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Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201) vs Oster Pro 1200 Blender

The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201) is very popular under $100 countertop blender. Because of professional advertising people rave to buy it. However, the market full of decent blenders in this price segment. The Oster Pro 1200 Blender is one of the best among them. Although, the brand is well-known to a few generations of Americans but is losing popularity for the well-advertised Ninja.

Our comparison will highlight all the pros and cons of the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse and Oster Pro 1200 Blender to help you understand which machine is the best between these two gadgets. 

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Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201)

ninja-kitchen-system-pulse-bl201The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201) is equipped with a moderate 550 watts motor and non-durable plastic blades to motor coupling.

It has two containers – 40 oz. pitcher/bowl with removable blade assembly, dough hook and cookie paddle, and single-serve cup with removable blades system. Both containers are made from modest-quality polycarbonate that has a tendency to crack easily. The 40 oz. blade assembly has the construction of food processor type rather than a blender with 4 blades staggered around the plastic shaft. Such unusual blades do not handle properly a heavy-duty blending job but more suitable for light food processing tasks. Dough hook and cookie paddle bowl attachments are almost useless because they are hardly able to process thick dough and batter mixtures. The single-serve blades have a standard design and do their job fairly well.

The machine does not have any speeds and operated with pulse function only. Such limited speed choice does not allow users much control over the blending process and experiment with a wide variety of recipes. So, this machine is able to handle the following tasks:

  • Process smoothies from soft ingredients but drinks from hard and leafy food come out of very gritty consistency; so this machine is not suitable for making green smoothies;
  • Crushes ice only with liquid added and not suitable for processing frozen desserts;
  • Chops vegetables for salsa, salad dressings, marinades, and others; chops nuts, grated cheese and makes crumbs;
  • Purees only cooked vegetables and require some liquid for this task;
  • Even it comes with dough and batter hooks but handles the tasks with great difficulties; it is not suitable for kneading a proper thick dough.

This machine is not easy to assemble and use. Because it equipped with a complicated locking system for lid and container and has the sticking out blade assembly that does not allow to fill it with ingredients easily.

In addition, the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201) comes with a humble only 11-year limited warranty and very unhelpful customer service. No wonder that the average life expectancy of the machine is around 1-1.5 years.

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Oster Pro 1200 Blender

oster-1200-3-in-1The Oster Pro 1200 is a relatively new blender on a market (released at the end of 2015) that is equipped with powerful 1200 watts motor. It is available in two different models – Oster Pro 1200 with Single Cup and Oster Pro 1200 2-in-1 with Single Cup and Food Processor attachments. The machine is well made and as most of the Oster blenders, it has durable all-metal blades assembly and blade to motor connections.

The machine comes with a lab-quality glass 48 oz. (6 cups) pitcher, the polycarbonate 24 oz. single-serve cup and 40 oz. food processor bowl (only model with food processor attachment). The main container is made from high-quality stress and temperature resistant borosilicate glass, the polycarbonate single-serve cup and food processor bowl is also made from the high-quality material. The blender equipped with one removable blade assembly which fits for the main pitcher and single-serve cup. The model with food processor attachment also includes a chopping blade and stainless steel slicing disk for light food processing tasks.

The blender equipped with low, medium, high speeds, pulse function, and 3 pre-set programs – Green/Frozen Smoothies, Food Chop/Salsa, and Milkshake. Such a selection of speed gives enough flexibility to a user and allows experimenting with new recipes. So, this versatile machine is designed to perform the following tasks:

  • Decent drinks, including green smoothies, milk, and protein shakes;
  • Crushes ice and frozen fruits with and without liquid added, able to crush ice into the snow like consistency and thus suitable for making snow cones, frozen desserts and frozen drinks (margarita and others);
  • Able to make “whole juice”;
  • Pureeing raw and cooked veggies into the smooths texture even without liquid added, perfect for spread and dips, able to make hummus and pesto;
  • Suitable for processing hot liquids for soup or bulletproof coffee;
  • Chops well any vegetables for salsa, salads, marinades and chopping veggies for salad;
  • With the efforts able to process nut butter;
  • Nut milk;
  • Grinding coffee beans, herbs, chia seeds or flax seeds, and mills oats but do not make baking quality flour;
  • Does not knead batter but able to mix watery betters;

In addition, the Oster Pro 1200 gadget comes a 3-year warranty on all parts and a 10-year Limited Warranty on the all-metal gears. Oster customer service has a very good reputation. No wonder, the brand is well-known for its durability and quality.

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Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201)and Oster Pro 1200 Blender Differences and Features

 Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201)Oster Pro 1200 Blender
Motor550 watts and plastic gear drive and other blades to plastic connections;1200 watts with all-metal blade assembly and motor to the blade couplings;
BladesRemovable blade assembly with 4 very sharp blades staggered around the plastic shaft, plastic dough hook, and cookies paddle; standard design 4 –prongs single-serve blades;Removable all stainless steel blade assembly that fits the main jar and single-serve cup; additional chopping blade, slicing disk for models with food processor attachment;
Containers40 oz. low quality (crackable) polycarbonate bowl and 16 oz. single-serve cup;Lab quality shatter and temperature resistant 48 oz. pitcher, good quality polycarbonate 24 oz. single-serve cup and 40 oz. polycarbonate food processor bowl (for a model with food processor attachment only);
Using & CleaningThe 40 oz bowl is not easy to set up and disassemble for use since it has a cumbersome lid and pitcher locking system; single-serve blade assembly is easy to assemble;Requires some effort to screw in/out blade assembly;
Control panelLow, medium, high speeds, pulse function and 3 pre-set programs –  Green/Frozen Smoothies, Food Chop/Salsa and Milkshake;One-speed pulse function only;
Warranty1-year limited warranty. Not helpful Customer Service;3-year warranty on all parts and a 10-year Limited Warranty on the all-metal gears with good reputation Customer Service;
  • Does not make decent green smoothies;
  • Crushes ice only with liquid added (not suitable for frozen desserts);
  • Chops veggies, nuts, and crumbs and makes other light-duty food prep tasks;
  • Does not handle hot liquids;
  • Does not handle thick mixture and thus will not knead the dough and mix thick batter;
  • Not suitable for milling and grinding tasks.
  • High-quality blending including green smoothies,
  • Crushes ice makes ice cream and frozen desserts,
  • Chops and minces vegetables;
  • Handles hot liquids and thus suitable for bulletproof coffee;
  • Makes nut butter and nut milk;
  • Purees raw and cooked vegetables;
  • Grinds coffee beans and seeds, mills soft grains;
  • Does not make a dough.
DimensionsThe footprint is 5.5 inches x 9 inches, profile height is 13.5 inches with 40 oz. bowl on the top of the base unit. Fits under all kitchen cabinets. Weight is 5.1 pounds. Requires some space for attachments storage.

The footprint is 8.5 inches x 10.2 inches, profile height is 14 inches tall with the 6 cup pitcher on the top of the base unit. Easily fits under standard kitchen cabinets. The weight is 7 pounds.


How to Choose Between the Two Blenders

The Oster Pro 1200 Blender outperforms Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201) by all parameters. It is far more versatile than Ninja with much better blending quality output. Apart from a much stronger and powerful motor, the Oster also has a better selection of speeds that allows much better control over the blending process.

For instance, Oster Pro 1200 makes excellent smoothies including the green ones while the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse is hardly suitable for making green drinks. The Oster processes ice ingredients very well and will make any frozen desserts or concoctions drinks while Ninja only process ice with enough liquid added. The Oster is designed to handle hot liquids/food without problem and Ninja is absolutely not suitable for this. It can puree cooked and raw ingredients while Ninja only handles soft ingredients with enough liquids added. Furthermore, Oster is able to make nut butter (although with some efforts) and Ninja never can even try this task.

In addition, Oster comes with rare nowadays glass container that is safe from any chemicals leaking into food while Ninja has not only low-quality plastic containers which may release the harmful chemicals but also they are crackable with very short life expectancy. The all-metal blades assembly and coupling is another strong side of Oster machines comparing the fragile and non-lasting Ninja plastic blade assembly and connections.

Considering that both blender have an almost similar price, the Oster Pro 1200 Blender 2-in-1 with Food Processor Attachment of cause the winner in this comparison.


The bottom line, the Oster is a much better product and outperforms Ninja. The Oster blenders are well known to all American households for its durability and well built. Most likely, the Oster Pro 1200 Blender will serve many years. While the Ninja brand has very strong advertising but their blenders have quite a short average life expectancy and last for about 1-1.5 years. That is clearly reflected in the 1 year Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201) warranty compared to 3 years for blender and 10 years for all-metal motor warranty for Oster Pro 1200.

So, if you are looking for a good value for your money blender that will last for many years and output good blending quality, then the Oster must be your option.

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