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How To Make Smoothie With Yogurt

 Make Smooth­ie With Yogurt: Yogurt is made by fer­men­ta­tion of dairy milk lac­tose with spe­cial “yogurt cul­tures” bac­te­ria (Bifi­dobac­teri­um and lac­to­bacil­li). The fer­men­ta­tion process pro­duces the lac­tic acid from the lac­tose form of sug­ar.  Where the lac­tic acid cur­dles the milk pro­tein, pro­vid­ing the typ­i­cal yogurt tex­ture and flavor.

The most ben­e­fi­cial and healthy type of yogurt you can buy in the super­mar­ket is the so-called Greek yogurt because it is an orig­i­nal prod­uct with no extra addi­tives. There­fore, Greek yogurt is the best option to add to your healthy smoothie.

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yogurt smoothies

Benefits of Yogurt

Hence, yogurt is an ide­al ingre­di­ent for smooth­ies. First of all, it adds a good amount of pro­tein, and half a cup of Greek yogurt adds a whop­ping 12 grams of pro­tein to your drink. So the one serv­ing of smooth­ie with yogurt can per­fect­ly replace a fill­ing break­fast or snack. The yogurt can also restore nutri­ents after work­outs, as it is high in car­bo­hy­drates and nec­es­sary vitamins.

It also adds live pro­bi­otics, which can aid in diges­tion and immune sys­tem health. Besides, pro­bi­otics can defend against yeast infec­tions because they bal­ance your gut pH lev­el. Cal­ci­um sup­ports the health of teeth and bones, and vit­a­min B‑12, riboflavin, and Vit­a­min D pro­tect the car­dio­vas­cu­lar sys­tem. It is also high in phos­pho­rus, mag­ne­sium, and potas­si­um, which are essen­tial for sup­port­ing cel­lu­lar func­tion and gen­er­al metabolism.

What Ingredients Would You Add To The Smoothies With Yogurt?

blueberry smoothiesFor mak­ing smooth­ies with yogurt you can use almost any fruit, berry, and even veg­gies ingre­di­ents, your imag­i­na­tion is the only lim­it to it. How­ev­er, if you apply some rules, you will make sure that you have deli­cious results.

Step One

Start with water, dairy milk, or plant-based milk. Water or plant milk like almond, coconut, hemp, and cashew milk low­ers the fat in the final drink. How­ev­er, the typ­i­cal yogurt smooth­ies best go with water, ice, or dairy milk. It is bet­ter not to use fruit juices as your liq­uid base. Fruit juices tend to have high sug­ar con­tent. You can even use green tea, which con­tains antiox­i­dants that are ben­e­fi­cial to the body.

Step Two

Select your fruits, bananas, and straw­ber­ries are the best com­bi­na­tions with yogurt. Trop­i­cal fruits also go well with Greek yogurt; the thick­ness will bal­ance the juici­ness of fruits, while the soured taste will be ide­al for trop­i­cal fruit fla­vor. Do not be afraid to try dif­fer­ent match­ing of fruits and berries in your smoothies.

If you use frozen fruit, your smooth­ie will be thick and frosty, like a milk­shake. If your bananas are get­ting a lit­tle too ripe, freeze them to use for smooth­ies. Frozen berries are also great in smooth­ies, peach­es, and man­goes. Add about one serv­ing of fruit to the blender. If you pre­fer to use fresh fruit, add a cou­ple of ice cubes.

 Step Three

Add yogurt, it is a good thick­en­er for your smooth­ies, and you usu­al­ly need 1 cup per 3–4 serv­ings. You can also boost the pro­tein con­tent of your smooth­ie by adding a chunk of tofu or a cou­ple of table­spoons of peanut but­ter, oth­er nut but­ter or plant-based pro­tein powder.

Step Four

Adding some boost­ers like chia seeds, flax seeds or cocoa nibs is option­al, how­ev­er, they may enhance the drink’s tex­ture and fla­vor. Cocoa pow­der is jam-packed with fla­vanols-the com­pounds that make choco­late good for your body. It is low in calo­ries, con­tains no sug­ar, and is vir­tu­al­ly fat-free, unlike choco­lates.  How­ev­er, if you use flax or chia seeds as a boost­er, remem­ber to drink it with­in twen­ty min­utes, flax and chia seeds con­tains a lot of sol­u­ble fiber, which tends to absorb liq­uid and form a gel. So if you are not going to be drink­ing your smooth­ie with­in twen­ty min­utes or so, you may leave them out.

 Step Five

Although, it seems that throw­ing in some raw spinach or oth­er leafy greens into your smooth­ie is a great way to sneak anoth­er serv­ing of veg­eta­bles into your day. It is not a good idea to com­bine yogurt with leafy greens. Because the milk or yogurt in your smooth­ie is your pri­ma­ry source of cal­ci­um, the leafy greens are also usu­al­ly a good source of this min­er­al, so mix­ing them not only will over­load your drink with cal­ci­um. Besides, some greens such as spinach con­tain oxalates that can inter­fere with your abil­i­ty to absorb calcium.

Step Six — Blending

Blend all ingre­di­ents for 40–1:40 min­utes depend­ing on your blend’s pow­er of your blend. Final­ly, dress up your smooth­ie with all kinds of gar­nish:  flax, chia, hemp, or any fruit or berry top­pings of your choice.

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Final Thoughts

banana and strawberry smoothiesBreak­fast is the best time of day to drink a smooth­ie with yogurt, espe­cial­ly if you intend to use it as a meal replace­ment green. Besides if you have a large, 32-ounce green smooth­ie serv­ing with at least 10 grams of pro­tein (you can dou­ble it with a pro­tein pow­der), this is usu­al­ly suf­fi­cient to keep me sat­is­fied until my next meal. A small, 20-ounce smooth­ie serv­ing made with­out extra pro­tein boost­ers will not have suf­fi­cient calo­ries to be a meal. While it will make a healthy snack, may quick­ly become hun­gry again.

Here are some recipe exam­ples for yogurts smoothie

Yogurt Banana Strawberry Smoothie

2 medi­um bananas, peeled, cut up, and frozen
1 cup fresh or unsweet­ened frozen strawberries
Fresh straw­ber­ries (option­al)
1 cup of water or milk
1 cup Greek yogurt
6 to 8 ice cubes

Trop­i­cal Smoothie

¼ cup of coconut milk

¼ cup of Greek yogurts

1 cup of pineapple

1 tbs of honey

2–3 cubes of ice

Banana and Oatmeal Smoothie Breakfast

2 bananas

1/4 cup of oatmeal

2 tsp. of honey

½ tsp. of cinnamon

½ cup of Greek Yogurt

½ cup of any milk dairy on plant

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