Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 Blender Review

The Vitamix A2300 and A2500 are the new Accent series models that were released on 26 of December 2016. The models have new minimalistic design, the manual dial knob, and digital control panel display. Despite the fact that the motor technology and power have not changed since the Next Generation series, however, Ascent series blenders come with new wireless connectivity technology.

For detail about this exciting new model read our comprehensive review below.

Base Unit and Motor Power

The Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 blenders come with the absolutely new design of the entire machine that is simple minimalistic and clean. However, the same power and technical design of 2.2HP/120V/ 12 amp motor have not changed since the previous Next Generation series. It also as all other version has designed to protect itself from overheating by automatic shut off of the system when needed.

On the right side of the base unit, it has the power control switch (I/O) that activates machine ones it turned on. After the blender is turned on, (—) will appear on the control panel and now the user can test the new Built-In Wireless Connectivity feature.

Built-In Wireless Connectivity: It is the major new technical feature for the Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 models. Sounds nice but not really straightforward to understand what it means. Basically, the machine uses near-field communication (NFC) technology which identifies the container when it is placed on the top of the base unit. Since the new Vitamix Ascent machines apart from 64 oz. allow the opportunity to buy separately 20 oz. and 8 oz. containers and this wireless connectivity technology identify not only that container was placed on the base but also identify which one. This feature is also useful because and suppose to automatically adjust the maximum blending times for the container size you just placed.

The Bluetooth is another fancy feature inbuilt into new Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 blenders. Although, it is not ready for use yet but Vitamix plans implement it sometime in the future. Nevertheless, your phone already able to identify the device with showing “Vitamix_1.1” when you search for available Bluetooth connection, so it is almost ready for use.

Speed Settings and Programs

The A2300/2500 blenders control panel is very simple but very functional as for all Vitamix machines. The new A2300/2500 machines have a digital display, manual dial knob, Pulse and Start/Stop switches. The digital timer is the new feature for the Vitamix Ascent series blenders. The A2300 model has dial knob with 10 speed, while the A2500 machine has 10 speed and 3 pre-set programs (Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, and Soups). Ones the blender starts running the digital display timer count up in minutes and seconds no matter if variable speed (A2300/A2500) and pre-set program (A2500) in operation.

To use variable speed user has to turn dial knob to Speed 1 and press Start/Stop. The timer will count up the minutes and seconds. The user can increase or decrease the speed anytime during the blending cycle. To stop blender user has to press again Start/Stop switch. The variable speed also will shut down blender automatically after 6 ½ minutes (for 64 oz. container) if the user has not pressed Start/Stop switch.

To use Programs rotate the dial counter-clockwise to the appropriate program (Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, and Soups), press Start/Stop to start the program. The Ascent A2300/A2500 blender will automatically stop at the end of the program. The user also can press Start/Stop at any time to stop the program before the end of the cycle.

The digital timer, variable speeds, and pulse functions are very practical features. The digital timer shows exactly how much time your recipe has been blending. This makes it easy to adjust the blend time next and also replicate recipes. The Variable Speed Control and Pulse function allows a lot of flexibility for a variety of recipes and allow achieve a variety of textures. The Pulse function is a very useful function for chopping, creating chunky texture or removing air pockets. Moreover, the blender has truly low speed (the lowest is 1400rpm) and true high speed (the highest is 26000rpm) what is high enough to heat to boil temperature liquids via frictions.


The Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 come with self-detect 64oz low profile container. Self-detect means that the base unit identifies the container that was put on it and control panel shows (—) then 0:00 on display. The pitcher just sets on top of the base unit without any locking and twisting, but it is very secure as it captured by four guards located on the base unit center pad.

Apart from the self-detect feature, it has another completely new design and clear rubber lid to observe better the blending content through the lid. The lid also has the clear plug that doubles as a measuring cap. The lid has side clips to secure it to the pitcher safely. It attaches perfectly with a soft click when the user put it into place and take it off.

The wide 64 ounces low profile pitcher usually will require a minimum of 2 cups/16ounces of food to cover the blades in order get the vortex going. However, the Vitamix offers 20 oz. and 8 oz. optional containers to buy separately for processing smaller batches of ingredients.


The Ascent A2300/A2500 comes with the standard for Vitamix blades permanently inbuilt into a container that is typical design for the majority of the high-end commercial type of blenders for home use.

The Vitamix Ascent blades are made of high-quality aircraft stainless steel and typical for low-profile containers 4-inches in size. All Ascent A2300/A2500 have all the metal to metal blades to drive coupling that makes this machine durable and well-built.

Functionality and Versatility

Smoothie: The Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 make a super smooth smoothie from soft or tough ingredients, no little flecks, no leftover chunks are left even after blending most stubborn food like kale stems, pineapple or chia seeds. The user will always get a perfectly smooth drink. So, It is more than suitable for processing green smoothies or shakes with protein powder.

Berry seeds are no problem for this machine either. It will completely pulverize strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and others without any residues left.

Juices:  The blender will not separate the fiber from the liquid for making textbook juice but it is more than capable of producing truly smooth smoothies aka “whole juice”.

Frozen ingredients/desserts: The Ascent A2300/A2500 will pulverize easily ice cubes in smoothies, no matter quantity, a number of liquids added, and their size.

The Vitamix powerfully and seamlessly will process ice without any liquid added and will make most delicious sorbet, ice cream, and other frozen desserts within 40 seconds usually. The user may need to use tamper when processing frozen ingredients that come with a blender. The blender is also able to make non-alcoholic slushy drinks.

Nut milk:  The Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 will also make perfect nut milk at home from dry or soaked nuts.

Pureeing: The Ascent A2300/A2500 blender does such a tough job as making a veggie puree from cooked r even raw ingredients. So it has no problem to process mash potato or cauliflower. With a very minimum amount of added liquid it completely pulverizes firm and fibrous fruit/veggie. No wonder, it will also process a perfect baby food purees.

Soup/ hot ingredients: The Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 are designed to process hot ingredients or heat food from cold to boiling temperature. The container lid is equipped with a special cap that allows releasing hit during processing hot ingredients.

So, the user can enjoy making steaming hot soup without a stove or process bulletproof coffee.

It does not have a separate heating element but via friction will heat liquid within 6 ½ minutes of blending.

Chopping/food prep: The blender equipped with truly low speed (1400 RPMs) and pulse function, so it is more than capable to perform a variety of food prep tasks. It will chop onion and cabbage for coleslaw or other salads, make cauliflower rice, prepare a variety of salsa, dips and other recipes without much efforts.

Nut butter:  The Vitamix is powerful enough to grind most delicious homemade nut butter in under 2 minutes. The machine is equipped with custom built tamper, so it will help to remove air pocket and help vortex and complete this task without any efforts.

Grinding/milling:  The A2300/A2500 blenders designed to ground coffee beans into ground coffee, turn herbs into powder or make perfect baking quality flour from any even tiniest grains.

Dough/batter:  As any other Vitamix model the A2300/A2500 easily mix batters for pancakes, cookies, crêpes, and other or knead even thick dough for bread or pizza.

The Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 blender an essential device in any avid cooker kitchen. It is equipped with variable speed, truly low speed, and pulse mode to manipulate any ingredients from chunky to absolutely smooth textures, from cold to boiling hot temperature. There are endless options for using this machine including green smoothies, ice cream, sauces, nut butter and hot soup.

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Ease of Using and Cleaning

Operating: Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 are very easy and straightforward, so the user can start operating Vitamix machines almost immediately.

The user has to turn the blender on by pressing the (I/O) Switch at the right side of the base unit, the control panel will show (—). Then, the user has just to place the container on the base unit centering pad (no need to twist/lock anything into place), the digital control panel will display 0:00 that means the Vitamix wireless connectivity system sense which container was placed on the top of the base unit. Now it is ready to operate.

Tamper: All Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 blenders come with custom made tamper. The tamper is designed to process thicker mixtures and help ingredients moving around during processing food without stopping the machine.

Cleaning: The Vitamix Ascent containers with inbuilt blade assembly, lids, lid plug, centering pad and tamper are all now dishwasher safe, so the machine is very easy to clean.

The self-cleaning procedure or handwashing is also a breeze. For self-cleaning the user just has to fill the pitcher with some water and few drops of soap, run it for 30-40 seconds, pour it out and rinse with clean water.

Optional Accessories and Attachments

There are two types of containers available for the Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 blenders. Ascent attachment will not fit C-series, G-series and S-series machines (because of Ascent has Wireless Connectivity system while other series do not) but interchangeable between the Ascent series models.

Blending Cup Starter Kit – includes two single serve 20-ounce Cups, two spill proof Lids and dedicated Blade Assembly. The single serve cups allow to make individual drinks in the same cup and take them out. These cups could be also used to process small batches of any wet and dry ingredients including chopping, baby food, grinding and others. The only exclusion is hot liquids, the user cannot process hot liquids using the 20 oz. cups.

Blending Bowl Starter Kit – includes two 8-ounce Containers with two Lids and dedicated Blade System. These cups are useful for grinding small batches herbs, coffee of processing dips, baby food, salad dressings, chopping garlic or onion and others. The containers also could be used for storing food using the lids provided in the kit. The same as 20 oz. cups these 8 ozs. containers could not be used for processing hot ingredients.

Apart from the containers, the selection of replacement part are also available to buy separately but the owner of Vitamix blender will not usually require them as the replacement of all part included in the 10-years full Vitamix warranty.

In addition, the user also can buy the selection of Vitamix cookbooks, nut bags, kitchen scale, selection of spatulas and others.

Special Features

Colors: The Ascent A2300/A2500 blenders are available in four different colors – black, red, slate and white.

Certified Refurbished: The Ascent A2300/A2500 are a very new machine and thus there are no certified refurbished units available for these models yet.

Use in countries outside of USA/Canada: Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 machines come with 110-120 voltage system for use in USA/Canada ONLY. It is not available yet in 220-240 voltage version but is expected in the future. For now, the 110-120 volts blenders could be operated via a transformer in countries with 220-240 voltage.

Set Includes

  • Motor Base
  • 64-ounce Low-Profile Container
  • Low-Profile Tamper
  • Ascent Series Cookbook
  • User manual

The Ascent A2300/A2500 blender cookbook does not have as many recipes as the binder versions for C and Next Generation series. But the user can always buy the Vitamix cookbook online or use the manufacturer website for free recipes.

Warranty and Customer Service

The Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 blenders come with 10-Year Full Warranty and 30-days money back guarantees if you decide to return your blender for any reason. The full warranty means that manufacture will serve, ship and replace parts – all free of charges for the entire 10 years period from the date of the purchase. The Vitamix Customer Service is no doubts the best in the industry and they treat all their customer with attention and resolve all the issues raised without any problems.

The Vitamix warranties are transferable and applicable also to the second-hand owner of the machine but counts from the date of purchase of original owner. Any owner can register warranties online or over the telephone any time since purchase. You do not need to keep the receipt to registers your warranty but will have to provide the serial number located on the base of your machine.


The Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 blenders are not very noisy considering the high power motor it has. The Vitamix Ascent blender outputs the same 68 decibels as all Next Generation units.

However, for the very noise sensitive users there is a standard advice – place the rubber mat under the base unit of your machine to dampen the sound output from the blender.


With the base unit footprint of about 8 inches X 11 inches long, Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 will not occupy much space on your counter, it will fit into a big drawer, or on a good-sized shelf. With the height of 17 inches, it will just fit under a standard kitchen cabinet.

The blender weighs 11.86 lbs with the cord of 4 ft. long.

Pros and Cons


  • The Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 blenders is multifunctional machine that is designed to perform variety of tasks from frozen dessert to heating liquids to boiling temperature, not forget about food prep tasks;
  • It is reliable and well-built machine that is confirmed reputation of Vitamix machine to last for decades;
  • The blender has new simple but sleek design;
  • The blender is very easy to use and clean;
  • The Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 20 oz. and 8 oz. separate containers with blade systems available to buy separately for processing smaller batches of food;
  • The machines comes with outstanding 10 years full warranty and best in the industry Customer service;


  • The Ascent A2300/A2500 containers (included in the set and available separately) are not unteachable with Legacy (former C-series and Next Generation) and S –series product lines;
  • The SELF-DETECT Ascent A2300/A2500 containers cost extra money and not cheap;
  • As all Vitamix machine, the A2300/A2500 models are not cheap.

Consumer Reviews

The Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 blenders were released only in 26 of December 2016, thus these models do not have many reviews yet. However, considering the excellent reputation of the manufacturer, new exterior design of the blender and new inbuilt Wireless Connectivity the blender promise to be prevalent.

Amazon rating – 4.7


The Ascent A2300 blenders priced at $470 and A2500 – £520 via the manufacturer website. The Amazon, as usual, offers very competitive price. The machines are often available at a solid discount via amazon website where the consumer can grab A2300 for under $400 and A2500 for under $450.

Besides, the most online retailers, including amazon, offer the same as manufacturer free shipping.

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Despite the Vitamix Ascent A2300/A2500 blenders’ high price, they are definitely worth the money. It has an outstanding power to blend almost everything and has a sleek design that looks great in any kitchen. It is overwhelmingly versatile, it makes smoothies including green ones, frozen desserts, hot soups, performs food prep tasks, mills flour, and many others.

In addition, the Ascent A2300/A2500 blenders manufacturer has a very good reputation for producing most reliable and long lasting machines in an industry.

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