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Which Blendtec Blender To Buy? – All Models Guide 2020

Blendtec is one of the lead­ing brands for man­u­fac­tur­ing com­mer­cial types of blenders for home use also known as high-end blenders. All the Blendtec blenders fea­ture the same for any oth­er high-end unit para­me­ters such as they have a pow­er­ful motor, high blade rota­tion speed, and abil­i­ty to per­form a large vari­ety of func­tions start­ing from pro­duc­ing very smooth smooth­ies includ­ing the green ones, cruis­ing ice to the snow-like con­sis­ten­cy, mak­ing the frozen treats such as ice cream, sor­bets, and frozen yogurt and heat­ing the liq­uids with the fric­tion that results in steam­ing hot soup.

There­fore, like any high-end pow­er­ful blenders, all Blendtec mod­els also fea­ture a motor pro­tec­tion sys­tem that is sup­posed to stop the blender if it is over­heat­ed, over­loaded or their blades are jammed.

Apart from typ­i­cal for any oth­er high-end blenders, the Blendtec machines have their own unique fea­tures that dis­tin­guish them from oth­er sim­i­lar types of blenders. The Blendtec blenders are well-known for auto­mat­ic blend­ing expe­ri­ence for users or so-called Smart-Touch Tech­nol­o­gy that allows users to press a but­ton and walk away. The pre-set pro­gram cycle will blend at var­i­ous speeds and stop at the end of the pre-pro­grammed cycle. Thus, all Blendtec mod­els come with a dig­i­tal dis­play that shows the num­ber of cycles blend­ed, time for each cycle, and error mes­sage if the motor is over­heat­ed, over­loaded or blades are jammed.

Besides, the major­i­ty of the mod­els have also a selec­tion of man­u­al­ly reg­u­lat­ed speeds to expand the func­tion­al­i­ty of the machine. How­ev­er, all man­u­al speeds run 50-sec­ond max­i­mum and end after a cycle com­plet­ed, to con­tin­ue using the speed user have to repeat it again.

All Blendtec blenders come with pre­mi­um qual­i­ty clear as glass, light­weight, tem­per­a­ture, and stress-resis­tant Tri­tan copoly­ester con­tain­ers that are also equipped with per­ma­nent­ly inbuilt into con­tain­er unique­ly designed very thick and total­ly blunt wing-tip shaped blade.

The Blendtec machines for home use are rep­re­sent­ed by 3 Prod­uct Lines or Series – Clas­sic, Design­er, and Pro­ces­sion­al — and by 9 mod­els. So, it may some­times be a very chal­leng­ing task to iden­ti­fy which blender is best for you.

Here in this arti­cle, we will com­pare all prod­uct lines and mod­els, so you would be able to clar­i­fy which mod­el may suit bet­ter your needs.

Classic Blenders Product Line

The Blendtec Clas­sic Series is a bud­get Prod­uct Line which includes the Fit, 575, and Total Clas­sic Orig­i­nal Blender mod­els. All Clas­sic blenders come with the fol­low­ing sim­i­lar fea­tures:

  • 1560 Watts pow­er­ful motor;
  • Illu­mi­nat­ed touch­pad con­trol pan­el with soft but­tons and an illu­mi­nat­ed LCD screen that dis­plays blend­ing time;
  • Con­trol pan­el with soft but­tons con­trols;
  • 75 oz. Four­Side or 90 oz.+ Jar with per­ma­nent­ly inbuilt hard­en wingtip blades;
  • Com­pact size 7“x 8″ x 15″ that eas­i­ly fits under any kitchen cab­i­net;
  • Very rea­son­able price for high-end blenders.

Here you can read in more detail about all types of Blendtec jars and their func­tion­al­i­ty.

Blendtec Classic Fit Blender

blendtec classic 575 blender

Blendtec Clas­sic Fit Blender is the most basic mod­el in the Clas­sic Prod­uct Line. Like oth­er Clas­sic mod­els, it has the “old­er” base unit design that hous­es the stan­dard for old­er mod­els 1560 Watts motor. This unit is avail­able in black col­or only.

Con­trol Pan­el: Although it has the same pow­er as all oth­er Clas­sic Blendtec mod­els it is equipped with a very basic con­trol pan­el with lim­it­ed con­trol selec­tion. It has vir­tu­al­ly no speeds and fea­tures:

  • Two (2) one-touch timed pre-set cycles — “+30” (for 30 sec­onds) and “+10” (for 10 sec­onds):
  • As a bonus, it has also two Pulse speeds — Low Pulse and High Pulse.

Both Blendtec Clas­sic Fit Blender pre-sets “+30” and “+10” are designed to act as stand­alone cycles. While “+10” pre-set has an addi­tion­al func­tion that allows users to add 10-sec­ond inter­vals to ini­tial blend cycles.

It may seem that this Blendtec mod­el does not allow users much con­trol over the blend­ing process. How­ev­er, if you invest a lit­tle time in learn­ing this machine you will man­age to use lim­it­ed con­trol options for a vari­ety of recipes almost to the same extent as with a mod­el with full con­trol pan­el options.

Con­tain­ers: The Clas­sic Fit blender is avail­able with two types of con­tain­ers - (1) the 75 oz. Tri­tan copoly­ester Four­Side jar that has a blend­ing capac­i­ty of 32 oz. and (2) 34 oz. sin­gle-serve or Go cup with blend­ing capac­i­ty up to 24 oz.

Besides, the Blendtec blender set with the 34 oz. sin­gle-serve cup trans­forms the Blendtec machine into the per­fect very pow­er­ful per­son­al blender. 

War­ran­ty: The only draw­back the Blendtec Clas­sic Fit Blender has it comes with untyp­i­cal­ly short for the Blendtec brand only 2 years war­ran­ty. 

Sum­ma­ry: Not sur­pris­ing, the Blendtec Clas­sic Fit mod­el has the low­est price tag across all Blendtec blenders.

Whilst the price of this mod­el with a sin­gle-serve cup cer­tain­ly out­bids not only Vita­mix per­son­al blender mod­els S30, S50, and S55 (now retired) but also very pop­u­lar but much worth qual­i­ty NutriBul­let Rx blender. In fact, the Blendtec Fit mod­els with to Go cup is the most pow­er­ful and afford­able sin­gles serve blender avail­able on the cur­rent blender mar­ket.

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Best Blendtec blender classic total oroginal

The Total Clas­sic Orig­i­nal Blender is the most func­tion­al, user-friend­ly, and ver­sa­tile mod­el in the Blendtec Clas­sic Prod­uct Line.

Con­trol pan­el: The Total Clas­sic Orig­i­nal Blender base unit and con­trol pan­el slight­ly dif­fers from the Fit and 575 Clas­sic Prod­uct Line mod­els. And fea­ture more sim­i­lar­i­ties with Blendtec com­mer­cial blenders’ base unit and con­trol pan­el that has:

  • 10 speeds adjust­ed by the “+” and “-“ soft-touch but­tons;
  • 6 pre-set pro­grams (Smooth­ie, Bat­ters, Hot Soup, Whole Juice, Ice Cream, Ice Crush);
  • Pulse func­tion but­ton.

Such a func­tion­al con­trol pan­el allows a lot of flex­i­bil­i­ty for the user to exper­i­ment with dif­fer­ent recipes. Thus, this par­tic­u­lar mod­el will suit both cat­e­gories of cus­tomers who love to exper­i­ment with recipes and those who pre­fer the “push but­ton and go away” blend­ing tac­tic.

Con­tain­ers: The Total Clas­sic Orig­i­nal Blender is avail­able with Tri­tan copoly­ester 75 oz. Four­Side and 90 oz. Wild­Side+ jars.

War­ran­ty: Both Blendtec Total Clas­sic Orig­i­nal sets — with 75 oz. Four­Side and 90oz. Wild­Side+ jars — come with stan­dard Blendtec 8‑year war­ran­ty. 

Sum­ma­ry: The Blendtec Total Clas­sic Orig­i­nal blender comes at a very afford­able price. Blendtec offers also cheap­er Cer­ti­fied Recon­di­tioned mod­els for a blender with both types of con­tain­ers (Four­Side and Wild­Side+) that will suit cus­tomers on a tight bud­get.

More­over, this mod­el comes in Black, White, and Red col­ors to match a vari­ety of kitchen col­or pat­terns.

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

blendtec classic 575 blender

The Blendtec Clas­sic 575 Blender comes with a mod­ern­ized Clas­sic base unit exte­ri­or design the same as the Blendtec Fit and more com­plex than the Blendtec Fit mod­el con­trol pan­el that fea­tures:

  • Five (5) speeds con­trolled by 5 soft-touch but­tons;
  • Two (2) pre-pro­grammed set­tings – Smooth­ies (60 sec­onds) and Clean (23 sec­onds);
  • Two (2) timed cycles – 60 sec and 90 sec;
  • Pulse func­tion

The 5 incre­men­tal speed makes this mod­el ver­sa­tile enough for peo­ple who love to exper­i­ment with their own recipes, while those who like the pre-set pro­grams for quick and easy blend­ing have 4 pre-set cycles.

Con­tain­ers: The 575 mod­el avail­able with 75 oz. Four­Side or/and 90 oz. Wild­Side+ Tri­tan copoly­ester pitch­er. The 75 oz. the jar is designed to han­dle small batch­es of food bet­ter than the Wilde­Side+ jar can do it.

War­ran­ty: The Blendtec Clas­sic 575 Blender comes also as a Total Clas­sic Orig­i­nal Blender with a stan­dard Blendtec 8‑year war­ran­ty.

Sum­ma­ry: The Blendtec has a very rea­son­able start­ing price for this mod­el and often it is avail­able in Cer­ti­fied Refur­bished con­di­tion to suit cus­tomers with dif­fer­ent bud­gets. It is also avail­able in a vari­ety of col­ors — Black, Red, Sea Foam, Orchid, Slate Gray, Polar White.

How to Select Between Blendtec Classic Fit vs Total Classic Original vs Classic 575 Models

The Fit mod­el is the cheap­est one and will suit those on the bud­get. Although it has a lim­it­ed con­trol option after some learn­ing, you will mas­ter how to use it for a vari­ety of recipes. The only prob­lem it has short­er than oth­er mod­els’ 2 years war­ran­ty.

The 575 blender is the new­ly designed clas­sic mod­el with enough con­trols even for demand­ing cus­tomers that include 5 speeds and a few pre-set. Thus if you catch a moment when the Blendtec 575 mod­el is avail­able at a dis­count­ed price it is a great chance to buy an afford­able high-end blender.

How­ev­er, our favorite is the Blendtec Total Orig­i­nal Total blender. Although it has old­er designs the same as a clas­sic com­mer­cial blender it is a true val­ue for mon­ey option. It has 10 speeds and 6 pre-set and thus will suit cus­tomers with any user pref­er­ences. This mod­el avail­able in new and refur­bished con­di­tions and 3 col­ors. Also, it is avail­able in a pack­age with Wild­Side+ jar or with Four­Side jar.

Comparison Table: Blendtec Classic Fit vs 575 vs Total Blenders

 Clas­sic FitTotal Clas­sic Orig­i­nalClas­sic 575
Motor pow­er1560 Watts1560 Watts1560 Watts
Amps13 Amps13 Amps13 Amps
Con­trol pan­elsoft push but­tonssoft push but­tonssoft push but­tons
Speeds1  speed (30 sec)10 speeds and Pulse5 speeds and Pulse
Pre-sets“+ 10”(sec), High Pulse, Low PulseSmooth­ie, Bat­ters, Hot Soup, Whole Juice, Ice Cream, Ice Crush/Mixed DrinksSmooth­ie (60 sec), Clean (23 sec), 60 sec, 90 sec
JarsFour­Side or Go CupFour­Side or Wild­Side+Four­Side or Wild­Side+
Blades3″3″ or 4″3″
War­ran­ty2 years8 years8 years
Dimen­sions7“x 8″ x 15″ 7“x 8″ x 15″ 7“x 8″ x 15″ 
Weight7.28 lbs7.28 lbs7.28 lbs
Col­orsMold­ed plas­tic — BlackMold­ed plas­tic — Black, White, RedMold­ed plas­tic — Black, Red, Sea Foam, Orchid, Slate Gray, Polar White
PriceBlendtec Clas­sic Fit Best PriceTotal Clas­sic Orig­i­nal Best PriceClas­sic 575 Best Price

Blendtec Designer Blenders Product Line

The Blendtec Design­er Prod­uct Line includes the 625, 650, 675, and 725 mod­els. As the name implies they come with a sharp design­er look, round­ed base unit edges, shiny sur­face fin­ish, and flat con­trol pan­el. In fact, all four mod­els have iden­ti­cal exte­ri­or design and dimen­sions, and the 625, 650, and 675 mod­els look almost indis­tin­guish­able.

Besides, these machines share the fol­low­ing sim­i­lar fea­tures:

  • Same base unit exte­ri­or design which is big­ger, more sta­ble, and qui­eter than Clas­sic mod­els;
  • All 625, 650, 675, and 725 mod­els come with only BPA-free heat and stress-resis­tant Tri­tan copoly­ester 90 oz. Wild­Side+ jar;
  • And each has two parts grip­per lid with a remov­able cap can add extra ingre­di­ents dur­ing the blend­ing process with­out stop­ping the machine;
  • Illu­mi­nat­ed con­trol pan­el with flat design and shiny fin­ish that lights up with a sin­gle touch and shuts off auto­mat­i­cal­ly;
  • Capac­i­tive touch screen con­trol pan­el that is oper­at­ed with the touch or slide of a fin­ger;
  • All come with a trun­cat­ed slid­er for incre­men­tal man­u­al speeds;
  • All have 8 years war­ran­ty;
  • Mod­er­ate 7″ x 9.25” foot­print and 15″ pro­file that allows eas­i­ly fit under the kitchen cab­i­net.

Yet, the Blendtec Design­er Prod­uct Line 625, 650, 675, and 725 mod­els dif­fer by the motor pow­er, selec­tion of speeds and pre-set cycles, base unit fin­ish, and selec­tion of avail­able col­ors.

Blendtec Designer 625 Blender

The Blendtec Design­er 625 blender has a very sleek and mod­ern exte­ri­or design and comes with 1560 Watts and 13 amps motor pow­er. 

The gad­get con­trol pan­el is com­plete­ly flat and illu­mi­nat­ed only when it is on, so all con­trols are vis­i­ble only when you start­ed using it. The con­trol pan­el equipped with:

  • Six (6) speeds reg­u­lat­ed by touch screen capac­i­tive slid­er,
  • Four (4) pre-set pro­grams — Smooth­ie (60 secs), Hot Soup (180 sec), Frozen Treat (65 sec), and Whole Juice (65 sec) -, and
  • Pulse, Start and Stop capac­i­tive but­tons.

Six (6) speeds allow users enough con­trol over the blend­ing and room for exper­i­ments with a vari­ety of recipes.

The Blendtec Design­er 625 blender base is made from mold­ed plas­tic. The unit weighs 9.25lbs, and avail­able in a wide range of col­ors — Black, Pome­gran­ate, Polar White, and Slate Grey.

Despite the fact it has the low­est Design­er 625 num­ber it is not the cheap­est this Prod­uct Line mod­el but fol­lows after Design­er 650 in price tag.

Blendtec Designer 650 Blender

The Blendtec Design­er 650 blender comes with 1560 Watts and 13 amps motor. Although, it is mar­ket­ed to have less pow­er than the 625 mod­els in fact accord­ing to the sim­ple for­mu­la they have the same pow­er of 1560 watts (pow­er Watts = V x Amps).

Besides, the Design­er 650 blender has a more sophis­ti­cat­ed con­trol pan­el than the 625 mod­els. In fact, it has the same pre-set pro­grams selec­tion as Total Clas­sic Orig­i­nal Blender:

  • Eight (8) incre­men­tal speeds;
  • Six (6) pre-set pro­grams — Bat­ters (23 sec­onds), Ice Crush (35 sec­onds), Smooth­ie (60 sec­onds), Ice Cream (65 sec­onds), Whole Juice (65 sec­onds), Hot Soup(180 sec­onds);
  • Pulse func­tion, Start and Stop

The Blendtec Design­er 650 Blender the same as the 625 mod­els made from mold­ed plas­tic mate­r­i­al and avail­able in 3 col­ors — Black, Pome­gran­ate, and Stain­less Steel. The unit weighs 9.8lbs that is slight­ly more than 625 due to more con­trol func­tions.

Even though this mod­el has more con­trols it has a slight­ly low­er price tag com­par­ing to the Design­er 625 mod­el. For this rea­son, we think this is the best val­ue for mon­ey Blendtec Design­er blender.

Blendtec Designer 675 Blender

Blendtec 675 blender

The Blendtec Design­er 675 mod­el comes with 1675 Watts and 15 amps motor (it must be 1800 Watts accord­ing to the for­mu­la =120V X 15amps).

The Blendtec Design­er 650 con­trol pan­el equipped with:

  • Eight (8) man­u­al incre­men­tal speeds,
  • Six (6) pre-set pro­grams — “+10”, Smooth­ie (60 sec­onds), Ice Cream (65 sec­onds ), Whole Juice (65 sec­onds), Hot Soup (180 sec­onds), Clean (23 sec­onds);
  • Pulse func­tion, Start and Stop capac­i­tive touch con­trols.

In fact, this mod­el has 5 pre-set pro­grams and one +10 sec­ond pre-set that func­tions as a stands-along 10 sec­onds cycle and could be added to any oth­er pre-set pro­gram as an incre­men­tal one.

Fur­ther­more, the Blendtec Design­er 675 Blender base unit has a pre­mi­um paint­ed metal­lic fin­ish and avail­able in 3 col­ors — Char­coal, Cham­pagne, Dark Roast. The unit weighs 9.8 lbs the same as the Design­er 650 mod­el.

Since this mod­el has a more pow­er­ful motor than the 625 and 650 mod­els and pre­mi­um paned fin­ish it comes at a high­er price than pre­vi­ous mod­els.

Blendtec Designer 725 Blender

The Design­er 725 mod­el is Blendtec’s most advanced Design­er Prod­uct Lines blender with few “bells and whis­tles” fea­tures.

The Blendtec Design­er 725 Blender comes with a pow­er­ful 1725 Watts and 15 amps (in fact 1800 Watts) motor.

The Design­er 725 con­trol pan­el is equipped with the most state-of-the-art con­trols not only com­par­ing to the Blendtec Design­er mod­els but to the Pro­fes­sion­al Prod­uct Line.

This blender con­trol pan­el is equipped with:

  • A hun­dred (100) speed incre­men­tal touch slid­er,
  • Six (6) pre-set pro­grams — Smooth­ie (40 sec­onds), Sal­sa (23 sec­onds), Ice Cream (45 sec­onds), Whole Juice (50 sec­onds), Hot Soup (90 sec­onds), and Clean (23 sec­onds);
  • Pulse, Start and Stop

The Design­er 725 base unit is con­struct­ed from die-cast met­al, no won­der it weighs 10.7 lbs more than oth­er Design­er series mod­els. It comes in 3 metal­lic col­ors — Stain­less Steel Black, Gun­metal, and Stain­less Steel White.

More­over, the Design­er 725 also runs the bonus pro­gram when you reach an appro­pri­ate num­ber of blend­ing cycles it dis­plays a spe­cial code which you can redeem with dif­fer­ent prizes online such as recipe books, etc.

Since the Design­er 725 Blender is a true pre­mi­um mod­el with more fea­tures than pro­fes­sion­al prod­uct line machines, no won­der it has the high­est price tag amid all Design­er Prod­uct Line blenders.

How to Select Between Blendtec Designer 625, 650, 675, and 725 Models

Although, the Blendtec Design­er 625, 650, and 675 blenders come with dif­fer­ent motor pow­er of 1625 Watts, 1560 Watts, and 1675 respec­tive­ly, this dif­fer­ence has almost no effect on the func­tion­al­i­ty of the gad­gets when it comes to blend­ing. Thus, motor wattage could not be an impor­tant para­me­ter for select­ing the Blendtec blender.

The 625, 650, and 675 blenders have also slight­ly dif­fer­ent con­trol pan­els where the 625 mod­el is the sim­plest one with 6 speeds and 4 pre-sets while 650 and 675 mod­els come with 8 speeds and 6 pre-set pro­grams. Still, all three mod­els have enough con­trols over the blend­ing process even for a most cre­ative cook­er to cre­ate any recipe.

In fact, the Blendtec Design­er 625, 650, and 675 blenders are so sim­i­lar in design and func­tion­al­i­ty that the price para­me­ter is the key one I would base my choice on when select­ing between these mod­els.

How­ev­er, it must be noticed that the 650 blender is the best val­ue for the mon­ey mod­el. Despite the fact it has the most func­tion­al con­trol pan­el among 625, 620, and 675 mod­els it has the cheap­est Blendtec Design­er Ben­der price. How­ev­er, 675 has come with a paint­ed fin­ish. So, those for whom the exte­ri­or design is impor­tant can go for the 675 blenders.

Final­ly, the Blendtec Design­er 725 mod­el is vir­tu­al­ly the most advanced Blendtec Design­er mod­el with a full range of “bells and whis­tles”. First of all, it has 100 vari­able speeds, a Pulse func­tion and 6 pre-sets pro­grams. All those allow a lot of con­trol over the blend­ing process and offer the best expe­ri­ence to any avid cook­er. Besides, it has a die-cast pre­mi­um base unit. Although it cost a lot it is the most lux­u­ri­ous Blendtec blender. Those who wish to buy the best of the Blendtec blender should buy 725 mod­els.

Comparison Table: Blendtec Designer 625 vs 650 vs 675 vs 725


Design­er 625

Design­er 650

Design­er 675

Design­er 725

Motor pow­er

1625 Watts

1560 Watts

1675 Watts

1725 Watts


13 Amps

13 Amps

15 Amps

15 Amps

Con­trol pan­el

capac­i­tive touch screen

capac­i­tive touch screen

capac­i­tive touch screen

capac­i­tive touch screen


6 speeds and Pulse

8 speeds and Pulse

8 speeds and Pulse

100 speeds and mul­ti-speed Pulse


Smooth­ie (60 s), Hot Soup (180 s), Frozen Treat (65 s),

Whole Juice (60 s)

Bat­ters (23 s),

Ice Crush (35 s), Smooth­ie (60 s), Ice Cream (65 s), Whole Juice (65 s), Hot Soup (180 s)

“+10”, Smooth­ie (60 s), Ice Cream (65 s), Whole Juice (65 s), Hot Soup (180 s), Clean (23 s)

Smooth­ie (40 s), Sal­sa (23 s), Ice Cream (45 s), Whole Juice (50 s), Hot Soup 90 s), and Clean (23 s)


90 oz. Wild­Side+

90 oz. Wild­Side+

90 oz. Wild­Side+

90 oz. Wild­Side+







8 years

8 years

8 years

8 years


7″ x 9.25″ x 15″

7″ x 9.25″ x 15″

7″ x 9.25″ x 15″

7″ x 9.25″ x 15″


9.25 lbs

9.8 lbs

9.8 lbs

10.7 lbs


Mold­ed plas­tic — Black, Pome­gran­ate, Polar White, Slate Grey

Mold­ed plas­tic — Black, Pome­gran­ate, Stain­less Steel

Pre­mi­um Paint­ed Fin­ish — Char­coal, Cham­pagne, Dark Roast

Die-Cast Met­al — Stain­less Steel Black, Gun­metal, Stain­less Steel White


Blendtec 625 Best Price

Blendtec 650 Best Price

Blendtec 675 Best Price

Blendtec 725 Best Price 

Blendtec Professional Blenders Product Line

The Blendtec Pro­fes­sion­al Blenders Prod­uct Line is rep­re­sent­ed by two machines — Pro 750 and Pro 800. Both these blenders are very unique. They do not share any sim­i­lar fea­tures apart from hav­ing the same 90 oz. Wild­Side+ jar and belong­ing to the Blendtec Pro­fes­sion­al Prod­uct Line.

Blendtec Pro 750 Blender

The Blendtec Pro­fes­sion­al 750 has a dis­tinc­tive design and its main fea­ture that it could be cus­tom install direct­ly into the kitchen coun­ter­top. So the base unit with the motor of the blender will be sub­merged under the counter while the con­trol pan­el and jar will stay above the counter. How­ev­er, this blender also could be used as a stan­dard one on the top of the counter if you like.

The Blendtec Pro­fes­sion­al 750 Blender comes with motor pow­er sim­i­lar to the Clas­sic series mod­els – the 1560 Watts (3 HP at peak) and 13 amps.

Besides, its con­trol pan­el is also iden­ti­cal to the Total Clas­sic Orig­i­nal Blender that is derived from the com­mer­cial mod­els but adapt­ed for home use. Unlike the Design­er blenders and Pro 800, it has soft-touch but­tons con­trol instead of the capac­i­tive touch screen. The Pro­fes­sion­al 750 Blender fea­tures the fol­low­ing con­trols:

  • Ten (10) speeds reg­u­lat­ed by “+” and “-”soft-touch but­tons;
  • Six (6) pre-set pro­grams — Bat­ter, Mixed Drinks, Smooth­ie, Frozen Treats/Ice Cream, Whole Juice, and Hot Soup;
  • It also has a Pulse func­tion.

This blender does not have Start and Stop but­tons, instead, the user must press any but­ton to stop the blend­ing process.

Fur­ther­more, the Pro­fes­sion­al 750 mod­el has a high­er pro­file than Design­er and Clas­sic machines because of the high­er base unit but a very com­pact foot­print of 6.4’‘ x 8.3 x 16.2’’. No won­der, this pro­fes­sion­al gad­get weighs 11 lbs.

The same as most of the pre­mi­um Blendtec blenders it is equipped with 8 years war­ran­ty. This blender is avail­able only in black plas­tic. Giv­en that Blendtec Pro 750 mod­el belongs to the Pro­fes­sion­al Prod­uct line it obvi­ous­ly comes at a pre­mi­um price.

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender

The Blendtec Pro­fes­sion­al 800 mod­el is also marked with a unique fea­ture. It comes with the sound shield, the pro­fes­sion­al one that is com­mon for com­mer­cial types of blenders and which makes the Blendtec Pro­fes­sion­al 800 the qui­etest high–end blender for home use on the mar­ket. The blender sound shield reduces the noise out­put to 61 dBs that are com­pa­ra­ble with con­ver­sa­tion in the office or back­ground music.

Besides, the Blendtec Pro­fes­sion­al 800 comes with a pow­er­ful 1800 watts and 15 amps motor. Although it is mar­ket­ed as the most pow­er­ful Blendtec blender for home use, in fact, 675 and 725 have the same motor pow­er is cal­cu­lat­ed accord­ing to the stan­dard for­mu­la for motor wattage (pow­er Watts = V x Amps).

The machine con­trol pan­el fea­ture the same as all Design­er series blenders the capac­i­tive touch screen con­trol pan­el and the fol­low­ing con­trols:

  • Eleven (11) incre­men­tal speeds,
  • six (6) pre-set pro­grams — Smooth­ie (40 sec), Sal­sa (23 sec), Ice Cream (45 sec), Whole Juice (50 sec), Hot Soup (90 sec), and Mix Drinks/Ice Crush (35 sec) -,
  • Pulse func­tion, Start and Stop con­trols;
  • Press mode to switch between using the man­u­al touch slid­er and the pre-set cycles.

The unit has a larg­er than aver­age Blendtec blender foot­print of 8.5″ x 9.25” and a high­er 17.25” pro­file as it includes a sound shield. No won­der it is very heavy — 16.2 lbs. How­ev­er, this machine the same as any oth­er Blendtec blender even with the sound shield that will fit under the stan­dard kitchen cab­i­net.

Besides, the Blendtec Pro 800 mod­el has sim­i­lar to the Design­er blenders base unit exte­ri­or design, made of mold­ed plas­tic, and avail­able only in Black col­or.  

The Pro 800 blender comes with an out­stand­ing 10 years war­ran­ty. The Blendtec Pro 800 is a pre­mi­um blender and has a very high price tag with all the retail­ers.

How to Select Between Blendtec Designer Pro 800 vs Pro 750 Models

It is not hard to select between these two blenders. They are very dif­fer­ent and have very unique fea­tures.

The noise-sen­si­tive cus­tomers or those who care for their house­hold dwellers and neigh­bor com­fort and those whose bud­get con­sents to buy this pre­mi­um blender with­out doubts will select this the qui­etest high-end blender for home use.

While cus­tomer, who want inbuilt the blender into the counter and enjoy com­mer­cial for their blender will select the Blendtec Design­er Pro­fes­sion­al 750 mod­el.

Comparison Table: Blendtec Pro 750 vs 800 Blenders

 Pro­fes­sion­al 750Pro­fes­sion­al 800
Motor pow­er1560 Watts1800 Watts
Amps13 Amps15 Amps
Con­trol pan­elsoft push but­tonscapac­i­tive touch screen
Speeds10 speeds and Pulse11 and Pulse
Pre-setsThe bat­ter, Mixed Drinks, Smooth­ie, Frozen Treats/Ice Cream, Whole Juice, and Hot SoupSmoothie(40s), Salsa(23s), Ice Cream(45s), Whole Juice(50s), Hot Soup(90s), and Mix Drinks/Ice Crush(35s)
War­ran­ty8 years10 years
Dimen­sions 6.4’‘ x 8.3 x 16.2’’ 8.5″ x 17.25 x 9.25
Col­orsMold­ed plas­tic — BlackMold­ed plas­tic — Black
PriceBlendtec Pro 750 Best PriceBlendtec Pro 800 Best Price

Blendtec Extra Accessories

Unlike most of the brands all Blendtec blender has inter­change­able con­tain­ers, does not mat­ter which Blendtec blender you own any Blendtec con­tain­er avail­able will be com­pat­i­bles with your blender.

Here is the range of Blendtec extra con­tain­ers you can be ben­e­fit­ed from if you use the blender often:

 90 oz Wild­side+ Jar – the newest and updat­ed largest capac­i­ty jar with wide bot­tom and a 4 inch­es blade. The jar is designed to process large batch­es of food and will suit larg­er house­holds.

 75 oz Four­side Jar – the old­er con­tain­er design that was used with Blendtec blenders before the new Wild­Side+ was intro­duced. This jar is good to have for small­er house­holds as it process­es small­er than Wild­Side+ min­i­mum food batch­es.

46 oz. Mini Wild­Side Jar This jar is designed to per­form the same func­tions as 90 oz. Wild­Side+ with only dif­fer­ence it comes in small­er capac­i­ty and able to han­dle small­er recipes.

46 oz. Twister Jar  – It is designed for pro­cess­ing thick recipes such as nut but­ter, frozen desserts, and oth­ers. 

Blendtec GO Jar – It is all Blendtec blenders mod­el com­pat­i­ble upside down the sin­gle-serve cup that comes with the remov­able blade assem­bly and to-go lid and could be tak­en away in the same cup you blend your drink in.

How to Select Between Blendtec Classic vs Designer vs Pro Product Lines

Those who want Blendtec but on a bud­get, cer­tain­ly will go for the Clas­sic prod­uct line, which is rep­re­sent­ed by 3 mod­els. How­ev­er, the Total blender is the Best Val­ue for the mon­ey in this series. It has 10 speeds, 6 pre-sets and a lot of pow­er to per­form the same tasks as the most advanced 725 blender does. It is also avail­able with Wild­Side+ or Four­Side jars, so small house­holds or big house­holds may ben­e­fit from it with­out scar­i­fy­ing the qual­i­ty of blend­ing.

Those who pay atten­tion to the exte­ri­or look and have a high­er bud­get will go for the Design­ers series mod­el. Where Design­ers 650 mod­el is the best val­ue for mon­ey one. It has 8 speeds and 6 pre-sets and a very attrac­tive mod­ern Blendtec look. Those who want the best of the best will go for a metal­lic fin­ish and 100 speeds Design­ers 725 mod­el.

How­ev­er, cus­tomers with spe­cial require­ments such as noise issues who look­ing for the Blendtec mod­el will go for the qui­etest blender among all high-end blender for home use on a mar­ket the Blendtec Pro­fes­sion­al 800 mod­el.

Those who want to install the blender on their counter and have all advan­tages of a high-end blender must choose Blendtec Pro­fes­sion­al 750 mod­el.

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      All Blendtec blenders with any full-size jar (Four­Side or Wiled­Side+) will grind grains and any oth­er dry ingre­di­ents. All Blendtec blenders come with either Four­Side or Wiled­Side+ con­tain­ers that are both designed for pro­cess­ing wet and dry ingre­di­ents equal­ly well. Any Blendtec blender with a full-size con­tain­er is able to grind bak­ing qual­i­ty flour.

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