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Vitamix 780 Blender Review

vitamix-780Vitamix 780 is indeed about design rather than innovative functionality. Essentially, it is a Classic G-series model with absolutely identical all technical parameters to any other G-series blender but has a digital control panel without traditional Vitamix dial knob. 

The Vitamix 780 Blender available only with 110-120 and 220-240 voltage systems.

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Vitamix 780 Functionality

Vitamix 780 Blender equipped with power and ranges of speeds that will elevate anyone’s cooking to the next level by allowing to make silkiest smoothies, soups, shakes, ice cream, sorbets, and various gastronomic sauces, purees, nut butter, and for grinding grain. Actually, it is the most distinguishing characteristic of a Vitamix that is why this machine is used by the majority of professional chefs.


  • Make perfectly smooth smoothie (without any texture) from soft or hard ingredients including such usual suspects as kale, spinach, carrots, and pineapple;
  • Perfect for green smoothies;
  • Liquefies any seeds (sunflower, chia, flax) and nuts in the drinks without any graininess;
  • Obliterates any berries including strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry without any seeds residues left in the drink;
  • Handles avocado seed.
  • Processing smoothies times will generally be less than one minute (usually 30 seconds).


  • Make perfect “whole juice”.
  • Do not expect the textbook juice which separates the fiber from a liquid, which is possible only with a classic juicer and not the blender.

Frozen ingredients/desserts:

  • Crush frozen fruit, vegetable, and ice cube in the drinks;
  • Shaves ice into snow consistency to prepare snow cones, ice cream, and other frozen desserts;
  • Perfectly suitable for making frozen alcoholic drinks such as margaritas and others.

Nut milk:

  • Makes perfect soy, nuts or seeds milk;
  • Obliterates all ingredients so efficiently that you do not even need the nut milk bag for straining the liquid from the fiber.


  • Has enough power for pureeing just about anything, no difference if it cooked or raw vegetables;
  • Perfect for baby food;
  • Makes various dips and spreads including hummus and pesto.

Soup/ hot ingredients:

  • Heats liquids via blade frictions and make boiling hot soup from cold ingredients within 5 minutes;
  • Process any hot liquids and purees hot ingredients for soup straight from the cooker or stove;
  • Suitable for making bulletproof coffee;

Chopping/food prep:

  • Chops veggies for salad, marinades, salad dressing, and mixes;
  • Blends perfect sauces and mayonnaise.

Nut butter:

  • Make smooth nut butter from raw and roasted nuts with and without oils added;
  • Come with a tamper to help process thick mixtures and remove air pockets during blending.


  • Grind coffee beans, herbs, and spices;
  • Mills all types of grain including the hard ones like rice or tiny like quinoa into the baking quality flour.


  • Knead dough including bread dough;
  • Mix batters. 

Speed Settings and Programs

The Vitamix 780 winning design LED control panel is solid, responsive, and a pleasure to operate. The touchscreen is made of hardened glass (like smartphone glass) that is resistant to cracks and scratches. The easy-tap buttons are only activated by touch, not splashes or spills.

The touch panel has full variable 10 speeds selector, pulse function, stat/stop button, and 5 pre-set program settings for the most common blending – Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, Soup, Purees or Cleaning. The control panel button illuminates when they turned on. The variable speeds are activated by sliding a finger up or down to increase or decrease the speed of the blender (1 is low, 10 is high). Blending can be interrupted by pressing Start/Stop at any time. Pulse blends at 50% of high power when pressed.

Although, many people just adore the touchscreen design, however, there some who feel that the switches are more reliable and durable.

Ease of Using and Cleaning

Operating: The Vitamix 780 Blender with permanently inbuilt blade assembly is always very easy to assemble for use and operate. It just requires to fill the jar with ingredients, set the secure lid on a place, pop it on the base unit and it is ready to run. The blender could be operated for 10 continuous minutes at the time and will shut down if runs longer.

Tamper: The Vitamix 780 comes with the custom build tamper. Which fits into caps opening during blending and helps to process thick mixtures or remove air pockets without stopping the machine. Tamper should not be used during blending for more than 30 consecutive seconds, otherwise, it may overheat the machine and trigger automatic shut off.

Cleaning: All Vitamix machines are designed to be cleaned with a self-cleaning procedure. The  Vitamix 780 Blender also has a pre-set self-cleaning program. It must be filled halfway with water and few drops of dish soap and run for 30 seconds or pre-set Clean program.

Base Unit, Motor Power, and Overall Design

The overall design of Vitamix 780 Blender looks attractive and fits well in today’s modern kitchens. The base unit is equipped with the On/Off (Power) switch on its right-hand side to controls the power to the blender. It is very useful and does not require to take a plug out after each use.

The technical parameters are also outstanding. The motor has 2.2HP at peak output power. It also has very solid and quality blades to drive motor coupling with all the metal connections for better blends and longer life.

The motor has a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system to protect it from overheating during use. The higher speed maximizes the working of the motors cooling fan while the continuous low speed may trigger an automatic shut off. The motor and may emit a slight odor. The Vitamix 780 Blender can be operated aging in about 20-45 minutes.

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The Vitamix 780 Blender comes has low-profile 64-oz. capacity container (typical for Next-Generation product line) and the permanently inbuilt blades. The container is made of high-quality BPA-free, shatter and temperature proofed Tritan copolyester material.

Many customers question why this expensive blender is not equipped with a glass container? The answer is simple. Glass is very fragile and not safe when exposed to the high loads the Vitamix operates. In an old days, the high-end blender used to have metal containers but it is not practical now when there is a huge choice of high-quality light and strong polycarbonate material available.

The container also equipped with 2 part rubber lid which has a removable cap to use with a tamper or for adding extra ingredients during blending. The lid has to flaps on a side that keeps lid secure during operation. These flaps feature also allow quite easy to remove the lid after using the machine.


The Vitamix 780 has the 4 inches in diameter and 4 prong wet blades. Even they identified as wet, they efficiently process not only wet ingredients but could also do milling, grinding, and dough kneading tasks.

All the blades assembly made of impeccable quality stainless steel. The blades are dull by design and thus have no problem of loosening sharpness with the time. The blade assembly is permanently inbuilt into a container but could be removed (but not recommended) with a special wrench when needed.

Special Features

Colors: The Vitamix 780 is available in black and recently red colors.

Certified Refurbished: There are Certified refurbished units currently available for the Vitamix 780 model.

Use in countries outside of USA/Canada: The Vitamix 780 currently sold in the USA has a 110-120 voltage system and suitable for use in USA/Canada and other appropriate regions (Japan, Taiwan, Central, and South America, Saudi Arabia, and others). The machine could be operated occasionally via voltage adapter but not recommended for an extended period of time as it could compromise the functionality of a gadget. There is no 220-240 voltage version available at the moment.

Set Includes

  • 2HP Motor Base
  • 64 oz. Tritan copolyester container with 2 parts lid;
  • Custom tamper;
  • Cookbook;
  • User Manual;
  • DVD;
  • Warranty information.

Warranty and Customer Service

The Vitamix 780 comes with a 7-years full warranty and the best Customer Service in an industry. The full means that it covers not only replacement, repair, both way shipping and also normal wear and tear of all blender parts including the jar, blade assembly, base unit, and 2-parts lid. The warranty could be registered online, by telephone or by sending returning the product registration card included in the package any time from a moment of purchase. The customer does not need to keep the receipt of the original purchase but has to provide the serial number that is located on the back of the base unit. In addition, the full warranty is transferable to any owner over the 7 year period from the date of purchase.

The warranty is only valid for the machine purchased within USA/Canada, the warranty free shipping only applied to the county of purchase.

The Vitamix 780 also has a 30-days risk free trial and could be returned for a full refund and with free shipping if you did not like it for many reasons.


The noise is a very subjective factor and depends on many parameters when it measured (for example angle or distance from measuring units). The manufacturers usually quote the blender noise output with an empty container. However, the harder food is blended the more noise it outputs.

So, according to manufacturer the Vitamix 780 Blender with empty container outputs around 74 decibels while with some soft ingredients nearly 82 decibels. Anyway, the Vitamix machines are the quietest on the market of the high-end blenders without noise dampening shields.

Optional Accessories and Attachments

32 oz. dry blade container: The dry blades are designed especially for handling dry ingredients such as grains, cereals, coffee, and for kneading the dough. They have a different with wet blades design and direct the blending vortex up while the wet blades direct it down. Thus perform more efficiently the milling and kneading job. Yet, the dry blades cannot process liquids efficiently.

The dry blade container is not cheap (cost around $100) thus worth buying only if you are an avid baker and intend to do a lot of milling and kneading tasks. Otherwise, the standard 64 oz. wet blades container is perfectly capable to occasionally process grain and knead the dough.

32 oz./48 oz. wet blade containers: They are designed for performing the same job as 64 oz. wet blades container which comes in the package with every 780 model blender. However, these smaller-capacity containers are designed for better handling small batches of ingredients and able to process from 1 cup of food as opposed to 2-3 for low-profile 64 oz. container. These smaller jars will suit small households or those who make baby food on daily basis. The thick mixtures like nut butter or spreads are also easier to make in a smaller container, especially if you prefer to process a small volume of nuts at one go.

Personal Cup Adapter – the single-serve blender attachment for Classic Blender models.

Spatulas: The Vitamix also offers narrow-headed long spatula to help you remove thick food such as nut butter, hummus, and ice cream from the container after blending.

In addition, all Vitamix containers are interchangeable between different models. The 64 oz. High profile containers may also be used with Next Generation product line models.

There are also any replacement parts (including jars, blades, lids, tamper centering pad, and others) that are also available to buy from an online retailer. But they are not usually required because Vitamix Warranty covers all regular wears and tears and replace them free of charge.


Vitamix 780 Blender has a standard for G-series product line blenders 8.8 inches x 9 inches footprint. With the profile of 17.25 inches, the gadget will fit under standard kitchen cabinets in case you intend to leave it on the counter. The unit is quite heavy and the weight of the assembled machine (with the base unit, jar, and lid) is about 16 pounds. The Blender also very stable on and usually does not move across the counter during operation.

The Vitamix 780 Blender is also equipped with a convenient cord wraps up storage underneath the base.

Pros and Cons


  • Performs the variety of functions – processing liquids, including juice, frozen mixtures, ice shaving, sauces, soup, purees, wet chopping, grinding, milling and kneading – to the top-notch degree of quality;
  • Sleek and modern design;
  • Sensitive and well-made Glass Touch screen control panel for easy operation and cleaning;
  • Comes with 5 pre-set programs for press and forget bleeding experience;
  • Equipped with 510 variable speed and pulse programs what allow a lot of flexibility over blending;
  • Low-profile, BPA-free, 64-oz. container fits under most cabinets;
  • Has a choice of extra accessories which interchangeable with all C-series and G-series models;
  • It comes with remarkable 7 years FULL warranty that reassures its durability.
  • Manufactured in the USA by the company with an excellent reputation which produces the products that last for over 10 – 30 years.


  • Very expensive.

Vitamix 780 Blender Consumer Reviews

The 780 is a new Vitamix model and thus has not a huge number of reviews. However, the majority of the reviews have been positive with strong ration from a few online retailers. A few people reduce slightly the rating of the blender not because of the performance but due to its high price.

Vitamix 780 Blender Price

Despite the fact, that Vitamix 780 is not the latest model, it is the most expensive Vitamix blender, even more, expensive than most advanced Vitamix Ascent 3500 and 3300 models. However, the Certified Reconditioned 780 model is available at a very reasonable price and it is certainly worth considering if you keen on this model.

The price for new gadgets varying from $640 to $720 from different retailers and often, Amazon offers even better prices than the manufacturer websites. While the price for the refurbished model starting from $399.

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Check here the best today’s deal for the Certified Refurbished Vitamix 780 unit


All Vitamix blenders are very expensive but they worth every single penny. They perform many tasks no regular blender will do like making sorbet or soup and the quality of all blending job they perform on a high professional level.

However, the 780 models along with another premium Classic 750 model are the most expensive among all the Vitamix blenders. It is weird but these models cost even more than most advanced Vitamix Ascent A3500 models.

Nevertheless, the Classic Vitamix blenders are still very popular among the people who want blender just to blend and not to connect to the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or use other technological options. This machine is worth buying if you are looking for commercial type blender for home use with a modern look but do not likely to use any technological options the latest Vitamix blenders offer.

However, if you do not want to splash on blender the $ 650 – 700 and pay the significant premium for the latest design then any of the Vitamix models will do just the same fantastic job. Check here our article Which Vitamix to Buy? – Vitamix Models Explained for models clarification guide. Or visit the Vitamix Certified Refurbished Blenders – Are They Worth to Consider? page to find out about bargain Vitamix options.


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