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Best Blenders with Glass Jar — 2021 Reviews

The Kitchenaid, Oster, Hamil­ton Beach, Cuisi­nart, and War­ing are the man­u­fac­tur­ers known to pro­duce blenders with glass or stain­less steel jars. Yet, it is chal­leng­ing to find a tru­ly pow­er­ful and ver­sa­tile blender with a glass con­tain­er. The glass mate­r­i­al is frag­ile, and there is cur­rent­ly no proven tech­nol­o­gy to pro­duce shat­ter­proof glass that can endure the high-end blenders’ high loads. As a result, most of the blenders with glass con­tain­ers are equipped with a motor pow­er below 450 watts, which is rather low for mod­ern lifestyle con­sumers’ demand. When choos­ing a glass blender, the con­sumer must make a tough choice between the gad­get’s pow­er and the glass jar’s ecology.

Even such an indus­try vet­er­an as a Vita­mix that used to pro­duce all its machines with the met­al pitch­er in the past has opt­ed out from the prac­tice. Nowa­days, most the high-pow­er blenders come with East­man Tri­tan copoly­ester (pre­mi­um poly­car­bon­ate) pitch­ers because copoly­ester can with­stand high-end blenders’ high loads and look trans­par­ent as glass.

Nev­er­the­less, a few health-con­scious and aller­gic to plas­tic con­sumers search for a non-plas­tic jar blender with func­tion­al­i­ty com­pa­ra­ble to top-end blenders. This arti­cle has the pur­pose of solv­ing this chal­leng­ing task and offer­ing a list of the blenders that can deliv­er a rel­a­tive­ly heavy-duty job and, at the same time, com­ply with the require­ments of the most health-con­scious con­sumers. We keep in mind that the health-con­scious con­sumers are look­ing not sim­ply for the blender with a glass jar but also for the all-met­al blades mount­ing to guar­an­tee no food con­tact with the plas­tic dur­ing processing.

P.S. In July 2020, Vita­mix released a new Stain­less Steel Con­tain­er com­pat­i­ble with all full-size Vita­mix Models.

Dis­clo­sure: As an Ama­zon Asso­ciate, we may earn an affil­i­ate com­mis­sion for pur­chas­es you make when using the links on this page.

How Research Was Done, and the Ratings Were Attributed

oster blade

hamilton beach blades In our hunt for the right type of gad­get, we select­ed a list of 14 blenders with glass or stain­less steel (War­ing) jars and a pow­er of 700 watts and over. Our list includ­ed Cuisi­nart, Kitchenaid, Elec­trolux, Oster, Black & Deck­er, Frigidaire, Omega, and War­ing machines.

To short­list the best nom­i­nees, we applied a list of the fol­low­ing cri­te­ria to the gad­gets — blade assem­bly, motor pow­er and RPMs, func­tion­al­i­ty and per­for­mance, price, con­trol pan­el and speeds, war­ran­ty and cus­tomer ser­vice, con­sumer rat­ings, and many reviews.

After thor­ough research of the manufacturer’s prod­uct man­u­als on select­ed machines, it became clear that only 5 blenders passed the all-met­al blade assem­bly cri­te­ria – two Oster mod­els, Tribest, Mag­im­ix (Euro­pean brand that is not avail­able in the USA), Tribest Glass Per­son­al Blender with Vac­u­um Jar, and Decen blender. This cri­te­ri­on is the most impor­tant one in our research as it ensures the food placed in the blender will not con­tact the plas­tic mate­r­i­al while pro­cess­ing. Whilst the major­i­ty of glass jar machines come with plas­tic blade couplings.

We also do not include into our list anoth­er two pop­u­lar glass jar blenders with heat­ing ele­ments — Instant Ace Nova /Ace plus Cook­ing Blender and Nin­ja Foo­di Cold & Hot Blender (HB152). These blenders both do not com­ply with the no food–plastic con­tact requirement.

The Instant Ace Nova/Ace Plus Cook­ing Blender looks per­fect at first sight; how­ev­er, we found the plas­tic coat­ing around the blade shaft after care­ful obser­va­tion. And this plas­tic coat­ing may even melt from the heat it is exposed to (accord­ing to the cus­tomer’s report).

While Nin­ja Foo­di Cold & Hot Blender (HB152) has plas­tic details inside the jar, they are even more obvi­ous than the Instant Ace models.

Assess­ing the rest of our cri­te­ria against our short­list turned out to be an easy job, as we had a chance to test all of the blenders in our short­list. How­ev­er, it must be men­tioned, two War­ing mod­els (War­ing 700S and War­ing Com­mer­cial BB900G) that come with the metal/glass jars and all-met­al blade dropped out from our short­list because they have such a low motor wattage that they do not have enough pow­er to crush ice or pul­ver­iz­ing hard or leafy vegetables.
Here are the short reviews on the best pow­er­ful blenders with a glass jar after the rest of our cri­te­ria were applied. And we believe our selec­tion below is the most com­pre­hen­sive what exists on the market.

#1 Oster Pro 1200 Blender — Number One Glass Jar Blender

Oster Pro 1200 blender

This pop­u­lar glass jar blender is the most pow­er­ful, with the best per­for­mance against most of the select­ed criteria/parameters.

Motor: The machine comes with an impres­sive 1200 watt (1.6HP) at-peak motor that deliv­ers the effec­tive pow­er of 900 watts and 19,000 rpm. With an all-met­al dri­ve con­nec­tion, this gad­get is very durable and is like­ly to serve its cus­tomers for many years. It has a heavy and very sta­ble base and quite a sleek, mod­ern look.

Con­trol pan­el: The blender con­trol pan­el is equipped with 7 speeds – the low, medi­um, high speeds, puls­ing mode, and 3 pre-set pro­grams for a smooth­ie, crush­ing ice, and chop­ping – and this allows good con­trol over the blend­ing job.

Con­tain­er, blades: It comes with a stress and tem­per­a­ture-resis­tant sil­i­cate glass 6 cups (48 ounces) pitch­er. The glass pitch­er and the all-met­al blade mount­ing ensure that the food has no con­tact with plas­tic when blend­ing and thus will sat­is­fy most of the strict require­ments of health-con­scious peo­ple look­ing for a non-plas­tic jar blender. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this machine does not include a tam­per to help push the food down to the vor­tex, which is prob­a­bly the only down­side of this blender.

Func­tion­al­i­ty: Oster Pro 1200 is quite ver­sa­tile and per­forms many tasks very well. It makes an almost per­fect­ly smooth drink from soft fruits, decent frozen and green smooth­ies, chops food, and makes many dif­fer­ent sal­sas, mix­es, and sal­ad dress­ing recipes. It is also able to make decent frozen desserts. And, most impor­tant­ly, although with a great effort but it can make nut but­ter. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this machine does not have enough pow­er to heat liq­uid or mill qual­i­ty flour. But it will grind herbs, nuts, and oth­er soft­er ingredients.

War­ran­ty: The gad­get comes with a good 3‑year lim­it­ed war­ran­ty for blender parts and a 10-year lim­it­ed war­ran­ty for the all-met­al motor and dri­ve connections.

Sum­ma­ry: No doubt, this machine came out to be num­ber one as the best pow­er­ful blenders with a glass jar. It has very decent func­tion­al­i­ty and, most impor­tant­ly, it comes at a very rea­son­able price.

Read the full Oster Pro 1200 review here.

Oster Pro 1200 Blender, via Amazon

#2 Tribest DB-950 Dynablend Clean Blender — Second Best Option for the Glass Jar Blender

dynablend DB-950

This mod­el is an upgrade to Tribest DB-850, the ini­tial brand attempt to pro­duce all non-plas­tic blenders. The new­er DB-950 mod­el has the same as the DB-850 ver­sion, a fair­ly pow­er­ful 1.1HP (820 watts) motor, and is able to attain a 23000rpm.

Motor: This machine has the same as the 850 ver­sion, a rea­son­ably pow­er­ful 1.1HP (820 watts) motor, and deliv­ers at the high­est speed a siz­able 23000rpm.

Con­tain­er, blades: The Tribest DB-850 gad­get had the prob­lem that the major­i­ty of glass jar blenders have – it is equipped with a glass jar but has plas­tic blade mount­ing. This DB-950 Dyn­ablend Clean mod­el comes with a suc­cess­ful­ly resolved blade mount­ing issue, and it has a total glass con­tain­er with a sil­i­cone seal­ing gas­ket and all-met­al blade and cou­pling. In addi­tion, it comes with a (64 ounces) 1800ml thick heavy-duty glass pitch­er and includes a met­al scoop that has the role of tam­per and can be used for push­ing or stir­ring thick ingre­di­ents dur­ing blend­ing or as a mea­sur­ing scoop.

Con­trol pan­el: Its con­trol pan­el has 5 vari­able speeds and two pre-set pro­grams — 30 sec­onds puls­ing mode and 60 sec­onds high-speed blend­ing mode. That allows enough con­trol for the user to per­form many blend­ing tasks.

Func­tion­al­i­ty: This gad­get usu­al­ly makes a very decent qual­i­ty smooth­ie, although some­times it is a lit­tle tex­tured. It han­dles frozen ingre­di­ents well, or ice cubes, when using blend­ing at the high-speed 60-sec­ond cycle. The machine will chop dif­fer­ent veg­eta­bles well and nuts using the pre-set pulse mode or vari­able speeds. It will do a decent herb grind­ing job, but milling grains is a bit chal­leng­ing for this gad­get. This machine does not deliv­er enough speed to heat soup from fric­tion. This machine can make nut but­ter with con­sid­er­able effort, but you will have to run 8–10 high-speed cycles to achieve a smooth con­sis­ten­cy. Over­all, it can per­form a wide range of blend­ing tasks with good quality.

War­ran­ty: Most impor­tant­ly, this blender is backed by the high­est 10-year war­ran­ty that means that the man­u­fac­tur­er stands by the prod­uct and its durability.

Sum­ma­ry: In gen­er­al, this is a decent blender that is pow­er­ful enough to make decent smooth­ies, crush ice, and pro­duce oth­er qual­i­ty blend­ing tasks. How­ev­er, this machine has one draw­back: It is still a bit pricey.

Tribest DB-950 Dyn­ablend Clean Blender, via Amazon

#3 Magimix 11610 Blender- The Best Glass Jar Blender for Europe

(Only avail­able for Euro­pean consumers)

magimix blender

This blender is pro­duced in France and is cur­rent­ly avail­able only to Euro­pean con­sumers. It comes with a pow­er­ful 1200 watt at-peak motor and oper­a­tional pow­er of around 600 watts.
Con­trol pan­el: This machine con­trol pan­el has 4 vari­able speeds, 4 pre-set pro­grams (ice, smooth­ie, soup, and desserts), and pulse mode. The vari­able speed deliv­ers ampli­tude rang­ing from 600 RPMs at the low­est to 15000 RPMs at the high­est speed.

Con­tain­er, blades: Mag­im­ix 11610 comes with 1800ml (64 oz.) heat and cold resis­tant borosil­i­cate glass jar. It includes a very con­ve­nient tam­per that allows for stir­ring stub­born ingre­di­ents dur­ing blend­ing for effort­less pro­cess­ing. Most impor­tant, it has an all-met­al blade assem­bly that ensures no food con­tact­ing plas­tic dur­ing blending.

Func­tion­al­i­ty: This machine makes very good qual­i­ty smooth­ies from soft fruits and leafy veg­eta­bles. It process well ice and frozen ingre­di­ents and its user man­u­al include few recipes for frozen desserts. This machine comes with an addi­tion­al grind­ing ball and blade assem­bly to grind herbs or chop nuts quite well. This Mag­im­ix blender will not heat liq­uid from fric­tion but makes pan­cake bat­ter. It is also pos­si­ble to expand its ver­sa­til­i­ty by buy­ing addi­tion­al food pro­cess­ing attach­ments com­pat­i­ble with this blender.

War­ran­ty: Mag­im­ix 11610 Blender comes with a rea­son­able 3 years war­ran­ty. The pro­duc­er has a good rep­u­ta­tion as it is well-known in Europe for the pop­u­lar Food Proces­sors prod­uct lines.

Sum­ma­ry: Over­all, it is a very stur­dy and ver­sa­tile gad­get with all met­al and glass jar and blade assem­bly. It is priced and per­forms very sim­i­lar­ly to the Tribest blender. When choos­ing between those two blenders, Euro­pean health-aware con­sumers may base their deci­sion on brand loy­al­ty or design preferences.

Mag­im­ix 11610 Blender, via Amazon

#4 Decen Blender (Aicok brand) — The Best Budget Option for Glass Jar Blender


The Decen BL-126C blender was released at the begin­ning of 2018. It is mar­ket­ed by Aicok (trade­mark reg­is­tered in 2016), which Changchun Chengji Tech­nol­o­gy CO., LTD own.

Motor: The gad­get is equipped with pow­er­ful 1000 watts motor and a stain­less steel hous­ing and exte­ri­or sim­i­lar to Oster 1200 Pro.

Con­trol pan­el: The con­trol pan­el is equipped with 5 speeds, Ice, Smooth­ies, and Pulse pre-set pro­grams, and on/off but­tons that give the user enough con­trol over the blend­ing process. It is very easy to use; after the jar instal­la­tion and lock­ing, the con­trol pan­el blue line starts to flash with blue light and indi­cates that it is ready to operate.

Con­tain­er, blades: The machine comes with remov­able all-met­al and tita­ni­um-plat­ed 6‑prongs blades. The blades are very sharp, and their design was copied from the Oster 1200 pro blender blades. Despite this fact, the blade sys­tem is of good qual­i­ty; blades are extreme­ly sharp and remain sharp through its use. The 64 oz (1800 ml) jar is made of durable heat-resis­tant borosil­i­cate glass 64 OZ glass. The jar is grad­u­at­ed with ml, cups, pints, and ounces.

Func­tion­al­i­ty: It makes impres­sive smooth­ies, turns ice into per­fect snow, and is able to blend ice cream and ice drinks like mar­gar­i­tas, daiquiris, and oth­ers. The machine can blend dress­ing, puree, dip/salsa, and chop vegetables.

War­ran­ty: The Decen BL-126C comes with a two-year war­ran­ty and life­time tech­ni­cal con­sul­ta­tion; the cus­tomer ser­vice is avail­able only via email and must reply with­in 24hours.

Sum­ma­ry: Over­all, it is a good val­ue for mon­ey blenders. It pro­duces a good qual­i­ty drink and per­forms a range of oth­er func­tions. It has a strong motor that is equipped with heat pro­tec­tion tech­nol­o­gy but bare­ly warms up dur­ing use. A good bonus, it is not noisy. The only draw­back, it is a new­ly released machine, and thus hard to gauge its dura­bil­i­ty. It is also man­u­fac­tured by unknown man­u­fac­ture, and nobody knows how long it will stay on the mar­ket and whether it will serve the promised warranty.

Decen Blender with Glas Jar, via Amazon

#5 Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender — The Best Glass Jar Blender for Crushing Ice

oster reverse crush blender

This machine is very pop­u­lar with fans of frozen ingre­di­ents smooth­ies as it is designed to crush ice well.

Motor: It comes with a pow­er­ful enough 1000 at peak watt motor that out­puts effec­tive 600 watts when work­ing con­tin­u­ous­ly or crush­ing ice.

Con­tain­er, blades: Most impor­tant, this Oster mod­el sat­is­fies no plas­tic inside of pitch­er require­ments. It has an all-met­al blade and mount­ing assem­bly and has a very well-built, durable motor. It comes with a sol­id and sta­ble unit base that does not trav­el over the counter when working.

Con­trol pan­el: This machine has low, medi­um, high speeds, low pulse, and high pulse modes and two pre-set pro­grams for mak­ing frozen drinks and chop­ping ingre­di­ents that allow fair­ly decent con­trol over blending.

Con­tain­er, blades: It comes with a 6‑Cup (48 oz.) Boro­class sil­i­cate Glass jar. The glass is stress and tem­per­a­ture-resis­tant, and shat­ters proof. This machine has no tam­per and will require you to stop and stir sometimes.

Func­tion­al­i­ty: Oster Reverse Crush blender has lim­it­ed func­tion­al­i­ty and is ded­i­cat­ed to pro­cess­ing frozen ingre­di­ents most­ly. Still, it is pos­si­ble to make a fair­ly smooth smooth­ie with some effort. If you use hard ingre­di­ents, it will prob­a­bly have to be run on more than one cycle on pre-sets or 2–3 min­utes on high speed. It will chop veg­eta­bles fair­ly well and can pro­duce sal­sa or sal­ad dress­ings. How­ev­er, this machine has lim­it­ed grind­ing abil­i­ties, and it will not make nut butter.

War­ran­ty: As the major­i­ty of Oster blenders do, it comes with a 3‑year machine lim­it­ed war­ran­ty and a 10-year lim­it­ed war­ran­ty for its motor parts.

Sum­ma­ry: Gen­er­al­ly, this gad­get per­forms very well for lim­it­ed tasks such as smooth­ies mak­ing or crush­ing ice. It will also do oth­er jobs to var­i­ous degrees of per­fec­tion. Besides, this machine has an attrac­tive price that is very rea­son­able for such a qual­i­ty blender.

Read here the full Oster Reverse Crush BVCB07-Z00-000 Review.

Oster Reverse Crush Coun­ter­forms Blender, via Amazon

#6 Tribest Glass Personal Blender and Glass Vacuum Blender

Pribest Personal Glass Blender and Vacuum Glass blender

Anoth­er South Kore­an Tribest Glass Jar Blender per­fect­ly meets our cri­te­ria and has zero plas­tic parts in con­tact with food. This machine is avail­able in two pack­ages 1) PBG-5050, which includes a set of sin­gle-serve glass jars, and 2) PBG-5001‑A, which has sin­gle-serve glass jars and vac­u­um lid glass jars that allow blend­ing the drinks with min­i­mum food oxidizing.

Motor: The blender has a sleek design, a pow­er­ful enough 500 Watts/0.67 peak HP motor, and a tur­bo cool­ing fan, and an auto­mat­ic over­heat pro­tec­tion system.

Con­trol pan­el: The gad­get is equipped with four (4) vari­able speeds dial knob, and the touch Pulse but­ton makes that allow enough con­trol over the vari­ety of blend­ing tasks. The con­trol pan­el has a speed dis­play that shows if the con­tain­er is prop­er­ly installed.

Con­tain­er, blades: The mod­el with only per­son­al blender cups includes three (3) mason style tem­pered glass 8 con­tain­ers with the capac­i­ty of oz., 16 oz., and 24 oz.
The set with a vac­u­um jar includes one 16 oz. Mason-type glass jar and 42 oz. tem­pered glass upright con­tain­er with vac­u­um lid.
The blender comes with remov­able 6‑prongs of all stain­less steel blades and a sil­i­cone seal­ing ring.

Func­tion­al­i­ty: The blender is very effec­tive and capa­ble of mak­ing good qual­i­ty smooth­ies from wet and dry ingre­di­ents; it crush­es ice fair­ly well, grinds cof­fee and herbs though not very fine, and can make even nut milk. And no doubt, it is more than capa­ble of being used for bul­let­proof coffee.

War­ran­ty: The Tribest Per­son­al and Vac­u­um mod­els are equipped with a good 5‑year war­ran­ty and polite and help­ful cus­tomer service.

Sum­ma­ry: The Tribest Glass Per­son­al Blender is a pricey machine and thus not for everyone.
Nev­er­the­less, it per­fect­ly sat­is­fies all the no-leach­ing chem­i­cals require­ments and capa­ble enough for the lit­tle 500 Watts machine. The blender is com­pact with a mod­er­ate foot­print and pro­files 5.7” x 5.7” x 15” (147 mm x 143 mm x 384 mm) and weighs only 5.5 Ibs (2.5 kg).

Warn­ing: The Tribest Glass Jar Blender PBG-5050 and PBG-5001‑A blender is designed to be used only with con­tain­ers includ­ed in the set (replace­ments are avail­able) and NOT with the stan­dard Mason jars.

Tribest Glass Per­son­al Blender and Vac­u­um Blender, via Amazon


Accord­ing to our research based on criteria:
1. All-met­al blade system,
2. Motor Power,
3. Performance,
4. Dura­bil­i­ty, and
5. Price

The Oster Pro 1200 Blender is the best blender with a glass jar. The Tribest DB-950 Dyn­ablend machine shows a very sim­i­lar per­for­mance to the Oster Pro 1200. Both make good smooth­ies, han­dle frozen desserts well, though with efforts but can make nut but­ter, but the Oster is almost 2.5 times less expen­sive than Tribest. Yet, Tribest DB-950 Dyn­ablend has a nicer design and comes with the tamper/measuring spoon.

Although the Decen machine per­forms bet­ter than Oster Pro 1200 and Tribest DB-950 Dyn­ablend, it crush­es ice bet­ter, processed nut but­ter with few­er efforts than the oth­er two machines. How­ev­er, it is man­u­fac­tured by an unknown Chi­nese pro­duc­er and has ques­tion­able dura­bil­i­ty and quality.

Apart from oth­er pow­er­ful and “healthy” Oster Reverse Crush Coun­ter­forms, there are a cou­ple of oth­er Oster mod­els with a peak pow­er of around 1000 watts. Still, they have only two or three speeds, and thus the user has lim­it­ed con­trol over the blend­ing process.

The Tribest Per­son­al and Vac­u­um Blender is not as pow­er­ful as all machines above and has the high­est price tag com­pared to oth­er blenders on our list. But it is an option for those who are look­ing for the Per­son­al Glass or the Vac­u­um Glass Blender.

While peo­ple who are look­ing for the best blender with a non-plas­tic jar have to decide among the Oster Pro 1200, Decen, Tribest DB-950 Dyn­ablend Clean, Tribest Per­son­al Glass and Vac­u­um blender, and Oster Reverse Crush Coun­ter­forms blenders depend­ing on their pri­or­i­ty – bet­ter per­for­mance but not rep­utable man­u­fac­ture and ques­tion­able dura­bil­i­ty, nicer appear­ance, and tam­per but more expen­sive. The Euro­pean cus­tomers will decide between the very sim­i­lar per­form­ing and iden­ti­cal­ly priced Tribest DB-950 Dyn­ablend and Mag­im­ix 11610 blenders.

P.S. It should be men­tioned while select­ing the best blender with the glass jar, our main cri­te­ria was the all-met­al blade sys­tem. The per­for­mance and func­tion­al­i­ty of the gad­get had the sec­ond-order pri­or­i­ty. Hence the blenders in our list are not high-end machines and have many issues with their per­for­mance, but they meet the health safe­ty criteria.

We still desire to unveil a high-end blender with a non-plas­tic jar and all-met­al blades. It sure­ly must be a machine with a stain­less steel con­tain­er since the glass will not tol­er­ate such high loads. And we even believed we dis­closed the one — the War­ing Com­mer­cial MX1000XTS/ MX1200XTS Xtreme Hi-Pow­er. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the machine stain­less steel can­is­ter leaks out the Teflon black specks and plas­tic flecks. We report­ed to the man­u­fac­tur­er of the prob­lem and hope the War­ing will resolve the future prob­lem. Then the health-con­scious con­sumer will have their chance to obtain a per­fect healthy non-plas­tic con­tain­er high-end blender.

In fact, you can find a per­fect­ly healthy stain­less steel con­tain­er blender ‑Har­rex­co Mix­er — with no Teflon in blades assem­bly and 3000rpms–32000rpms blade speed (thus able to process ice and heat liq­uid with fric­tions); sad­ly, this per­fect­ly healthy blender is avail­able only from Ger­man Ama­zon and very expensive.

Mean­while, Vita­mix made a great sur­prise to its cus­tomers and oth­er health-aware con­sumers who are in search of a pow­er­ful high-end blender with a glass or stain­less steel con­tain­er. In July 2020, the long wait­ing Vita­mix stain­less steel con­tain­er was intro­duced to the mar­ket; check here our review for the new Vita­mix jug.

Check the Best Blender for Smooth­ies and More arti­cle for more options.

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  1. Mary B

    I pur­chased an Oster 1200 based on this review. It may sound fussy — indeed, I know it is — but the edge of the gas­ket ring (which is referred to as “rub­ber”, but which feels like plas­tic) at the bot­tom of the blender does actu­al­ly touch the food, and I did­n’t like the look of the met­al that the blades and bot­tom are made of. These also touch the food.

    I was look­ing for a blender to blend hot soups, so there being any plas­tic-like mate­r­i­al or alu­minum touch­ing the hot soup was a concern. 

    I will most like­ly inves­ti­gate immer­sion blenders next!

    • Maria F.

      Hi, I pur­chased this blender yes­ter­day and had the exact same obser­va­tions. It’s not fussy. I called the com­pa­ny and they told me that the base on which the blades are attached is made of unpol­ished steel and so it can rust, so the con­sumer should dry it imme­di­ate­ly after wash­ing it. I’ll prob­a­bly return the product.

  2. Gayleen Sinclair

    Very infor­ma­tive, thank you for this most com­pre­hen­sive and infor­ma­tive information .
    I was using a friends old met­al con­tain­er Vita­mix blender and liked it very much but gave it back a short while ago
    so now in the mar­ket for a good but not out­ra­geous­ly expen­sive blender. I was look­ing for one with a glass jar because
    I have noticed that my neigh­bour’s Vita­mix blender con­tain­ers stain. What do you rec­om­mend clean­ing the pitchers
    with. I would be inter­est in buy­ing a refur­bished 7500 G — series blender.
    Can you pro­vide any infor­ma­tion on the Nin­ja 1000 blender? Are their con­tain­er BPA free and made of East­man Tri­tan copoly­ester like the Vitamix?

    • lucy

      You are right, unfor­tu­nate­ly, East­man Tri­tan con­tain­ers stain. How­ev­er, if you dry it with the cloth imme­di­ate­ly after clean­ing the con­tain­er should not devel­op stains. If your con­tain­er already cloudy than you can soak it in the water with 8 ounces of white vine­gar, leave it for few hours and care­ful­ly clean after wet sponge.

      Nin­ja 1000 con­tain­ers are indeed PBA free but made from the rather cheap plas­tic and not Tri­tan copoly­ester. You can find our Nin­ja 1000 review here.

  3. Trish

    I would­n’t rec­om­mend the Oster 1200 as I had mine for a peri­od of 4 months and the pin on the so-called durable met­al con­struc­tion broke. I was mak­ing bread­crumbs when this occurred. Since Oster does have an excel­lent war­ran­ty I was able to exchange it for anoth­er one at my retail store. Upon set­ting it up and test­ing it, it sound­ed like an out board motor and was so loud my apart­ment neigh­bour could hear it, plus I had to hold it from mov­ing around my counter. I had read reviews of it being extreme­ly loud, but my first one was­n’t. So, I returned it and end­ed up get­ting the Hamil­ton Beach 950 that is much qui­eter and makes bet­ter smooth­ies. The qui­et shield they include is hyped and use­less, but to-date it suits my smooth­ie and home­made milk needs.

  4. Elizabeth Thomas

    Does any­body make a mini blender with a glass jar con­tain­er? I like to blend my hot cof­fee but I hate to have to get out the big blender for just a cup of coffee.

    • toto

      yup Krups/Moulinex make a small fair­ly inex­pen­sive glass jar blender. it’s only 300W and its jar is heavy and unwieldy so it is easy to drop.

  5. Christopher Mehelic

    Are use the KitchenAid old-school blender with a glass jar and an option­al Met­al Jar. I recent­ly bought a new KitchenAid blender that’s poly­car­bon­ate pitch­er. Call me crazy but my old school blender blends way bet­ter than the new one. The new one I have is an archi­tect series the old one I have is a ProS­eries like my old school Kitchenaid food proces­sor. These are made in France and built for a life­time not the new stuff it’s cheap

    • Eric Cumming

      Hi Christo­pher, what is the mod­el num­ber for your old school KitchenAid Pro blender? I am look­ing for one with a glass jar, but all I can find are the new Pro blenders with the poly jars. Thanks!

  6. Kim

    I had an Oster Blender that I used for smooth­ies, com­mon­ly crush­ing ice with frozen organ­ic berries–it last­ed 20 years!! I’m now shop­ping for a replace­ment. Any advice?

  7. Ema

    Hi, I am look­ing for a small blender for the same rea­son- most­ly for hot drink — Have you found any solu­tion? thanks 🙂

    • lucy

      Hi Ema,

      There are few per­son­al blenders that come with mason jars and han­dle hot drinks. The Tri­bets is a rep­utable brand but quite expen­sive and man­u­fac­tures a glass jars per­son­al blenders mod­el (now this arti­cle is updat­ed and the review of this mod­el is added).

      There is also Chi­nese knock off for cheap­er prices that come with Mason jar — ECX Per­son­al Blender for Shakes and Smoothies.

  8. Barbara Dooley

    I had a cuisi­nart blender for years…Had a prob­lem after twen­ty years and asked my hus­band to look at.…he told me throw it away just old…get a new one.…I bought two or three oth­er blenders…they are hor­ri­ble. I used to make frap­pi­cianas with cuisinart…tasted just like Starbucks.….where could I find a used one that is in good condiition.….I do not drink hot cof­fee in a.m.…drink frappiciana.…


    • lucy

      Hi Bar­bara,
      What Cuisi­nart mod­el are you talk­ing about? Try eBay, you often can find there some old school glass jar blenders there.

  9. Mel

    Thank you for this arti­cle, it’s very helpful 🙂

    Do you hap­pen to know if any oth­er Mag­im­ix blenders are plas­tic free?
    I’m in Aus­tralia and could pur­chase the Mag­im­ix Pow­er Blender but still haven’t man­aged to find out if it’s plas­tic free. The oth­er blenders you’ve men­tioned aren’t avail­able in Australia.

  10. Timothy Aldred

    We bought an Oster glass jar blender and with­in a month the plas­tic at the bot­tom of the jar cracked and broke. Oster is off our list of brand names to buy.

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