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Oster Versa 1100-watt Professional Performance Blender Review

oster versa 1100The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender is often confused with Oster VERSA Pro 1400-watt (BLSTVB-RV0) which is more powerful and could be considered as a cheaper alternative for Vitamix. Despite the fact that 1100 watts model is less powerful but it is equipped not only with traditional blending container but additional food processor and single serve attachments that make this machine a versatile kitchen appliance.

Read our review to get familiar with all pro and cons of this very good machine.

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Functionality and Versatility

The 64 oz. jar, single-serve, and food processor attachments with appropriate blade assemblies allow the Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender to perform a variety of tasks.

Smoothie: The 64 jar and single-serve attachments make really smooth drinks from soft, hard, or leafy ingredients. It is also perfectly suitable for green smoothies and will process kale or spinach stems without crunchy pieces left. However, it is not able to homogenize the strawberry, blueberry, or raspberry seeds completely in the drinks, you will find some seeds unprocessed. However, it well processes nuts, chia, and flax seeds in drinks.

Juice: This machine does not come with any juicing attachment thus is not able to make the classic juice by separating the liquid from fiber, but it is quite capable of producing very smooth drinks aka “whole juice”.

Frozen ingredients/desserts: This machine is also very good at processing ice and frozen ingredients in smoothies and slushes without any chunks left. It is also able to crush ice into snow-like consistency without liquid added, but you have to add up to 6 large ice cubes and process with the pulse function until the desired result. Thus, this blender is perfect for making sorbet, ice cream, and other frozen desserts. The recipe book that comes with the unit also includes sorbet and slushies’ recipes.

Soup/ hot ingredients: The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) will not heat liquid via friction but you can process hot liquids in this blender and it is equipped with the filler cap that allows venting steam. Thus the blender is perfectly safe to process ingredients from the stove or prepare bulletproof coffee.

Pureeing: The S-blades that come with the food processor attachment with continuous speed are perfect for mashing potatoes, pureeing baby food, or churning out pesto and hummus. The food processor attachment is easy to handle cooked vegetables and soft uncooked ingredients.

Chopping/food prep: The food processor attachment with the s-blades and slicing disc and using pulse function, low and medium continuous speeds, or Dip/Salsa pre-set program allows to shred, slice, mix/chop food efficiently for the variety of recipes.

Shred disc also will slice veggies, shredded cheese, carrots, and cabbage for slaw and a crunchy salad or slice 0.25 inches thick potatoes for fries.

Nut milk: The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) machine is powerful enough to make an excellent quality nut milk. You may need a nut bag to strain the liquid for the best result.

Nut butter: This machine is able to make creamy nut butter using food processor attachment with s-blades on low or medium continuous speeds. The cookbook that comes with the blender includes a recipe for Peanut Butter, Agave Almond Butter, Hazel Nut Spread, Maple Nut Butter, Cocoa- Hazelnut Spread, and Coconut Macadamia Butter.

Dough/batter: The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) does not include any dough making attachment and thus is not designed for doughs/batter kneading.

Grinding/milling: This blender is able to handle dry ingredients like lentils, oats, or rice using pulse to make good quality flour. It is also can ground spices, or grind down the coffee to an espresso grind.

The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender is designed to perform a variety of tasks. The food processor that includes s-blades and shred disc adds a lot of versatility to the machine and allow them to shred, slice, and mix/chop food. So the pulse function is must be used for mixing and chopping food while continuous speed for blending and pureeing.

Speed Settings and Programs

oster versa 1100 watts control panelThe Oster Versa 1100-watt equipped with On/Off button, pulse and reverse blend toggles, two pre-set programs (Dip/Salsa and Smoothie/Frozen Drink), and 3 speeds (Low, Medium, and High) regulated by dial knob. The blender does not have continuous speed increments and if you move the dial in between Low-Medium or Medium-High speeds it just operates at the lower speed.

The On/Off button is used for activating the blender and for stopping the continuous cycle when it operates one of the three speeds. The pre-set programs are automatically shut off at the end of the cycle or could be manually stopped with the On/Off button before the pre-set time.

Pulse and reverse blend functions are activated by pressing the toggle. These functions are very useful for removing air pockets when blending thick ingredients.

The 64 oz. jar and single-serve attachment are designed to be used with all functions the blender equipped while the food processor attachment can be used only with low and medium speed and pulse function.

Ease of Using and Cleaning

The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender comes with 3 attachments and each has its own assembling/disassembling procedure.

Blender: The blender jar equipped with removable blades thus it takes some efforts to assemble. First, connect the blade assembly to the jar with the sealing ring in between, screw in the cap tightly to prevent leaking. Place the jar with blades assembly on the base unit, it does not have any locking system but sits very securely. Then fill the jar with ingredients, place the two-part lid on a place and it is ready to run.

The jar lid equipped with the cap that has a few purposes. It could be removed to add some extra ingredients during blending, it can release the steam when blending the hot food and could be used as a wrench to fasten/unfasten the blade assembly to the jar. Some customers complain that the blade assembly could be difficult to screw/unscrew and they do not pay attention to the user manual which clearly explains the additional functionality of cap/wrench.

Tamper: This machine does not include any tamper but it is equipped with the reverse blend function that allows to remove air pocket and help with vortex when blending tough and thick ingredients. However, it is possible to buy the tamper separately for this machine from the Oster website.

Single-serve attachment assembling/disassembling: It is more or less the same as the 64 oz. jar and includes adding ingredients to the cup and screwing the blades to the cup (with sealing ring) using the fixing cup. Just place it on the base unit and is ready to run.

Food processor assembling/disassembling: The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender comes with one bowl, the assembly shaft, the s-blades, slicing disc and lid. The food processor attachment is quite easy to assemble/disassemble. It just requires to connect the assembly shaft to the bowl, connect the s-blades or slicing disc to the shaft, lock the lid by matching the arrows on a lid and on the bowl and turning it until click, so it is locked. And it is ready to operate.

Cleaning: The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender is quite easy to clean, all the containers are dishwasher safe while most of the blade assembly is hand wash only and it is not a problem to clean with the soap and brush. The containers with blades are also could be washed in a self-cleaning way. Just add some dish soap to the container with half of the water and run it on a med and high speed, then rinse it out in the sink or with a cloth.

Base Unit and Motor Power

This Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender equipped with the powerful 1100 watts motor, a maximum of 28,000 RPM, and all-metal drive construction. So, the gear that is attached to the motor and all the parts of the blade assembly is metal. That ensures good quality and durability of the system. In addition, the motor equipped with the automatic shutoff system which stops the machine when it is overloaded and thus ensures that it will not die prematurely.

The base for the machine, although, made from plastic but the good quality one and seems well-made and durable.


The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender comes with 3 containers:

  • The 64 oz. main jar with lid and cap that allows adding extra ingredients during blending or releasing steam when blending hot foods;
  • The 5 cups (40 oz.) food processor bowl, plastic lid, and food pusher;
  • Two 20 oz. single-serve cups with two blend–and-go lids that fit most of the car cup holders;

The 64 oz. the container is made of premium quality shatter-proofed and temperature resistant Tritan copolyester material has the clear markings and soft-grip handle. The other containers are also made from quality strong polycarbonate without any cracking problems.


This Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender comes with 2 sets of removable blades and food processor blades assembly:

  • The blade assembly for the 64 oz. pitcher that includes 4-point stainless steel quality blades, sealing gasket and fixing cap;
  • The separate smaller in diameter blade assembly for 20 oz. single serve attachment which also includes 4-point stainless steel quality blades, sealing gasket and fixing cap;
  • The blade assembly for 40 oz. food processor bowl that includes razor-sharp stainless steel S-type blade, assembly shaft, and stainless steel slicing/shredding disc.

All blades are made of durable and quality stainless steel. Both caps that screw the blades to the containers are plastic and also well made.

Special Features

Colors: The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender is available in one color that is a black base with red trimming on the 64 oz. container and to-go lids.

Certified Refurbished: There is no certified refurbished machine available for this model.

Use in countries outside of USA/Canada: The machine comes with the 110-120 voltage system and suitable for operation in USA/Canada and other countries with an appropriate voltage. This machine is not available currently with a 220-240 volts system, however, it could be used in other countries via a voltage transformer.


Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender is quite a loud machine that outputs approximately 95-100 decibels. The usual advice to reduce the noise output is to place the rubber mat underneath the blender base unit.

Warranty and Customer Service

The Oster Versa 1100-watt Professional Performance comes with 7 years limited warranty for the blender parts and lifetime satisfaction guarantee on the all-metal drive. Such a generous warranty ensures its good quality and durability. Although the limited means that the machine service may imply extra charges for shipping and repair, but the Oster customer service has a very good reputation and does not overcharge its customers.

For the Oster to honor the warranty, the customer should register it and keep the original proof of purchase. The warranty is not transferable and valid only for the original purchase.

Optional Accessories and Attachments

There quite a replacement and extra accessories available for the Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender via manufacturer website or other online retailers:

  • The Oster Versa 1100-watt replacement containers (64 oz., 20 oz. and 40 oz. bowl), blades, gaskets, and lid;
  • The tamper is could be bought separately for this model (although it is not included in the set);
  • The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) also compatible with Mason jar that could be used with single-serve attachment blades;
  • Some ice crushing and milkshake blades are compatible with this model.

Set Includes

  • 64 oz. (8 cups) main jar
  • 64 oz. jar blade assembly (gasket and fixing collar);
  • Lid and cup with the role of blade fixing wrench;
  • Two 20 oz. personal blender cups;
  • 20 oz. cups blade assembly (gasket and fixing collar);
  • 5 cups (40 oz.) food processor bowl
  • Food pusher and cover for food processor;
  • Blade shaft to use with the cutting disc (slice and shred functions);
  • S-type blade for food processor;
  • Recipe Book;
  • Instruction manual.

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The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender footprint is not big and measures only 8 inches x 9 inches. The total height of the machine with the lid and 64 oz. container on a top of the base unit is 17.5 inches. The machine weighs only 7 pounds and thus usually travel over the counter during the operation.

The only problem with this machine that it comes with many attachments and requires considerable space for storage.

Pros and Cons


  • The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender is a powerful and versatile machine;
  • The machine produces good quality smoothies including the green ones;
  • The single-serve cups to-go lids are no doubts a plus to any blender;
  • The food processor is also output decent performance;
  • The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender is the well-built machine with an all-metal blade to drive coupling;
  • The 7 years warranty confirms the durability of the blender.


  • Storing all the accessories might be a challenge;
  • The tamper would be a plus for processing tough ingredients.

Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender Consumer Reviews

This Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender is quite popular with the consumer. The major complaint from the consumers, that it may require some efforts to disassemble the blades. However, those customers do not pay attention to the user manual, which clearly explains that the lid’s cap is also designed as a wrench to help to screw/unscrew the blade assembly.

Amazon rating – 4.1

Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender Price

The Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) price differs from different retailers within the range of $119-$160. Amazon often offers a very competitive price and this is the place where the machine is fairly often available at around $119.

Check here the best price for the Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender


The Oster brand has an excellent 50-year reputation, no wonder, the Oster Versa 1100-watt (BLSTVB-103-000) Blender has an all-metal drive and very decent warranty. In addition, it does not only output a good blending job but also decent food processor performance while the single-serve attachment makes quick smoothies for taking them out. So if you are looking for a well-built and powerful blender without plans breaking the bank then this machine is very worth considering.

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