6 Best Juicers for Leafy Greens Juicing – 2020 Guide

Extracting the juice from Leafy Greens is rather a challenging task and not every style of juicer will be able to handle it properly. All Masticating Cold Press Slow Juicers such as Twin Gear, Horizontal Single Auger and Vertical Single Auger but excluding fast masticating Champion Juicer will do very well at juicing all types of fleshy and non-fleshy leafy greens. While even premium centrifugal juicers will be able to extract juice ONLY from the fleshy greens like bok choy, lettuce and others (low yield though) but almost useless when juicing the non-fleshy produce like kale, parsley or arugula.

So, we will not review the centrifugal juicers in this article since it is about the best juicing machines for the extracting the juice from Leafy Greens.

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Leafy greens: kale (the king of all the healthy leafy greens), broccoli, collard greens, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, bok choy, parsley, arugula, chard, curly endive, mache, mizuna, tat soi, dandelion, watercress, romaine, turnip green, beetroot green, mustard green, Chinese broccoli, broccoli rabe, artichoke, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, rapini, savoy, cauliflower, rhubarb.

How We Select the Best Juicers for Leafy Greens

Depending on what type of Leafy Greens produce you are intending to juice the different types of masticating juicers will handle them with various degree of success. And unfortunately, there is no such a thing as the perfect machine for everything, each type has its pros and cons such as producing a lot of foam but offer the best yield, multifunctional but very expensive.

So, we will not present the list of so-called best juicer for the leafy greens but in fact list the amazon best-selling juicing machines as majority of reviews do. Instead we will describe the pros and cons of each type of juice extractors that work well for juicing greens and offer you the premium and budget model for each type of machine, so you will be able to choose the best machine that will truly best for your needs.

We also will not recommend the Chinese Knock off machines but will review them later and outline all the pros and cons of these machines for different types of produce.

Notice: To dispel unrealistic expectation about juicing, we have to mention that the spinach will always produce enormous amount of foam regardless type of juicer you use.

Twin-Gear Masticating/Triturating Slow Cold Press Juicers

Twin-Gear masticating juicers press and crash produce between two tightly rotated together rod-shaped gears which then press the juice against the fine screen. The gears usually rotate with the slow 82-160 rpm speed which the fastest among all the masticating slow juicers.

The Twin Gear models are the ideal machines for juicing leafy greens, wheatgrass and all vegetables and even most fruits.


  • Offer the best leafy greens juice quality of all and thus recommend by nutritionist;
  • Deliver the highest yield for leafy greens and most of the other produce;
  • Less pulpy leafy greens output than other masticating juices


  • They are not easiest to use and clean;
  • Usually produce more foam (because they fastest, the faster speed the more foam);
  • Most expensive.

Super Angel Pro/Plus/Premium Deluxe Juicer

https://www.reddit.com/r/Juicing/comments/ep99qj/new_omega_nc1000hds_juicer/The Super Angel Juicer is the best and most expensive twin gear masticating/triturating slow juicer manufactured in South Korea. It is fully made from stainless steel and available in 3 main models – Angel Pro (5500 in Europe), Angel Plus (7500 in Europe) and Angel Premium Deluxe (8500 in Europe) – that have absolutely same shape, look and construction but have minor difference in controls and type of stainless steel the some part of machine are made of.

Set includes:

  • Motor Base Unit;
  • Juice and pulp containers;
  • Accessories: Cleaning Brush, Scrubbing Bristle, Screen Scraper, Standard Wooden Pusher, Wooden Pusher with Silicone Seal (for soft fruit juicing);
  • Power Cord;
  • Instruction Manual. 

Main Body and Motor Unit: The entire juicer housing is made of high-quality food grade stainless steel. All main Juicer body parts such as motor, gearbox, cooling systems, safety sensors, and control panel are upgraded in 2018 to comply with U.S. electrical specifications.

The 180 watts motor rotates the twin gears with the slow speed of 82 rpm and comes with few safety feature – 1) it will run if only fully and properly assembled; 2) a built-in automatic overheating system; 3)a built-in clutch that prevents damage to engine if foreign object get into the feeding chute; 4) a protection from electric shocks.

Gears/Auger: The 100% stainless steel three-stage (1st stage grinds ingredients, 2nd stage presses produces and 3rd stage squeeze all the last drop) twin gear have the largest sizes among all twin gears juicers (8 ⅜” (212.7mm) length and 1⅜” (34mm) diameter). Which provide most efficient ingredients processing.  

Juicing screen: Three (3) stage screen is designed to sieve the juice from each of the 3 stages processed by twin gears. Which results on average in 15% – 30% more juice extracted compared to other masticating juicers.

Drum and Feeding Chute: The Angel Juicer comes with irremovable 1.7 inches (43 mm) feeding chute.  The feeding chute is not very wide, it is certainly requires pre-cut for most of the ingredients but it complies with safety requirements for the horizontal juicers.

Containers: The Super Angel comes with 1 Quart/4cups/32 oz./1000ml Pyrex Glass juicing container and large 48 oz./ 1400ml plastic pulp container.

Pressure Adjustment Juicing Knob: It does not have any pressure adjustment option for the pulp, the Angel process efficiently all type of food without this option.

Functionality: The Super Angel Juicer is the only multi-functional juicers on the market that handle all types of fruits and vegetable almost perfectly, so it is able to juice:

  • Leafy Greens;
  • Wheatgrass;
  • Shoots and Sprouts;
  • Celery;
  • Pine needles;
  • Citruses;
  • Soft Fruit and vegetables like pineapples;
  • Pomegranates.

You can also buy blank and grinding screens for additional food processing tasks such as raw milk from soy, nuts and grains, nut butters and frozen desserts.

Leafy Greens Juice Yield: 2.2lbs/1 kg spinach and kale mixture produces 630-650 ml of juice.

Cleaning and assembling/disassembling: The Super Angel has a unique and very different form nay other twin gear juicers design. The drum with chute, juicing screen and end cap come as a one peace known as Extracting Housing that make it the easiest twin gear machine to use assemble/disassemble and clean. There are just 3 main components that need cleaning – the Extracting Housing, the two Augers and Splash Guard.

Warranty: The juicer comes with 10 years Limited non-transferrable Warranty that is applicable for Motor and 5 year warranty for Extracting Housing, Twin Gears, Screen Scraper (Cleaning Knife), Power Cord.

Contact the Customer Support Desk at 714-731-0045 or email us at info@superangeljuicers.com.

Dimensions: 19 1/2″ L x 7 3/4″ W x 10 1/2″ H/495mm x 196mm X 267mm; Weight: 20.8 lbs /9.5kg.

Summary: The Super Angel Juice Extractor is extremely expensive machine. However, if you are looking for the best juicer available on the market then look no further. It is not only extracts 15-30% more juice (that will save on price of produce) from any ingredients than any other masticating juicer on the market but also has a stunning design, 100% made of stainless steel and will last for decades.

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Omega TWN30S Twin Gear Slow Cold Press Masticating Juicer

Omega TWN30S Twin Gear  juicerOmega TWN30S is the first and the only Omega twin gear (also called a triturating) juicer model. It was introduced to the market in 2016 and still the most affordable twin gear machine available. Omega is operated by the co-established USA and South Korean company, all Omega machines are manufactured in the factory in South Korea.

Set includes:

  • Omega TWN30S Juicer;
  • 1 fine juicing screen, 1 coarse screen, and blank cone;
  • 1 juice bowl and 1 pulp bowl;
  • Accessories: 2 Pushers (wooden and plastic), Strainer/Sieve, cleaning brush, locking handle;
  • User manual.

Motor unit: It comes with 150 Watts motor that rotates the auger with the slow speed of 160 rpm. The Omega TWN30S has small body footprint and light weight. It also come with inbuilt handle for convenient moving.

The juicer is design for 30 minutes of continuous operation.

Gears/Augers: It has two interlocking and rotating inwardly gears that are approximately 4.3 inches long. They are made of stainless steel and BPA-FREE nylon material. The gears feature two stage triturating action, which means the first stainless steel part responsible for crushing and grinding of produce while the second nylon is responsible for squeezing produce.

Gears are about 50% shorter than Angel Juicer gears.

Juicing Screen: The machine comes with the fine (standard juicing functions), coarse (soft fruits and veggies juicing) juicing screen and blank cone (food processing tasks). The juicing screen is made of clear plastic (durability is questionable) with stainless steel meshed section. The screen is rather small that is consistent with the overall moderate size of the machine.

Chute and Produce Feeding: It come with the circular 1.5” in diameter feed chute and the leafy greens are fed without problem into the chute.

However for other produce like beets and apple the wider chute is desirable. The hard produces such as carrots, beets or apples requires some efforts to push them into chute with the pusher.

Containers: The Omega TWN30S Masticating Juicer come with two Tritan copolyster (BPA-Free) containers for juice and the pulp.

Pressure Adjustment Juicing Knob: The machine features a pressure adjustment cup. It does not have any settings, however you turn clockwise for maximum pressure that is best for leafy greens and firm veggies, release the knob by turning it anti-clockwise for softer produce.


  • Leafy greens juice;
  • Celery juice;
  • Wheatgrass juice;
  • Vegetable juice like beets, carrots, sweet potato and cucumber;
  • Citrus juice;
  • Fruit juice like apple and strawberry;
  • Nut milks and nut butter;
  • Frozen fruit sorbet;
  • Baby food.

The juicer comes with coarse juicing screen for softer produce and bank cone that allows to expand the machine functionality and make frozen fruit sorbets, salsas and sauces, nut milk and nut butters, baby foods and grind other foods.

Leafy Greens Juice Yield: The 2.2 lbs/1 kg of baby spinach and kale mixture produce on average about 550ml – 560ml of juice with little foam. 

Cleaning, Assembling/Disassembling and Operating: This machine is truly very easy to assemble/disassemble, clean and use. It has fewer parts to assemble/disassemble and clean than other twin auger juicers – juicer body with fixing collar, drum with chute, two gears, juicing screen and end cap.

The controls consist of only one swither that has ON/Rev/Off positions. The Rev (reverse) function is designed for releasing food jams and clogs.

Warranty: The Omega TWN30S Juicer is equipped with 15-year parts & performance Warranty for USA/Canada and 1-year Commercial and International Warranty.

If you need a customer service contact them directly via e-mail support@omegajuicers.zendesk.com or call toll-free 1-800-633-3401 (9am – 4pm (EST) Monday – Friday excluding Weekends and Holidays). 

Dimensions: 12″ (305 mm) H × 6.5″ (165 mm) W × 17.3″ (440 mm) D, weights 14.3 lb (6.5 kg).

Summary: If you do a lot of greens and want to buy an ultimate leafy green juicer for reasonable price then Omega TWN30S Juicer is definitely worth to consider. It is very easy to use and clean, it delivers high leafy greens juice yield. The only cons of this machine that it could be hard to feed the firm produces like beets or carrots.

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Horizontal Single Auger Masticating Juicers

Horizontal Single Auger Masticating Juicers employ a horizontal slowly rotating auger with average speed 50-120 rpm that squashes produce against a perforated filter to squeeze the juice.

They are the second best machines for extracting the leafy greens juice. The same as twin gear machine the horizontal singe auger juicer part for leafy green also well perform on what grass, hard veggies and fruits, and citruses. They also often come with range of extra accessories that allow do food processing tasks such as making purees, nut butters, nut milks, frozen treats and extruding noodle dough. 


  • Shows the second best leafy greens juice yield;
  • Easy to feed leafy greens;
  • Easiest to use and clean;
  • Not very foamy juice;
  • Most affordable;


  • Second best for the leafy green juice yield.

Omega NC800/NC900 Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center

omega cn800_900 juicerOmega NC800/900 is a 6th generation single auger horizontal masticating slow juicer that was released in 2017 and is manufactured in South Korea. It is available in three models NC800HDS, NC800HDR and NC900HDC that have absolutely identical technical parameters but differ only by color – NC800HDS has a silver finish,  NC800HDR has a red color, while NC900HDC has a chrome finish – the NC800HDS and NC800HDR models retails about $50-$70 cheaper than NC900.

Set Includes:

  • Omega NC800/NC900 Juicer Extractor;
  • Juicing Screen and Blank Cone;
  • Juice and Pulp containers;
  • Adjustable pressure Juicing End Cap and Blank End Cap;
  • 1 adjustable juicing nozzle and 4 pasta nozzles;
  • Accessories: Pusher, Cleaning brush;
  • User Manual.

Motor unit: The juicer body has a newer design for the 6th generation NC800 and NC900 models, it also come with inbuilt handle.

The machine features 150 watts 110-120V motor that runs the auger with slow speed of 80 rpm.

Drum, Chute and Produce Feeding: The Omega NC800/900 Juicer comes with clear made of BPA-free Tritan copolyseter drum, irremovable chute with hopper and the oval shape 2” X 1.5” feeding chute (larger than Omega 8006/8008 the 5th generation models). The large feed chute make it easier to feed leafy greens and larger pieces of firm produce into it. 

Gears/Auger: The auger is made of GE ULTEM that is BPA-free, the material known for extra strength which used for medical instrumentation due to its chemicals and stress resistance. So the GE ULTEM ensures longer lifespan for the auger.

Juicing Screen: It comes with two stage juicing screen. Where the 1st stage is made of GE ULTIMA extra strong plastic and extracts juice from the produce which is just smashed, the 2nd stage is made of stainless steel and squeeze out the rest of the juice from the crushed pulp. 

End Cap and Adjustment Knobs: The machine has an adjustable end cap with 1 to 5 settings, which sets how much pressure to propagate on pulp. The leafy greens will require to adjust the cap to setting 5 for the best yield. While the soft fruits and veggies will need setting 1 or completely removed cap.

Containers: It features Tritan copolyster BPA free stress resistant juicing and pulp containers.


  • Leafy greens juice including pine needles;
  • Celery juice;
  • Wheatgrass juice;
  • Vegetable juice;
  • Citrus juice;
  • Fruit juice;
  • Nut butters;
  • Nut milks;
  • Baby food;
  • Pasta.

The juicer set includes blank cone with blank end cap and set of 4 pasta nozzles, so it can perform a range of food processing tasks such as making frozen desserts, baby food, salsas, grinding coffee beans, making nut butter and nut/soy milks and extrudes homemade spaghetti, linguini, and breadstick.

Leafy Greens Juice Yield: 2.2lbs/1 kg of baby spinach and kale mixture produces 530ml – 550 ml with little foam.

Cleaning and assembling/disassembling, operating: This Juicer is one of the easiest to assemble/disassemble, clean and use that are available on the market. It has only few parts to assemble/disassemble and it has only 4 parts for cleaning – drum with chute, auger, screen, and end cap – the three of which could be simply cleaned with running water and only juicing screen will require a little efforts to wash it out with brush.

Controls: The machine is controlled with only one switch that has On/Reverse/Off functions.

Warranty: Omega features best in an industry 15-year parts & performance for USA/Canada and 1-year Commercial Warranty.

The customer service must be contacted directly no matter which retailer you bought you unit from: e-mail to support@omegajuicers.zendesk.com or call toll-free 1-800-633-3401 (EST 9am – 4pm Eastern Time Monday – Friday excluding Weekends and Holidays).

Dimensions: 6.5” W × 14.5” D × 15.5” H (165mm W × 368mm D × 394mm H), Weight13.0 lb/ 5kg.

Summary: This “multiple use” appliance does a great job with juicing leafy greens, it not only deliver good juice yield but also does not produce a lot of foam as majority of twin gear machines do. The adjustable pressure end cap and larger juicing screen allow to excel this juicer at a wide range of produce such as firms veggies and fruits, celery, wheatgrass juice, also can make soft fruit juice (though is no excellent), the included blank cone and blank end cup allow to perform a range of food processing tasks. In addition this machine is very easy to clean and available at very reasonable price for such a reputable brand juicer.

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Omega CNC80S Compact Slow Nutrition Center Juicer

omega cnc80s juicerOmega CNC80S is most compact low-speed masticating single auger juicer and nutrition system that is able to perform all the functions as CN800/CN900 Omega machines and manufactured in South Korea.

Set Includes:

  • Omega CNC80S Juicer;
  • Juicing Screen and Blank Cone;
  • Juice with and Pulp containers;
  • Adjustable pressure Juicing End Cap and Blank End Cap;
  • 1 adjustable juicing nozzle and 4 pasta nozzles;
  • Accessories: Pusher, Cleaning brush;
  • User Manual.

Motor unit: The motor body with inbuilt handle houses the 200 Watts, 110-120V motor that rotates auger with slow 80rpm speed.

Drum, Chute and Produce Feeding: It has irremovable feed chute that makes one peace with the drum and made from BPA-free Tritan copolyester material. The chute has a crescent shape 2 inches X 1.5 inches in diameters. This wider than usually single auger masticating juicer chute is very easy to feed specially with leafy greens. However, you will need to cut larger produce like apples and beets. 

Gears/Auger: The single auger screw is made of GE ULTEM plastic that is used for production of medical and chemical equipment because it is very strong, heat and solvent resistant. The Omega CNC80S auger is slightly shorter than the CN800/900 models. 

Juicing Screen: It features Tritan copolyester (BPA-free plastic) two stage juicing cone with two stainless steel juicing screens. The two stage screen means more juice yield since it squeeze it in two stages. The 1st stage is sieving the first juice from just crushed produce, the 2nd smaller juicing screen is dealing with the pulp and press out the rest of the juice from the pulp. 

End Cap and Adjustment Knobs: As all Omega’s 5th and 6th generation single auger juicers this machine has an adjustable end cap with 1 to 5 settings. Which is set how much pressure to force on pulp. The leafy greens will need setting 5 for best result while soft fruits will require setting 1 for the best yield.

Containers: The Juicing Extractor comes with 24 oz./700ml Tritan copolyester (BPA-free) juicing cup with measurements only in ml and the similar size the pulp container. Juicing container also include removable sieve for straining excess of pulp. 

  • Leafy greens juice;
  • Celery juice;
  • Wheatgrass juice;
  • Vegetable juice;
  • Citrus juice;
  • Fruit juice;
  • Nut butters;
  • Nut milks;
  • Baby food;
  • Frozen treats/sorbet
  • Pasta.

The machine is excellent for leafy greens and wheatgrass, it also very good for the frim fruit and veggies.

Additional accessories such as blank cone, blank cap and pasta nozzles allows this machine to perform a range of food processing tasks.

Leafy Greens Juice Yield: 2.2lbs 1 kg of leafy greens produce 530ml – 550 ml of juice. 

Cleaning and assembling/disassembling, operating: This machine is one of the easiest juicers to assemble/ disassemble clean and use. It has only few parts to assemble/disassemble – drum with chute, auger, screen, and end cap and thus few parts to clean. You just rinse the drum, auger and cap and brush the juicing screen which also very easy and fast to clean.

Warranty: As all the Omega Juice Extractors this machine comes with outstanding 15 years warranty on parts and performance for USA / Canada.

You should contact Omega customer service directly if have any issues with the machine: e- support@omegajuicers.zendesk.com or call toll-free 1-800-633-3401. 

Dimensions: 6.3” W × 16.4” D × 12.4” H (160mm W × 416mm D × 314mm H), weight13.0 lb/ 5kg.

Summary: Omega CNC80S offers very good quality juicer at very affordable price and it is also one of the easiest machine to clean and use. This juicing extractor shows an excellent performance for the leafy greens and the range of other produce. It also designed for food processing tasks.

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Vertical Slow Juicers/ single auger masticating juicers/cold press

Vertical juicer work similar to horizontal single auger with only difference that the auger/screw is rotated horizontally instead of vertically. They are slowest juicer among all the masticating extractors that rotate the auger with the speed 40-80 rpm.

The vertical masticating slow juicer are also the best all-functions juice that are good not only at extracting leafy green juice but also hard and firm fruits and vegetables, citruses and berries. Some premium vertical juicer also come with accessories for food processing tasks and able to make nut milks and frozen treats.


  • Deliver second to third best yield for leafy greens juice:
  • Produce less foam than any other masticating juicers;
  • Very user friendly;
  • Best multifunctional juicers;


  • Not easy to feed leafy greens and need pre-cutting them.

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer

Hurom H-AA JuicerThe Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer is the one of the latest 3rd generation Classic mid-range vertical juicer model by the South Korean Hurom Company which is the inventor of vertical slow juicer model and the world largest manufacture of masticating s juicers.

Set includes:

  • Hurom H-AA Juicer;
  • Additional accessories: coarse screen, blank screen, pusher;
  • Juice and Pulp Containers;
  • Recipe book
  • Manual
  • Accessories: two (2) brushes, tofu press, drying rack (optional), hopper lid for storage (optional).

Motor and Body Unit: Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer has very sleek and modern design. The ABS plastic houses the high quality single phase induction 150 Watts motor with excellent torque, so it does not experience any clogging with firm ingredients like beets or carrots. It runs the auger with slow speed of only 43 rpm.

The machine equipped with cooling fan and overheating system, which automatically stops the motor if it is overloaded. It also has an inbuilt safety magnetic sensor that will not start the machine unless it is assembled the right way. The Juicer designed to run for up to 30 min before the user advice to cool it out before continuing, however, in reality it may run for few hours without stopping.

Drum, Hopper and Feeding Chute: The Hurom drum with capacity of 17.6 oz./500 ml made of BPA-free Tritan copolyester material and feature fairly wide pulp outlet and innovative pulp control lever that designed to release the pulp if it is stack thus minimizing clogging.

The Spout comes with non-drip juicing cap that keeps juice inside the chamber until you open it. It also equipped with good quality bushing that prevents drum leaking.

Feeding chute has 1.5 X 2”crescent shape opening. The leafy greens ingredients (as with any other vertical machine) must be cut into 1-2 inches pieces before feeding them into the chute otherwise it will clog.

The Hopper and feeding chute also provided with safety feature that prevent machine running if it is not properly connected to the drum. The hopper is made from a semitransparent material that allows the user to see the ingredients as they are inserted into the chamber.

Gears/Auger: The machine feature two-wing single vertical auger made of strong and chemicals resistant GE Ultem polymer. The two-wings auger has the new and improved design as compared to the Hurom 2nd generation juicers that insurers more efficient cutting of the produce when they coming down to the auger stage for the processing.

Juicing Screen: It consist of two parts – the Juicing Screen and Spinning Brushes. The juicing screen sieves the mashed produce separating the juice and pulp while the Spinning Brush ensures that the juice and pulp mixed thoroughly before the separation thus maximizing the national value and yield of the final juice.

The juicing screen made of extra strong Ultem plastic with the stainless steel sieves, while spinning brush made of the same extra stron Ultem plastic with silicon blades.

The juicer package also includes two(2) additional screens – the Coarse screen (for soft fruits and veggies juicing) and Blank screen for making smoothies, frozen treats, nut milks and other homogenizing food processing tasks.

Containers: The H-AA Slow Juicer comes with nesting 35 oz./1000ml Juice and Pulp containers are both made from BPA-free impact resistant Tritan copolyester material.


  • Leafy Greens;
  • Celery;
  • Wheatgrass;
  • Hard and soft fruits;
  • Hard and soft veggies;
  • Nut and soy milks;
  • Ice cream, sorbet & frozen yogurt;
  • Makes tofu.

For the best result when making the soft fruits and veggies juice the package includes coarse juicing screen, it also comes with the blank screen that allow to process frozen treats, nut milk and other.

Leafy Greens Juice Yield: 2.2lbs/1kfg of spinach and kale mixture produce about 520-530 ml of juice.

Cleaning and assembling/disassembling: The vertical juicer generally are not the easiest to clean as they have not very easy to clean drum, small pulp outlet and largest juicing screen. However, some of the 2nd and 3rd generation juicer including Hurom H-AA that come with the non-drip cap juicing outlet allow to do a prewash by pouring some after and running juicer after the juicing session. This procedure allow to do some job and make it easier to clean the juicer after it is disassembled. The most complicated part to clean in this machine is the juicing screen that must be scrapped with the brushes provided in the package.

Controls: However, the vertical juicer are very easy to use, first of all they practically self-feeding so do not require to push any ingredients and the same as all other slow juicers have simple control that consist of one switch that regulate On/Off and reverse function.

Warranty: The Hurom H-AA machine has 10 years motor and 2 years parts Limited Warranty. It is a global company so for customer support contact the reginal support team directly, the contact details you may find on their website https://www.globalhurom.com/support/contact-us.

Dimensions: 8.8” X 7.1” X 16”/223x 179.7 x 407.4mm, weights 10.6lbs/4.8kg.

Summary: After the Hurom invented the vertical model other company started to replicate it. They spend a lot of time and effort on juicer improvement and R & D, therefore, no doubt they are ahead of all other manufactures when innovating this type of juicers. Hurom manufactures juicers for many brands such as Omega, Sana and other. The Hurom H-AA model has a number of new features such as pulp control lever, new auger two-wing design, the no-drip juicing outlet cap actually the Hurom earlier invention that was introduced with 2nd generation models and later was replicated by other brands. In addition this model comes with the extra accessories that allows expand the juicer functionality and produce not only the best quality soft fruits juice but also range of food processing tasks such as frozen treats that vertical juicers are usually not capable to perform. In addition this a probably quietest vertical juicer that is available on the current market.

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Shine Kitchen Co. by Tribest SJV-107-A Slow Juicer

Shine Kitchen Co. by Tribest  juicerThe Shine Kitchen Co. by Tribest is a low range compact slow vertical juicer that is available at very affordable price. It is manufactured in China for the reputable Tribest which is the US and South Korean co-established company (yet most of the Tribest products manufactured in South Korean Tribest manufacturing facilities).

Set includes:

  • Stainless steel main body;
  • Auger Juicing Screen – Separates the juice from the pulp;
  • Drum/Auger Housing with Feeding Chute;
  • Juice and Pulp Containers;
  • Pulp Container – Catches the pulp;
  • Accessories: pusher, brush, fruit and vegetables Slicer.

Drum, Hopper and Feeding Chute: The Shine Kitchen Co. Juicer drum, hopper and feeding chute are made from BPA-free plastic with crescent feeding opening 1.5” X 2.5″. Although, the feeding opening is fairly big for vertical masticating juicers but still will need pre-cutting for most ingredients. The leafy greens usually need to be cut into the 1-2 inches pieces otherwise they tend to jam since their long fiber is not very well handled by the vertical juicers.

Overall, the Shine Kitchen drum is well designed for low end machine, it has fairly large pulp outlet (minimize clogging) with nice silicon flap (maximize yield).

Spout cap: The juicer comes with the well-constructed for low end machine spout cap which you can keep close while processing juice, this allow you to mix juice inside for more nutritious juice.

Motor unit: The Shine Juicer come with stainless steel which houses a good quality 200 Watts 110-120V motor with three (3) stage reduction gear that creates more torque for efficient processing of firmer ingredients like beets and carrots without clogging. The motor rotates the single auger with slow 40 rpm speed.

The juicer also equipped with the safety feature which prevent machine running unless is assembled properly. However, it still has the typical for low end machine only 10 minutes duty cycle, which allow to make maximum 60 ounces of juice only.

Gears/Auger: This machine one-wing single auger is made of BPA-free plastic and have pocket recess to eliminate jamming.

Juicing Screen: It has typical vertical slow juicer screen design with BPA-free plastic frame and stainless steel meshed part. However, it does not have standard for higher end machines wiping blades. Otherwise, it is a decently designed juicing screen without all the undergone detailed of Chinese knock offs.

Containers: It features BPA-free plastic 32 oz. juicing and pulp containers. The size and height of the juicer allows you use a 30 ounce wide mouth mason jar for juice collection (The Mason jar is not included in the set). 


  • Leafy greens;
  • Celery;
  • Wheatgrass;
  • Firm and soft veggies such as beets, carrots and cuke;
  • Firm and soft fruits such as apples or pineapples;
  • Citrus juice.

The juicer does not include the extra accessories for making frozen treats, baby food and pasta.

Leafy Greens Juice Yield: 2.2lbs/1kfg of spinach and kale mixture produces 510-520 ml of juice.

Cleaning and assembling/disassembling: This juicer has not many parts, a flat drum base without nooks and crannies (cavities and grooves) and fairly wide pulp spot to, this all make the juice one of the easiest clean. In addition it is equipped with the spout cap that allow to prewash machine before disassembling and hand cleaning.

Controls: It very easy to operate as it has only one switch with ON/OFF/Reverse functions.

Warranty: The Shine Kitchen Co. by Tribest Juicer comes with 3-years FULL warranty for all parts and repairs backed by Tribest Company.

If you need to contact customer service you should directly call Tribest on Toll-free number: 1-888-254-7336 or International: +1-714-879-7150.

Dimensions: The juicer has a very compact footprint 5.5″ x 5.25″ base diameter but a tall 19.5” profile, it weighs only 6.2 lbs.

Summary: The Shine Kitchen Co. by Tribest does not only squeeze an excellent quality leafy greens juice but also very good at handling the ingredients the typical vertical slow juicer does (celery, wheatgrass, soft and firm fruits and veggies). It is manufactured in China for the reputable USA based Tribest company, which also service the warranty for the juicer. In addition, it is very easy to clean and use, has very small footprint and easily fits even into the smallest kitchen and available at very affordable price.

Check here today’s best price for the Shine Kitchen Co. by Tribest Juicer


If you want best of the best machine for juicing Leafy Greens than you will go for the Twin Gear type of machine. No doubts, the Super Angel Juicer is the best machine available on the market. It is 100% made of stainless steel, so you will not have any questions regarding the material it is constructed. It also handles perfectly not only the leafy greens but also almost any ingredients you may wish to juice. However, it has only one issue – the very high price. Still, the Omega TWN30S is the juicer that is worth to consider if you decide to go for Twin Gear machine.

If you prefer a no-brainer juicer that is easy to use and clean but still will deliver the high quality juice and decent yield than go for premium Omega NC800/NC900 or budget Omega CNC80S. Both Omegas are great option and almost have the same performance but CN have better functionality, so it depends on your budget, both of them are great for Leafy Greens and large variety of other produce such as firm fruit and vegetable, citruses and others.

However, if you plan to juice not only the Leafy Greens but also a variety of other produces than the vertical juicer option is what you need. The only problem, you have to pre-cut your leafy greens and put some effort feeding the juicer, while for other any other ingredients that is not Leafy Greens these machines are almost self-feeding. So if you are not tight on the budget, the H-AA Slow Juicer machine is not only one of the best vertical juicer on the market but also deliver highest yield for leafy greens, the same as for most of other ingredients. If you tight on budget that Shine Kitchen by Tribest is very decent alternative to consider.


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