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Blendec single serve attachmentBlendtec pro­duces only 5 con­tain­ers that go with its blenders — Wilde­Side+, Four­Side, Mini Wild­Side, Twister, and To Go Set. Nev­er­the­less, they have some dis­tinc­tive fea­tures that are good to know for the blender’s cur­rent or poten­tial owner.

The good news is that all Blendtec jars are com­pat­i­ble with any Blendtec blender mod­el for home use (but not com­mer­cial ver­sions). So, you do not need to com­plete any addi­tion­al research to find out if your blender mod­el will work with the jar you are look­ing for.

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Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty: All Blendtec con­tain­ers — Wilde­Side+, Four­Side, Mini Wild­Side, Twister, and To Go Set – are com­pat­i­ble with any Blendtec Blender – Clas­sic Fit, Clas­sic 575, and Total Clas­sic Orig­i­nal Blenders, Design­er 625, 650, 675, and 725 mod­els, Pro­fes­sion­al 750 and 800 machines.

Con­tain­er mate­r­i­al: All Blendtec jars are made from a BPA-Free and cer­ti­fied to the NSF stan­dard for food safe­ty in the kitchen, impact, and tem­per­a­ture resis­tant East­man Tri­tan copoly­ester material.

The East­man Tri­tan copoly­ester mate­r­i­al is a high-qual­i­ty plas­tic man­u­fac­tured by East­man Tri­tan com­pa­ny in the USA; it is very light­weight and clear as glass. It is pow­er­ful, and if you drop the jar on a hard floor, the jar will not damage.

Since the blender tends to heat the ingre­di­ents while blend­ing, the man­u­fac­tur­er advis­es avoid­ing adding to the con­tain­er food and liq­uid hot­ter than 115°F (46°C). While the blend­ing fric­tions can heat ingre­di­ents to (176F/80C), it will tol­er­ate a max­i­mum of 212F/100C of heat­ed liquid.

Blendtec does not pro­duce any blenders with glass con­tain­ers. Because the glass will not with­stand the very high stress that the Blendtec Jar is exposed to dur­ing blend­ing. Copoly­ester mate­r­i­al is con­sid­er­ably stronger and more durable than any glass.

Mea­sur­ing marks: All Blendtec jars have easy-to-read mea­sur­ing marks on the wall; the jars are in ounces, cups, mil­li­liters, and centiliters.

All Blendtec jars have to mea­sure near half of the con­tain­er capac­i­ty. Because the man­u­fac­tur­er does not rec­om­mend blend­ing with the ingre­di­ents filled to the jar’s brim, you should oper­ate the blender with the con­tain­er no more than 2/3rds full. Oth­er­wise, the blender could be exposed to intol­er­a­ble pressure.

Blades: All Blendtec jugs come with thick and unique wingtip shape blades and are designed for wet and dry blend­ing. All blades are made from thick ultra-hard cold-forged stain­less steel that resists cor­ro­sion much bet­ter than most oth­er blades.

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Table of Contents

Blendtec FourSide Jar

Blendtec FourSide JarThe Four­Side jar is the orig­i­nal Blendtec squared jar that start­ed a new trend in com­mer­cial blend­ing with tra­di­tion­al round­ed blend­ing con­tain­ers. Blendtec lat­er brought the same Four Side con­tain­ers design into res­i­den­tial blenders. The Blendtec insists that the squared Four­Side jar blends much bet­ter than con­ven­tion­al round jars cre­at­ing a bet­ter vor­tex and more fric­tions. The square jar also has easy pour­ing angles from any of the three spouts.

The jar comes with the blade sys­tem per­ma­nent­ly inbuilt into the jar and 3″ thick blunt wing tip stain­less steel blades.

The Four­Side con­tain­er has a nar­row bot­tom that has a size of 3.88″ x 3.88″ at the bot­tom, 5.37″ x 5.37″ at the top, and 9″ tall. It weighs 1.5lbs.

The set includes:

  • Square shape 75 oz. with mea­sure­ments up to 32 oz. con­tain­er with per­ma­nent­ly inbuilt 3″ blades;
  • Latch­ing lid with the cap in the cen­ter for vent­ing and adding extra ingre­di­ents while blending;

The jar comes with a 3‑year warranty.

Small recipes vs. large recipes: The Four­Side jar is slight­ly small­er than the Wild­Side+ jar and has a nar­row base and small­er blades. So, it han­dles much bet­ter than Wild­Side+ small­er food quan­ti­ties and is espe­cial­ly good for grind­ing grains.

The min­i­mum liq­uid vol­ume the Four­Side jar can blend is about 8–9 oz./220- 240. The min­i­mum for grind­ing is about 1 cup of grains.


Blendtec WildSide+ Jar

WildSide+ jarThe Wild­Side+ is the lat­est and improved ver­sion of the patent­ed Blendtec square shape jar. Instead of the tra­di­tion­al Four Side pitch­er with a nar­row bot­tom and 3″ blades, this ver­sion of the con­tain­er has a wider bot­tom with fit­ted 4″ blades, and an addi­tion­al small­er fifth side called the “Wild­Side” that makes the addi­tion­al sur­face heat by ingre­di­ents. Accord­ing to Blendtec, the fifth side helps “to cre­ate an even bet­ter blend­ing vor­tex, accel­er­ates the blend­ing process and makes a smoother blend “than the stan­dard Four Side jar.

The set includes:

  • The 90 oz. /11.25 cups capac­i­ty jar with mea­sur­ing up to 36 oz. /4.5 cups, the max­i­mum mea­sur­ing indi­cates the max­i­mum lev­el for the fin­ished blend­ed product;
  • Vent­ed latch­ing lid that snaps for secure fit­ting and remov­able cen­ter cap that allows adding extra ingre­di­ents dur­ing the blend­ing process.

This jar comes with a typ­i­cal Blendtec wingtip blade inbuilt into the container.

The jar has a broad­er bot­tom with mea­sure­ments near the bot­tom of 4.63″ x 4.63″, at the top of 5.37″ x 5.37″, and with a pro­file of 9″. It weighs 1.5 lbs.

The Wild­Side+ jar comes with 3 years warranty.

Small recipes vs. large recipes: Since the Wilde­Side+ con­tain­er has a wider bot­tom and larg­er 4″ blades, it is good at han­dling large recipes like hot soup, ice cream, dough, and a large por­tion of smooth­ies. How­ev­er, it hard­ly can han­dle small­er vol­umes. The small­est vol­ume for the liq­uid it can blend is around 13oz.-14 oz./ 370 — 400ml, it needs a min­i­mum of 2 cups of grains and sol­id food to process properly.

Blendtec Mini WildSide+ Jar

Blendtec mini wildside jarThe Mini Wild­Side has the same design and func­tion­al­i­ty as a Wild­Side+ jar but is smaller.

It has 46 oz. capac­i­ty and blend­ing capac­i­ty up to 24 oz.

The Mini Wild­Side Jar is designed to allow users to make small­er recipes with the inno­v­a­tive Wild­Side+ jar.

Small­est size batch­es: It comes with a nar­row bot­tom and 3″ blades and han­dles small recipes start­ing from approx­i­mate­ly 6 oz./170 ml or under 1 cup of liq­uid ingre­di­ents. Per­fect for sin­gle-serve smooth­ies and shakes, sal­ad dress­ings, and dips.

So the set includes:

  • The 46 oz. (with mea­sure­ments up to 24 oz.) Tri­tan copoly­ester con­tain­er with inbuilt blunt blade system;
  • Latch­ing lid with 4 snaps to secure the jar and lid plug for vent­ing and adding food dur­ing the blend­ing process;

The jar has very com­pact sizes of 4.7″ x 4.7″ x 7″ and weighs only 1.02 lbs.

It comes with the stan­dard for Blendtec jars 3‑years Lim­it­ed warranty.

Blendtec Twister Jar

Twister Jar with Gripper Lid and SpectaculaThe Twister jar is designed to process thick and small recipes like nut but­ter, frozen treats, hum­mus, baby food, dips, thick shakes, dress­ings, etc.

It has a round­ed design with a capac­i­ty of 37 oz. (mea­sur­ing up to 16 oz.) with inbuilt blades.  The jar is equipped with stan­dard wingtip blunt blades and a spe­cial patent­ed twister lid with very sharp plas­tic tines that are designed to rotate dur­ing the pro­cess­ing of thick recipes to pre­vent ingre­di­ents from stick­ing to the sides and push them back down to the blade into the vortex.

Small recipes: In addi­tion to the patent­ed twister lid, it also includes the mini grip­per lid that is sim­i­lar to the Four­Side grip­per lid design and is designed to be used for blend­ing small recipes such as sin­gle-serv­ing smooth­ies or shakes, sal­ad dress­ings, baby food, and oth­er thin­ner blends.

The small­est vol­ume it can han­dle is 6oz./170 ml for the thin­ner recipe and thick­er receipts require more ingredients.

The set includes:

  • 37 oz. Twister jar;
  • Patent­ed Twister lid;
  • Mini Grip­per lid for small recipes;
  • Spec­tac­u­lar spatula;
  • Recipe book.

It has a petite size of 5.7″ x .7″ x 7.5″ tall and weighs only 1.3lbs.

It comes with 3 years warranty.


Blendtec Go Set

Blendtc Go JarThe Blendtec GO Set is the per­son­al blender attach­ment designed to be used with any Blendtec Blender mod­el for home use, no mat­ter Clas­sic, Design­er, or Pro series.

The set includes:

  • Per­son­al blender remov­able blade sys­tem called Blendtec GO Microniz­er Base;
  • 34 oz. (with blend­ing capac­i­ty up to 24 oz.) blend-in-cup;
  • The trav­el spill-proof lid means that the blend-in-cup could be tak­en on go straight after the blending.

The Blendtec GO Microniz­er Base is con­struct­ed with a plas­tic col­lar, sharp (not the stan­dard blunt), and thick wing-tipped hard­ened stain­less still blades that have a durable met­al gear on the flip side of the blade base.

The blade base and lid come with a red remov­able sil­i­con gas­ket to pre­vent liq­uid spilling that must be detached for good clean­ing and san­i­ta­tion. The blades sys­tem, cup, and lid are all dish­wash­er safe. How­ev­er, it is bet­ter to clean all parts in a self-clean­ing way or man­u­al­ly for a longer life span.

The set has very com­pact size 4.5’‘ wide x 9.5″ tall x 4.5’’ deep. It weighs 1.8lbs.

The entire set is equipped with the 3 years Lim­it­ed War­ran­ty.

The Blendtec web­site sells the Go Set at the price of over $100 nor­mal­ly, while Ama­zon often may offer the con­tain­er at a bar­gain price.


Which Blendtec Container Should you Buy?

Accord­ing to my expe­ri­ence, there is no dif­fer­ence between the old­er design Four­Side and updat­ed Wild­Side+ jars in terms of their per­for­mances. So, sup­pose you are going to buy one of the Clas­sic Series Blendtec Blenders, which has the option to select between the Wild­Side+ or Four­Side blender pack­age. In that case, small house­holds (1–3 peo­ple) cer­tain­ly should go for the Four­side mod­els as this con­tain­er is bet­ter han­dled small and large batch­es of food, while the Wild­Side+ han­dles only recipes start­ing from 13 ounces (370 ml).

How­ev­er, sup­pose you con­sid­er buy­ing an extra Twister jar that is designed to process thick recipes. In that case, it does not mat­ter which jar (Wild­Side+ or Four­Side) you ini­tial­ly have with your blender since the Twister jar not only processed the thick ingre­di­ents but is also designed to han­dle very small recipes.

To Go Set is very handy for those who want to make their smooth­ies and take them on trav­el in the same container.

If you already have a Wilde­Side+ con­tain­er with your blender but do not make the thick recipes often but plan to blend small recipes, then you may con­sid­er buy­ing a mini Wild­Side container.

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