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Should I Get a Countertop or Personal Blender?

countertop blender personal blenderThe countertop blender is a well-known kitchen gadget and it’s easy to see why people add them to their kitchen countertop arsenal. On the other hand, the personal or bullet blenders is a fairly new product on the market. With a single serving size, less functionality, and weaker blending power despite not being significantly cheaper than countertop machines, you may be wondering why customers are interested in a gadget like this. The rest of the article will answer all these questions.

Bullet Blenders are Easy to Store

With a compact footprint and small vertical size, single serve blenders occupy limited counter space in any kitchen. They also don’t require much room for storage. When not in use, you can store your gadget in any spare corner of your kitchen cabinet, or tuck it into a drawer.

Traditional blenders, on the other hand, have a larger footprint and can be as tall as 20 inches. This makes them difficult to fit into standard cabinets. They require a separate storage place on the countertop or in a cupboard. These large machines often spend most of the time in storage, with the owner forgetting that they ever bought one.

Easy to Use and Clean

Bullet blenders are also very easy to use, assemble, and clean. This gadget is normally operated with one pulse mode for all purposes. However, it is possible to expand its blending power with different blades attachments and by playing with the pulse mode. The single serve gadget is constructed similar to a coffee or herb grinder and thus is very simple and safe to operate even for children. These machines are the perfect tool for anyone who prefers the ease of use to versatility.

Traditional blenders are normally equipped with more speeds and pre-set programs, and the owner has to make some effort to get familiar with all the functions. Countertop machines usually take more effort to assemble and clean, as they are bigger and generally have a more complicated assembly.

Power and Versatility

Countertop machines are usually more powerful, with motors up to 3500 Watts. Apart from basic tasks such as making smoothies and crushing ice, they are capable of the heavy duty tasks required by top chefs.

The most powerful single serve gadgets are only 1000 watts and are usually capable of blending smoothies, crushing ice, and pureeing vegetables. The main purpose of this personal gadget is processing small batches of food and preparing quick smoothies to take out the door. Single serve blenders normally come with a stock of accessories, from cups of different sizes to numerous lids, rims, and easy to prepare recipes booklets.

Who May Benefit From a Bullet Blender

Buying a bullet blender is the perfect solution for people who love to make their morning smoothies but have small kitchens and no space to store full-sized appliances. It can also be useful to a health-conscious person who follows a special diet but has to travel often. A single serve machine allows you to continue the diet no matter what happens in life, at home or away.

For students, young professionals, or just busy people who want to make quick and easy breakfasts and eat healthier, a single-serve machine is a compact and convenient choice. It can easily be kept in the office to whip up a healthy drink for lunch or for breakfast. This gadget could also be a great addition to the kitchen of a sports enthusiast who likes to enjoy a pre-workout and post-workout shake but rarely cooks at home and has no need for a large countertop machine.

This single serve gadget is even a good gadget for new moms if a countertop machine does not fit their budget or needs but they need to puree small batches of baby food often.


The personal blenders have already won over many customers with active lifestyles who like to make quick and easy smoothies, milkshakes, and other healthy drinks and take them to work or school. It could also be enjoyed by people who are making their first steps toward a healthier lifestyle and need a simple gadget to make quick, easy, and healthy breakfasts.

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