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Ninja Mega Kitchen System vs Oster VERSA 1400-watt Blender

When you are shopping for an affordable alternative to high-end commercial type blenders, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is probably the first you will come across. The Ninja infomercial is very persuasive, and often compares Ninja to Vitamix, pointing out how the performance of Ninja Mega Kitchen System will outshine Vitamix. Of course, this comparison is not fair since Vitamix has a storied history of manufacturing, the best customer service in the industry, and invests a lot of money into RD and manufacturing its blenders in the USA. It has a high price. Ninja, on the other hand, is a new brand with production outsourced to China.

However, in recent years quite a selection of new commercial type blenders have come on to the market. They are unaccompanied by heavy advertisement, and for this reason, customers are not very familiar with them. However, few of these newcomers are the true competitors of Ninja Mega Kitchen System. The Oster VERSA 1400-Watt Professional Blender is one of the best in this selection.

Read our comparison below that highlight the differences between Ninja and Oster and may help you to decide which one of these blenders will satisfy your needs.

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770/BL771/BL772/BL773CO

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes in 4 packages – BL770, BL771, BL772, and BL773CO. All the models have the same 1500 Watt motor unit base, but differ by selection of containers and blade attachments which are as follows:

  • 72 oz. polycarbonate container with lid and blade assembly (all models);
  • 16 oz. polycarbonate Single Serve Cups with to-go lids and blade assembly (BL770, BL771 with 2 cups and BL772, BL77CO3 with 3 cups);
  • 64 oz. polycarbonate food processor bowl with lid, dough hook and chopping blade (all models);
  • 24 oz. polycarbonate Mini Prep Bowl (must be fitted into food processor bowl) with chopping blade (only BL771 and BL 772);
  • Slicing/Shredding, Grating Discs and Disc Adaptor (only BL773CO).

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System control panel has only 3 speeds and a pulse function. This is obviously quite a poor option for a blender that claims to be professional. Instead, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System designers equipped this machine with multiple attachments that make this machine versatile and able to perform a variety of blending and food processing functions. Still, this makes this machine very bulky and it requires a lot of kitchen space for storage. That being said, this blender with limited speed choices but multiple attachments is supposed to perform the following functions:

  • Smoothie, however, the quality of this drink made from tough vegetables or fibrous fruits is not very good quality;
  • Crushes ice easily to snow cone consistency, makes decent frozen desserts and handles frozen fruit and vegetables;
  • Chops vegetables, minces onions and garlic, performs other food preparation including grating cheese, and crumbs;
  • Shreds and slices vegetables (only BL773CO);
  • Nut butter;
  • Dough and batter for bread, cookies, pizza, etc.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System design, however, has a few faults. A very complicated process of closing and opening container lids and locking the containers with the unit base makes the entire system quite complicated to set up and to use. The blender is made of too many plastic parts, and the plastic motor to blade coupling makes the blender not durable, while the cheap polycarbonate containers may crack within 6 months of frequent use. No wonder this machine comes with only a 1-year limited warranty. It is also worth noticing that this machine is better performing some food processing rather than blending tasks, and is probably more of a food processor then a proper blender.

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Oster VERSA 1400-watt Professional Blender

oster versa pro 1400

The Oster VERSA 1400 Professional is available in two different models – BLSTVB-RV0-000 and BLSTVB-000-000, with the only difference being that the first one has a low profile container while the second one has a high profile container. All of the other features are absolutely the same. This blender has a powerful and sturdy 1400 watt motor that is well made with an all-metal drive to blade connection. The Oster VERSA comes with a good quality temperature and shatter-resistant Tritan copolyester 64 oz. pitcher. It is also equipped with a tamper that is an invaluable tool for all heavy duty blenders. The tamper makes hard to process ingredients like nut butter and ice easy and helps to create the proper vortex when the tough ingredients obstruct circulation.

The Oster VERSA has inbuilt container blades and thus it is easy to set up for running. As a result, this blender is extremely easy to use and is a dream gadget for those who like things in the kitchen to run quickly and simply. In addition, it has an 8-speed dial knob, a pulse mode and 3 pre-set programs that give the user excellent control over the blending and the ability to perform multiple functions by using different speeds, the pulse function, and the tamper. So, the blender is designed to perform the following functions:

  • Smoothie, including good quality green smoothies and milk and protein, shakes;
  • Nut milk is easily done with this blender;
  • Crushes ice up to snow cone consistency, and makes frozen desserts and ice creams;
  • Pureeing well-cooked and uncooked ingredients using the Dips/Spreads pre-set program or the manual control dial knob;
  • Chops vegetables, minces onions, garlic, ginger, and other vegetables very well;
  • Hot soup is made with blade friction to a steaming temperature, also handles hot food and is suitable to make bulletproof coffee;
  • Nut butter;
  • Grinding and milling coffee beans, cacao nibs, any herbs (large batches only), chia seeds or flax seeds, corn, dry peas, wheat grain, all pretty well.

In addition, the Oster Versa comes with a 7-year limited warranty and will make a decent and affordable substitute for Vitamix or Blendtec.

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System and Oster VERSA Differences and Features

 Ninja Mega Kitchen SystemOster VERSA 1400-watt Pro
Motor1500 watt with the plastic motor to the blade couplings;1400 watt with all metal motor to the blade couplings;
BladesRemovable blade constructed as plastic spindle with 6 sharp stainless steel blades fitted around it;All stainless steel blade assembly inbuilt into the container (non-removable);
ContainersLow-quality polycarbonate containers that are prone to crack;Premium quality stress resistant Tritan copolyester container;
Using & CleaningComplicated setup process for running that includes multiple steps. Not easy and safe to clean as very sharp blades have to be handled;Very easy to set up for running that involves only 1 step.  Very easy to clean with the self-cleaning process;
Control panelOnly 3 speeds and pulse function, different attachments operated with the different range of speeds.8 speeds, pulse mode, and 3 pre-set programs – Smoothie, Soup and Dips/Spreads.
Warranty1-year Limited warranty. Bad reputation Customer Service.7-year Limited warranty with very helpful Customer Service.

Does not make decent green smoothies, but crushes ice well, makes ice cream and frozen desserts, does not handle hot liquids, will not make soup by heating, kneads dough easily, makes nut butter, chops and minces vegetables and meat, grated cheese and crumbs, will not mill flour or grind herbs well;


High quality blending including green smoothies, crushes ice, makes ice cream and frozen desserts, chops and minces vegetables and meat, makes hot soup without pre-cooking, makes nut butter and nut milk, purees raw and cooked vegetables, mills grain flours including rice well, grinds herbs and coffee beans, does not make dough.
DimensionsFootprint is 9.5 x 8.2 inches, profile height is 17.8 inches with 72 oz. pitcher on the top of the base unit. Weight is 9.2 pounds. Requires space for multiple attachments to store.The footprint is 9.3 x 10.3 inches, profile height is 17.6 inches for short container and 20.5 inches with the tall container. Weight is 11.8 pounds.

How to Choose Between the Two Blenders

If you are looking for a blender that makes excellent quality drinks including a green smoothie, makes soup without pre-cooking, mills decent grain flour makes nut butter and nut milk, then the Oster VERSA is the obvious choice. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System will not produce good quality drinks from green and fibrous vegetables, will not make proper nut milk or grind grain flour or anything else that is important if you claim to be a professional blender, and it will not handle hot ingredients and of course, is not able to make soup by heating it. The only function Ninja Mega Kitchen System performs that the Oster VERSA is not able to do is kneading all types of dough. In addition, the Oster VERSA is a much more compact blender, and it comes with only one pitcher with an inbuilt blade that is much easier to use and store. Oster Versa will not take much space in your kitchen and will perform all functions with only one compact unit base and pitcher, while the Ninja performs only limited blending and food processing functions and includes several attachments that are very complicated to use and bulky to store.

The Oster is a bit more expensive than Ninja BL770, Bl771 models, but around the same price as the BL772 and BL 773CO models, and of course is worth this premium considering the superior build and performance to Ninja.


The above comparison makes clear, although the Oster VERSA is not as forcefully advertised, it outperforms the Ninja Mega Kitchen System in many aspects. Oster has a well built and sturdy motor with an all-metal, durable blade-motor coupling, it has a wide range of speeds and pre-set programs and most importantly, it produces blending that is close to the quality of such high-end gadgets as Vitamix and Blendtec. Ninja is poorly built, with a lot of plastic parts that make this blender usually only last for 1 to 1.5 years. And, if you are looking for good value for your money, the blender that is likely to last for many years and produces blending quality close to that of the commercial machines, then the Oster VERSA 1400 Professional must be a good option.

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