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NutriBullet 600 watts Blender vs Nutri Ninja Pro BL450

NutriBullet 600 watts is probably the most popular personal blender currently on the market with the Nutri Ninja just slightly behind just because it is the newer product. They are both accompanied by quite enticing advertising campaigns. Consumers struggling which blender to choose. This article will help you to identify your needs and answer which machine it the best to meet your expectations.

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NutriBullet 600 watts High-Speed Blender

NutriBullet 600 watts blenderThe NutriBullet 600 watts machine is available in 3 packages – 8-piece, 12-piece, and 14-piece sets. All packages come with the identical 600 watts motor base unit and the different selection of cups, blade attachments, lids, and promotional materials, so the typical NutriBullet set includes:

  • Power Base Unit with 600 watts motor;
  • Pulverizing Blade and Milling Blade for 12-piece and 14-piece sets and only Pulverizing Blade for the 8-piece set;
  • 24 oz. and 32 oz. polycarbonate cups (number of each cups depend on the package);
  • Selection of different types of lip rings and lid;
  • Pocket Nutritionist Guide, User Manual, and Healing Book (selection depends on the package).

The NutriBullet as the majority of other personal type machines does not have the control panel. It is operated at one speed by locking the cup against the base unit in running position and in order to stop operation users have to release the locked mode. Although, limited speed choice does not allow much flexibility over the blending process fans of single-serve gadget do not mind this problem.

This machine also comes with two or three containers depending on the package, the cups a made from not very high-quality polycarbonate material and do not stress and temperature resistant what makes them prone to cracking and leaking.

It is also equipped with removable blade assemblies, the 12-piece and 14 –piece packages comes with two sets of blades for liquids and for dry ingredients that allow them to process a bit wider range of recipes. The 8-piece set has only a pulverizing type blade that intended for processing liquid food. NutriBullet blade assemblies are not well made and often have durability issues.

This blender is supposed to perform the following functions:

  • Smoothie, it blends decent quality drinks only from soft ingredients, green smoothies from tough and leafy veggies will pulverize into grainy consistency drinks;
  • Crushes ice only with added enough liquid, is not able to process iced into snow cone consistency;
  • Not designed to process hot liquids;
  • It is suitable only for light pureeing, chopping and food prep tasks, and will make simple salad dressing, mixes, and salsas;
  • Suitable for grinding and milling only for soft ingredients, but will handle coffee beans.

In addition, the MagicBullet 600 watts comes with the only 1-year limited warranty,  Magic Bullet customer service has a bad reputation among customers for being not helpful.

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Nutri Ninja Pro BL450 Blender

nutri ninja bl456Nutri Ninja Pro comes in 3 different models such as BL450, BL451, and BL456. All models have the same base unit with very powerful 900 watts motor but the different selection of containers and recipe books. The typical Nutri Ninja Pro set includes:

  • 900 Watt Motor Base Unit;
  • One Blade Assembly;
  • 12 oz., 18oz. and 24oz. polycarbonate cups (number and selection depending on model);
  • Sip and Seal Lids (selection depends on model);
  • Recipe and Wellness Guide and Instruction Book (depends on model).

The blender does not have the control panel and operated with pulse function only while the user holds it. The only one speed available allows processing selection of recipes only by manipulation with pulse mode. These limitations, however, have some positive side, it makes the gadget easier to use than traditional blenders.

Nutri Ninja Pro equipped with rather low-quality polycarbonate cups that are not able to handle hot liquids and may crack when exposed to high loads.

This machine comes with only one set of blade assembly for both liquid and dry tasks. The processing of dry food is not the strong side of this gadget, it is able to perform very limited grinding and milling tasks. So, this gadget is designed for the following tasks:

  • Smoothie, including decent quality green smoothies, nut milk, and protein shakes;
  • Crushes ice even without added liquid up to snow cone consistency and produce excellent ice cream and frozen dessert;
  • Not designed to process hot liquids;
  • Pureeing, chopping and food prep including simple dips, it is able to puree soft food, make salsas and salad dressings;
  • Grinding and milling have limited abilities to perform these tasks, will not be able to mill hard grains, not designed for grinding coffee beans also.

The Nutri Ninja comes with a 1-year limited warranty, the customer service is not good at solving customers’ issues.

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NutriBullet and Nutri Ninja Pro BL450 Differences and Features



NutriBullet 600 watts High-Speed


Nutri Ninja Pro BL450/BL451/BL456
Motor600 watts with the plastic motor to the blade couplings;900 watts with the plastic motor to the blade connections;
BladesRemovable pulverizing and milling blade assembly for 12 and 14 pieces sets and only  pulverizing blade for 8–piece set;Removable one blade assembly set for both liquid and dry ingredients processing;
ContainersLow quality 24 oz. and 32 oz. polycarbonate containers(number of cups depends on package);Not a high quality 12 oz., 18 oz. and 24 oz. polycarbonate cups (selection of cups depends on model);
Using & CleaningVery easy to use and clean that is typical for any other personal type blender, all parts are dishwasher safe for cleaning;Very easy to set up for running, using and cleaning, the same as any other single-serve blender;
Control panelIt is operated at one speed. To start running users push the cup and lock it in running position. To stop the machine user have to push anti-clockwise to release the cup. The user does not need to hold the cup while the blender is running.This machine has no speed control and operated on pulse function. The user presses the top part of the machine against the base unit to run it in short intervals. The blender operates only while the user holds the machine in a pulse position.
Warranty1-year limited warranty. Bad reputation Customer Service.1-year Limited warranty with not very helpful Customer Service.


  • Blends decent smoothies only from soft ingredients, tough vegetables will result in are quite grainy consistency;
  • Processes ice only with liquid added;
  • Does not handle hot liquids, not suitable for bulletproof coffee;
  • Do basic chopping and mincing vegetable tasks
  • Grinds herbs, coffee beans, and mills soft grains only.


  • Makes decent quality drinks including green smoothies;
  • Crushes ice without liquid added and able to produce frozen desserts, ice creams and shave ice for drinks;
  • Does not handle hot liquids, processing bulletproof coffee may damage blender; Makes nut milk but no nut butter;
  • Makes nut milk but no nut butter;
  • Makes nut milk but no nut butter;
  • Purees vegetables well, does not complicated food prep tasks such as veggie chopping, nut chopping, salad dressing, and others;
  • Mills soft grains, not good at grinding coffee or herbs.
DimensionsFootprint diameter is 5.4 inches, profile height is 13 inches with 32 oz. on the top of the base unit. Weight is 3.6 pounds.The footprint is 4 x 4 inches, profile height is 14.8 inches with 24 oz. container. Weight is 8.2 pounds.


Ranges from $60 to $90 depending on package and color.


Ranging from $60 for the refurbished model to $90 for original machines.

How to Choose Between the Two Blenders

The NutriBullet 600 watts High-Speed and Nutri Ninja Pro BL450/BL451/ BL456 are quite similar gadgets in design, functionality but Nutri Ninja Pro has a more powerful motor and produces a superior quality of blending. Nutri Ninja is able to make good quality green smoothies while NutriBullet almost fails in this function. The Nutri Ninja is a powerful machine and the only personal blender under $100 that will crush ice without liquid and will produce excellent frozen desserts or shaved iced drinks. While NutriBullet is not able to process ice without liquids and even with liquid added the quality of ice processing is not always perfect. Both blenders are able to produce the same quality light chopping and food prep tasks and make salsa, salad dressing, and others. The only task the NutriBullet performs a bit better than the Nutri Ninja is the herbs and coffee beans milling, the NutriBullet comes with the special milling blade for this purpose (only 12-piece and 14-piece sets).

In terms of durability, Nutri Ninja is also a more solid and better-built machine but both blenders suffer from durability issues.


Although NutriBullet is more popular, Nutri Ninja is no doubts is the much better machine. If you need a blender for making decent smoothies, crushing ice, and producing frozen dessert than the Nutri Ninja is an obvious choice. The price is also very similar and cannot be a decision-maker, both machines are possible to grab from $60 to $90 depending on model and colors.

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