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Tribest Sedona Express SDE-S6780-B Digital Food Dehydrator Review

tribest sedona dehydratorNowadays, many people are choosing to consume home-made and preservative-free foodstuffs. The natural home-made food requires preparation and preservation when in excess. This aspect makes food dehydrator one of the essential kitchen equipment. Tribest Sedona SDE-S6780-B food dehydrator is among the well-known dryer models in the market today. The model is manufactured by Tribest Corporation, which is a famous manufacturer and designer of small kitchen appliances. It invests in the manufacturing of other kitchen appliances like blenders and juice extractors. Also, it is known for offering worldwide customer service for healthy living. There are various features of this dehydrator model that enable it to differ from other brands. First, this dryer has eleven stainless steel trays. Its interior light also eases the checking process while its two-stage timer enhances the dehydration of various food items. To allow you to dehydrate different food ingredients at their correct temperature, it provides a wide heat range (25ᵒC to 75ᵒC). You can also dry most food items at their suitable duration using its 99 hours timer. Here, we will give you these and other features in detail.

Horizontal Technology

Particularly, the dehydrator model has a fan mounted at the rear side of the unit, which blows warm air from the back to the front side of the unit via the trays. This airflow is the so-called horizontal airflow design, which is capable of resulting in proper air circulation that causes efficient food dehydration. The continuous streaming of hot air over the food on the trays eliminates a lot of moisture from food. To increase the efficiency of moisture elimination, ensure that the food items are cut into small sizes. Also, make sure not to overload the trays, for this cause food-liquids on the door.

Although this dryer model can offer you an efficient food dehydration experience, you should eliminate other factors that can result in partial dehydration. Another thing that most people may like about this machine is the quiet operation. No loud sound is produced when running this device. Therefore, you can opt to purchase this dryer model if you are to run it in a noise-sensitive surrounding. In case the fan fails to run, turn it off and check whether there are some foreign materials stuck in it. If this problem persists, communicate with the nearest service providers.

Power and Wattage

Every serious dehydrator user should consider the amount of power consumed by a particular dehydrator model. By considering the rate of power consumption, one can estimate the cost of running this dryer model. The Tribest Sedona SDE-S6780 dehydrator has a 470 watts motor which provides sufficient energy to run its motor. Similarly, it supplies enough power to the heating elements, which eventually increases the temperature in the unit. This heating system works hand in hand with the device’s thermostat to supply a specific amount of heat to dry a particular type of foodstuff. Besides, the power consumption of this appliance is not very high and, therefore, we can term it as energy efficient.

Trays and Trays Capacity

Notably, this dryer brand is compact and comes with a sleek design that allows users with a limited kitchen countertop to go for it. Storing and transporting this dehydrator model is further made easier since it weighs 10 kilograms. Therefore, the dryer is not very bulky to move from one point to the other. On purchase, the device comes with 11 dehydrating trays that can accommodate a substantial amount of food items.  The eleven trays are made from stainless steel- a material that is durable and food-safe. Such a health-friendly metal guarantees you good health and long-term drying service.

Additionally, the unit is not expandable and, therefore, the user cannot add more trays to the eleven trays provided. Whenever you require to dry bulkier and large food items, you can opt to eliminate a number of shelves. This will ease the air circulation process resulting in more efficient food dehydration. Consuming hygienic foodstuff is the first priority, and that is why most kitchen device manufacturers highly consider it. The Tribest Sedona SDE-S670 food dehydrator is not an exception for it has a washable and removable air filter. It prevents foreign particles like pet hair and dust from contaminating your drying food.

When the dehydrator model is fully loaded, its total approximate drying space is 9.9 square feet. There is also an approximate 1 feet gap between trays. Since the accumulation of debris at the bottom of the unit can make cleaning cumbersome, the dryer has one closed tray. The main function of this closed tray is to hold drippings that fall through the trays during drying. Apart from the stainless steel trays, the unit has a tempered glass hinged door that allows the user to check the dehydration process visually. If you need to open the unit during dehydration, ensure you shut it after a while to avoid heat loss.

Control Panel

Basically, the control panel of this dehydrator model is located at the front side for easy access to operational functions. It is an All-Digital control point where the user can set the temperature and time to be taken by various food items. The device has a temperature timer known as Two-stage Temperature Timer (TST) which seems to a bit different from many other dryers’ timers. With this type of timer, the device is set to start food drying activity at a higher temperature range and then lowering it automatically at the end.

Particularly, with this dryer, you can dry a wide variety of food items depending on their suitable dehydrating temperature. This is because the unit offers a wide heat range starting from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 167 degrees Fahrenheit. On the control panel, the RED light indicates FAST mode, the GREEN light indicates RAW mode while both of them indicates the (TST) COMBO mode. The maximum temperature (167ᵒ Fahrenheit) conforms to the USDA beef jerky prep recommendations. Moreover, the lower temperature range enhances the preparation of some heat-sensitive foodstuff like herbs. Note that the temperature of the dehydrating chamber may fluctuate due to the humidity content of the inflowing air.

Besides, the Tribest Sedona SDE-S6780-B food dehydrator has an inbuilt timer which enables automatic shut-off of the unit when the set time ends. The dryer has a 99 hours shut-off timer allowing the user to set the specific duration after which the dryer will shut itself off. Always ensure that you utilize the operation manual, which contains the correct temperature at which certain drying items should be dried. With this timer, your food dries completely, but it is also not at risk of over-drying. There is also an ON/OFF function that switches the unit on/off without disconnecting the power cord.

Using and Cleaning

Since the control panel and other features are intuitive to operate, carrying out the dehydration is similarly easy. By using the instruction manual provided, the drying of food items does not require much. For instance, frequent tray rotation does not need to be done during the entire process because the unit uses the horizontal airflow system. Another key feature that most users can embrace is the presence of a glass door which makes the drying process observable. Visual supervision is further made easier by its internal lighting, which illuminates the tray contents.

Whenever you are ready to dehydrate, there are some various tips that should be at your fingertips. Keep this dehydrator model on a flat surface and a minimum distance of 10cm away from any obstacle like furniture or a wall. If you are loading food items on the trays, ensure they are cut into even sizes to encourage uniform dehydration of all food ingredients. Avoid overloading the unit for this will lead to the accumulation of moisture in the unit or incomplete dehydration.  Before switching on the unit to start the process, you should double-check the arrangement of the food ingredients. Correctly set both the timer and the thermostat depending on the food type to be dried.

Information about the cleaning of this dryer brand is quite essential to every user who expects a long term service from it. When cleaning the parts of the device, you are first to unplug it. The stainless steel trays are cleaned manually using clean, warm water, and a mild detergent. They are also dishwasher safe. Use a clean wet towel to wipe the main body. Never rinse or submerge the whole machine in water for cleaning purposes. Its air filter is also washable. After cleaning the parts of this machine, make sure they are thoroughly dry before placing them back into the device.

Tribest Sedona Express SDE-S6780-B Digital Food Dehydrator, via Amazon


In conclusion, the Tribest Sedona SDE-S6780-B food dehydrator comes with essential features that make it provide essential kitchen drying service. For example, its compact design makes it fit well in common kitchens. It also offers different temperature range for dehydrating various food types. To those with tight work schedules, its long TST (99 hours) timer can be quite ideal. Its 11 trays give a large dehydrating space while the drip tray reduces the hassles of cleaning. Inspecting the drying process is easier with this dryer model due to the transparent door and the unit’s internal lighting. However, some users do not like its 99 hours timer for time is only displayed in hours. One cannot set the timer in minutes intervals. If the features of this dryer model fit your dehydrating needs, do not hesitate to go for one.   

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