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Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender Review

The Cuisi­nart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender is a very recent mod­el that was released in 2019 as an upgrade to the CSB-79 by a famous brand. The Cuisi­nart brand is famous for its best food proces­sors, and no doubt it makes a qual­i­ty immer­sion blender.

Do you won­der if this immer­sion blender could be a good con­tri­bu­tion to your kitchen appli­ances col­lec­tion? Here is our hon­est review of this mid-range immer­sion blender.

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Blender Shaft is the most ver­sa­tile attach­ment for any hand blender; the Cuisi­nart blender comes with extra-long 8 inch­es blend­ing that can most suit­able for blending:

  • Soups — the blend­ing shaft is more than suit­able for liq­uidiz­ing the cooked veg­gies, meat, and fish for your soup; the extra-long shaft allows you to per­form this job direct­ly in the deep cook­ing pot; how­ev­er, you have to be care­ful to use it with non-stick cook­ing sur­faces because the shaft head is not equipped with any pro­tec­tive guards;
  • Dress­ings, Sal­sas, Sauces, Dips, and Gravies – the blender is equipped with a vari­ables speed and pulse func­tion that allow to use it for light mix­ing recipes; this blender comes with 3‑cup/24 ounces mix­ing cup for easy mix­ing dress­ings, sauces, and other;
  • Froth­ing Milk – this attach­ment also more than capa­ble of froth­ing milk for cap­puc­ci­no or lattes by using puls­ing func­tions and keep the blend­ing blade guard ful­ly submerged;
  • Smooth­ies — when blend­ing into the mix­ing cup, for exam­ple, when mak­ing a fruit smooth­ie, cut most sol­id foods into 1/2‑inch pieces for easy blend­ing. Do not attempt to blend fruit pits, bones, or oth­er hard mate­ri­als, as these are liable to dam­age the blades;
  • Baby food – blend­ing baby food do not require much pow­er and could be done almost with any blender; you can use a blend­ing shaft or chop­per for mak­ing almost any baby food recipe;
  • Mash Pota­toes – the blend­ing shaft is usu­al­ly capa­ble of mash pota­toes, while you should be aware that this par­tic­u­lar blender does not come with a blend­ing head pro­tec­tor and could scratch your cook­ware coat­ing easily;

Whisk Acces­so­ry is designed for whip­ping cream, egg whites, and oth­er deli­cious recipes:

  • It is excel­lent for whip­ping air into a mixture;
  • It also meant for beat­ing egg whites for meringues and oth­er recipes since it eas­i­ly cre­ates desired peaks form;
  • Beat­ing heavy cream is anoth­er task that whisk attach­ment is designed for; you will get a bet­ter result with the chilled cream;

The whisk also will make it eas­i­er for you to mix eggs for omelets or make crepe or cook­ies batter;

Chop­per Acces­so­ry Attach­ment is designed for chop­ping, minc­ing, and grind­ing tasks:

  • Chop­ping nuts, bread crumbs, hard cheese, choco­late, and others;
  • Minc­ing gar­lic, onion, and ginger;
  • Chop­ping veg­eta­bles like carrots;
  • Grind­ing herbs spices like corian­der, clove, and anise;
  • Mak­ing com­pound but­ter, but you should allow to come it to room tem­per­a­ture before blend­ing the ingredients;
  • Grind­ing raw and cooked meat, remem­ber to cut it into 1/2 and 1 inch­es pieces.

Motor Unit

The blender fea­tures a com­fort­able easy-grip ergonom­ic han­dle, beau­ti­ful all stain­less steel body with a rub­ber­ized han­dle. The han­dle has vari­able slide speed con­trol on the top of the motor body, two soft but­tons — the safe­ty and On/Off (or pulse func­tion) — on the front of the han­dle. It has a but­ton on the back that press to attach/detach the blend­ing shaft.

The stain­less steel body hous­es a pow­er­ful 300 watts and qui­et DC motor, which is designed for a max­i­mum of 1 minute of con­tin­u­ous run with blend­ing shaft and whisk and for 30 sec for chop­per attachment.

The only prob­lem it has a plas­tic motor to dri­ve cou­pling that reduces the blender durability.

Speed Settings

speed slider

The blender con­trols are com­prised of a Vari­able Speed Slide on the top of the han­dle and two but­tons – LOCK/UNLOCK and ON/OFF – on a front part of the body unit. To start oper­at­ing the blender, the user first has to adjust the vari­able speed slide to the required set­ting, press the LOCK/UNLOCK but­ton with thumb fin­ger, release it and final­ly press the ON/OFF with the point­er fin­ger but­ton for blender run­ning; it runs while the user holds the ON/OFF but­ton and stopes ones it released.

The ON/OFF but­ton also could be used as a Pulse func­tion. To acti­vate a Pulse func­tion, you have to repeat­ed­ly press and release the ON/OFF but­ton to PULSE while hold­ing down the LOCK/UNLOCK but­ton. Few cus­tomers com­plain about the com­plex­i­ty of using the blender because of the safe­ty but­ton. How­ev­er, once you fig­ure out how to do it and get used to it, the blender works beautifully.

Attachments and Accessories

Cuisinart Hand Blender attachments

Blender Shaft – Detach­able 8‑inches long stain­less steel blend­ing shaft with a stain­less steel blade and a stain­less head to keep splat­ter to a min­i­mum. The head open­ings near ensure no clog­ging blending.

Whisk Acces­so­ry – It comes in two parts, the plas­tic detach­able gear­box and met­al whisk balloon.

Chop­per Acces­so­ry – This attach­ment comes with a reversible blade, sharp on one side and blunt on the oth­er. Users can turn over this blade to select one of the sides for par­tic­u­lar tasks.

Mix­ing Cup – it is 3‑cup (24 oz.) BPA-free plas­tic cup with an easy grip­ping and drip-free pour­ing spout.

Assembling, Dissembling, and Cleaning

The blender is very easy to assemble/disassemble and clean.

Blender Shaft: For assem­bling the blend­ing shaft sim­ply align it with the motor body and push togeth­er until you hear the click. To dis­as­sem­ble, just press the release but­ton on the back of the motor body and remove the shaft.

Whisk Acces­so­ry: For assem­bling the whisk, you have attached the whisk gear­box and whisker bal­loon first and then snatch the motor body and gear­box togeth­er until you hear the click. To dis­as­sem­ble, sim­ply remove the whisker bal­loon and press the release but­ton to detach the motor body’s gearbox.

Chop­per Acces­so­ry: Fit the chop­per blade into the cen­ter of the chop­per bowl over the met­al blade shaft.

Attach the motor body to the bowl cov­er by slid­ing them togeth­er until you hear a slight click. Place the motor hous­ing with bowl cov­er on top of the bowl and rotate clock­wise to lock into place. Now it is ready to use. You dis­as­sem­ble it in the oppo­site order.

Clean­ing: The blend­ing shaft, whisk bal­loon, chop­per bowl, and mea­sur­ing cup are could be cleaned under run­ning water with the soap or on the top rack of the dish­wash­er. The motor body, whisk gear­box, and chop­per cov­er with gear­box should be cleaned only with a damp cloth and nev­er immerse in the water. You also must be care­ful han­dling the sharp blades while han­dling them.


It comes with a lim­it­ed three-year war­ran­ty for the USA and Cana­da only.


The Cuisi­nart CSB‑179 Stick Blender is easy to han­dle as it weighs only 3.3 pounds; it comes with extra-long 8 inch­es blend­ing shaft and 13 inch­es long with the motor body and blend­ing shaft assembled.

Country of Production

This immer­sion blender was man­u­fac­tured in China.

Set Includes

  • CSB-179 Motor Hous­ing Unit;
  • Detach­able Blend­ing Shaft;
  • Chopper/Grinder Attach­ment with reversible Blade;
  • Detach­able Whisk Attachment;
  • 3‑cup/24 oz. Blend­ing Cup;
  • User Man­u­al with a decent num­ber of recipes.

Pros and Cons:


  • A pow­er­ful blender fea­tur­ing the 300 Watts motor;
  • Well build and easy to use with one hand;
  • Has the vari­able speed to han­dle a vari­ety of tasks;
  • Includes whisk and chop­per attachments;
  • Comes with 3 years warranty;


  • It could be awk­ward to turn the safe­ty but­ton on and use the puls­ing function;
  • Comes with a plas­tic dri­ve gear;
  • The chop­per bowl is quite small.


The Cuisi­nart CSB‑179 Stick Blender is an afford­able kitchen tool and avail­able at a low price for such a func­tion­al machine.

Cuisi­nart CBS-179 Smart Hand Blender, via Amazon


The Cuisi­nart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender is the gad­get worth to con­sid­er. It has a nice design, vari­able speeds, a qual­i­ty non-splash blend­ing stick that per­form many tasks, and coms with an addi­tion­al whisk and chop­per attach­ments. It is also backed with long enough for an immer­sion blender 3‑years warranty.

Some peo­ple do com­plain about prob­lem­at­ic safe­ty func­tions, while oth­er cus­tomers appre­ci­ate this safe­ty fea­ture and eas­i­ly learn how to use this button.

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