­ations GC, Cre­ations II, Pro­fes­sion­al Series 200, Pro­fes­sion­al Series 300, Total Nutri­tion Cen­ter, Total Nutri­tion Cen­ter 3, Tur­boBlend VS.

All the Vita­mix Clas­sic blenders that are still pro­duced and dis­con­tin­ued come in a pack­age with 3 types of con­tain­ers:

  • 64 oz. high pro­file nar­row bot­tom with 3” Wet blades;
  • 64 oz. low pro­file wide bot­tom with 4” Wet blades;
  • 48 oz. nar­row bot­tom with 3” Wet blades;

There are three oth­er option­al con­tain­ers that are avail­able to buy for these blenders but they do not come with the stan­dard pack­age (how­ev­er, some pack­age may include few jars but those pack­ages are not stan­dard):

All blender pack­ages are equipped with wet blade con­tain­ers. The 5200 Stan­dard and Stan­dard Pro­gram mod­els come with 64 oz. tall nar­row body 3 inch­es Wet blade con­tain­ers, the Explo­ri­an E310 with the 48 oz. nar­row-body Wet 3 inch­es blade con­tain­er and the rest of the cur­rent­ly man­u­fac­tured mod­els come with the 64 oz. low pro­file wide-body Wet con­tain­ers.

All Vita­mix Clas­sic series con­tain­ers are made from the stress and tem­per­a­ture resis­tant clear as glass and light­weight East­man Tri­tan copoly­ester mate­r­i­al, have mea­sur­ing marks in ounces, cups, and mil­li­liters are clear­ly marked and nice pour spot. The con­tain­ers also come with black/gray rub­ber lids with clear plas­tic plug cap and tam­per which are dif­fer­ing by size and design for dif­fer­ent con­tain­ers.

All Vita­mix Clas­sic con­tain­ers come with an irre­mov­able semi-blunt stain­less steel blade sys­tem.

The Vita­mix con­tain­ers dif­fer by tasks or blade design (Wet vs Dry blades) and by their capac­i­ty and shape (64 oz. high pro­file, 64 oz. low pro­file, 48 oz., and 32 oz.). Dif­fer­ent size con­tain­ers dif­fer by the abil­i­ty to process large vs small batch­es of food.

Compatibility of Vitamix Classic Containers and Base Units

All Clas­sic con­tain­ers (64 oz. high pro­file, 64 oz. low pro­file, 48 oz., 32 oz. Wet blades, and 32 oz. Dry blades) in fact com­pat­i­ble with any Clas­sic machine.

How­ev­er, Vita­mix used to say that the 64-oz low pro­file wide bot­tom con­tain­er is not com­pat­i­ble with 5000, 5200, Stan­dard Pro­grams machines that come with 2 PH/1380 Watts base units because the low pro­file 4 inch­es blades con­tain­er are designed for the 2.2HP base units. And vice ver­sa that high pro­file nar­row body con­tain­er does not fit the Vita­mix 7500, Pro 750, and 780 base units with 2.2HP motor.

After this state­ment, the Vita­mix released 5300 and 6300 mod­els that match the 2HP base unit and low pro­file 4” con­tain­ers. At the same time, the nar­row-body 3” blades 48 oz. and 32 oz. con­tain­ers that are the same in design as 64 oz. high pro­file nar­row body con­tain­ers are com­pat­i­ble with the 2.2HP base units.

So, I assume the Vita­mix changes its vision and all Clas­sic con­tain­ers are all com­pat­i­ble with the Clas­sic Series machines.

What con­cern Smart Sys­tem 48-oz and 64-oz con­tain­ers with SELF DETECT con­tain­ers, could be run on Clas­sic units, but the self-detect sys­tem will not work with them.

The same way, the Air Disc Con­tain­er is offi­cial­ly com­pat­i­ble with any Clas­sic machine but it orig­i­nal­ly comes with­out a self-detect sys­tem.

The Vita­mix also pro­duces a Per­son­al Cup Adapter – a sin­gle-serve Blender attach­ment that com­pat­i­bles with all clas­sic machines.

Vitamix Classic Tampers Compatibility

Every Vita­mix Blender pack­age includes the cus­tom-made tam­per tool that comes in three (3) dif­fer­ent mod­els and com­pat­i­ble ONLY with a par­tic­u­lar type of con­tain­er:

  • Clas­sic Tam­per for 64 oz. high pro­file nar­row bot­tom con­tain­er ONLY with an approx­i­mate length of 12½ inch­es;
  • Low Pro­file Tam­per for 64 oz. low pro­file wide bot­tom con­tain­er ONLY that is approx­i­mate­ly 9¾ inch­es long;
  • And Mini Tam­per that suits both 32 oz. and 48 oz. con­tain­ers and it is approx­i­mate­ly 11 inch­es long.

Vitamix Classic Wide Bottom (64 oz.) vs Narrow Bottom (64 oz., 48, oz., 32 oz., and 48 oz. stainless steel) Containers

The main dif­fer­ence — between the 64 oz. low pro­file wide bot­tom con­tain­er and 64 oz. high pro­file, 48 oz., and 32 oz. nar­row bot­tom con­tain­ers — is that 64 oz. low pro­file jug comes with 4 inch­es diam­e­ter blades while the nar­row 64 oz., 48, oz., and 32 oz. jugs come with small­er 3 inch­es in diam­e­ter blades.  

This dif­fer­ence has its usabil­i­ty impact because dur­ing the pro­cess­ing tasks the blades must be cov­ered with liq­uid com­plete­ly in order to achieve the best blend­ing result. Obvi­ous­ly, the wide bot­tom and larg­er blades require more ingre­di­ents and liq­uid to cov­er it in full rather than the nar­row bot­tom and small­er blades. As a result, the wide bot­tom con­tain­er han­dles the larg­er min­i­mum food batch­es com­pare to nar­row bot­tom con­tain­ers.

Vita­mix 64 oz. low pro­file wide bot­tom con­tain­er is more suit­able for:

  • Pro­cess­ing large batch­es of food, the min­i­mum batch is 2 cups/16 ounces/480 ml;
  • Good for veg­gies chop­ping as wide bot­tom allows it;
  • Requires min­i­mum 4–4.5 cups of nuts for nut but­ter;
  • Good for knead­ing dough;

On anoth­er hand

  • It tends to splash around when pro­cess­ing the vol­umes less than 4 cups;
  • It does not suit for prepar­ing small recipes like sauces, mari­nades, pesto and etc.;

While, Vita­mix Nar­row Bot­tom 64 oz., 48, oz., and 32 oz. Con­tain­ers excel at:

  • Small recipes like mari­nades, may­on­naise, nut but­ter, require only a min­i­mum ¾ cup of ingre­di­ents for effi­cient pro­cess­ing;
  • Requires min­i­mum 2.5 cups of nuts for nut but­ter;
  • Good for mak­ing thick recipes like ice cream, hum­mus, nut but­ter;
  • Do not splash with 1–2 cups vol­umes;


  • Not able to chop large batch­es of veg­gies.

Check here the Vita­mix Stain­less Steel Con­tain­er Review arti­cle.

Why you may want to buy extra Vitamix Classic Wet Container?

If you buy the blender with low pro­file wide bot­tom con­tain­er but you are a small house­hold or intend to use your blender for mak­ing small recipes than it is def­i­nite­ly worth to buy one of the nar­row bot­tom wet con­tain­er either the tall one that han­dles not only small recipes but also large ones or the small­er 48 oz. or 32 oz. one if you want to use it pre­dom­i­nate­ly for sin­gle por­tions.

Vita­mix 32 oz. Wet Con­tain­er, via Ama­zon

Vita­mix 48 oz. Wet Con­tain­er, via Ama­zon

Vita­mix 64 oz. Wet Wide Bot­tom Con­tain­er, via Ama­zon

Vitamix Classic Dry Vs Wet Blade Containers


All Vita­mix machines stan­dard pack­ages come with the wet blade con­tain­ers — 64 oz. low pro­file,  64 oz. high pro­file, 48, oz., and 32 oz. – that is used for most of your recipes.

All “WET” BLADES that inbuilt in 64 oz high pro­file, 64 oz. low pro­file, 48 oz, and 32 oz con­tain­ers are absolute­ly iden­ti­cal in shape and design and dif­fer ONLY by the pro­por­tion­al size of blades. Wet blades are designed to push ingre­di­ents down to the blades for bet­ter pro­cess­ing. They are made to process liq­uid and thick recipes for mak­ing smooth­ies, whole juices, frozen mix­tures, sauces, hot soups, hot fon­dues, purees, nut but­ter, bat­ters, dry and wet chop­ping veg­gies, and can also do the dry tasks like grind­ing and milling grain, cof­fee, spices, cheese, choco­late and knead the dough.

How­ev­er, when the wet blade con­tain­er per­forms dry tasks, it tends to:

  • Scratch the con­tain­er wall near the bot­tom, that over time can result accu­mu­late smell from gar­lic and oth­er food;
  • Press milled flour or spices pow­der toward the cor­ners of the con­tain­er that could result in imper­fect­ly milled pow­der and may be dif­fi­cult to get the milled flour or pow­der out of the jug;
  • Heats the flour dur­ing the milling.

The “DRY” BLADE has a dif­fer­ent to “WET” Blade design. It is con­struct­ed to push ingre­di­ents up and away, the heavy unbro­ken pieces fall down to the blades for fur­ther pro­cess­ing while the processed flour/powder cir­cu­lates at the top of the con­tain­er. So, the processed flour/powder is not packed to the cor­ners of the con­tain­er and stays cool­er because it is kept away from the blade that tends to heat ingre­di­ents.

The Dry Blade Con­tain­er is built espe­cial­ly for milling grains, cere­al into bak­ing qual­i­ty flour, grind­ing cof­fee beans, spices, beans, nuts, seeds, crum­ble choco­late, dry cheeses, and also used for knead­ing bread dough and dry chop­ping veg­gies.

Although the dry blades con­tain­er still able to blend liq­uids, it is not as effi­cient in these tasks as a wet blade con­tain­er. Liq­uid blends will nev­er be as smooth as in the wet blade con­tain­er.

Why you may want to buy extra Vitamix Classic Dry Container?

So, if you grind herbs, mill flour, and knead the dough on a reg­u­lar basis, you will cer­tain­ly ben­e­fit from the pur­chase of a sep­a­rate dry blade con­tain­er. You will not only get the extra con­tain­er and will save your main wet jar from scratch­ing but also will be able to process per­fect qual­i­ty flours and oth­er dry blades recipes.

Vita­mix 32 oz. Dry Con­tain­er, via Ama­zon

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For those who are look­ing for glass or stain­less steel Vita­mix con­tain­ers check our review about the new Vita­mix stain­less steel con­tain­er.

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